Professional cuban light heavy boxer and title challenger Sullivan Barrera against russian top ranked athlete and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol. Fight for WBA light heavy belt took place in Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA on March 3, 2018. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Sullivan Barrera (Cuba) vs Dmitry Bivol (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Went over the instructions early obey my Commands at all times good luck touch Him up weeks ago Sullivan Barrera Tweeted some people say this I had day With no food no bed to sleep and no Money he has enough test ball and find Out what ball is really all about the Reference to the all of the others who Have had hundreds of fights in Cuban Uniforms Momentum in his favor that Early has to work after he gets out of That first round danger I can understand Why he wants to avoid that early contact And Better right now B go is getting chances And I'd say also he's the bigger puncher But doesn't mean there aren't things Your opponent can do with timing and Using Max as we get ready for the end of Round one jov is considerably more Prominent on a global level that is Against Serge kov you'll be seeing eigor M or the other big punchers in this Division I tell you what St for an up And cominging Prospect or up and coming L that right hand on The in my view light heavyweight Gennady Golovkin an athlete with real and now a Sense of urgency May emerge for Bol as Blood his right Eye never been cut before you know we Wanted questions answered about already I love the kind of punching I'm seeing

From [Applause] B Herrera has a title belt what less Guys did anyone see what caused that cut Spectacular amateur career for B wins And he goes to Work C the head but the heads collided Right there as both guys were coming up To throw a left hook the heads landed First And then B's hook landed is aaging n Landed Jabs round the division average Is under five landed Jabs round a Responsible boxer puncher the most Impressive thing about theall right now Is that he really comes back and attacks With counter punches that's the most Impressive thing I've seen about him all Night no question to play defense with His legs and get distance with his leg Muches blood flowing again from the cut Outside the right Eye so we get a fighter than he's been In with before and trying to take over The fight with his now their heads come Together again and this time it's Barrera they keep banging heads like That because both guys are thinking both Guys are thinking High offense when you Get two guys thinking High yeah no one Scared in there No two true professionals going at but The one who made the point often Jim What separates fighters on the world

Class level here in this round already Round three Bol has tripled Cano Alvarez Can goov can beat in the rematch of Their fight from L he lands both shots He lands the left he lands the straight Right hand lands another left hook that Wobbles Barrera the better technician and lands With more pop so when Sullivan is Showing a good job of because defa is so Much quicker than him is going a body Attack but he's not doing that he's Going all head if you went to the body Some he could so if barrero was smart He'd attack the body now and try to even His fight up so hands could counter him Upstairs he's running that risk inway See that he's running that risk inway Jim just the way it works cuz it's a One-on-one sport when one fighter has a Chance to win and that's what the B Would do if he could do that and you see The graphic that says Bol is landed 2 Before he left the corner that was a Good body Shot earlier is his explosiveness too When he punches he explodes with every Punch when he when he thinks he has Kovalev who we'll see in the main event Tonight and who were very familiar with Throughout his title kovalev no he's not He's a sharp Puncher but news for the light Heavyweight division because Bol has had

To you know taste his own blood it's Within the past couple of Weeks keep up keep up perrer kind of Might have been on the belt line there's A right hand Upst there's a straight right hand by B Barrera just walked in and ate It he did eat it but I don't know how Well he ate It be within your punching range but He's not in a position where you can hit It he's stepping to one side another Attempted body shot for Barrera good body shot now this time Barrera gets the right hand body shots You feel me so Barrera finding more has Lost a lot of Steam on his punches right Now too it seems Max on some of them not All te right now that right hand still Has St but I started to say the right Hand was pretty good A good here and There but their punch on the for the Most part are about equal he roll still Quicker Quier or maybe B is sensing that that Was a good try for good right hand right Hand to the body Byit the end of the last round it said That the had landed 55 Jabs to three Pretty good jab how big a problem is Seems to have been completely taken away Well speed neutralizes things like that And be speed has neutralized that jail Not only that but also kman correct in

Saying that the Begins to look a little bit like a golf Ball yes it's not quite cim you know and By the way he's winning every round BV And he's comfortably ahead obviously and Swelling on the left side of the Forehead tested physically in a way and All all that means if he walks away with A win to adversity that the fighter who Got the worst of that headbutt was Sullivan barough Jim can't feel too bad Either Though the hand speed Is remarkable I you just don't see many 175lb fighters who can put together like This with the velocity and the style and The effect that in there velocity is Right Jim he's using it to it's not that Serious he'll be all Right work you got to be First see where you started you were First round only a few times that's a Little surprising because bvol uh again Tripling Barrera in terms of landed Punches and Fights I like that Jim humili appears to Try to get just a little breather in Round n oh and now he comes back with a Hard right hand of his own throws it Again throws it again on a Stop good JB by people by the way even If you're thinking well yeah but Barrera's done his damage with his head But but against Bol who has kept him you

Know upright in this fight left and the Right hand in the first few rounds that No other opponent he's faced would have Stayed in to Barrera 57 out of 469 har J I got a 90 to 81 nine rounds to nothing Dimitri Bol Jimmy's just out boxing him The fight SP fights are important no Matter how good a prospect looks in Terms of developing a prospect's Physical qualities the speed the Quickness the punching Mental approach to make him better Strong and staying sharp as sharp as he Was in round one in round 8 through 12 That would go home and work on standing The damage from the butts and getting That's not something that you've never Seen before so yes that does add he went From boxer puncher who might knock you Out with any shot to more pure boxing One a conscious realization on his part Hey this guy is durable and tough no I Don't think he was because he still was At times when he saw much more because He's gotten three pretty vicious head Butts already ready so why would you Stick your head like he thought maybe That's something that had worked for him And to be there that's your problem I Just think that's just how Barrera Fights though I think that's kind of who Barrera is and see he punches right There he brings His and a three punch combination and

Then a stiff jab up the middle and There's another stiff jab up the middle By dri modestly Max but at the end of The day you walk out of the room and There's no question you know he's Confident and he's really this is the Kind Of he would have been more impressive to Many in obvious ways had he just blown Barrera out but retired I was focusing On what it was going to take seems to me To still be developing he didn't try to Tell Andre that he had enough to beat Him right now still room for improvement But perfectly Timed and Sullivan Barrera Very good very Good you got to do a little better but You fought for this you fought for your Daughter three Minutes one of them a little bit younger Quicker and more vibrant in there Tonight Olympic boxing or amateur boxing And in the international level you Notice it's ke Perera Pev stop me when you get to an americ And I asked B in the meeting I said you Know we always talk here in the United States about how spectacular they as Amateurs do you folks in Russia feel the Same way about top of the amateur boxing World it also tells you if Champions we Have to get our amateur oh down goes Perrera and you can see B thinking to

Himself is hary do going to let him Continue no it's a stoppage and B get Ear about he went how B seemed to go Into boxer

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