Professional brittish heavyweight boxer and kickboxer Matt Skelton with nickname “The Bedford Banger” against brittish top ranked athlete, olympic gold medalist, WBO, IBF, WBA and IBO champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight took place in Echo Arena, Liverpool, England on July 12, 2014. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Matt Skelton (England) vs Anthony Joshua (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Definitely one of our big boxing hot Beds and it now plays host to a Heavyweight Prospect who ladies and Gentlemen fighting out of the blue Corner and the black trunks trim with Gold weigh in a 17 Stone 1B 11 o Undefeated six contest six wins all Inside the scheduled distance coming to The ring as the two-time ABA champion And the winner of the 2012 Olympic gold Medal ladies and gentlemen please Welcome a member of the British [Applause] Empire AJ Anthony Josua to Bedford bear Matt Skel three minute Rounds okay boys of a call bre just St Take a step back don't let any of your Punches go around the back of the head And most importantly protect yourself at All Times Matt Skelton just getting to off There not touching gloves the game face Comes on Matt Skelton who has not been In a ring Deron the losing effort before That lastly just two rounds against David Price but we remember two and a Half years ago or so he was pitched in With another Prospect Tom Dallas who Obviously nowhere near the sort of shape So that would suggest he's going to give This a bit of a goal and he does no

Tricks and he's going to be throwing Some punches if this goes any V that Joshua it's normally Matt Skelton that's Doing the bullying and the pushing over The ropes and Joshua letting the old boy Know right here to be the governor Physically you're not going to Intimidate Joshua that was the message Right there the Joshua job is important Here he wants to keep this spow off him He wants to keep him at long range just As he's doing here our good stuff that's Good Yeah Skelton has certainly not come to Lie down he said he's got Ambitions a Little bit too clumsy here Skelton you Can see him walking right on his Something but he's hoping that maybe he Can get his own bomb home for stumbling In to Joshua which is dangerous Matt leg Tried that on the stadium he came out Throwing bombs oh he got a right hand in There Skelton and that didn't last too Long the quickest win Skelton getting Caught there as well but he's landed a Couple of shots here the 47y Old hold Hold Jos he wants to bulldo for that's You want skel the back a terrific jab That Josh Has 47 years old now but didn't turn thr Kelton martial arts background kick Boxing Primarily then the forehead goes down so

You know he's going to swing the right Hand over and Joshua just St on he can See what's coming there you go again F Joshua oh great shot him Skelton took That and has a big grin on his warning Sign for Anthony Joshua and there's Another One this is good stuff josa keeping cool This is CL just catching him there as they went For a little dance a dancing bear got Caught right on the Bell There there telling Skelton in his Corner that's what I was saying he's Facing a man with a reputation tonight That he was overly respectful I thought He he boxed really well in the open that Was a terrific skeleton just decided to Laugh about it but it was a good shot Can't take too many of those two Anthony Joshua facing the most experienced Opponent he's been in With together in his 12 years as a [Applause] Pro that's where Joshua pushing skeleton Back skeleton's a problem when he's Coming forward he can Rumble forward put Him on the back foot you take away most Of Skeleton Painting and parrying going on in there At the Moment yeah that's a good job he wants To develop that you know a huge

Heavyweight doing well here he's keeping His cool just taking his time good right Hand again Skelton took it very well and More can he take the the legs wble there Right hand there comes the spearing jab Again right hand over the top from Joshua SC Joshua see he doesn't have any timing Scale 47 he's got his weight down you Know he's in some sort of shape but the Timing landed anything solidly so Far now that was Just quite the opposite from Joshua s Inside there Joshua look to land the Right hand but he's taking his time and Measuring it up and that right hand did The damage he just Waited cuz when it landed it was perfect Up at nine is is Steve Gray going to let This carry on 35 seconds left in the Round two rounds for Joshua who takes His time measures him up again skt's all Over the place Steve Matt Skelton sinks To his haches he was destroyed by that Run again seven out of seven inside two Rounds the man who went about it hardly Took a decent shot from Skelton okay Skelton 47 look at some of the action From earlier in the round as uh he Started to pour it on skon respect as He's due but then he up to Pace I think He realized when he put He took away Most of what he had and you can see him Looking for the huge right

Hand there you Go see that was a kind of glancing blow That seemed to come off the shoulder and Then the shorter right hand Joshua Possesses that's terrific and then you Can see the you know it was it was the Body language that convinced the Steve Gray from Matt Skeleton He was on the way down here wasn't he And as you say no argument at all six Before him had found out that Best Shot Not good enough not [Applause] Against Matt Skelton in no position to Continue there for your winner and still Undefeated taking the record to seven With seven all inside the scheduled Distance it's AJ Anthony Josua A very very popular win here in Liverpool just gets hands on his side wh 33 seconds of the second [Applause] Round Matt Skelton in no position to Continue Therefore your winner and still Undefeated taking the record to seven With seven all inside the scheduled Distance it's AJ Anthony Josua A very very popular win here in Liverpool he just gets fans on his side Wherever he goes Liverpool no Exception and the uh the talk is that he

May be boxing in Dublin next month They're talking about the Ukrainian Yaroslav zarotney who recently went 10 Rounds with David Price so definitely Has some durability and that's what They're going to need to find for AJ he Keeps bombing these fellas out of there Matt Skelton going the way of all Previous opponents of AJ gone inside two Rounds well a good name on the record Stopping Matt Skelton the crowd seemed To enjoy it did you yeah 100% uh no Negatives about boxing I love the sport And uh and the uh the talk is that he May be boxing in Dublin next month They're talking about the Ukrainian who Recently went 10 Rounds with David Price So definitely has some durability Skelton going the way of all previous Opponents of AJ gone inside two rounds Well a good name on the record stopping Matt Skelton the crowd seemed to enjoy It did you yeah 100% uh no negatives About boxing I love the sport and uh I Was looking forward to getting in there Mixing it up again that's out of the way Back to the gym look forward to August 30th now in Dublin Matt skelton's a Veteran it's quite difficult to box Isn't he a little bit awkward at times Yeah definitely um I wish I had him when He was like European level you know what I mean but eventually I'll get there and I'll be fighting and guys that were at

His level um but definitely a good name On the record not much point in boxing Guys I'm going to be knocking over all The time Matt came game don't get me Wrong you know and uh the game plan Works stuck to my jab relaxing each Fight I'm learning and if I keep on Progressing I'll keep on getting them uh Second round first round Knockouts you Seem to miss with the first right hand But that gave you the angle for the Second

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