Professional american middleweight boxer and IBF champion Caleb Plant with nickname “Sweet Hands” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for WBA Super, WBC, IBF, WBO, and The Ring super middle weight belts took place in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, USA on November 6, 2021. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Caleb Plant (USA) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Okay gentlemen rules in the dressing Room protect yourself at all OB my [Applause] Command the two touch gloves Alvarez now The words are Over and this say the biggest of Alvarez Career as well and the action underway Who's going to be the first to make a Scoring blazing in the early stages Although having said that if he gets the Opportunity has got to avoid moving back Onto the ropes got to boxing Rings nearly two minutes gone and that's The right hand from Canelo Alvarez a little bit got those that Nervousness out of his system should I Say in that opening round plans can Actually handle that pressure and keep His man at distance behind that Alvarez Connecting there that time you hear the But this is what he does isn't Alvarez He just gets closer and closer brilliant At closing the Gap and he's looking for An opport just keeping him at Bay with Those shots now he's got to he'll be a Sitting Ducket in many respects he's got To move make things more little awkward For Alvarez the Billy Joe saers style Try and frustrate his opponent maybe Danny Jacobs when he's hands already in This round that's good again though from Plant first Caleb plant that's where He's got to move can't afford to stay There quite seen the solution but he

Said I'll be patient I'll wait yeah he's A very right hand every trainer I've Ever spok to that a fighter against him Tells you what's going to happen they Think they've got the remedy have that's That's just absolutely Brilliant so how did you do that Now he walks his opponents down and That's why it's okay having the height And reach but you've got to put Something in plant's favor but a long Way to go that's a nice little shot Inside from Plants left hand that's a Bit better with his movement moving off To his right away from that right hand Just changed the angle there didn't he You thought a jab was coming out but he Just this is where plant has got to keep Him at Bay and start hitting him with Some big shots he's there to be H Alvarez but plant is not to It Alvarez only just missing with that Jab hard to detect And again He's couple of head shots as they came Out of well we're coming towards the end Of this third round briefly Rich's the Distance of Course judges will Deter he's making a decent start but He's got to his because Alvarez that's What he will doent get to this Month Alvarez into range Solid body shot you got to move keep the

Movement going you hold your feet Against this fell on the ropes and he's Going to punch a hole through you you've Got to hit you've got to move make it A he's finding plant as tricky as plant Predicted he would for once forcing the Mexican back a Little Alvarez into It keeps cross and closes the gut down And as um plant is trying to move off to The side oh that's a good shot again Alvd you hold your feet you go back onto The ropes and you just Take Your Eye Off The Ball fat because he's very very Explosive on the inside is Canelo Alvarez sh in this Round a little bit desperate with his Work maybe but it's the movement that's Important from load up on the left [Applause] Hook throws even if it doesn't land Clearly the crowd go absolutely Berserk give credit to plant making Things awkward he hasn't hurt Alvarez But he's certainly making things Difficult and awkward For okay hasn't thrown many right hands I've seen him Grim he's caught him clean Unless he caught him on the back of the Head in one of those shots he threw from The up against those left hooks Rich cuz That's the way he's going he's moving The way to his you know he's trying to Get away from from the from the

Dangerous shots that are coming most of Alvarez's attacks in that round and Again it's a close one Richie it was a Close round I had it even actually John Had it plant well he'll think that he's Doing it's good work from plant but you Just sense that b dips the Head occasionally can can hit the Forehead with a shot Mayweather cope With this Man he's coming into range more yeah and This is where Caleb plant has got to Throw more shots he better from Canelo But plant's holding his feet He's another solid shot from Alvarez and a clear and again he's Getting closer and closer and pl's feet Are are slowing down more and more John It's a testing night as long as plant Keeps moving that's why the crowd are Getting a little bit frustrated here and There toe-to-toe boxing that's why Plan's got to keep the Movement He's done a pretty fair job of avoiding Making things awkward that's why you see Alvarez now just quickening the feet up A little bit he's got to get closer at Some point the power shots like that From Alvarez would surely take their Toll to throw more shots but plant quite Content to stay at range try and keep His man on the end of that jab to avoid The shots as he comes forward some of

The Mexican fans are jering they want to See plant stand and go toe to- Toe with Him you box your fight And like I said before Billy Joe Saunders made it very getting into the Corner and Landing a solid left Hand stay out of the corners keep the Movement going and it's not bad boxing This movement wasn't really there and It's it's plant that seems to be gaining Confidence now so this has swung round Again to be growing in former Journalist now working in the pr side of The game which joh you've been coming Here long enough to know the Score that's better from in this contest And they just decided to stand in trade Look that fromant fast hands a moment of Embarrassment for Alvarez powerful body shots plant acts As though it was you have that Richie Well I had it for plant again I mean I Got plant ahead now but I thought plant Got it you know what we said about two a Little bit of frustration in canelo's Work and there certainly is a bit of The body you've got to give plant a lot Of credit you know whether or not he's Going to be getting the verdict here as Very real fights are in the Super Middleweight division previous round John and again he started this one he Doesn't want to get his boxing very well On the outside making things very

Awkward and Canelo Alvarez now is Getting to him there almost has to be a Bit of desperation for Alvarez he's got To find big shots so was a right right Hand but to slow those feet down that's What he may have to do hurt his Phenomenal condition and that Conditioning is now being tested right To the hillz in this round yeah he can't Get to him can he but again Caleb clant Just making the mistakes of holding the Feet got to keep moving incidentally if You you'll have your own idea watching At home we've just had a little straw Pole in the balance in the 10th round And a lot of people thought it would Have ended by now Body this up to now again it's another Close round Alant has done a great job in In quiting This Crowd that was always going to be Important and he's done That Alvarez looking to create History the plant also oh good shot from Alvarez he's f after he's gone it was The left hand hand it's taking some time To come but there in the 11th round There it is and a big left to try and Clear his Head but yes it's the left hook and he's Got him again John he's to take him out Right now Alvarez plant has to find a Way to hold on to try and stifle him but He can't and dar goz has done it it took

A long time to come but when it came Alvarez becomes the Undisputed World by 11th round knockout Caleb FR a Tremendous night but maybe just switched Off paid the price and now he's been Knocked out little bit too confident he Tak taken the first 20 seconds there's a Huge amount of respect right now between These two Warriors absolutely plan would find this Contest very difficult Richie let me Just Steve's thoughts on this one the Judges who and they all had Canelo in Control Jud that maybe had it only well The one judge had it Patricia Patricia Darman who had it only two points okay I Don't think that was up let me tell you Something that was a close fight let's For let's forget the scores for a moment Let's saor what they're saving here the Fin brought there that left hook and Then following that up with a Savage Right uppercut yeah tremendous work and Um you know you get finds the left H This is the first left H what a shot That was Crouch it's not very good at All because they obviously don't Appreciate Steve any boxing on the back Foot and and there's more than one way To skin a cat that showed heart and Bravery's such a well respected um Champion and obviously the crowd love Him here but he is a terrific Fighter


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