Professional american middleweight boxer and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”) in 2nd match against romanian top ranked athlete and title challenger Ronald Gavril with nickname “The Thrill”. Fight for WBO Super middle weight took place in Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA on February 17, 2018. Spectacular boxing match in HD, highlights.

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David Benavidez (USA) vs Ronald Gavril (Romania) II | BOXING Fight, HD

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Look at this the tail of the tape uh You'll see the Ben is going to be a Little bit taller the weight's about the Same Introducing [Music] [Applause] Ronaldo David [Applause] [Music] B now to give instructions trunks here Good trunks room I want to remind you Protect yourself at all times obey my Commands bless you both touch up knock Down R can up you save with the bell in Any round we can stop the fight in case Of an accidental foul we'll go to the Score cards after the fourth round Middleweight championship of the world That's the 168 lb division the WBA champ George Gro the ibf is Kell Truax and of Course the W strong downstairs just Loads up that right Hand has try to drum up some activity at The way benitz Benz Landing some nice Shots now he land the right hand Decently red and black shoes black the Championship fight he's punt shotting Him with the right hand could his hand Speed you saw therez is kind of Dictating when work into the body is Gabriel shots on sort of the are single Shots right now real forward after Him Taps him on the

Chest closing seconds now this the first Round Gabriel thinks he was robbed in That fight now that he's had the full 8 Weeks in great physical Shape and a Quarter bidz was able to do this in the First round he's opening up a little bit More here in round of Gabriel Gabriel's Got to dip down he's trying to hit the Body shots in The loading up his punches hard right Hand benid is only 21 Gabriel is 31 so He you know more the fact it looks like Benitz has a longer reach because he Dips his Shoulder benas has the he's just flat Out boxing this guy right Now G real come in may he feels like he Can sof Up benas down of the first Fight again usually when he doubles you The right hand behind it like he did That time Very there he goes and he coming get Closing seconds of this Round the world he's got his big fight Coming up with Anthony Joshua Ben got way right Now get him off NE fighter has been down Me that uh benas is landing everything Comes off his Jab CH with a decent body shot that Time throws benas away does Gabriel but

He's giv away the first two minutes of The round left took that jab in the Face Ben is just really Landing some Nice shots jab upstairs with the jab you Get a look at his eye get him you're in My Office Ben got to wck it up a cut two if You Decid a hand speed again of Benas I mean this is Ben all right B ends the third round and It's all Jack is here Jamal Charles here Keith Thurman's Here really good stuff upper perfect Temperature for the fighs say oh big Shot right hand left and benitz can Finish H Gabriel with that combination Watch the amount of punches that this Kid will throw now down hting him with Body Shots lot of time left to survive his Way through this round did everything But knock him down and that's the Conditioning of Gabriel the benitz caught him with two Big shots let say that the chopping Right hand lands the left side left te Got Real still a minut 30 seconds to go and This Big uppercut another big uppercut now We're starting to see more but back up Three Times Gabriel is not going to be going

To do anything he can do to survive this Round and it appears that he has Al There was the right hand on the left Uppercut again watch this this is from Early in the round with about 15 Seconds different angle same thing see That uppercut is the one that got him in Trouble and then the left hand right Behind it well throughout the fight he Started throwing it Back to [Applause] Back of Gabriel can't see from cut Underneath the eye or what it's by the Right eye of gabri so Far and still he's not been able To working really hard he recovered Pretty well from the pounding that he Dring s him solid right hand There That was a much Better boom that's a very good shot That the uppercut by vamus again vus Around do his right andas Works Downstairs Gabriel trying to set up and Put some power split decision win for The world title at age 20 his uh is back to having It the odd punches Again by Benitas Jabs but no damage being Done very Tough great physical condition if he had To take the Punishment very funny to watch the fight

One down here we get the Corner Ben the Round there's no way that Gabriel could Have worked any harder but he didn't Land anything significant in the round Zidas score scored 108 but I don't think The judges would do it so I did Boom and that might have been the one That open that eye up again I have Scored 5955 in favor of benitz I've Given Gabriel only the one round and Then there was that early in the round And benas was unable to put him down gab Put anything together to try and slow Down the assault of the youngster Ben is Much more effective and again Gabriel Having a decent round in round Number Benz is you see a little squared Up right now another good combination of Punches that time by Gabriel this a Closer round [Applause] Again oh [Applause] Quick comes in at all right he's dead I Need your Hand taking on the glove then he gets Left hand through in a solid right hand Three or four rounds [Applause] Ago those punches all missed [Applause] One problem in the scoring of the fight Is that Ben's punches seem to be much

Cleaner rolling up shots a there's that Uppercut gri trying to craw back into This fight but how many of those big up Right now will Gabel pushes the Fight the jab is get Butz likes to work Off the RS but he said he didn't want to Do it as much B Mo tells boy this is a Good stuff for Gabriel right now mouth Pieces Out I think it's gab Real's mouthpiece Out stop a second Russell Mo will oh He'll let the round finish now closing Second when they hav't split I put that On my card so Gabriel has had you know Good but again the heavier punches if I Was leaning one way the other probably Lean Towards again you see Gabriel thr uh Four five punches then all of a sudden One big shot as L but the Last three out of four rounds I thought They Again stiff jab Ben seems like he back Up on his thrs digging hard to the body Throwing punches and MOA is saying to Ronald Gabriel you better show me Something because he's taking more an Opportunity to stop this Fight because he's is the body back Upstairs oh hard right hand Uppercut of Falls Forward reveal as game as he is that's All Conditioning benas continues to bound

Him nice step around that time by Gabriel but not able to get anything off Shot look at this stuff he's got itut He's got it round Gabriel is behind in The fight the question is how much comes For Trying to land something big and Hard it's worked the body hard of Benitas and so much Skill Gabriel trying to turn this into a Round for himself again every time Gabriel does something right back comes Benitas remember we showed you the Highlight uh of the last fight that uh He taken so much punishment in this Fight and there's no quit down the ropes Held him Up is sort of in the last of the prime Of prize Fights Gabriel is 18 and two and Hasn't through this 11th round Gabriel Working hard the Benavides is very tired Right Now gab real to his favor I I got to say He just sort of cruising through but his Punch shots you know the difference Gabriel is doing right now is negated by The hard Punches the Benitas land and this isn't Amateur boxing where you just total up a Bunch of uhal boxing it doesn't mean as Much as it means to see these Significant High Grounds he's outw work benas in this

Round high body shot right There oh look at this right at the end Of the Round boy that makes it a hard round the Pack and give it to Benitas based on Hard punches at the end of the round 108 102 going to the 12th round So the amount of punishment that he's Taken in this fight you got to look at The ability of benitz David's a terrific Fight gabriela's work and continues to Work he couldn't have been in and Apparently will Cru on the Victory and Retain although there've been a few Maybe three really close rounds in this Fight but I don't think a nice for She look at this Gabriel battling to the By Gabriel Gabriel right in the mix of This thing right to the end and this is The way rounds have been going now the Champ seems a little bit second Strong at this stage in the first fight Got 20 left in his legs closing seconds Now this is a been a really Really there it Is but uh I I can't give this guy Who [Music] Andc super middleweight champion of the World David Bandera Roa [Applause] Benid

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