Professional brittish lightweight boxer Luke Campbell against american most active light weight fighter and top ranked athlete Ryan Garcia with nickname “KingRy”. Fight for WBC interim light weight belt took place in American Airlines Center, Dallas, USA on January 2, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Luke Campbell (England) vs Ryan Garcia (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Here's are Rules but to go to the blue corner with Head trainer Shane mcgan wearing the Blue trunks he officially weighed in 135 Lb in 2012 he captured Olympic gold Where he then transitioned to the Professional ranks holding an Outstanding record 23 bouts 20 victories Including England and the United Kingdom The two-time World Championship Challenger here is Cooland Luke Camell first let to go to the red Quarter wearing gold with white with the 2019 trainer of the Year Eddie Roso and Father Henry Garcia wearing gold he skilled in and at 135 lb this unblemished Rising Star Enters the final Eliminator un Pressive 20 bouns 20 victories no Defeats including 17 huge winsing to you The FY bride of Victorville California The Undefeated King Ride Ryan G Charge of the action Lawrence Co all Right gentlemen obey my commands protect Your TS understood touch them up best Luck to both of you stairs Ryan Garcia Has the following and star done in Recent decades but he has to Ryan Garcia Has to prove that he can 78 seconds can Ryan Garcia it's a pretty useful weapon

For him in most of his Points is the key for Campbell he loves Throwing to Speak is looking to time that sh oh Straight right hand right now that was a Little trip up with the feet and you're Going to see a lot more of that whenever Whenever you see a southpaw and Or it's Instinctive we saw a Euro Step Thereo not biting at the Fain of Garcia it's hard to see these short Little punches but right here check Hook By Luke Campbell that caught the Attention Ryan Garcia Dominated short little one-inch punch by Luke Campbell you want to secure those Early Knockouts but you don't know how Your fighter is going to fa when he gets Taken never heard a fighter especially a Young fighter says that he prefers PA Look at Garcia heating up in the corner Campbell you see Campbell up on his toes Garcia much more flat seems like he Wants To the kid down that's what he was Setting him up for luk was looking for That over half Left see what this kid's made Of what must be going through Ryan Garcia's mind he's never been in trouble That overand Left think you got to stay calm there Though Ryan Garcia don't

Get England is celebrating right now Luke Campbell with a knockdown in round Two you Made you made a and it was that jab Downstairs that brought the the hand the Right hand down of Brian Garcia that he Took that punch well he got up and Reacted right on the money right on the BT The Flash got caught by a flash Knockdown but there was Nothing flash about that a hasar been Overhyped this is when he can attack When he's on the rops and that's what he Does this crowd still buzzing this is Mexican am so far I love the way Ryan Garcia reacted to that knockdown we Never know how we're going to react as Fighters now Garcia getting the punches getting Getting aggressive he needs to watch out For a right Hook Is when he can tea off and that's what He does knock down and now he won this Third round with the aggression good Fight now yeah spoke about early about You know luk Luke Campbell getting off To the the Luke Campbell has shown us Something about Ryan Garcia that we Didn't know which is he's vulnerable It's going to be a good fight this Fantastic Gareth Davies joining us from England you know one of the questions I Had coming in

Was how would luk Campbell look second Day of 2021 thanks to everyone joining Us I would feel stronger like the body Reset and Rejuvenated body goes Luke and now he's starting to sit down On punches again looking for a right Hand now he sees that the left hook Wasn't Landing now look into another Weapon against the left Hander cuz he's been here before he's Been he's been on the stage This beautiful Hardan Luke at his best P not pivoting Way too far ducking under that left hook Now moving away and then backing up Ryan Garcia Garcia's throwing some big shots I think they're both looking confident Ryan Garcia just FL oh he got caught Coming that's for Luke Campbell a win For him and he believes he gets another World title that's the reason because he Has some so fast hands his hands are so Fast he doesn't Shots just as I say that with Garcia's Numbers under any big heavy flurry and Wow oh good good punch right there by Garcia straight power of that Speet oh and there's a nice little Flurry for Campbell this is a good oh With the left H right at the bell and Campbell was ready to go not being that H the ropes may have kept him up may Have kept him up and

May right on the tempo and that's that Instinctive left hook that Ryan Garcia Has known for now it's time for Campell Texas and this has become an old western Shootter Ryan Garcia knows he's got Campbell a little bit weaken here he's Letting his hands go is rising up C get Your composure find your leg and Move it's all basically code for surv All guns and Glory though we saw Earlier good cross a right cross and his Friends watching him throughout this He's in Jab right now not staying in front of Garcia there's that check hook right There there's a second time this round Garcia tried to time Campell coming in Left and this is not where Campbell Wants to Be oh and he got a Straight good Good is M and Ryan hey you're a lot Young about search you more if you're Just joining us Luke Campbell knocks Ryan Garcia down Garcia has been in Control and won every round except the Round lot of pressure on Luke Campbell Landed a lot of big shots been very Successful the first half of this fight And that resilience Chris comes from as One mean pretty boy in Ryan Garcia I see Ryan Garcia winning rounds Except for thato saying to Ryan Garcia You're down and now Campell

Is He's Over Ryan King Knocked out Oscar De La Hoya with a Vicious body shot that was the question Asked before the fight what's the answer He is all substance he took from Ryan Garcia meet the future of boxing it's Ryan Garcia are you watching tiimo Lopez thank you and he also said you Taught me a lot and that's how you're Going to react getting up The future and the Present and there's that left hook Campbell thought he was going to come up Top and it went downst what Luke Campbell was feeling right here Paralyzed he was paralyzed he could have Pro will refused cuz it was only going To get more painful for the experienced Coan Luke if you're thinking maybe Luke's going to get up once he put the Other knee down and both gloves lenko it Just shows how impactful that shot was That he couldn't get up from you know DEC ago you w a million dollars you own NBC's basically and the New WBC H from lightweight champion of the World King R Ryan Garcia

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