Professional american, born cuban, middleweight boxer and WBA champion Erislandy Lara with nickname “The American Dream” against argentine top ranked athlete, WBA and WBO champion Brian Carlos Castano with nickname “El Boxi”. Fight for WBA Super welter weight belt took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on March 2, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Erislandy Lara (USA) vs Brian Castano (Argentina) | BOXING Fight, HD

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From West nyak Julie Letterman from Flushing Queen the American Dream [Applause] L Brian a [Music] [Applause] Boy it is time here in Brooklyn Ryan Castano make his title but he has to do It against that man the former world Champion that his leared or will it Affect l or will the young man to retain His title we are underway here in Brooklyn flag and the C flag so they Both was very difficult to judge by our Broadcast position but he does have both Flags of his entire professional career Nice right hand by cast i' be very Interested to see if C is going to a l Of [Music] M good work byan trying to Crowl L with the nice straight Left At least in the first round L certainly Still has his Mobility very quick by L two straight lefts again L okay look all you got to do is just Keep [Music] Boxing Continue to control the temple P castan Though he's got to pick up the pace he's

Got a crowd L he's got to go to the body And slow down but the wits and the Intelligence would go the other way to The Challenger in L Next waiting I think he's he's reluctant He wasn't that reluctant in the first Round now he goes Tempo This this piece is something that Is off it Off straight left by L to commence round Number Three now L starting to get more active But castano has got to we are not going To get anywhere near his l l nice right Hand followed by left hook by Castan this is the fifth time that Casto's fought here unit fought four Straight times in the United States from 2015 and 2016 the body of Lces back left hand Coming forward going but letting his [Applause] Man left to the body now he's back Pedaling and cast is coming forward a Lot more bigger lot more Energy chin a lot of Square can make a big impression if [Applause] A A little while to get One Right and this is later on here in the

Run again more excessive holding Between EST certainly is coming left by L By could be A Backwards Comes under a minute [Applause] Left [Music] [Applause] Back it has been offense Walk straight to you so he walking right Into the jab so keep using your Jab but that is land l in a bad spot Here years older than [Applause] C Left right Hand a lead right hand out Of distance Down with shots all over the Place powerful right hand by through the Body by the champion Again the action has picked up here [Applause] Take a look at some of the work from Round five with castano andot his Reflexes and let his punches Go that is a pace that favors That just React initiate the contact that's what He do right now he has PR against the Too much on the top of the

Head N needs to do needs to be able to G the Respect to C look at just whale [Applause] [Music] Away But L he has his back on the ropes and If you r that is where the L needs to do He should tie it right now at this Moment when [Applause] Castan need to do more of this Nice man known as the American Dream out his back off the ropes Fighting Well that's the end of the second St as the bell sounded and straight left Hand right down the Middle is Coming they beneficial to is L on the Shield Stone L he just Want very close Be Jud in this match [Applause] [Applause] Up picking up the Intensity round on The Here's L coming back big straight left That was his best punch fight and is Get what straight Left continu the jab mix up [Applause]

Two straight left he set up by that Right Hook Try to PR the Isue right hand by C his back against The ropes now he's trying to tie up the C move forward right the Body [Music] [Applause] Three more Remaining all right all right look some Of the action from round nine that is Land L using his jab as a ranger and Then boom there's at not to be deterred Comes back with the flurry of his own as He's steady between the champion Byan and is L Now respond with some body work of his Own a swarm and that Is Left As here's seeing L with looks to the Body an uppercut up the Middle L with some Bodywork Castano nice left hook to the Bodying and several Punches connects with A [Music] [Applause] The To the body of L but L to the body to that

By she try to hold on to his Title of their will try to [Applause] Attain in the world today Unlock look at C s an unbelievable [Applause] Pace lost his title almost a year ago C The we have 9 second get loed in the [Applause] Fight this is entertaining [Applause] Stop C CIA out of 10 seconds m one5 is been Here in Brooklyn C go to the Scorecards decision Draw so it is a [Applause] Draw

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