Professional polish middleweight boxer and title challenger Kamil Szeremeta against kazakhstani top ranked athlete and two-time champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG”. Fight for IBF and IBO middle weight belts took place in Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, USA on December 18, 2020. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Kamil Szeremeta (Poland) vs Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight

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[Music] And Now ladies and gentlemen live on Theone it is time for our main event 12 Rounds for the middleweight championship Of the world once again here to give Instructions we have received Instructions to the dressing rooms obey My commands at all times protect Yourselves at all times your bels are Great both of you God Bless go 21st title Defense the spoiler Camille sha Undefeated but obviously purple the Lakers colors shereta in the Polish red And white the best punch that he has in His Arsenal and sets up all his power Punches if he gets on that early this Could be a short night and two in a row Right there make it three and I'll quote Gabe Rado on this he said some of those Jabs feel Like some of that luster perhaps wiped Off after the two Canelo fights best in The middleweight division 38 years old Triple G looking very strong very solid Best I think I've ever seen from from Triple G that was last October we haven't seen Him Since he's obviously been working push The tempo has to be aggressive you know He started the first 30 seconds like That he came out with a Triple G got on That jab it's been all genady Golovkin

Going forward ibf middleweight Championship on the Line we will be Watching we haven't seen a whole lot yet But you can see him analyzing right hand There scores for Sher Meta he of course used to Giant sellout Crowds probably only about 100 people in Here top Casino good uppercut that may have Scored body that froze shereta for a Second oh with a left hand s sh meta Down just like that four six seven Eight what an exclamation point for Gennady Golovkin work so far tremendous Left hook dropped him at the end I want To see where all a sudden Golovkin with A power punch sends shereta down to The here we're going to See a replay of that left hook that Dropped shereta right at the end of the Round talk about putting an exclam comes Up from a Crouch position comes up with The left hook crack Sha right on the on The eye there to be Back see how second to go ahead and get Sheretta out of There so many big fights Available especially if he wins this in Exciting fashion if he looks like the Triple G of old the pr you know Triple G Is doing a great job establishing the Jab early power and one thing he's doing Man he's looping that right hand right

By the ear in the equilibrium that left Hook man is like really like what I'm Seeing he's he's coming in behind the Jab oh again a right hand knock sha Around the guard shook [Music] Sheta well as you know the last thing to Go for a fighter if you watched any of The Rocky movies is the power he's an Extremely powerful puncher with both Hands yeah blunt force trauma what Differences have you seen from Triple G After leaving Abel Sanchez to move on With his new trainer Jonathan Banks Setting up his power punches he's Wasting nothing and that was a shot on The ear and that is a knockdown an Equilibrium Punch Sher meta may not make it to see You see Triple G loading up that Right it seems to just be a matter of Down it may not get up this time oh nice Uppercut from genady Menace since the Opening bell right hand on the ear and That bell ringing can't come soon Beautiful work beautiful Work keep up work see closing out the Second round Triple G scoring with the Overhand right that Clips shereta on the Ear took his equilibrium got up on very Shaky legs great left H to the liver and When you got a guy who's Triple G Looking to make history Tonight has to be impressed by what he's

Seeing and those are not light Jabs They're not pawing Jabs they those are Power Jabs getting hit by that stiff Hard jab it's constantly in their face They don't see the over and you said the Key to for Shera was to be the aggressor Push forward G has you know put him down Twice why Would said that was his chance I didn't Say it was going to [Laughter] Work so he shows up the gym the next day Said he got beat up bloodied and they Said I guess you're not going to fight Again and he said I'll see you tomorrow He never left a chance to make history Tonight as he continues to Pepper that Jab in the face of Sher oh nice uppercut Grazing right Hand his face looks like he's already Fought 10 Rounds at least he didn't get knocked Down in this Round small victory for him Todd gam Forever The Optimist oh good Lu to Li to in the Round just about every punch in the Arsenal has been going the way of Triple G here we see a right uppercut Underneath the jab of shereta just not Worth the salt Triple G and i' I've said This a couple times in interviews that The the Triple G of old takes a guy like Shera and makes look like this so I just

Think that we're seeing a Proper yeah because of that jab he sets Him up the jab is scoring the power Everyone was impressed by his physique Yesterday at the Weigh-ins perhaps a silver lining or ray Of sunshine for zareta remember Triple G Put darienko down yeah but already Derenko was much more in the fight than Shereta is at this point sha may not Have the power to really even concern Triple G yeah that's that's that's the Big differential here we're in the Fourth round it has been all Gennady Golovkin the first knock down in the Second overhand right and then the left Hook and it's a down for Triple G four 5 6 seven hey he says yes a minute for Triple G to finish it does not look good At all the referee taking a close Look yeah the power is sha Triple G is Oh there's that body shot I've been Looking For Shar if canelo's watching right now What do you think he is seeing here you Think he wants that smoke one more time I do I do canelo's a kind of he's a Warrior he want gab Rado Gabe how Impressed are you yeah you know this is Triple G of you know he's looking Fantastic power for Sher it's just it's Just not there to get the the respect Here's a look at that knockdown just Before that and then came up with a left

Uppercut there's that right hand I was Talking about on the ear has been really On point time stood up three Times more punishment on the way surely Here in round number five like Gabe said He doesn't he he doesn't look Discouraged as much as he looks Good body Shot 26 of 42 power punches Landed good right hand there from Sha the more shereta throws the more Open he is for the counter as seen there Left hook to the body again she's Looking for that right uppercut left Hook to the liver combination that he Used against M Roses for Golovkin No Lack of heart from Shetta he's taking big shots he's still In There a lot of guys will be looking for A way out right now sh if his corner Will say enough is Enough that's one thing that always Surpris and imp o there's that uppercut Again impressed me about Triple G he Avoid the high high head shots because They hurting their Hands another shot land punches from the Clinch he's really letting that left Hook Fly oo little little Shifty head Movement there from Triple G here he's pretty much ready to go let

Me set up the big shot [Music] [Applause] Time Well Todd you had asked if I had seen Anything different in Triple G Style Since working with Jonathan Banks how About that some slipping and sliding and Rolling about that Rhythm and timing That's exactly a great [Music] Bus time to take him home says Jonathan Banks three knockdowns so far for Triple G You know there used to be a belief that Triple G would let his entertainment for The Crowd well when you score multiple Knockdowns in the first five rounds of The the crowd is going to be entertained Oh nice uppercut left Hook Right hand and a counter right for Shereta he's Still there it is I was just going to Say if I had one knock I would like to See more consistent body punching from Triple G left hand there for Triple G five and a half rounds so shereta Beating the odds there Despite this has been the best round of The fight for shereta which obviously Isn't saying

Much correct oh good body shot we can Hear body shot has to put him down we Hear him breathing literally when he Gets hit with those Shots yeah I think this might be an Opportunity where Triple G just needs Toop he's really not going to you know He's not a one punch knock outon in Hollywood Florida together like you Doing we're seeing Triple G unleashing It again right up the middle of the Guard takes a little side step to the Outside not like for Sure right hand Again it seems that the overhand rights Are Having like that I think everything's Having an effect including that clubbing Right hand cut Triple G damage and eye Cause an injury and there's a that was a Jab ladies at it down for the fourth Time he'll continue some more you got to Believe yeah this it seems like it's Going to be just an attrition I don't See It oh good body shot Again nothing behind the punches of SH Now Triple G is beating beating the Fight out of him at this Point Yourself and such as Shera that even Though the odds are now a million to one You can he's never been stopped he's Never been beat that in him he hasn't

Learned how to stay Down a lot of has proven his toughness But his skill Level at 38 years 264 days Golovkin the Second oldest fighter to Championship Only behind Manny Pacquiao who turned 42 On December 17th he has taking heavy Shots up St Down a little bit that round more just Letting his hands go turns over the left Jab doubles it up second one landing on The canvas for the fourth time tonight And the referee has waved it off stopped It history made as Triple G Gennady Golovkin defends the Middle he'll take a bow fully deserved 140 day layoff the longest of his career Pretty darn good pretty darn good would Be the understatement of the night he Looked phenomenal gady Garovic golovin known as Triple [Music] G

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