Professional american middleweight boxer and twice title challenger Willie Monroe Jr. with nickname “The Mongoose” against kazakhstani top ranked athlete and two-time champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG”. Fight for WBA Super, IBO and WBC Interim middle weight belts took place in Forum, Inglewood, USA on May 16, 2015. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Willie Monroe (USA) vs Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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With Max Kellerman and Roy Jones Really salute this right at the nipple Line I gave you instruction in dress all Those times Fight Hard fight clean Mouthpiece mouthpiece good luck to both Of You anywhere period That's Gennady golov His job tonight against a fighter in Willie Monro Jr who it's very difficult To look good at you can win referee jack Reese same referee who produced the Stoppage longest tour of Duty in The Knockout streak Murray was sturdy Golovkin Al hands and left hooks Upstairs now he has a harder Target to Find feeling Monroe out before he Unleashes the heavy artillery well he's Feeling Monroe's jab Jabs and slipped in A left hand across the top he thought he Was going to kill him out because Monroe Would get too comfortable the beginning Now Golovkin begins to open up and fire Some heavy shots and there's a hard Right hand by Golovkin knows what it is to be hit with A Brick that's his only loss Willie Monroe J come up through the ranks and fought Darnell Boone has either lost or nearly Lost glove can land to the short right Hand Inside middle it's a primary weapon Against Southpaw Fighters for most Conventional Fighters good body shot by

Pretty good Punches Golovkin just missing to the Side of flash some good defense so far In this first round Roy avoiding those Shots without wasting much energy Turning his Shoulder avoid being hit by the big Shots I I see so far Golovkin outboxing Monroe just cuz he's the guy coming Forward Landing the heavy artillery Doesn't mean has landed twice as many Punches as Monroe in round number One stop no punch step away from each Other him On start touching his a little bit shoot That body touch his body a little 15 Power Shots by comp box count none of Them were of the a artist he's not only Heavy-handed he's skillful and precise Croud usen o at the body shot to the Belt line by G Said in the meeting with us yesterday Well Golovkin will have trouble cutting Off the ring on me the biggest problem Mar has is he hasn't hit Golovkin with Anything like Max said earlier and when He can have free Target that's what down Goes Monro to the debone and down went Willie Monroe trying to get his legs back his Legs are not back but like I said is giv Him a little extra time here yes can't Let Golovkin have free range Target PS

At you because he's going to catch you Soon or Later oh Golovkin had a wide open shot With a left hook and missed it he could Have once again traps Monroe in the Corner Monroe still weary on his feet And GL won't give him Mo to think Cosby Keeping the go Monro for the second time We've got a minute still to go in round Number two golkin trying to Max with a Second round knockout of his own croud Is getting into Of course they are Jim they came to see The lkin got 46 seconds left in the Round oh good shot best shot that Monro Landed this fight is that left upper Lands a second left uppercut and Gennady Shakes it off and comes Back right hand one more shot upstairs There it Is overhead right Hur him really bad but Gennady is being very careful because he Knows that Maru is trying to catch him As well so if gady being very smart here Hro showing big heart not just fighting To survive not just tying him up thr Punch his Backing 10 seconds will Monroe gets a Momentary Edge there as Jack Reese Warned on the low blows and goov with Round two but he knocks them down twice How you doing brother you Good got to move baby Don't the left hook to the head you saw

That coming because he was the L gloving And stalk But in it without a St like this he's B To catch it with something big soon Beautiful left hook knocking R down Twice the love can land at 24 stays up And Triple G could counter the left hook Combination possible cuz his head stays Up and his hands go down yeah he Counters the the Right Hook from Monroe With his own land much of anything until Triple G hurt him androe was hurt I Don't think it's that Monroe was hitting With anything hard he wasn't hitting him Much period triple G's defense has Looked really good tonight punches to Get respect or he won't be in this fight Long there you Goin has been looking to The body this round now throws two Upstairs that's nice body shot by mon You have to make him respect you or He'll continue to walk through your Punches until he gets The Knockout Monroe getting his best offense in since Triple G heard him hit your back at Least and you got to was that left hook From Triple G go Triple G trying to set It up Again hurt him and he may be right about That We know Golovkin can obv took a couple Of punches from Rubio no but these are Not pity Pats he's been throwing this Round so far Monroe well and ripping to

The body as well as he can the body Shots of his [Applause] [Music] Own I think that was a good figh shot by Glovin just now landed for Gennady Another straight right hand lands for Gennady leaping in to try to get because When he comes up high and move it's when He gives G Gennady a chance to hit Movement is this game I understand that Moving in Fight tough punching makes it out of Round Threein in the third round 24 out of 56 Monroe 14 out of 5 24 landed punches Were Power Shot to fight in the middle Of the Ring he's had more success well He hit Gard with a really good right Hook to the body early but he didn't Follow it up if he followed make it Tough for minor upset already that Monro Here firing back in the fourth round After the way he looked in that big Shots Monro hitting gol exactly right That's exactly right just H at told come On and sometimes that can be a Confidence taker he tells you to come on Anyway I don't care how Good willly Monroe is putting forth here In round number four unreal yeah the Musles has he may not make it through The rest of the fight but he certainly Earns Golovkin respect he is flying

Round four was a herculian effort for Willie Monroe Landing the shot I don't want to See but you got to be a little busier You can't let him work like that all Right throwing punches through a jab and Followed with a beautiful straight left Hand probably one of the hardest shots In the straight left hand box numbers Were very even in that round was 30 of 63 Monroe with Harold I mean uppercut Lands for golkin seemed to hurt Willie Monroe may be academic but Oh hook how hurt head hurt him really Bad Jim and that's because he's not Punching when he's punching he hunt you Like this look at the Hard Left Hand by Monro Monroe is hitting Golovkin with Golovkin's head is snapping and the Sweat is sliming and Golovkin is in a Fight don't get it you can't let him Just come at you free range or free will You have to make him avoid you or avoid Your power punches before he Golovkin Once again motioning to him like come on Come on keep firing know onew Combination from Monroe up to like two Dozen real hard taken in the last couple Rounds and Monroe has avoided I mean has Abandoned the B attack but he should Have t him is just as tired as he is C Sanchez wants more activity to be Visibly slowing down in the fifth Round now he gets him two body

Shots they've both done some good body Work at points in this fight and now Against the ropes this is where Golovkin Has done damage before Hard shot by Monroe the ropes now yeah but those py Pad punches will get him caught with a Big shot if he's not kill and you don't Want to swap one big Shot he's making gady work though don't Get it [Applause] Twisted that's a shot that often does Damage for Him hard lovkin just to keep punching You like that lovkin got a little went a Little instead of really working the Body and it may have preserved Monroe's Legs for this point in the fight in the Last minute or so the lkin seems to now You haven't been using the jab I want to See a little better jab even if at the Shoulders keep close moving your head Hands up and dig his ass dig his Our punches through five 226 47% Monroe About half as many 56 took over the Punch count leadership in the last round Again right right uppercut Hur him Really bad yeah thees oh right up hurt Him really bad and the hook can hurt him Even worse he's out of here third knock Down there were two knockdowns in the Second round here in the six seven 8 9 10 you just

FAS his legs are gone want continue his Legs are gone yes thank you yeah really Monroe sixth round technical knockout For Gennady Golovkin maybe he tantalized Future opponents but at the end of the Day it's knockout number 2 and I guess Roy Jones you're going to Tell me that was a wise decision by as a Fighter you don't want to see a fighter Have to make that decision you rather to Ref or his Corner have realized that he Was done so I thought it was wise on his Part to tell the th thre a right Uppercut followed by a left uppercut to The neck an overhand right to the top of The head that hurt him really bad missed Him with came back with another overhand Right that hurt a little bit after Taking a jab and this is what I meant by When I said he took a he gave a jab to Take a big shot then that left uppercut Hurt him really bad right there Follow By that left hook right there right Behind the ear that really was the Finishing punch to me he had his Opponent done through overhand right Followed by left hook now he smells Blood he's on the attack and he will not Let up because he's Relentless knockout Number 20 in a row that's what started All the drum that big left uput heard it Really that really finished matters and Now it was just a matter of time and if You've ever heard the winner by TKO o

Victory and still undefeated and still The middleweight champion of the world Gady Triple [Applause] G [Music] Go After the interview let him interview Let Max interview him and then he'll Stay with me

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