Professional american, born cuban, middleweight boxer and WBA champion Erislandy Lara with nickname “The American Dream” against tough mexican top ranked athlete Alfredo Angulo with nickname “El Perro” (“The Dog”). Fight for WBA Interim Super welter weight belt took place in Home Depot Center, Carson, USA on June 8, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Erislandy Lara (USA) vs Alfredo Angulo (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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About the next bout here on Showtime Championship boxing the puncher Alfredo Angulo versus the very slick boxer Ariz Lis [Applause] L El [Music] Ang once again [Music] [Applause] Referee punch knockout power who will be Able to impose his will and skill on the Other we're about to find out as round Number one underway angula with the Black we just saw a straight left hand By land by L he can throw that punch With authority and has already landed he Can hurt angula with that Levy Conventional Stan Fighter angula the Southpaw Lara there's actually more movement Early from Lara than I even anticipated Because he doesn't always move this much In the fight even though he's so good Defensively power that making him a Little bit more careful and remember the Only time that angula been James Kirkland on route to the I love the way This fight's starting though turning Into a very interesting fight Lara's Willing to to the body wants to come Forward can't be anything but fun if it Keeps up like this and now away at the

Body with the left hook doubling up Tripling up on the jab upstairs Lara Just absorbing all the there's a Straight left hand down the middle by Lara flashes the jab and SS you talk About a guy like land Lara one of the Mostly proficient fighters in the game Paul yeah yeah and former Cuban amateur Standout comes from that Cuban amateur School so you know those guys always Technically solidness in this first Round 11 of Lara 17 wins have come via Form of knockout power 18 of his 22 Victories have come inside the distance And there Lara hurting and part of the Game plan vir Hunter told us don't aim For any particular spot we get close and Him and noara is starting to get The 99th round as a pro for Lara and a Great start back because early on angula Was really stuffing stifling him in Shots uppercut by Lara then he just Shells up again and gulo trying to get Final 10 seconds of a pretty good Opening round here especially if you're The Tor angula walking him down but it's Lara coming forward with a couple of Straight left hands that's been the Landed so many in the first round uses The jab as a rangefinder and Blasts never been down as an amateur or A Pro so his defensive skills are Considerable and gulo immediately

Attacking the body digging away was able To dig underneath and lar again Measuring him up for that straight left Hand here is the show stats for the Punch Totals you see what L he lands at a high Percentage and Landing is he throws a Lot of punches but when they're not Landing that's not going to help you too Much Angulo known for his pressure style Come forward and there catches the shots He's punching in between Angulo you see He kind of starts and then he'll come up With some short counter shots punching Ability of your opponent is so sharp you Almost start to doubt it and what Happens is you the snap comes off it's Almost like you're looking to throw Punches but at the same time you want to Bring your hand right back to defend Uppercut appear that he's punches Because of the fact he's pushing yeah He's not throwing them with great Commitment now he did start to unload There's a nice straight left through the Guard by L again final minute of the Second round great start to this 154lb Co-feature between Erizara he's St in this fight several Times but not with great purpose or Intent blood Already now Angulo has Lara on the ropes So great start here between Angulo and L Virgil Hunter and angulo's running

Shields in L down you keep hitting him in that Liver and that [Music] Kidney By both Corners I like what Virgil Hunter was saying about L slowing down In the second half of that point too Angulo's feet are all over the Place utilizing that Nifty footwork left Hand to the body the only Lefty that Angulo's fought recent years this is Like the Lefty on you know Lara content To stay along the ropes now circles Away straight left again poops and Gulu On the nose and coming forward but the Nice counter jab there by L for leverage And throwing them with intent he's Believing in them he's believing in them Because Virgil Hunter forcing guess what This is going to be a tough fight and Angula beginning to find his rhythm now Coming forward as footwork trying to Escape again ripping the left hook to The body in Cut as well and now Lara Fighting off the Ropes by Angulo so a good round for Angulo in the final minute of the Third Are still there but now they're fewer And far between so it's it's it's Angulo's rough work that's taking the Toll the B versus The Matador and DUS Carlo getting the best of him here in The third round you see the good shot by

L but it it just not consistent enough Anymore taining third frame there's a Nice straight left right to the St him By Lara's punching well but here at Close Quarters and gulo getting the of a Thrilling third round here at the Home Depot Center in Carson California him against ropes good Leverage on those left hooks he's Ripping those shots and mixing in some Of the uppercuts and other punches to Get some work done by ripping shots to That body and a and Bru both and you Notice on the back of angula trunks's Immigration reform now someone who can Appropriately detained and held for Seven months and it was with herb with Virgil Hunter coming down and then he Goes to Hunter's training camp as well As we take a look at well he's done it a Lot by I don't think he does it with Great intent and I don't think it helps Him in this fight body because against The South Pole you're bumping lead Shoulders it's hard to get in the hook To the body sometimes from the inside Cuz he can bump you can kind of but as a Righty he's getting L On goes down for the first those body Shot set that up Guys and Angulo the dog swarming Lara Here in the fourth round a minute and a Half left popping the jab from the Subx and Lara trying to stve off the

Attack the best California Resident uppercut by Lara and the chance Of Pero Phil the skies here over the Home Depot under a minute Left and gulo has been cut under the Right eye doesn't want that to merge but What a huge round for him uppercut just Misses by Angulo all those body shots Through all this Lara still counter Punching back that's when making this Such a fun fight in a fantastic fourth Round of Action Lara going down for the first Time in his careers to Counterattack Round five straight [Applause] Ahead to the Canvas and Gul had been working hard to The body and then the left H almost the Double left hook because he landed to The body and that helped set up that Left hook that set Lara down Contin got Caught while he's throwing that Lit left Hand uppercut it was working so well for Him and props angang gulo for making the Adjustment devastating left hook in Round five underway Mor ralo Bernstein Poly melon a and gulo sparred with uh Demetrius uh Andre and gulo utilizing The jab Lara trying to utilize a the Attack to the body to slow Lara down Enough to make him stand still if you Can make him stand Sharp Shooting him

Unofficial Scores clearly that turned things around A 108 round On but again he's languishing on the Ropes and squaring himself up on the Ropes heading into the final minute of The fifth frame Lara utilizing circling Away from the ropes but nice combination By the Cuban took like that from Alfredo Angulo so Props to SL Laura from having A great round Yep he Edward Jackson worked with him as And so Jackson's helped combination Comination by Lara stung and Gul gulo Comes right back getting knocked down he Threw some excellent combinations and This is toward the end of the round Where in Round do it I think I think it's legal Sixth round Underway Jake in this fight Al or paie With the 154lb weight class as hot as it Is one of those big money fights and Deser itly [Applause] So gul's attack has been downstairs and He got away from throwing really good Left hooks but now look at him ripping Those hooks to the Body has been sharper if you can say That since he got knocked down almost You know he was having a good couple of First rounds so far I agree when Lara Keeps his fight in the center of the

Ring he almost can't lose it but when he Goes to the ropes he's got [Applause] Issues contrast of styles but the Ingredients put together thus far has Been a Very we are at the Midway point of this4 Lb [Applause] [Music] Affair You can do it Alfredo you can do It okay it's all Determination points and get out score And get out that's it I got it Marquez Vasquez fight that was a special night And tonight's starting to turn into one With this excellent I like the way he Came back after the knockdown he show to Get knocked down the way he was he was Certainly hurt he's come back and Show now picking Angulo off with the Jab Andulo trying to find his way in winning By knockout at this point even though he Had L he's added a little bit of right hook To get him out of danger has been just a An addition since the knockdown that has Has allowed him to vary a little bit More's face Lara was knocked to the Canvas a minute 15 into round four the First knockdown of his career but has Bounced back on the attack four Beautiful left hooks to the body by

Angulo delivered with authority the Canvas for the first time Lara exhibiting good ring generalship But Ang he's covering up he's not Trading much he throws a punch covers up Or throws a punch and gets out seems Like Lara is willing to let Angulo empty His Arsenal and then either I could have Seen this happening but I can't say I Would have guaranteed it you know uh I I Wasn't sure how angula would deal with The movement in the could have an impact As this fight goes On 15 because Vergil Hunter said at the End of the second round or the first Round like Lara got rejuvenated just by Getting knocked down Straight right by Angulo Angulo because He's landed so many of these he gets in Position throws with there I mean he's Just keeps banging away with that punch And a couple actually St of as this Fight goes On the only way you can get away he you Got to keep punching you can't just keep Just right in front of Lara absorbing The punishment but andulo putting on an Amazing display thus far a minute 40 Gulo counters with a combination of his Nice combination right right down the Middle by Lara Paulie and I have it a Little bit wider uh Steve why so needs The legs and gulo needs the energy to Keep throwing the one two oh and the

Left hook drops Lara for the second time In the Fight the bodies angula now going Upstairs scoring on the body Lara trying To just save off The a straight right from Angulo a Fantastic round nine he did the last Time he got knocked down come have a Comeback round much more difficult at This look at the unofficial scoring Through nine rounds that clearly a 108 Round and on Steve so this fights up for Grabs can say that again bouncing back Here in round 10 putting together some f Being down again Paulie he rebounds Nicely and I'll tell you what I'll tell You what's impressive about it's very Impressive and it shows the maturity of This guy and the Experience probably a million amage Fights in Cuba he has to be careful Though his mouth is wide open And total power punches and you see L's Landed more than he on are those hooks Oh and now Lara may have hurt hulo with That com and angulo's hurt Unbelievable what happened he just Turned his back you talk about the E and Flow of box just like that this fight is Over Wow Mass OFA look at me look up Look that came out of nowhere that left The WBA interim super welterweight

Champion of the [Applause] World [Applause] Is evidence that Lura can throw a pretty

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