Zac, Doguie and Michael are back in Clubhouse 5 to talk all things football. With the international break upon us, the boys sit down and discuss who should be on the plane for England come the 2024 Euros.

Do you agree or disagree with their selections? Let us know!


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes ladies and Gentlemen we're at Clubhouse 5 the best Place to watch your sport right here in The center of London we're just off of Leicester Square if you want to watch Any football any Cricket golf any other Sport F1 rugby you name it they've got It here please come and check out they Do us such a massive favor by shooting Here uh they are legends um I'm also Joined by two legends of the game JY Kitley and Michael mccb mccbs how are You yeah not too bad thanks Zach not too Bad thank you yeah I've let us down here Yeah I do need to this is actually a Friend's shirt he L me this for like Sky Sports News appearances but it's good It's a unicone number and I'm very keen To get like the exact just down just Down the road from it why don't you do Squatter's rights and be like I've had It for a month beine he's actually Forgot I think I've had it for about Three months and he's actually forgotten All about it so this classic mcin Absolute hoarder yes I could I it's Effectively mine now I do feel a bit bad I might buy him another one um but it Does it suits me yeah a rare piece of It's a rare piece of clothing where you Put it on and you're like oh actually This this was made for me so good good Uh DS how are you mate I'm good thank You I'm good I'm going to the motherland

I'm going to Bonnie Scotland this Weekend which I'm looking forward to we Trip to AER uh which would be very nice Looking forward to that and actually I Needed a week off football this week I Feel like I've got a lot of admin done You know in a week when there's just Champions League there's Monday Night Football there's often a game on a Friday on a Thursday you just don't get Anything done uh so Grace has been Pleased we cracked on with wedding prep It's beening we're talking about games On Friday England are playing today and On Monday now we're not going to be Talking about those games specifically But we are going to be talking as you Can see by the title about Euro 2024 Around 6 months from now 7 months from Now Germany England lifting it in the Final and we're going to talk about the Squad that are lifting that trophy uh in Seven months time uh because yes it's Around that time of year where we go and Select our Squad based on form that's Happening in the year before um Obviously a lot of things can change When we actually get to the squad Players forms can change uh injuries can Change so we're going to do this as if Nobody is injured uh so Luke Shaw into The side at the moment or this be can be Selected um and also based on the form They have right now again things can

Change so if when we see a clip in six Months of someone clipping this out that Is the context that has been added but Yes it's as easy as that we we've Basically selected our 23 man squad here We're going to kind of go through it and Select a football daily group version You guys in the comments below so we Have to agree yeah we have to come to a Decision based on our our choices and Arguments okay um and I think there's Going to be I think there's going to be A solid amount that we've all got the Same just as there as there always will Be but are 18 out of the 23 there are Going to be some contentious ones let's Start off then with uh goalkeepers Apparently the mics are going off in the Place um but yes let's start off with Goalkeepers Jordan pford Nick Pope um Aaron ramsdale and Sam Johnson kind of The the main for um Trafford I guess is Obviously playing the Premier League but Not necessarily having the best of times At the moment um I do think very quickly Trafford he had a great summer with with The the England youth side um however I Kind of feel like he's getting the Aaron Ramsdale treatment when he first started His career obviously Bournemouth had a Lot of goals conceded so on and so forth But I do think there is a good shot Stopper in there um but those four is it There's no other ones you want to add to

The equation really I mean dean Henderson probably would have been on Consideration if he was playing Regularly um one for the future Anthony Patterson who's sunland's goalkeeper He's only 23 he's really really Promising but obviously won't be called Up for this year W goalkeeper go know I Saw he's been playing for the Youth team Recently as well yeah the name does Escape me um but yeah those are the four That we've got at the moment um and Obviously with this tournament you have To have three goalkeepers um I've always Kind of thought wish you didn't I wish You only had to have so apparent so you Need a good lad as your third yeah yeah Vies I don't generally agree with this Rule either like I was looking into it Got car Walker he can go in go only and Kane's been in go in World Cups I think There only been four times um countries Or maybe this was before the most recent World Cup four times countries have used All three goalkeepers um in all of the Tour and was that and was that also Based on like their maybe being in a Third place playoff where like you know They were just like you know we give it To you or was it like necessary it was Some so from there some countries where All the goalkeepers they didn't Necessarily have a number one um and so They were kind of switching around and

So but not not many were kind of due to Due to reasons of like oh they were all Injured um I think again like two of the Four out of the entire world cups that We've I mean people do get very upset With these squads but particularly when It was a 26-man squad there's always at Least four cheerleaders maybe even five Players they don't get anywhere near Playing Cody role and postco as well now So they've changed it from 26 man squad To 23 and the previous ruling um was Your goalkeeper you could no matter who It was it's for the Euros you could have Changed that at any point in the uh Tournament so you're three goalkeepers Even if you were at the quarterfinals You could have changed at any point in The tournament due to co I think their R Their thing was like obviously Goalkeepers train together if one gets Co they might all three of them might Get it oh yeah so it makes sense but Anyway that Ru out of the window back to These three goalkeepers now I'll go off With my selections and let me know Really if there's any changes because he Has been pretty good for Crystal Palace But Sam Johnson isn't in my squads uh I've got John Pickford Nick Pope and Aaron Ram I think Pope has been dropped Out recently though which is quite Interesting supposedly from what I was Reading

Southgate obviously is a great shot Stopper um struggles with his feet strug With his feet and Southgate wants a Keeper that can do that yeah I think He's also made was it against Germany at Some stage when he did play made a bit Of a clanger um but I don't think There's any dispute about England's Number one you know it does come up Around sort of March April time every Time but I think he's done so well for England now Jordan Pickford like really Really good particularly in the Euros I Think he went over 700 minutes without Conceding uh which was an England record Uh and in the World Cup was very solid As well obviously had that penalty Shootout in the 2018 World Cup um like He's he's always excelled for England I Think he's playing for a much better Everton side now I think he's been Really solid this season as well yeah I Completely agree we always give him his Pla this as well I think his England Record is just fantastic and and and People might mention the the game Against France as a kind of hindrance Was it the second Goal or the first goal is it the first What's the Shot many go yeah the sh many go yeah Could potentially do better but it Wasn't a clanger like it was it wasn't At all um and so yeah I agree I do want

You know what it feels almost maybe like The next tournament the world next World Cup that might be the one where there's A little bit more debate around the Number one spot a couple of young Goalkeepers I think Johnson is in Southgate's mind closer to Nick po hope But in my mind he should be closer to Aaron ramsdale just because of the pure Lack of game time as well yes so I feel Like it's between ramale and Johnson no Exactly but but sorry between R that's Why that's why Ram might that is uh that I do agree with massively um so yeah Easy simple let us know though if you Guys have any other changes those are Our three goalkeepers selected we've got 20 other men to get through as well Eight uh no I didn't yeah I did I picked Eight Defenders I picked seven two in each Position I picked seven as well really Okay so I'll go cuz I've got cuz cuz There are players who can play different Positions okay so I'll quickly go Through mine and let me know once I also The name say if they're in the squad or Not in the squad Harry MaGuire in in St In in Levi Cowell in out ezri coner out Out Kyle Walker in Rees James out out Ben chilwell in out okay that's Controvers you only picked left Back L well I've picked two left backs Actually I've picked Luke Shaw and I've

Picked Levi Cal okay yes and and you Have trip here as well so this is why I've picked Ben chill over Levi coell Over Luke Shaw and who was the other go Who's the other Defender you've added Into two so I've got trippier Walker as My right backs I'll come to another Right back who's picked elsewhere in due Course I've got sha and Chell as my left Backs then in center backs I've got Maguire Stones dunk and tamori oo okay Wow so mine's fairly similar to yours That I've got I've just got Stones Maguire and dunk basically Levi cwell Has got covering both he's he's covering Center back and left back it's quite a Big job for such a young play the Youngest Defender by far in in fact by By quite a long way actually the only Real youngster in my back line um but I Think he's up to it I've been really Impressed by him at Chelsea this season Okay thought it was a tournament too Early very quickly yeah it could be but I I just think I just think like there's Not starting if in in your dream Backline is he no absolutely not no no He he may not yeah he may not get a game It's nice to have a left footed cuz That's the thing like it is quite I Think my my drawback in what I've picked Is that there's not that much cover on The right because Maguire and Dunc are Both right- footed center backs who tend

To play on the left cwell is a left Footed Center back/ left back um so yeah Stones is kind of a little bit isolated But at the same time as Stones would to Get injured then maybe I bring Duncan There um yeah I I can I could be sued With an extra Center back potentially I Think in terms of like the right side Let's touch upon Harry McGuire quickly Because if you had asked this Question two months ago I think Everybody would have unanimously had Taken him out of the squad he during This Manchester United run yeah has Actually been aru their best player yeah One of um I also look at my squad as Well and think there is something to be Said for experience in international Competitions um and Partnerships Partnership uire and stones have a great Partnership but also has an abundance of Experience and to be fair I still look At Jon Stones as this young guy but he's Also one of the most experienced players Umj yeah exactly and he and he's been Through so much as well like he's just Come off a treble season he's working Under Pep Guardiola he's been a large Majority to to England's success and Defense um when he has been partnered With Harry McGuire um but yeah as for Harry like I don't know if he's my Starting center back Come the beginning of the World Cup

Partnerships out the window no but again It comes back it comes down to I guess The form like right now I'm saying this But given when it actually happened by The end of seon starting for Manchester United he might not be starting by who Are you partnering St I assume it's Stones I think my um I think it's it's It's stones and coner right now again Depends on Cole Will and how what Happens hasn't been even been capped yet Yeah but I think coner should have been Capped for a long long he con coner this Season's been been one of I'd rather Start just because he's got more England Experience he doesn't have a lot of it But stones and dunk would be my dunk Would be my backup for I dunk only had Like three I know two of them have come Recently he's only had three caps I've Mainly brought a Dunc in just cuz I Think stylistically he's probably closer To Maguire and so he's quite good backup And he's also a leadership figure as Well I think that's what that's what Dunk has is that he's got he's got such Experience at Club level and yeah been Bri captain since 2019 one of my biggest Fears is that Maguire is not being Played by Man United at the end of the Year and Stones is still injured and Then it's a completely new like then I Think they'll probably start Maguire but We're not going to go into this with I

Can we're not let's talk about yeah Let's talk about a little bit concerning I mean Stones has I think started over 30 games one 30 League games once in his Care missed 25 games since the start of Last season he's continually picking up Bad injuries and it's a massive massive Issue because for me Stones has been England's best center back for England Probably this Century like I don't think Terry or Ferdinand ever reached this This level for England like stones has Had three pretty consecutive Immaculate Tournaments like he was brilliant at the Euros as and he was even better at the World Cup boy say he's England's fifth Best ever Center back he's definitely up There yeah he's definitely in the Conversation I'm talking about purely Fort England though and I just don't Think you can really argue with his Record at major tournaments like he's Been near faultless yeah I think um I Think the thing the thing is with stones As well is that I've never really Noticed him have a slow return from Injury I feel like when he comes back From injury he basically hits his level Like within a game or two um which is Really really impressive like yeah I Haven't really seen him Look in any way vulnerable in years like I really haven't so you both have got Trippier in your squad yes I haven't and

I picked Reese James yeah um people Might say Chelsea bias uh I think on a Given day if Rees James is fully fit and This is how we're going into this Reese James is a better right back than K Trippier I think defensively he's Stronger and I think going forward he's Stronger as well maybe not as good at Set pieces as probably is but do I back Him to last like seven I think we have To go into this with like with with I Think you can I think I think I think The advantage with trippier as well and Maybe this is going you're going against Is the fact that he can play on the left As well if Needed and that means that maybe I could Be swayed to maybe bringing in a more Right-sided Defender rather than cwell But that was my why that's partly why I Picked Co will because I he could play Left um left back um I do I do I Probably agree with you game if they're Both fully fit and they're on their best Probably pick Rees James but that that Probably under Minds a little bit of Tripp's consistency over the last even Since the start of last year I mean he's Like 33 now but still cre the most Chances in the division this year I Think only's in chenko has played more Progressive passes out of all Premier League Defenders like he's at a really Really high level on the ball and off it

I think if you look at that Manchester City game I think that's the best I've Seen Rees James since return from injury And like he can have what I will say as Well to be fair and I guess this needs To be considered is I've actually never Seen ree James have a good game for England really he's he's only played Play about 15 games something he has Barely played but he got sent off in one He he's never yeah he's never had he's Never necessarily had an amazing time so Far for England uh but again that is Kind of down to to injuries I've gone Into this thinking as I said nobody's Injured everyone's fit and Fir and ready To go but I guess with context you do Have to think of it like that um we also Have to take into consideration that Whoever this second right back is going To be I assume is going to be back up to Walker right I don't think you go into That tournament with Walker like this is Probably going to be Walker's last major Tournament as well um Walker is going to Be the starting right back and so I Think where the argument for Reese James Is is that Reese James is probably a More stylistic fit as a backup to Walker In terms of in terms of stuff like Recovery Pace in terms of his I think You know ree James is a more Accomplished attacking fullback or at Least at this moment in his career is is

Is a more you know penetrative attacking Foot back then Walker or trippier really Like you know that that's that's where He is like he is just a brilliant Attacking right back in the way that Walker and triple don't have don't quite Have those attributes um but he will Play a more similar game to Walker in General whereas trip you are yeah trip You are really relying on the delivery a Lot it's like you know it's like Comparing Trent and and REE James you Know there's and technically I don't Know about you boys Trent's in my squad Trent in my Midfield yeah so there is That as well I guess there is a lot of Options I think on Walker like he's kind Of fended off obviously ja canel who's a Major threat to his plac to a starting Place I mean no one has played more Minutes for Man City this season in the League then Kyle Walker at his age so so Impressive and he's had really really Good tournaments for England as well Playing as a right sided Center back in 2018 he was named in the team of the Tournament in 2020 he had that Phenomenal game against mbappe in the Quarterfinals in Qatar like he was you Know kept the best player in the world Well the second best player in the world Probably at that point uh quiet in that In that game so he's never really let England down so he's got to be I think

He's got to be the starter yes okay so So what can I push you Mikey to take Reese James instead of Kieran trippier And go and and overall Dei unless you I Can I can get on board with that I'm not Like totally tired to Trippy I like Trippy because it's like you know 2018 Semifinal everything you know I I I am Tied to that but because I've already Got cwell in there I don't I don't mind Dropping I know it's really harsh but The England right back you know it's Harsh to drop like Rees J Reese James May have a killer second half of the Season I I'm I'm always very cynical About about Reese James I feel like he's Just never going to last more five games That's fair enough that's what the but If but if ree James does stay fit for The rest of the season then I think he It's going to be really really hard to Not take him come may like CU I think He's only I think it looks like Chelsea Are only going to get better as the Season goes on and Reese James will be a Have a big part to play in that yeah Look I'm sure do again come closer to The time gets a little bit I mean also It's not always about form it's like We've picked Harry MaGuire like have I Picked Harry McGuire based on his last Three weeks of performances no like I've Picked Harry MaGuire because of his England experience like

Like it's not all about form and Trippier has a you know trippier does Have a better a better England CV in General than ree James but I'll yeah I'll happily take Rich so you guys were Both not picking chill well as well so No I have picked chill well okay so and I want to get into my reason you not p Short did you I'm not picked sure no Because I basically so this comes down To the relationships as you mentioned Earlier D again this all Chelsea back but based On the form right Now based on the form right now um Raheem Sterling is probably starting for Me uh and is going into my squad and I'm Thinking one of the things that was so Good that we've seen for luk Shaw is his Relationship with rashford at the left On that Left Flank partly maybe half the Reason why rashford's not been so good This season is because Luke Shaw's not Playing left back um and I'd like to Think again form coming into this I Think ra I mean to me it's a bit of a Madness that Rahim Stelling isn't in the England squad right now anyway I think There was definitely a period where it Was right take him out um but over his The last month or so he should 100% be In that England squad I I do like to Think oh it's because Southgate is Thinking I know what rashford can bring

I want to try and see what this new Person is like he's never done that ever In his entire would be so surprised if Sterling didn't make the squad for the Euros like I I it would be the most UNS Southgate thing to like not take Sterling to his final tournament like um We'll get on to Sterling I think maybe In a little but that's kind of more so The reason why I brought chilwell was Because of the relationship on the Left Flank between get it I get it but you Know there are just people that are Southgate guys and Luke sha is just a Southgate Guy man CH never like chilwell Trent Players like that they're not Southgate Men I mean I you're not wrong either You're not I can be convinced to to Change this to to Luke Shaw more than Happy to do that and like also can Covered Center back he needed and to be Fair we've also seen the relationship Between Luke Shaw and Rah selling four Englanders five games at the World Cup I'm not against that I'm more than happy To change that um so we've currently got Okay the other question I guess is Bringing I've gone for E concert and Le Ly Levi coell you've gone for coell and Dunk dun dunk and tamori tamori okay so Um Tori is fourth choice in terms of Ezri Coner I think he is the better the best

Center back of those lot at the moment I Think it's poor that he hasn't had call Up soona um I think he's this season Been immense like he he's just I don't Really see a a poor or or weakness to His game he can play he can distribute The ball well he's playing now next to He's playing in a side that want to have Possession that England want to also Replicate um he's playing under a Manager that is expecting more from his Center backs again what G Southgate Wants I think maybe the one thing you Can look at is aily he could be a little Bit stronger um I guess that's what you Add with having someone like Harry McGuire into the side as well he can Kind of add that side too um but on the Ball fantastic um he's got great Recovery Pace as well and getting back There's so many assets to his game um And he's 26 like eventually you do need To get the kind of future center backs To in the squad to have this tournament Experience you know Southgate might not Start him he might go with the har the Maguire Stones Le that's fine um but I Think it's a great option to bring Off The Bench like Lewis dunk is he going to Start off for England probably not is he Going to be at the next tournament Probably not and so when I think think You back him to step in And like instantly R I think so yeah

Based on the form that he's had so far Like it's a lot of pressure to add I do Agree but I also agree with season so Far than dunk but I think dunk was dunk Was probably one of the out stand top Five center backs in the League last Year I think he was fantastic and There's no no doubt about it but just I Think based on what we're seeing so far Like I think ezri coner also deserves Yeah I just I think with I think the Thing is dunk and it's like yeah to be Honest the Euros next summer South Gate Priority should not be what's like you Know giving someone a bit of tournament Experience guess it needs to be winning The tournament and I just think leis Dunk like uh I don't know enough about The Aston Villa dressing room to be Honest but I know for a fact that LE Dunk is a leader and has been a big Leadership figure at a Brighton side That has gone from strength to strength Over the last few years he's played Under grah Potter he's played under Roberto derer like he's you know he I Think he's yeah I think he's cut out for This England side um and Yes I think like there's physical like Thing you know yeah he's not the fastest But I think like you know he has yeah I Think he he has that kind of ability to Like if if Maguire were not to play he Could kind of step in and play that role

Really well like he's he's basically Played that role better than Maguire Over the last two years um you know yeah Bll playing Center back who's also got The physical physical attributes as well Not as quick definitely definitely not As quick cuz he's old he's old like but But he is a leadership figure and I Think you know without you know we're Not we haven't got kod in this side you Know like we haven't got Mings who again Was also there for his leadership Qualities like I think I think we need Figures like Dunc in that especially in That back line SE I have seen coner give Interviews saying that Uno emry has Asked him to be more of the leader this Season um and I mean if you look at the Way ASV season is going you know it Looks like that happening he doesn't Have the experience that do have that's The thing I think if you have coner like And this is no disrespect to coner cuz He's just younger and he hasn't played At the top level for as long um like I Don't you you don't have ezri coner you Know younger players in that in that Dressing room like they're not like you I think I think Lewis dunk could be a Bit of an underrated figure in that Dressing room basically I think people Could look to him for for advice S I get it I get it from like an Experience of playing football for a

Long time but like he also doesn't Necessarily have the experience of Playing International Football in Abundance no but I think but I think but I could see him carrying himself in Quite A strong way maybe I'm just maybe I'm they all good candidates I also Think Mar G is probably Closer that does go I do feel bad yeah For not but I just think toori like he's Played 24 Champions League games now He's played in Champions League Quarterfinals he's played in Champions League semi-finals he's played against PSG he's played against Dortmund he's Played against Newcastle and like Milan Haven't been very solid since they won The title really mainly I think due to a Lot of injuries I think they've got an Uninspiring manager as well but tamori Whenever he's played his level's not Dropped massively and his goson they Have conceded but then he's lost Kulu Since till January Malik T's had Suspensions like it's been chaos in Front of him as well there's no Defensive midfielder and he's been left Slightly exposed has he been as good as In their title winning season probably Not but does he have the experience I Think better experience than kza than Gahi undoubtedly the fact he hasn't Really played regly England so far there

Must be something that South Gat sees in This game that is Mark G let's give it Let's give a bit of talk about about Mark gei because actually in a realistic World I think gei is probably the one That goes um and d and like you know What Southgate probably takes nine Defenders like he did that last time Didn't he the well he took a lot of Defenders last time if I remember he Probably yeah I mean he probably does Take two left backs so but like let's Give a little bit of uh chat to mark gy Because I think this season Anderson Actually seems to be the one that seems To be being a little bit better this Year he's stepped up massively but get He has been uh we talk about leadership He's a captain he's Captain Crystal Palace um he's been fantastic he's been An amazing acquisition since they bought Him um you do wonder whether those two Center backs will be at at Crystal Palace next year actually people start Looking at um at center backs but yeah Southgate does seem to kind of start him And when it's the games where it's like Not the England a team gei is in he's Always comes on as well from the bench Southgate does see him and really like Him there's another one as well that's Come through the youth ranks been with The has a lot of relationships with the Younger England players

Too I think he he's also I guess a a Very worthy worthy pick as well like I Would any of the center back you would Have him over I think I would have him Over any of these center backs that go I Don't think I'm really sitting here Being like Oh my God why have you mean Hopefully they're not playing no offense To them but you just want stones and Maguire to be totally honest I could I Could debate I could we'll see how Maguire has come to the actual Tournament okay look I'm willing to put I'm willing to change um ezri concer for L uh for dunk let's get dunk in and then Dunk in finally a Southgate man I I do Kind of want a left footed Center back Over Tori okay let's get Co then man Over Tori I'm sorry I'm sorry and I get It but I'm just thinking about like Left trusted we've got two left sided Right right footed center backs in there Fine fine fine fine right Midfield yes We hav't actually we haven't actually Debated Co will there but like I think Yeah let's just G but I I I mean I'm Happy just he's fine again and sorry He's not fine he's very promising he's a Bit of he's a bit cuz he is a wild card Pi he's one of the 23rd 22nd players in This squad he's not he's already Obviously he got his first caps in the October uh Co up and now he got he got Called up again for this one he had to

Pull out due to due to a shoulder Injury he uh and again as the season Goes he's going to get more and more Experience and as mik said Chelsea Looked like won't be playing in the Champions League though will he no Neither will tomorrow if things he go They uh Midfield then I've gone for uh Six I have mid I've six okay probably Got the same list so I've got Trent Alexander Arnold yeah Jude Bellingham Yeah got Connor Gallagher yeah no wow Deam rice yeah yeah James Madison yeah Co Palmer no oh really so who are the so You've not have you got James I've gone Quite controversial actually I've Actually gone quite conservative I've Gone rice Philips I've not taken Calvin Phillips I was considering it though I'm I'm not I've taken Jordan hson I know I Know I know it's not great I I could to Be honest I'd be quite happy all the Things I expected to come up this Episode no I might I I Probably either I am taking Mason Mount Yeah than goodness you're not in charge Yeah but you know you know what I Probably I I you know what I will quite Happily take Henderson out cuz I didn't Really want to take him I will I can I'll happily take Henderson out who got Instead of Cole Palmer um I've got Calvin Phillips [ __ ] you haven't even Got James prow instead of I haven't got

James price I've got Gallagher Madison Trent Phillips Bellingham rice why are You taking Calvin Phillips because he Can play the rice role he can't play in General R Ro he can he's actually played Quite well for England recently in that For where was it Germany was against Italy actually was it uh yeah he was he Was pretty solid Um this yeah this this is this this is This is England's problem there are no Out sixes aside from rice and even rice Is quite expansive yeah in r Rice gets Injured in your squads I suppose you're Calling up someone but it probably would Be Phillips yeah like I would I would Happily take out Henderson for Phillips Um yeah I I kind of don't really want Henderson there I think You' got to have G there well JN Stones can play six can He yeah I mean as a six I don't know Probably have to ask to be a little B More conservative as well depend who you Know depends who I do understand what You mean though yeah like actually Looking at my de Rice getss injured like I am a little he doesn't really ever get Injured I think but I was I was reading I was really there was there's a really Good um article uh that Jonathan Lou WR In the in the guardian yesterday I think It was um talking specifically about England's Midfield and how midfields in General like especially this season and

Last season like at top clubs are Becoming a little bit more like pre- Blowing free FL a little bit more like Chaotic you know look at like Liverpool's the SE like Liverpool don't Have an out andout six in the Midfield Three like Man City have like Experimented with with Jon Stones Stepping into Midfield Liverpool have Also experimented with with Trent coming From right back into Midfield um you've Got someone like Bellingham who's Supposedly a midfielder but he's playing Almost like a striker at Real Madrid um Like there's quite a few examples of Like you know Even I'm trying to think actually of Another example but um that's and what's Interesting about that I I guess cuz you Know you know especially in club Football at least there's a lot more I Don't know yeah the kind of transitional Moments between midfields and attacks Have become like almost a little bit More messy um and like you know out and Out defensive midfielders who only do That job are kind of pretty scarce now Um look at like look at the way that Rice is playing for Arsenal despite Being their number six so in some ways You don't actually need that second six You don't actually necessarily need Someone who's just going to sit because Even when rice and Calvin Phillips are

Playing together at the at Euro 2020 Like nether yeah neither of them were Were just sitting like they were yeah They were both even uh in the World Cup Like Bellingham was kind of the part the Next and both of them were still bombing Forward R be the deepest one that's the Thing like Bellingham is not going to Get anywhere near his Real Madrid role For for England he's not like he's not He's not going to be the most advanced We need him forther back yeah we need Yeah we need we need his overall ability Like yeah Real Madrid play him there Because they haven't got a striker like Li like you know like England have like An abundance of attackers and an Abundance of attacking midfielders as Well which Real Madrid don't have um so Yeah in some ways actually just just Been off the second six and you can have Trent playing alongside rice if you need To you can have Bellingham playing Alongside him the reason why I've taken Mount is just because I think it's Between Mount and Gallagher for me and Like yes Gallagher has Gallagher's been Great this season I really think he has But like just overall I just still think Mount's a better player I just think He's a better footballer like like Achieved much more at Chelsea than I Think Gallagher's going to achieve over The next couple of years like yes he had

A down year last year yes he's been Injured has hasn't started great at man United but hasn't been terrible also Only had four starts because of injury Like I just think he's a better Footballer and has more England Experience I guess for me with the mount Situation obviously i' years been a very Positive Mount fan uh it's just the form Go right now like I think you can only Make your opinions I guess on what we've Seen so far this season right now and You're right we've barely seen Mount um And we have seen for m at the moment That has obviously declined um and we've Not seen him necessarily pick that up Any time over the last what feels like Eight months or so even his and end of Kind of few months at Chelsea his Injured for a long part of it and when He was fit wasn't really that positive But who was at Chelsea last season uh to Be quite honest um I think that one is Something I think coming into the Tournament it is someone that's a bit More form it does seem like Southgate Does like Gallagher like one of the Things you get from Gallagher is an Absolute Workhorse who will chase down Every ball who will press everything who Will put in any single tackle every Single tackle you want him to make um Some people could see it a little bit Like foolish but he will make tactical

Fouls and sometimes you do need those Players to to to put on in say the 65th Minute you're losing and you just need To try and win that ball back as much as Possible and create turnovers gag is a Great option to have for that mount has Also been someone who's a great presser As well can can do that side of things As well um and probably on the ball Think just a bit more of a assistant Player I think more of play think Gaga's Technical ability though has got has Really improved a lot I think he's Actually playing he's a pretty good Allround football now and before I was a Bit of a gallaga skeptic because I sort Of saw him in that Crystal Palace role As his best role like just a Workhorse Like off the front and was actually you Know had that first half of the Season At Crystal Palace where everything he Hit went in and he was playing Exceptionally well since then you know Mainly through lack of minutes through Competition maybe stagnated but this Year this this free role in front of Enzo and kaiso like I think he's been Absolutely brilliant for Chelsea so far He's kind of played what Striker at Times yeah and initially I was actually Going to do a call between Trent and Gallagher for this and I was sort of Thinking but then I actually did Something quite controversial in my

Front line managed to get them both in But I was thinking about who would I Rather to put on if england are losing a Game and it'd be Trent but who would I Rather put on if england are trying to Hold on to a lead and Gaga is really Good for that as you say so yeah I'm Pleased that I managed to get both in I Actually think my dream Midfield would Be rice Bellingham and Madison but I Don't see scy gate playing that I think He's much more likely to play I think He's quite likely to play Phillips to be Honest rice Phillips and Bellingham in Front because Bellingham played so so Well in his what in that Scotland game In that free role um and has been so Good for Real Madrid in the final third This year I mean there's only five sorry Only two of his 15 games this season Where he's failed to contribute a goal For club and Country like it's an almost Unheard of Runner form from a from a Striker let alone a yeah a Midfield Especially one joining a new club so Bellingham Bellingham and rice are one Of the reasons that I am so confident Going into this Euro and I say so Confident I just think we're probably The second best squad on paper and I'd Be disappointed if we didn't reach the Final all right crunch time let's make Some decisions John Henderson go England thank you very much for your

Services who are we happy to put you Happy to take Gallagher instead of Henderson um either Gallagher or Phillips isn't it I think it's either Gallagher or Phillips um I took both for My I think I think I I would take thing I kind of don't want Gallagher and mount To be in there and I do I do like Mount Like I I do I do like current like You're picking the squad right now but I'm not I'm not picking it on current Form though I'm just picking on who I Think the better player is do you do you Have to pick every position on current Form in the back Line I think for big reason how into how You're going to do in a tournament like You want to take players that are having Good Seasons yeah I I just I I back Mount to Have a decent season by by by the end of This year like I do I do I do b i i do Back him but I'll me look we got other options I can Concede to I can concede I I can concede Co pal gallaga yeah I think I think yeah I'll let's say let's take Gallagher I Don't think Cole Palmer Co Palmer's not A fun one for me he's not going into Mfield is he like Cole Palmer he picks On the right wing if that's what I mean Co Cole Palmer is like the sack he could Do the you don't think he could do the 10 R I'd be amazed like he's not going

To play there so why would you pick him Then they'd rather play Madison there They'd rather play Bell there they proba Rather play Oden there that is I can Understand that I do understand that I Mean he's having a great run he's having A great run and if he continues on got Called up yeah if he continues on this Run then he will probably go he will be A really and like it might be intered Like it's interesting that England you Saw them put Trent in the Midfield now Yeah as a pure midfielder so like it' be Interesting and was Cole Palmer in the Midfield or was he in he was in the Midfield was in the Midfield he was That's interesting see I feel like that Kind of shows you an insight into the England Owly mon really three years too late He's kind of everything's connecting Yeah it's very very okay so we're going To take Galaga and then if that's okay Yeah yeah agree with the other on and Then with Cole Palmer who I think Philip PH Essen Phillips over Mount Phillips Over Mount I think we got to tell you Phillips I mean you know what because Because we've got Madison in there Already and we've got and we're probably Going to have foden in I assume um I Will I will concede Mount but then at The same but then at the same time like Madison you know like Mount is different

From Madison from from Madison sorry Mount is different from Madison and Foden in in a more attacking role like We're taking Mount as an attacking Player all right whatever yeah I don't Care whatever I don't care yeah g G gages a little gager and Phillips Whatever was it we are we putting Phillips in there yeah we have put Phil We put Phillips in there I can't Actually believe we put Phillips in There I don't think it's mental I don't Think it's mental he needs to get a a Loone move in January a permanent move In January play regular get so so we'll Put him in on the contention that he Gets a low move in January if he doesn't Mount is going yes okay fine okay there You go let us know what you guys think In the comments Below on to the forwards Now because there is uh you keeping C we Definitely got the right am of players Yes I am I am very quickly as well we Didn't speak about Lewis who got called Up and he was called up as a Defender But he can play as DM can play as a left Back right back as obviously his Position he grew up playing very Exciting but he's not going he hasn't Had a lot match experience I guess Started 10 games I think last where Would you play him as a DM as a right Back the so much competition at right Back we don't need him at left back it's

Really nice that he's got this Experience level but stay in the under 21s he's only 18 yeah it's incredible I Think he only played like a couple of Games the under 21s as well so good Experience for him so far trajectory but Too early um all right the forward line Yes a lot to pick from a lot to pick From I'm going to mention the players First um the ones that you've picked or The whole list many players do we have Left so we currently have one two three Four five six seven players I've got Seven players I six Downs help I've Picked seven okay so there's obviously Uh e Gordon Anda Wilson Watkins boen Tony Sterling sacka rashford Kane greish Foden are the the ones that I have kind Of picked as a short list um I don't Think I'm missing out too many other Players obviously things can change as Well with the six to seven months that Are left in the season um Phil foden Greish Kane rashford sacka Sterling Tony Is mine oh Tony wow I know a man who had Will have not played any football for Six months I know I know and like mad OE Watkins is my other closest one to him You didn't pick Watkins Watkins I didn't Pick Watkins no you didn't pick Watkins You iony this one I'm much more Ivan Tony I'm more than happy to change it Was that position for me the backup Striker Kane is solely picked in my

Opinion on who ends the season the best And who did you pick Tony well just Because I think he will only one you Picked one backup and it was Tony yeah I Think that's cuz I think he come end of The season will have the best ending to It do you think what I think right now Is amazing I thought you were just Talking about how you had to take form Into account I think yeah yeah yeah and I think come towards the end of theas Ton has no form right now but I think at The end of the season he will cuz I Think he'll he'll get the move to one of The clubs to one of the big clubs that Want him that want Jan I think quite possibly Watkins has Been one of the best players in the League like maybe the Top happy to CH I'm not B I actually am Not that bothered by I think that's very Silly because I mean Watkins got 11 goal Contributions only Salah and H also You're not even taking into cretive I Don't I think I thought it came down to A straight shoot up between Watkins and Wilson I was feel a bit guilty but I Just thought Watkins was the guy to pick I also think as well like I was very Close to I think Wilson is I actually no I just think Wilson's more Of a pure goal scorer than Watkins That's what he has over it but actually Actually if we think about you know

Who's going be who The do you not think that ran Tony's More like Kane than Watkins is Potentially and also and also Tony gives You more potentially more of a plan B Whereas you can kind of just hoof it Alongs him and he'll chest it and like Where whereas Watkins isn't that kind of Player but at the I just can't yeah I Can't at this moment time can't I don't Think we need Three take two because I mean let's talk About it but I think the the big call in My front line so I had sackur and foden Competing on the right I had greish in And then I actually only picked six Forwards but now we've got seven I can Probably take both have you Pi I had to Pick my choice was between Sterling and Rashford O and you originally picked and I originally picked rashford I actually Went with Sterling yeah yeah okay cuz Sterling also is also a rightand option Like as a sa back play forward if then He can also cover stri I mean I think in Our Squad both them both of them go I Think both of them go so you don't Actually have that issue issue dster um What's your let's what's your so the so The forward line the forward line as I Said is f and greish Harry Kane Tony I Mean I'm happy change the Watkins for Now um Harry Kane Watkins rashford sacka Sterling yeah I've basically got that's

What I've got the you know someone who Actually the two players I was also Really thinking about me really e Gordon Anden like add an element as a adds an Element of just pure skill where like You can have somebody drive at Defender But I was thinking about I was like well Look there are a few other players that Can do that bden can do that K can do That but do you not think that like I do Think e does it in a different way like E's ability to draw a foul like I feel Like we've seen greish kind of do that a Little bit less now since working with With manity don't say he can't do that He's played very well for England he has Played very well for England but he is Necess playing for man city as well at The moment that that we'll see what Happens closer to the time um but I just Think e Like he can add something like a little Bit of magic but again I am also willing Like so conf Focus I think that's the Thing I just think I think with E and I Think also with e it's like really Really E's best position I think at Palace is in the center and I think that You know then he's then he's coming up Against like Bellingham and and Madison And I just think it's just a bit of a Step too far like I like I do yeah I Love a um just nah like again I just I Just think no I again having a great

Season if you're picking on form at like Gordon you gets into the current England Squad but we only taken one Newcastle Player at the moment and that is Pope we Haven't taken trippier but that's fine Like it's fine it's fine like I mean Well I I would have taken trippier but But like I don't think Newcastle well That's partly why Eddie has doing such An impressive job cuz like UK Castle Have a lot of like non well yeah they Have a lot of injuries and they have you Know the majority of that that Squad is Like non International level English Players like some and some and somehow They're a Champions League team like it Is it is actually baffling um so I don't Think it's any disrespect on Newcastle To to only have one one representative There um worry I I think I think like Rashford is the contentious one he's Having he really is having quite a poor Season did have a very good world cup Though yeah scored yeah scored yeah Scored what three goals scored three Goals he the first United player to do That since Bobby ched Madness um yeah he Did have a good workup but I just think Again I think like rashford is a bit of A like he he's like a bit of a Leadership figure as well and Captain England as well so yeah and I think I Don't know I I think also like if you You know if you want something different

Lat in the game like rashford has been That at points for England like it's Very left hand it's left side heavy like You got greish lling foden and rashford Who can all play on the left sack is the Only real special rashford's playing out On the right nowling we've seen play the Right right like I do agree is a backup Right winger yeah I think I think start On the even Madison like even Madison Can play off the right if like the way That probably like we saw Madison play On the left has tended to use him on the Left yeah yeah um but like I think That's a ail like I do feel B EAS one to Be honest I feel a bit bad for boen but Like Is bow ever going to start for England He's playing against one of England's Best he's up against one of England's Best players in sacka and he just Doesn't have the versatility of foden so If you're choing between foden and Bowen Or or even greish and Bowen like greish Is England record the fact he's come on In major tournaments you know that Germany game in the last 16 of the Euros Greish came on and was involved in both Goals at the World Cup he actually only Played 80 minutes I was looking it up it Yesterday so greish was a bit of a bit Part player at the World Cup and so was So was Sterling more so than we thought But rashford and foden really sort of

Came into the own and sacka was Obviously excellent even rashford Started on the bench if I remember Correctly he like contributed a lot more Um the big one is we've just got to have Harry Kane on like Harry Kane in this Current vein of form would be it's very Very exciting he's incredible okay a Random question in Germany as who would Be your three players that you just Think England just cannot afford to be Without injury wise Harry Kane Yeah Dean rice uh and definitely rice uh John Stones that was exactly the same as Me that's spine toe agree I think Kyle Walker as well you yeah Kyle Walker as Well but well no I think we're better at R because if we've got ree James there It's not as big a Los but I think I I don't know Walker is Really important to the way the England Play but I think like Kane rice Stones Exactly the same as me I think if they Are fully fit then England have a decent Chance but I really do worry about the Backups you have sacka you know s yeah I Think I think s in some way in some ways Sacka Potentially like like K like K I think I Think England can survive without Kane And like England get to the final Without Kane more than they get to the Final without rice or Stones I think for Sure yeah I agree and I think in some

Like I still think like you know a front Line of like sacka Watkins and Sterling Would still be like pretty amazing like We don't necessarily need the center Forward to be I don't know actually Having said that Kane and Sterling it Just doesn't the same yeah Kane and the The main thing is is Kane Kane and Sterling's relationship if Kane and Sterling can carry on the relationship That we've seen from them in tournaments Past and I know Sterling it wasn't Starting by the end of the world cup Campaign but in that Euros campaign Their partnership was just electric and I think it was actually at the 2018 World Cup as well even though n of them Scored that much but like um Kan scor a Lot yeah he did penalties wasn't there But um but uh yeah so I don't know yeah Anyway let's touch upon on Sterling then Because I think it's a unanimous from us But actually it's not necessarily Unanimous one for G Southgate he's not Taking him again I mentioned earlier I'd Like to think it's because he's thinking Oh look I know what he's does let's try Someone else but he's never done that Before slightly woring so it would be Interesting it is a little bit woring Isn't it he has done it he has done it Before I was actually looking at this Yesterday rashford wasn't picked Interestingly from missing a penalty in

The Euro final to the start of the World Cup at all for England he didn't play Didn't play in a didn't play in a squad Even in the October international Friendlies didn't play WoW which I yeah I it didn't appear for England between The Euro 2020 and the World Cup 2022 and Then he scored 49 seconds after coming On against Iran that's mad is that I Didn't even real but to be Fair 2122 was like a a down year for Rashford though this that's that's the Thing like 2122 it was you know Ole uh Everyone was like oh isra still Recovering from the Euros he had a Shoulder injury the back problems and Whatnot yeah it was end of Soul rangnick Season and yeah rashford yeah wasn't Wasn't you know didn't hit Top form During that campaign um and yeah what Worries me more about Sterling is that Sterling is back almost back to his best At Chelsea and now he's missed um Two he's missed two yeah I wonder Whether he's just like give me give me Three more months of this Sterling like Not Sterling of 2223 and and then I'll Pick you again it almost it's a little Bit harsh than like he's now taking Rashford who's obviously been poor this Season and rash Sterling's obviously Been much much better even when did Score though for England in the last Break that I seem to remember like he

Played okay in he's played okay for England recently Sterling also it might Be a small factor I think it'd be very It' be very unfair if it was a factor But actually had to go home from the Last World Cup as well cuz his house got Broken into obviously I forget about Like that shouldn't be used as a reason Not for picking him but maybe he just Missed out some crucial training and Maybe he just fell down the pecking Order just for that really unfair reason Yeah I mean it's yeah I think that would Be a really poor he has to go he has to Go uh well so that is our squad one Player that we haven't touched upon very Very quickly and he every single time The squad list comes out always spoken About James Ward PR isn't in our Midfield it's harsh I think it's harsh And I think is Harsh because one of People think people speak about all the Time is his set pieces like especially With England's kind of strong aerial Threat they have Harry Kane AR one of The best headers in the world Harry McGuire J Stones um dunk also in the in The squad in our Squad uh Declan rice Very strong in the air um just looking At any of the this is kind of why Trent Kind of needs to be on the pitch because If we're not taking tripa we're not Taking W PR we do you got J Madison this Is so can take free kicks am so I

Thinking basically why not why I haven't Taken war prous is James Madison is a Fantastic setp trand Arnold is a Fantastic set paker and so essentially Is war PR going to start the games Anyway No so you're not going to get his set Piece taking ability but you might Off The Bench you could you could Off the Bench and he is and he is he is more of A specialist than either Trent or Madison I would what is the degree of Like yeah is it worth it yeah the the See a scenario where actually starts on The bench initially and if if Ward price Was there he'd also be on the bench and And it's who do you put on for 20 Minutes and it's really difficult Because Trent is obviously better an Open Play than Ward price I don't think A mad man would argue that wasn't the Case but you might end up with three set Pieces you got players that can win Fouls yeah you got a lot of players that Can win fouls like I I now I'm now Considering it more than I did when I Was writing it it's a really strong Option to have like he need it probably Be Conor gallager pH pH I would I would I would I would actually cuz I've I've Always been a bit of a skeptic with Ward PR like before the last 12 up I was like Yeah not really see I just think he has Been really good at West Ham playing in

A in a better team and yeah like at West Ham he is he is the conduit that Everything goes through like he's the One who's taken the most touches he's The one who's making the most passes in Open play um I have been I've genuinely Been very very impressed by W PR I've Kind of come round on him and I think His his setpiece Delivery is the best it is the best um You just you just look at like and West Ham yes setpiece Specialist Team so it Plays into his hands but this England Team has 2018 World and I mean it was a Long time ago now but this England team Does have setpiece you know they clearly Do work on set pieces quite a lot so I Would you want to swap C Phillips for Him I I could I could I would I would Happily I would happily put Ward PR over Phillips the only thing that Phillips Does have great tournament experience is The only thing but I would I would put Yeah I would happily put W PR there also Comes a factor of like what would scth Gate what is SC gate realistically going To do and there's no no we're we're not Talking about that no chance there's no Chance that he just takes Dean rice for That one position like he will take Phillips he will isance starts pH this Isn't about Southgate this about USS This is about us I I I wouldn't feel Comfortable call want to call can't come

Phillips started in in the October International break alongside rice Played very well freed up Bellingham to Play that role and Bellingham was Brilliant in that role I do think you Got to you got to there needs to be a Balance in this you think Trent could Play that role what alongside rice Yeah potentially I probably play Trent Against opponent I don't know we need to See more of Trent in Midfield for England before we make these sort of Calls I just don't think it's a shocker To have after this weekend we only got One more International break before the Tournament yeah true I just don't think It's a shocker to not have James W price In the squad it's tough It's not a Shocker if you got malison on playing if You got Trent playing even to a degree Rees James like yeah there are Luke Shaw There are players that can take set Pieces but rashford if he's if we get a Free Kick on the in that perfect Zone where He can whip that ball in where he puts In the ideal place are you're thinking About him scoring three kicks no no I Mean either either like you want a bit Of beckam mania don't you yeah James Coming off the bench but like do you not Think as well like they I'm thinking About Opposition opposition wise how I change

The Euro they will know like it is a Known fact now how lethal he is on a set Piece yeah but it's a known fact but no One can defend it exactly my point the Opposition like they see War PR with a Free Kick the nerves are kicking in like Do they feel the exact same amount of Interesting I don't know whether it's a Known around Europe I don't know but I Like in that point are the hungar is the Hungarian manager being like here comes James W price should be it should be Yeah that's what scouting's for um all Right so you're so you you And drop out Calvin PHS I do it I want Do it is a big one because if Calvin Phillips is actually going to be a Starter then I'd be but yeah I think Let's let's go for fluid Midfield Chaotic Midfield gate a bit of Fun there we go so from the back to the Front our England 23 man squad is Jordan Pford Nick Pope and Aaron ramale in goal Our defense consists of Harry MaGuire Jon Stones Levi cwell dunk Kyle Walker James and Luke Shaw our Midfield is Trent Alexander Arnold Jude Bingham Connor Gallagher uh Jwp deam rice and James Madison so Attacking and our front line is Phil Foden Jack Gish Harry Kane Marcus Rashford Baio Saka Rahim Sterling and Olle

Watkins there we have it that is the Team that'll be Lifting definitely a very attacking um Attacking Squad but that's what we want To see uh England do you actually think It's going to win that's not I've Thought every single year so why not Continue there I do second fav I do Generally think that I will see France France yeah I do gen by distance then us I think I'll See England win something In my lifetime I do think that now well Hopefully yeah yeah so we'll see quite Young yeah we'll see we'll see um but There we have it guys let us know what You guys think of our England squad do You think somebody else should have come Do you think we should have dropped Somebody else for another person um and How do you G Southgate is going to do in That World Cup let me know in the Comments below um there we have it that Is another Sunday Vibes done and dusted A very tough one actually very tough Yeah very tough if you guys have enjoyed The video then click the like button if You're not subscribe for day do that Right now and we'll see you guys very Very soon bye

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