Professional french heavyweight boxer with high skills Johann Duhaupas with nickname “Reptile” against american most effective puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight for WBC heavy weight belt took place in Legacy Arena, Birmingham, USA on September 26, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights

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Johann Duhaupas (France) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Got a 30 to one odds here we go me me Not You and sneaky right hand by Wilder how about nerves for I think but At the same time that builds the nerves And also EAS I can't go wrong hey no one expects Anything he's on national TV he's the The the public just by who he is and Winning the champion and he's on NBC Prime time Saturday so he'll need some Other form for dominance tries to push Him Dua is already cut he's got a cut Over the bridge of his Eye and there was the jab in the right Hand behind it and Dua is going to make A fight of it right here in the first Round as he eats an Uppercut T I Wilder Wilder using that jab to keep At Bay and once Dua gets in range just Ping out there with that jab keeping That range big hook overhand doesn't Land and father says get off me do a Pop right hand by Wilder Wilder with the W do A do a pop Do a p Landing the right I You Can Do I Can Do Better Chris pressing pressuring while they're Walking we have an interesting fight Through

Two Time corner on the ground the action From that round you see Wilder opens up With a Wilder again there's that jab Cross finding its Mark you saw daa's Legs just a jolt to the nerves system VR Very unusual to see Wilder backing up as Much as we have Seen you know if he doesn't back up pot Shotting and picking little little Punches as Du Wilder with a good right hand behind His jab just a little bit his knees just Kind of buckle a little bit But he's finding it right she having a Right hand there's a left H by Wilder That good right hand there's a left H by Wilder trying to tea off and Dua blocking and eating some now he's Eating more left hook by Wilder right Hand by Wilder as the USA Chance it was still bad Enough here we look back at that jab Crossing you see that cross just finding The Jab fires her right hand to the Body counter him make him pay as he Comes forward because his head is an Easy target it's not moving it's always In that Center Line good body shot power Trying to land her right hand it was Wilder now left hook by Wilder as he Finds room Dua comes In with right hands he's tattooed the

Right side of dua's face and Temple with Left hooks he's landing at a high Percentage that's something that Wilder Will shoot at spurting and do AA has tatto it with your jab you tattoo It with your right hand you keep going To it of the bridge of the nose that's Not as bad it's not a fight Anding And here here we see Wilder with a nice Short counter left hook he overand right To the temple and then he pauses for a Second and finds right there that left Hook Wilder as dual pow was coming to Him that right Uppercut that had lights out written all Over it bad intentions ey Deontay Wilder You couldn't see it there but the left Eye is almost all the way close Shut in Alabama Dave bontempo and Joey V Dave we talked about it in the second Round I'm going to bring it up again What i' really like to see out of Wilder Is now is is bringing back in that body So high you go back down to that body It's going Too the scrap too yeah he Has good body shot by Wilder and right Hand by Wilder And Right hand by Wilder left took to the body effective And then right on the Belt Line and here Comes a tremendous uppercut and do AA

Hurt for the first time in the Fight good Combination somehow do AA still Here that's speak of guys working They're working on that eye in the Corner Take another look at that right there Nice little left Uppercut right upper good right hand by Wilder Jeb from Wilder his punches by what he Took uppercut by Wilder good right hand By Wilder Booming right hand by wild good jab Right hand by Wilder big right from Wilder in the Punching Dua and Wilder Conversely he's not sort of heart he has Brought it good right hand by Wilder how did that not knock You mounted little offense and you're Doing nothing but taking a beating too Tough for your own good and the referee Is going to stepping in and looking as Well good uppercut by wild head this is One of those cases where you might be Too tough too tough for your Own so Wilder and duod trading Upper see wow they're doing a little Showboating and boom cracks du a With a big doing a little showboating Some fancy footwork there unloading some Big Punches this is literally just target

Practice right Here do a p what else you know how to do You test to get Inside overand right that he found a Home for last three rounds he's been Fighting on the Inside the hook by Wilder missing with his right Hand take take nothing away from him Step back and start hopping up and down On his toes you don't see him fighting Or Jack Reese has to step in and say you And I talked about it at the beginning Of this fight if Dua can come out and at Least showcase his heart this guy isn't A seasoned as I thought what are they Looking at Watching I'd like to see Wilder start Going back down to that Body look back at some of the action From that round you see wild wild They're bouncing off the ropes off the Ropes there's that jab the right hand Finds it Mark Grazes and there you see Du AA and round 10 Wilder it's a high high punch out There Dua is cracked Wilder with a nice Right hand and then Wilder back with a Good left Hook double jab right hand for Wilder with body shots from duon good Right hand from du

Punches this is the first time his eyes Blazed over Good hook by Wilder getting everything Into it and again they another one by Wilder you know i' I'd be inclined to Lean that way there's just he's not Going to win see wow they're just Opening up it's the Uppercuts chopping uppercuts snapping Back the head of stance hitting that Left uppercut at an angle following up With a chopping right Hand again Is we've seen a few of Those low to little offensive output Big Shots Jack Reese will take another look Here comes Wilder this should be it it Is that's the first time Dua and Deontay Wilder it was not going to be but how we Did it that was going to be very Important this was a one sided beat Down well if he can get over a Shyness everything he Had ain't that something to see that's Great finish punch Landing for Deontay Wilder and here we see 56% of these Punches Landing right here as this Hook Is chambered there's the left there's The right there's the left stepping Around finding that mentioned that he Had 400 punches thrown through seven n And 10 and he found something a little Third wind perhaps Champion deante the

Bronze Bomber Wilder

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