Professional american heavyweight boxer and most effective puncher Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber” against finnish top ranked athlete Robert Helenius with nickname “The Nordic Nightmare”. Fight took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on October 15, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights

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Deontay Wilder (USA) vs Robert Helenius (Finland) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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The Big Numbers here Deontay Wilder 214 12 lbs 24 lb lighter than he was for Tyson Fury the last time out he was [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Too [Music] Walked in a big Underdog against Adam Katki back in March of 2020 and he emerged with an emphatic and Coming into tonight he says I've been Chasing this dream for 25 years so he is A man who has waited a long time for This moment he's had his ups and downs In his career but he has seemed Emotionally psychologically at the age Of 38 gets the biggest fight of his life Many times in a Big Moment Like This he is ready for that meantime time For Deontay Wilder and the return of the [Music] [Applause] Chck [Music] Next week he's been through a lot in his [Applause] Career looks like a Miss third fight With Tyson Fury a fight so action packed It's now considered a classic Heavyweight Trilogy losses against Fighters not named Tyson Fury [Music]

And After the controversial entrance but Still dramatic as he walks back into Brooklyn a burrow where he has a record Literally hey that's Great I haven't heard him sing but this Is good record sty it sounds goodly Let's go to the ring and Jimmy lenon Jr ladies and $5 to win $100 instantly Download the app use the code gloves and Get in on mentioned by the WBC the President Mauricio sulan judge you can Bring side Tom carason World title Eliminator and Now ladies and gentlemen In attendance and Boxing it's time for the main event of The Evening Robert [Music] Helenus [Music] Deont Wilder and the referee In you men Receive obey my commands protect Yourselves at all times Both ready for the main event let's go To the tale of it the big numbers here Deontay Wilder 2142 lb 24 lb lighter Than he was for Tyson Fury the last time Boxer but again we've seen him start Sky Lennox with a right hand what he has Been this life yeah but I'm sure he's

Going to start off with the job and show Us some Michael Griffin is the referee Might look familiar he had Ruiz Joshua w At Madison Square in the history of Heavyweight boxing we underway Robert Helenus in the white trunks Deontay Wilder in the black and Gold you see two large men in there 67 66 and A2 long and Rangy meenus is the man moving forward So Far Deontay has been known to take his Time wait for the counter shot knowing That he's got one of the best right Hands in the history of the sport by Deontay at the moment you know he's Circling the ring well you know he's Going to slow down eventually I mean you Know to land that right hand mov uh like This he's going to he's going to finally Find a sweet spot and slow down like That right there it's not always going Off the move right here just want to Mention too Joe again Deontay is coming Off backto back losses again of a Training camp and if you have a great Training camp you can expel those demons And oo wide right hand that bad feeling And I think he's probably got a lot of Confidence coming into this fight it Seemed that way but again I don't know Look P forward and I think he's done That and you know he spent a lot of time In the gym a lot of time in sparring a

Lot of time this fight For and helenus at the age of 38 having Been through everything that he henus in There taking a good long look at Deontay Wilder as he shoves him back after P Robt again not being swallowed by the Moment early on no this is the first Round feel out his warming up he's Moving around getting used to the ring Wide hand y kind of wide there by Helenus but just looking to touch his Opponent both [Music] B right hand and down he goes there it Is good What I said don't get hit wow wow wow It's over rushing into the ring yo yo yo Deontay Wilder is back with Force yeah Nice right hand and see Two no didn't hurt Wilder at all I know I know I Deontay Wilder hits you with The right hand shoulder is do it I mean 99% of the time Joe this is why you Don't follow a puncher around yeah you Know his first knockout since Luis Ortiz Which was also a one shot knockout with The right Hand oh this guy doesn't want to fight Me and then bang right hand off the side Of his chin and that was it and he's Done and you know what see I I got to Tell You what would happen had he not put him The work KN his first knockout since

Luis Ortiz which was also a one shot Knockout with the right Hand could have been but he put in the Work he put in the camp in Vegas then Moved uh back to Alabama did the Sparring put in all that work yeah he's Still on his Knes from that tremendous right hand and Again that's the sport but you hope for The best with helenus knock out his First knockout since Luis Ortiz which Was also a one shot knockout with the Right Hand sh especially with deon's power Yeah and Deontay just stepped over has Found a way to get Deontay Wilder to buy Into his system along with Don house That he picked up as an assistant coach In this and I'm going to tell you it's Paying off knockout his first knockout Since Luis Ortiz which was also a one Shot knockout with the right hand Boom and I think Wilder is going to have A real Resurgence in the next couple Years he's going to be he wants exact With 42 Knockouts here it is again so Clean so powerful and and you know what That was that was almost like the right Hand but it goes to show you the power He's got and that's a rugged guy he is Phantom punch that's for sure and let me Tell you it's not all about the big Punch all the time it's about the short Punch yeah you're right so the short

Punch helenus throws a right hand left To boom and helenus is coming in wide he Left himself wide open yes he did and That is why look he became a viral Sensation after he had that WBC belt Buxing a Tyson Fury so that's got to pay Off some way this back this moments ago So good he's able to walk under his own Power and exit the ring that's good news You want to see that let's go to the Ring and Jimmy linen Jr ladies and gentlemen we have The Wilder Deontay Wilder sends uh another Shock wave through the

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