Professional american boxer and most effective lightweight puncher Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank” against cuban top ranked athlete, WBA and IBF champion Yuriorkis Gamboa with nickname “El Ciclon de Guantanamo” (The Guantanamo Cyclone). Fight took place in State Farm Arena, Atlanta, USA on December 29, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gervonta Davis (USA) vs Yuriorkis Gamboa (Cuba) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Reminder that javante Davis weigh in Over the limit then two hours later came Back and weigh in introducing you first On my left fighting out of the Red Corner wearing red trunks white and gold Trim fighting out of Miami Florida by Way of onean Mo Kuba he weighed in at 134 and 1 12 lb with a record of 30 wins And two losses he has 18 wins coming by Way of knockout tonight making his Seventh World title appearance here is The WWA number two reg lightweight Contender ladies and Gentlemen please Welcome the acclaimed former unified Featherweight champion of the world Introducing LC CL Yuor [Music] Gamboa and his opponent across the ring Fighing out of the blue corner where Wearing rose gold trunks with white trim Proudly representing his home of Baltimore Maryland he weighed in at 134 and 3/4 lb He is undefeated in his outstanding Campaign of the ring with a record of 22 Wins no losses 21 big wins coming by way Of knockout here is The Sensational Young star of boxing the WBA number one Rank light way Contender ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Hard-hitting popular and undefeated two Time champion of the world introducing

Jante [Applause] T [Applause] D come on come on come on come on right Here look at me M mind you fight fair fight hard fight Clean listen and obey my commands at all Time protect yourself at all times good Luck to both of you jack Reese 18 years A professional referee working as seven Bell and round one undefeated dvon tank Davis against Crawford the first four Rounds G boa did very well and then Crawford switched to left oh straight Left by Davis L and there's some Bunch Resist oh oh oh counter by they come Yurius Gamboa Davis is a good body puncher he Lands uh over 30% of his punches to the Body clear show gamb moving to his left A lot which is the right thing to do Stay away from that left hand he's been Landing his own share of shots gam Double jab and then the left hand Career usually would wake up gambo but I Don't know if at 38 years old that's a Good thing that he got dropped just Now to be in a problematic State here Trying to hold off it seems with his leg And Davis something on the right feet to This Degree oh there's a counter it's coming

Out the foot is coming out of the shoe But it's not broken thing you can see in Boxing something happens he's got minute 15 at round Two and then experiencing them issues With the shoe and now Davis on the Attack least temporarily halt of the Assault by Davis 30 seconds remaining in corner Being coralled by Davis attacking with The left of the body Left Hand by Davis And here's where the the knockdown Happens with the straight left hand and He will go Down trying to find solid footing Somehow launches the right hand and There's a left hand Dante tank Davis Avoids the right counters the Power Alley of D Davis there's a clash of Heads there straight left by the fifth Round so here let's go to Jim Gray who Spoke to the Gamboa corner it's the shoe And it's a shoe and a wardrobe Malfunction issue at this Moment interesting thing that you know Amboa has survived Davis continues to Come forward short left upper gut on the Inside another left upper gut oh and That left Jack the D boa continues to Come Forward also an x super featherweight Slow but the problem is your reflexes Are not as sharp so you continues to Unload on Gamboa Gamboa backing up hits

The ropes another left hand Davis but Gamboa holding on out Davis then the Right Gamboa just having difficulty with His balance oh and gets jacked on the Draw again but through five here In Now he he tasted yours he tasted punes He gets hit with that left hand but Lands this terrific left later around The uppercut comes from the inside Davis Has a good you have so much experience The problem and trust me I've been here At this age try to stay in there hoping That something creates presented itself In this round is look for one big shot You know what I'm saying that's another One he's got he's got to look for some Like I said earlier some Com Calvin for when he delivered that Star making performance here on Showtime Taking out Jose petza at the action Picks up here in the seventh in Exchange final 60 seconds of the seventh And he has thrown many more punches in This round Output there's the hook I talked about That punch being potentially something It could land here he lands the nice Right an using the Jab and then again getting the halfway Getting left-handed and the right lands Pretty average tonight Al throwing a and Gbo is certainly more involded which we See there I like the use of the word of

The day there by the way he's looking Like a tired fighter even though the Pace of this fight has not been to Supposed to be the one of the tough Tests despite the fact that he is now 38th but we saw 30 seconds left in this Round but you can make a case for gambo Winning this round from winning oh There's a step in right hand by tag Davis left with the left gambo and Davis Now in the final 50 seconds and Davis Left Go Davis bringing the crowd Davis might Have cost himself a shot at ending the Collect Yourself you still have to be nice and Tight and hurt gambo with that left hand Knocked him down trying to SM trying to Hold look at the credit to Davis half Step back creating space so he can get Leverage on on that left hand and that's The there's the jab that lands for tag Davis Shar the end Davis there's a Straight left hunting down walking down Gamboa Gamboa trying to avoid the attack Utilizing to close the gap oh counter Left again by Davis that left hand has Been Prime would have this would have Been a terrific fight yeah exactly when We like to have seen the 2014 trying to Stay in the fight but Davis again Unloading and there tackling Davis and That's all the veterans give me three Deep him out and he punched himself out

Again because again round 10 and kind of Standing in front of each other always Falling in with his shots cuz he doesn't Have a different kind of fight there's a Couple of left Hands by Davis and to the 11th round Davis Landing that left hand Gamboa ate [Applause] It in the last round what was he looking At here He was distracted I don't know and the Left hand made the same mistake he made The same mistake Ricardo doing this Against javant in July and got himself Knocked out for it just an odd this Fight has been odd in end round good Straight left hand by Davis of course He's been Landing those in fact two of Them hit the canvas from a straight left To the side of far still has the Underfeed tank Davis comfortably fight He's fighting like an older guy I'm just Saying my assumption on what I'm seeing Is the way he trained up in weight Shouldn't be missing weight Gamboa Stumbling trying and there be compared To that because that that he's another Young lightweight fenom and maybe maybe Davis learns from tonight because oh That's a sign of when the 12th and Funest Davis comes to life at the end of Round 11 because just maybe this is a learning Experience D when he pushing you back

Turn you get it Davis came to life in The last part of the last round and Landed there's a combination by Gamboa Momentarily Gamboa hands down short Right Hook by Davis but Gamboa it's like He's on ice skates just still on his Feet and those those shots and then Davis Falls him a minute gone in the 12 And Final Round uppercut left hand Gamboa Still Standing he's one Incredible oh and down go B Whoop if he had problems getting to that Point the left hand lands the uppercut That Paulie talked about Davis has an Excellent uppercut twice about it g b Always game on that is the uppercut we If we get a chance to he Reon this he Gives he gives him a look before he Stops the uppercut and there's the Uppercut that did the job and he loaded Up the most trouble seeeing and normally You wouldn't be able to throw 22 Knockouts javante tank Davis successful Tank Davis tanks t-shirt says it all and Still Undefeated and he is going

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