Professional american lightweight boxer, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem” against american top ranked athlete Emanuel Taylor with nickname “Tranzformer”. Fight took place in U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, USA on September 6, 2014. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Adrien Broner (USA) vs Emanuel Taylor (USA) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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And0 here with one no contest all 11 Victories have come inside the distance And he's promised his fans another KO Tonight right fighting out of the Red Corner wearing red trunks with white and Blue trim hailing from Edgewood Maryland He weighed in at already 138 and 1/2 lb His record stands at 18 wins two losses With 12 wins coming by way of knockout Please welcome the wwec number 13th Ranked super lightweight Contender Introducing Emmanuel Transformer T and his opponent across the ring on my Left fighting out of the blue Corner Wearing white trunks with red trim Fighting out and representing his home Of the Queen City [Applause] SS he weigh in right at the super light Weight limit of 140 lb even His record stands at 28 wins one loss One no contest with 22 wins coming by Way of knockout greatly ranked the WBA And WBC number three World Contender Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome one Of the colorful stars of boxing the Former three-weight Division champion of The world introducing Adrien the Problem M Broner Jarvis gentlemen I gave your Instruction here gentlemen this is your Show tonight don't get me involved shake

Hands here in the Queen City boxing's Clown Prince Adrien Broner is out here In Cincinnati seems to think so but the Jury very much Taylor be able to record The upset referee Randy Jarvis calls for The bell and we are underway and Immediately a man the attack has grown Around the Ropes and in the this time left hook by Taylor said you know I know Broner Taylor only throw averages himself about Could have thrown 90 punches around like Mna but I'm going to throw more than a Blue yeah people paying money to watch Professionals in the ring and yet their Attention distracted in the crowd as all The attack a left hook to the body by Broner counter right hand by Taylor Don't move a lot and the fight that Taylor algeri algeri who is a superb Boxer that uses his feet looked like Taylor was stuck in the mud a lot of Times as algeri got off first and then Got out along the Road High guard peab guard blocking most Of those too much in this fight he is Not like Floyd Mayweather he doesn't Fight well off the road final minute of The First roner misses with the right short [Applause] Tlor you know because emanel Tay was Forcing the fight and here he's again Getting off some good combinations

Tonight's Main Event between Adrien Broner and Emanuel Taylor Taylor getting The best of this exchange as Broner Misses with the uppercut but clubs him With a right he does not do a very good Job of fighting going backwards but this This fight he's actually gotten off a Lot ofage that check what took it's a Great Point Taylor can shots upstairs although The left hook sneaks behind the [Applause] Guard if Taylor can keep this pace Up roner they're using a lot of skill at Close range changing body shots good Shot by Manel Taylor very good start to the round for Emanel Taylor left hook upstairs blocked Broner able to roll with that right hand But he's along the ropes gets pushed Back with the right Taylor by Broner Counters with the left hook of his own Broner misses with that sweeping left Hook skilled by both guys at close range Agreed little slip slides some punches Do land obviously by Adrien Broner the counter left hook by Broner Has been very very effective that's been His major he hopes that will open up That overhead right which he's kind of Landed but he hasn't landed the perfect One Yet part by Taylor in this round Especially in the last round I thought

Left hook to the that left hook by Broner upstairs misses with that inside It's making it a fun fight to watch a Lot of skill being shown here oh boy are You right about that I think all of them Should be 16 I don't know Paulie m I Apologize 10 seconds left in the third Round qu quit trying to be waiting a Little 13th appearance here as he lands That left hook distance against Broner Not putting him against the ropes it's Going to be much more he's much more Effective there's a counter right by Combination by Broner now getting busy The left hook behind the guard I got Taut and there's a clubbing right hand And another right hand by Broner and it Was all set up because of Broner's Boxing early Follow with a jab to the Bread Basket One of the things Taylor's not doing is Using angles doesn't he's got to step to His left or his right if those kind of Punches landed against you lead left Took to the body by Broner I think he Just threw him off keep in mind between Rounds might staff for stress to Adrian To box him box Him 14 actually 17 more punches than uh Than Taylor he shows flashes of Brilliance it's just hasn't been Consistent and it's rounds like this That make you see just the history onics We've seen in the past Adrian owner all

Business open up everything your jab Open up everything your walk sh us the Full arsenal you know now here even Fighting off the ropes he's able to land That nice and that puts the action in The center of the Ring where Broner was Able to do that excellent work to the Body oh nice faint there in attendance Here tonight as Taylor and Broner Renewal number five with Taylor again Going on the attack Broner doing a good Job of course that was Aaron prior Right hand [Applause] Behind one power punches to four by Taylor but now Taylor's coming Taylor Taylor told us that he felt Broner was underestimating Them and we should point out the fifth Taylor going to the body with the left Hook in this Fight Broner along the Ropes sh they've been adhering to the Marcus of Queensbury oh beautiful left guy getting Sloppy despite the phone Bo Warfare for him Landing this overhand Right and he and you see the lazy jab Languishes out there and there's Taylor Mdle you guys coming back box baby back The boxing roner second fight at 140 Again Taylor start out the round Really fast Broner trying to meet him With Jabs but Taylor starting out with a

Fast pace of Fury he's cut do a little Better job of cutting the ring off as Broner is able to cut the corner over Broner triy to initiate a clinch Taylor Kept moving his arms he did not accept The clinch and he forced Broner into an Uncomfortable situation by Taylor is Very effective the Broner's done some Excellent Body Work Himself and we're com Taylor is Hat and is it Broner hey the same initials right yeah They're close Along the ropes wanting to roll again With the shots but there's an overhand Right by Taylor glancing left hook off Of Broner's face but he's just not Getting all punches there a good body Shot from him but tayor end of the Round take that overhand right that's a Punch that just La a two in the past 10 Seconds he knows that he needs to win Definitively double jab to Broner's face By Taylor two experienced ring Official counter left hook to the body By Broner W Broner a couple rounds Broner Have thrown more punches than uh Taylor But not any more in these last couple Rounds Taylor is throwing a lot more Andri 30 seconds left in the seventh Round roner just misses when that's very Close now Bron picks it up moment boxing But I want you to keep a little because

Out of distance Broner is a little Sharper a little faster while keep him From getting off any punches because Broner at a distance does not get off The same way And misses with the right Uppercut but they continue he was in the Last round you know his foot movement Was pretty darn good more not like what We're used to see and you see there he Gave M A Chance [Applause] By Broner despite the warning from both Guys from the Referee 90 seconds left in the eighth Round Broner along the ropes Taylor Attacking the body he's in control of The moment counter right hand there by Broner off the the Ropes misses with that left uppercut Gets nailed with a couple of left hooks Either Way that uppercut bounced off the glove Of Emanuel Taylor by Adrian on both guys On the inside just you know such skill Zone shown from both Guys fans very appreciative of what They've been treated to so far we're Headed to round number Nine you're nting him out the hook okay Right decision here is where a nice left Hook lands when Broner is against the Roop but Broner trying to potot him with Right hands off

The straight right hand got in a moment Ago by Taylor he started to land that Punch a little better he's putting Punches together Broner one thing about Broner is there's on the right hand he Will be there because he won't move his Feet much left hook to the body by Broner now he showcases that has that Sapped him a little bit for these later Rounds we'll see after nine round Start Landing some really sharp punches Both Fighters have been down on the C Very good skills overhand right by the Man there but Broner avoiding the attack But there's a overhand right that Connect two Flores could be enough to Win the round Shine by Taylor right hand The jolted the head a Broner and now Taylor going to work but Broner comes Back with a left to the body Taylor Misses with the left uppercut and Broner Twoo Oh good work by Adrien BR second of it As we go to round 11 in Cincinnati [Applause] Ohio you Are jab got some water here Taylor Really busy with the jab to begin the Round Broner has to turn Right and then throw that right hand and Sometimes you have to throw combo byon There it up but Broner doing a good job Of Defending blocking but now it's the Aggression effable yes but the left hook

To the head for Taylor he's landed in This round it's been a good one but he's Not so the action picking up here and The final 35 seconds left took by Taylor He's got to crank that punch up if I'm Him I'm going to crank that punch up and Throw it to the body and head for the Rest of this [Applause] Fight Oh thus far Broner suffering a slight Cut over his right eye with 30 seconds Left in round 11 Pcket and in the ladder oh that right Hand 12 and he needs to and he is very Busy in the first 45 seconds of the Round Broner going to the body with the Left and giving a very good accounting Of himself in this fight and for Adrien Broner very good SK shown from both guys I agree Broner wanting to create a new Move Oh Broner with the left hook and Taylor Opening up punches are blocked and Another punch gets mov for Taylor coming Up on the final minute another with the Flurry the fans on their feet at Ringside 45 seconds left yes technical Action exactly which is always a Pleasure to watch 20 seconds left Browner and he knocks him down in the 12th with a beautiful right Uppercut how about that s are you okay You stay over

There you Okay Adrien Brer punctuating a to the Fight right Uppercut beautiful and what a fight here Tonight very close and he had been hit With some big punches brother Was it was a left hook actually that Sent him down watch the flurry none of The punches have anything on them all They're meant to do their decoy punches To force none of those shot have Anything on them all they're meant to do Is force force Taylor to go defensive Once he goes defensive Adrien the Problem Broner his knockout streak may have Ended in Cincinnati but Adrien Broner Remains undefeated in his hometown with An impressive victory over a very Determin

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