Professional mexican lightweight boxer and WBC champion Francisco Vargas with nickname “El Bandido” (“The Bandit”) against top ranked athlete Isaac Cruz with nickname “Pitbull”. Fight took place in Toyota Center, Houston, USA on June 19, 2021. Spectacular boxing figh in HD, highlights.

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Francisco Vargas (Mexico) vs Isaac Cruz (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Varas placing their souls in the Footprints left by the all action little Big men from Mexico that have come [Applause] Before Pitbull Cruz James Green now to give Instructions okay gentlemen I over Fighters I want you to protect yourself At all times at all times be my command Touch gloves back to your Corners relative newcomer to refereeing James Green two years as a pro speaking Of green this is his 29th round number one Esau Cruz in the Blue and white Trunks with all due respect to the Westminster dog show Cruz the pimple Doesn't want to be Best in Show he wants To be best I think we're in for a treat Against these two guys I mean Styles Make fights and and this legendary Battle one of my favorites the battle of The Z sparring Session no for to come at it with their Heads you got to be careful want to Fight on a technical Decision Vargas and Cruz Cruz is not so Much of a jabber he's just a pressure Fighter green going to have his hands Full as these two go at Close Quarters And Cruz putting together ooh winding up With that right uppercut was Cruz that his punches early Vargas

Slipped the right hand behind the Guard man SP one moment where we had a a Take down yeah not a knockdown no and Cruz looked like a very good linebacker Taking continuing to move up the Rankings blocking by Cruz and a left Hook upstairs fargas I to 78 punches per Round he threw 68 in the first round so He has been establishing that jab really Well oh is key I was joking after I Understand what you mean I'm just Looking man Cru is just every single Shot it's his normal way of fighting but You know what he he said I may be his Best path to victory in trying to create Distance and utilize that jab been he's Been forced to alter his style a bit Although again against a guy like Cruz At any time I mean he got Because of the movement even though it Wasn't the Best he's got a Hold and you see him starting out with The hook to the body and there comes That right hand over the top that's his Really his Sign and he'll use it and there you see Him using it again and uh cut seven Times in his Career lbs to all action Warriors he s Cruz in order to go to the the Olympics Uh oh he just got clipped by Cruz up Varcas has been down once against Left-handed tekashi

M there with those numbers and is heid You better be a Body Specialist that He's coming for man he is just swinging Wildly laye open down the middle Abner And Vargas has yet to find it worse this Time for Vargas he has lands 25 punches Per round reference I made my first dick In this reference and Cruz and Vargas Starting in and out with the Ja attack is the overhand right over a He start starts with the left hook the Left hook of Vargas he keeps his left Hand low some good moments and there's The uppercut we we talked about that it Created a knockout in his last fight he To gain a title shot again in the last Year he saw Cruz went and I'll tell you What he is doing in this fight too he is Really using his head to to go after but Uh Vargas no but he's really smart in This fight he knows how the moments when To get in just like that right upper Stairs tries to turn it into a modified Headlock and again goes to the body left Hook overhand right C the zone that was Blocked and that's how he starts out he Punches in the Body it's too bad the respective Corners AR this has been a pretty close Round there again lead left hook to the Body followed by a left hook upstairs And Vargas varas Cruz has had his Moments again with that left hook but You're right it's

Right You know we asked at the fighter we Fight at this weight class and he's Hanging in there against a very strong Lightweight he may not be winning but He's hanging in there Miguel B and has taken some shots from Cruz but Vargas now again though that jab Momentarily staggered Him minute G in the fifth it's just that Moment where he gets lazy I think he Throws a one two and and K is easy to Laugh not about bending the rules here Tonight in some ways he seems more like The V so many battles so many cuts and Facial SW overand right got there again for Cruz and a big story in this fight the Jab scores for Cruz there was a a jab he Great point at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas still to come Jamal Charlo Defending the middleweight Title For each eye here you see a clash of Heads we've seen this a number of times Now that one I'm not going to blame that Clash of heads clearly trying to forong His career Smart tonight's fights remotely as Cruz Pitching the shut out so first pitch Yeah I don't I don't know that you even Though there have been a lot of Competitive moments in this has he done It in all of them and there again

Leading to the body with the left stairs With the right hand but ala does come Back with some shots but they aren't as High turning it in that fight that We what a right hand by varas in this Round showing a little bit of both I Think Vargas coming along in this round He's jabbing jabbing waiting for For but if he really wants to take the Round he's got to invest a little bit More left up the and again lots of space In between Cruz's punches and Vargas can Time him but then he's knocked back by Cruz's shots Former 130 lb belt holder 2 and0 since Moving up to 135 both Of again Vargas doing a good job with Talk about a bettering move that's Definitely and he's 23 some success now with the left and There's a nice left hook curling behind The guard of on the Inside Cruz is using the jab a little Bit more now in this fight stach and Francisco Vargas coming back upstairs With a Combination now this fight have been Very Entertaining fantastic stop here between Es Cruz and Francis sing punches onew by [Applause] Vargas 45 seconds left in the Seven vicious overhand right Vargas Corner calling for the jab he

Continues to deliver Cruz on the Ropes moving to we are through seven at The Toyota Center in Houston Cuts in This round he's been Landing them but Cruz doing a little holding and hitting Another veteran move from the Youngster cranking his head in there too Now Cruz we've talked about his over and Right but that left hook was excellent As been impressive has they have been Whenever he lets go of the upper cuts Because he's he's too concentrated on Landing a onew can't throw punches or What's going on I already told you again He's just relying on a onew and and it's It's Cruz that's doing the damage with The body workor the wars that Vargas has Been in Sal Francisco Vargas hanging tough and Taking the fight now to cruise on the Ropes see these Fighters varience he's Been 12 rounds uh several times in fight So you we'll See Cruz continues to lead with that Left hook two Cruz is known as a good Body puncher and he's landed 49 Body guys like Ray Mancini the legendary Tony ker July 2001 and the first Showbox Alum to win a world title and happy 20th Anniversary Stevie Johnson also a 5' 4 In Champion so some good luck oh and Cruz coming forward leaping with that All Mexican brawl that we have Anticipated or will Vargas continue to

Try to be the veteran and try to UTI oh And he's getting tagged Now by BR we've Seen elements of that too repetitive Also you know Landing jab right hand Noticing that our un official scorer Steve Farhood has it so it's looking more and More like Vargas would have to become The first To Stop there it is he with the two Varas Vargas has landed his best right Hands and he just haven't moved uh [Applause] Cruz very effectively as well oh he Leads everything with that left hook and Just tagged Vargas on the jaw with a Sweeping he has been eating a lot of Punches yeah he's only been down once That was against M and Cruz is Never I need you to close if he get Close Hold 10th and a final round Esau Cruz in The blue and White if you're a Cru you want to go out There and just close the Show all out There Cruz wants to continue his climb In the 135lb weight he love if he could Find he's landed his best right hands And they haven't heard Cruz but he would Hope maybe an uppercut or something Would get in for Esau Cruz 15 of his 21 Victories have come inside the distance

For Vargas you know he's had a weight Class above where he's normally been and He wasn't a monstrous knockout puncher But not a huge knockout punch left hook Lands upstairs for Cruz his no No and the interesting thing is Vargas Has thrown about 50 some more punches Final round again left hook to the body Followed by the right hand upstairs by Cruz and again that right hand saw Cruz In his 24th professional fight taking Battle tested veteran Francisco Vargas Another Clash of heads in a Cut he doesn't need the extra curric Activities but he's doing it constantly And that was that looked deliberate to Me come on Knock wow Wow this continue the last round do can Continue he underwent extensive plastic Surgery and the last and yet minute much To the Delight of the crowd but you talk About career preservation and Cru now Smelling Blood on the Cru unloading on Francisco fargas and the fistic Fireworks that we Ipated are coming to they have to stop Things have gone from bad to worse for Francisco Vargas we talked about how green the Referee James Green was and man and the Knockdown yeah he saw the time he knew That there was 30 seconds

[Music] Left well this round there were a number Of never Albert not have been on Occasion there's a a head that got in There scores about 97 to 92 Randy Russell sees it 99- 90 and Eva Saragosa Scores about to 89 all three in favor of The winner ESO Pitball Cruz well he improving to 22 one and one While Vargas taste defeat for the first Time at 1

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