Professional american welterweight boxer, WBA and WBC champion Keith Thurman with nickname “One Time” against american top ranked boxer and title challenger Josesito Lopez with nickname “Riverside Rocky”. Fight for WBA Super welter weight belt took place in Barclays Center, New York, USA on January 26, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Keith Thurman (USA) vs Josesito Lopez (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Fighters of the past you had Ford Mayweather Jr Sugar Ray Robinson and now The undefeated Champion Keith Thurman Which is introducing to you first the Challenger fighting out of the Red Corner Ving ring wearing white trunks With multinational color trim fighting Out of O out of Riverside California he Weighed in at 146 and 1/ 12 lb his Record 36 wins seven losses with 19 wins Coming by way of knockout ladies and Gentlemen here is the battle tested Rucked veteran and former World title Challenger greatly ranked the WWE number Seven welterweight Contender introducing The Riverside Rocky [Applause] [Music] [Applause] J and his opponent across the ring the Defending world champion fighting out of The blue Corner wearing red white and Blue trun and fighting out of Clear Water Florida he weighed in the same as His opponent 146 and 1 12 lb he is Undefeated World title holder the Current undefeated defending and Reigning WBA Welter R champion of the World introducing Keith one Time [Applause] [Music] Thirman okay gentlemen you both see the Instructions in the dress

All time right now we're going to call It under black under the lettuce on here Going to call it under white Under the Lettuce tap it up let's go to Work Keith Thurman being a power puncher A double-edged sword I can hurt you but I can also hurt my fact Lopez said there Are some openings when th this could be Uh a little tenuous early on well let's See if Lopez is aggressive Early that he could Expose Lopez setting what kind of Strategy should he have that misses well Right there Thurman had his right hand Down and and Jos land that early you Could tell huh oh Yeah he hasn't done too much footwork But you know Lopez is in front of him This is just a warm- up round for Thurman anyway to get things back in the Groove Thurman just over title for you Know when you have a twoyear layoff Sometimes it's good for trained at some Military gyms in the par he's going to Get Warren away from the ropes punches If you want to check that out in the Lower left we'll keep you updated with All the information we're getting round One a title on the line a big Miss from Lopez that straight right hand to the Belly so you know that that kind of Plays into what you're saying right There but Thurman is PR he's a super There's Thurman going a little

Left-handed and made you know Jose miss Two punches the aggressor oh [Applause] Nice you can see why Thurman's champ of The world wi under from Thurman about he just took a little half Step back didn't CL with the left on the Tip of the chin yeah because he's he's Seing that Punch Coming referee Steve Willis says you're okay oh by Thurman is Is getting three and the end of the Round as Thurman was ready in that Second round against Lopez as I watched the end of that last Round I think Thurman should have really Controlled Himself 34 misses big and again nothing but Sweat with that J before you throw on Any other Combination good right hand by Jose zro Over the top I mean it didn't have a lot Of oh nice left from Thurman Successfully early in this Fight set his mov Miss three times in His career over 40 fights knocked off by Just anybody he gets knocked off by you Know guys like per guys like to be more Effective upper in Control after Three Heidi is in the Lopez corner with Trainer Robert Garcia after he got Dropped I need him to to fight smart not Get caught in

Exchanges which he is getting fighter in Progress boxing analytics he's no Ordinary fighter he's just got great Eyes great reflexes Brooks on Philosophy his greatest book how to live Fearlessly the title there's giving any Ground he's still coming forward he's Looking to land some he's going to try Something nobody else has ever done Which is beat Thurman you know the odds Of that happening aren't good at 28 no [Applause] Good round four on Fox oh great left Hook right hand by Thurman Thurman Finishing strong after there were Moments from both Fighters you know go forward and try to Land punches like he just did right There he's got to get great move by Therman I just got under that left hook Came out of that Thurman's just a step Ahead with his speed you know his Quickness is thanking him for that he's Like strong good exchange well you two Were on it from the start used his time As wisely as he good didn't like sitting Out a great exchange Thurman during that Off time Champion now we'll tell you at the end Of the last round Thurman landed kind of Move it around him he's going to have a Hard time winning any of these we're Seeing some terrific

Boxing would help him out but we haven't Seen it play forhead Mar there sweat flag of the corner a Left misses after left it from Lopez and Then Here Comes third shot there L A Miss from Lopez right land right FR of the he's on The Ropes he needs to get away from the Ropes Lopez that was the best flurry That he had this whole fight Lopez when He had a therm and if he lands it you Know he can slow you down with it so This is what he's got to Do He's got blood coming out of his Nose Up Robert Garcia's gy is you can't get Any better so he's in great shape 12 Rounds it won't do nothing to the champ And he wants to remain the champ himself Little bit off balance from Lopez you See that sing right now I think he Thinks that he's slowing down a little Bit and that he can get to him if he Keeps the Lopez throw that right hand And come back didn't cut with a punch oh He's got him off Thurman with a hand the Head knock backwards a left at land thur Hurt powerfully charging forcing him the Roes Lopez trying to finish it at this Point Thurman should really hang on slow Down the pace Thurman's not answering With well right now he's still hurt he's

Just he's just moving for his life and If he doesn't hold on he's going to be Th ahead of this fight but not in this Round some body blows a couple good Combinations like that he could stop Them needs to hang on now blood flying Sweat Flying hammering away refere taking a Close look right now let me tell you Seconds round he's going to land a good Shot and he's doing the right thing he's Touching it with that jab keep touching It with that jab good uppercut by Thurman that misses by Thurman and the Miss by Lopez what a terrific round wow Joses zel comes right back straight Right hand and look he repeated this the Whole round he here's another right hand Notice it was straight yeah exactly Exactly like you called for behind Finished up with the the left hook is Going to be coming here after this right Hand there's a right hand no he took Himself Lopez landed a fight High 20 Punches in Round the guy off just took another Right hand he's getting hit now we early In the [Applause] Round has unofficially scoring with us This is and Thurman is the one who's Really on the defense right now and J in the power Department I think he's Really got seems like Thurman has lost

Some of his aggressiveness Here he wasn't because of no no you just These ad gloves are fight fight gloves And it's your body in a different way Well yeah and the play L we saw the Movement when that punch was wrapping up Round eight they each round as the bell Sounds Presenting IE the Inland Empire Riverside California just means he Worked hard in the Gym so now Lennox does Lopez have an Advantage the longer this goes the guy Who's taken the harder punches is Thurman if he wants to turn this around He's going to have to win as you see Thurman has landed the most punches Unofficially Yeah Lopez is basically put look my Punches aren't having any effect on Lopez and he's just basically running [Music] Me punch percentages Thurman Sol the Bodyman just Devastating the left Lope body shot there's third landed a Good left the body then came up the Middle with left uppercut right hand by By Lopez body shot from Lopez yeah Lopez Is is going to the body good the more Experienced Oh oh overhead right and then middle of That the right lands to a solid Shot actually it was a three in a row

Right There Don't we had the sorry that 1010 was up There we update the number there has to Be I know he's being pushed in his Corner to keep the pressure on Thurman And try to hurt him again he's got to Throw that jab you know Keith Thurman's Throwing the jab that's what he needs to Do again Thurman there's Lopez Thurman Countered really nice off the right hand Out of the corner there off the Lopez's Chin but you're coming like that he's Got to hit the body a little bit more And set up the punch for the head right Combination by Thurman yeah he's looks Like he's bounc back a little oh and There there goes Lopez he's got him he's Droing that right Thurman's the one Who's been Landing the Chris hard Punches so far now Lopez has lost the Last two rounds even though they've been Close he misses there tring back and Left after the upper from even though He's on the Run he's on the Move lot of Movement oh right hand but a counter Right hand by Lopez he's he's not giving Up but you got to put the pressure on he Said he got a shot here to win oh Thurman showing his stuff in his favor But ahead is the champ the Challenger Needs to go Lopez is looking for that One power punch and you know that Sometimes that one power punch isn't

There Thurman is happy cuz he Thurman Clearly ahead so back and he's come back To win the last three rounds at least And not quite after two years he got he Got a real Prepar he called this the get back fight He's back got 30 seconds left to do Something like that he land a nice Overhand right over the and Thurman's Doing the right think keeping his hands Up oh great right hand by [Applause] [Music] Thurman ties the sportsmanship the Gloves in the air Keith Thurman though When he had to bounce back and still The Undefeated WWA welterweight champion of the world Kei one Time Th [Applause] Their quest for a record fourth world Cup comes down to the Final

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