On today’s episode we discuss which Premier League players can really be described as WORLD CLASS!


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes ladies and Gentlemen I hope you guys are feeling Christmasy we're getting closer to the Time not quite December just yet not Quite December just yet but we are Getting there uh I'm joined by two Christmy kind of guys D Michael mcub in Boys how are you doing yeah I look like A pluck turkey don't I most of the time Not quite what I was thinking I'm all Good yeah sorry I forgot my podcast Stand so I will be holding the mic but Other than that I very well it's good to See you fine gentlemen Ms you okay Hope'll be Dr the Mark at some point we Actually got quite a fary episode I Think we do have a fary episode umed Yeah I'm good I'm good uh no I'm not Feeling Christmasy yet but there are Some Christmas decorations kind of you Know St around here in fact there's a Christmas tree that hasn't been Decorated in here yet so that shows what Kind of time of year we're in they're Thinking about it but uh but yeah all in Good time I saw Club High 5 were hosting Some Thanksgiving NFL yes they were yes They were on all their stories it was Loads of clads down here eating their Wings watching the Dallas Cowboys that's a good Segway yes of Course we are shooting here at Clubhouse 5 if you guys want to watch any sport in The world then come down to clubhouse 5

Just off of leer Square they are Fantastic got about 28 different screens So all showing different sports it's Very good and they're lovely people so Make sure you watch your sport here as You see by the episode we're doing a Really fe1 world class or not world Class ranking the Premier League's best Players now the way this is going to Work we're going to go through your Suggestions of players who you think are World class and aren't world class and Debate whether we think they are or are Not now before we get into that I think We need to have a little bit of a Conversation about what world class is Because some people think maybe it is The best kind of level you can reach uh Whereas Others May think it's not quite That and what are the rules and Stipulations that we need to or a player Needs to have to achieve that status so Firstly I went on to to Google I did a Bit of uh Googling and found the Definition of worldclass not really that Hard but I thought I'd say it out anyway Their definition yeah exactly and it Says a person uh who is among the best In the world um quite simple very simple I thought as well I was actually Expecting a little bit better for that And I think look among the best in the World at what they do not just the best Person in the world no no that's also a

Part of it as well um but yes okay so I Think that we can use into this as well But what it does also show is that I Don't think you can have a big group of Worldclass players per position right So how do we want to look at this do we Want to say that you can only have five Maybe maximum whole not on the whole List I depends five five in a position Yeah I'm I tend to be quite lenient with World class I mean like really is is it Also I think it's a bit of a like not Not to set up this uh the show in a bad Way it's a bit of a [ __ ] like term I Think in some ways but I T to be yeah I Would say like top five some people Would say like top two or three but I Would say I would I would go for top Five CU also it's a very like you know Like it's it can also like change as Well like you know a player can go from Being like world class to not world Class just because they've had like a Bad couple of months which I don't tend To take too much into account I like to Look at like how a player has generally Performed over the course of time well I'm a bit yeah I'm a bit of a former Temporary classes permanent kind of guy When it comes to something like this That's that's that would be my Perspective on it so just cuz someone's Having a great season right now can we Call them world class like it's you know

They could be approaching that that Would be the way I approach okay so one Of your stipulations is that it's over a Period a long period of time rather than The short term or or if we have the Confidence that if they're having like That we've seen enough now that we're Like yeah they they just they just going TOS they're consist that okay okay where D you think you were saying beforehand Actually you're quite strict about world I think I am maybe a little bit stricter Than Mikey's definition I think you need Consistency as Mikey said is I think you Need to be performing at a world leading Level for a consistent amount of time I Think basically you need to be wanted if You're on the market you would need to Be wanted by every club in the world Like Real Madrid Barcelona Bayern Munich Man City Etc they'd want you in their Squad and I think yeah it needs to it Almost comes down to a little bit of Aesthetics as well um there needs to be A sort of feeling around it it's not Just being the best player for as you Say for for a week for a month it's the Way you make people feel about football As well I think slightly comes into it Yeah the untangles the untangles which Is very difficult to argue um but yeah Let's see let's see how we get on I mean This basically started because there was Tom Garrett of pitchside uh podcast this

Week put out a tweet saying he didn't Think Bayo saaka was world class and it Was fantastic International break Content uh you know when everyone's just Looking for something to argue about and Arsenal fans erupted and it was Brilliant to watch um So engag let's KCK things off then with Bayo Saka this one as well came out the Suggestion of at elh 123 thank you for Sending in your suggestion if you guys Want to get involved make sure you're Following us on social media and yeah Bayo saaka still very very young someone Who I think does fit the category of Being consistent and looking to even get Better and better over time is he world Class he is for me because yes he Doesn't have that much experience in the Champions League and to be considered Was that where was that where well no no I remember putting a tweet out in the Summer which Arsenal fans again got Annoyed about being like rice isn't at The level of a rodery or a kimich yet Because he hasn't even played in the Champions League he hasn't dominated the Champions League in the way that those Other two have like he he can be the Best in the world in his position but He's not quite there now I would Probably say rice is is world class as Well but he's not the best in the world That was my that was my point anyway

With sacka it's a similar sort of thing Like he's probably not the best in the World just yet in his position because Obviously Mo Salah also exists But he's he's definitely on the path the Way he's dominated International Tournaments he's had a very good World Cup he's had an exceptional euros and And he has been operating at World Leading level or close to World leading Level pretty much since his debut for Arsenal in a number of different Positions and he's now become super Super consistent as well uh taken Arsenal through really bad patches he's Dominated in bad teams he's now Dominating in a very good team that is Hoping to to win trophies over the next Couple of years I kind of back them to Yeah I I think I I think it would be Kind to say that he's been operating at A world league level since since Arsenal De maybe not since his debut but I think Also the the intelligence that he showed To be able to perform in a number of Different positions was a very a Promising early sign and now he's on Course to hit double figures for goals In the Premier League from the right Wing for the third season running like That is that's pretty top like only Leeroy San has received more Progressive Passes in Europe's top five leagues this Year like he is like he's at that level

Then would you say like Leroy San is Performing at a world class level this Season like absolutely like Leroy San Has arguably been better than Harry Kane For Bayern Munich this season and sacker Is like at least at his level like People like saying that he's had a like The early weeks of the Season saying oh B Saka is not he's not quite at his not Quite at his best like he's hitting like The best numbers of his career in terms Of like expected goals and assists like He's already got four goals and four Assists that's an AC quiet year for a 22y old um I think yeah by virtue at of The rightwing position if we're doing it Kind of position by position not being As strong as it perhaps was five 10 Years ago MAA Saka is right up there and Yeah like after Salah and also he's a Different kind of player to saaka like With going by DOI like would Real Madrid Want sacka yes like like would uh would Man City want sacka yes like um in a in Another era where where Arsenal didn't Have money was still paying off the Emirates um s would have been absolutely Gone by now he'd be at Man City or he'd Be you know at a a barn Munich or or a Barcelona like absolutely or any club That's challenging like if Arsenal Weren't in the conversation it's not a Disrespect to his loyalty he' have just Had no he'd probably had his head turn

Yeah and Arsenal are genuinely one of The best teams in the he's at that level He could play for any team I think That's a very good point one of the Things you mentioned there I think we' Got a lot of names so we might have to Go through them quite quickly as well But one of the things you mentioned There that I think is very interesting And actually something that we've kind Of debated for probably what is now 5 Years or so is you said about trophies I Remember um Sam's argument years ago Harry Kane was Harry Kane at the time And this is probably what 2018 2018 um that Harry kanane wasn't World class because he hadn't won Trophies he does now admit he was wrong That's yeah that's fair enough I thought I just thought it's a nice seg way to Talk about what level of trophies like Sacka has won the FA Cup the community Shield um but what level of trophies Does that make you world class or does It have that much of an impact I I don't Think it necessarily does because what Can it solidify because you can have you Know Alan Sher didn't win any trophies With Newcastle for 10 years and like People like he was absolutely world Class at the time you know top Premier League goal scorer of all time like I Think it's I think trophies can be very Deceiving and if you happen to play for

A club that hasn't got to that level yet Like I don't know like AR if man City Weren't you know the like peps Man City And obviously this is hypothetical Because if Man City w't peps Man City Then artetta probably wouldn't be the Level of manager that he is right now so Like you know you can go on go on but Still Arsenal challenged ma like a a a Brilliant man City team almost until you Know the last day of the season last Year I know it fell off towards the end You know like Liverpool hadn't won the Premier didn't win the Premier League Until 2020 and Salah was easily world Class for like two at least two years Before that Um so I think yeah I think the trophies Thing is probably the most deceiving Okay thing because like you do get have Amazing players who play for you know Clubs that that have just missed out or Like in the case of Kane like Spurs who Were you know in Decline um during some Of his best years and exactly yeah some Players can't get moves as well during Those Summers I think that's a very good Way foden winning five Premier League Titles is he five times the player of Bayo sacker you know Steven Geral never Won a premier league title like trophies Are are part of it I think but not the Key part very true okay the next Question comes from at Shan 15 McKenzie

And he said Bruno gimes no I think that Was a quite quick no I don't think he is I don't think he's World leading or Close to World leading as an eight I Don't think he's close to World leading As a six he's a very good player I mean This we go we'll talk about so many Players on this list that are in this Conversation for a reason like he's been Performing in an exceptional level Particularly for Newcastle I think he's You know I was listening to a podcast on The way end today he's never really Performed at his true level for Brazil Um and casemiro is probably you know When still fit is probably the main man In that in that Midfield or at least in That deeper lying Midfield Zone I think He's been really really good for Newcastle but they've been slightly Found out on occasion particularly in The Champions League he's looked a Little bit overrun at times he's not I Don't think a natural sitter and he's Not a world leading number eight either There's Bernardo Silva there's de bruyne There's you know valde modri who Position he's up against a lot tougher Players the Midfield competive thing do You think he can cuz he is Young do you Think he can achieve world class Status why not I think he's got the Attributes too but I think he's yeah He's probably slightly hamstrung in that

He is a little bit of an in between Player he's a bit of a jack of all Trades but like as a passer like he he Is right up there I think um but also It's yeah it's one of those ones where He's like he's fulfilled a number of Different roles for Newcastle like when He first came in he was you know he was A bit of a goal scorer he was playing a Lot more advanced now he's and also he's And also he he has been hamstrung a Little bit by the fact that this season We've probably not seen him at his best Just because the Newcastle Midfield has Been a bit uh swamped with injuries and You know circumstantial things like the Tanali um situation so he's not really Been playing he's not been playing in a Particularly settled side um and yeah I Think he's probably not having as good a Season as last season for sure um but Regardless of that yeah like I think There's just too much competition in in That in that position um like I think we May go onto him because I think he was Another suggestion but like has Bruno Gimash been as good as dougas Luiz this Season for example no like he hasn't and Will I consider douas Louise world class No okay so no fair enough fair enough um This one's going to be interesting Because I think he is this one comes From at Vegan mat mat mat very interesting name

Uh Bruno fange is pronounced fan confirm Very nice Portuguese much did he did he Has he only just confirmed that after The video the video of that Premier League thing went out and everyone was Like oh my God it is that that guy on Tik Tok was right uh yeah Bruno fan uh Is he well classed I think he is and It's a bit of a crazy I think Considering where Manchester United are At the moment um he he at times is Getting a lot of the blame for things Going wrong for United yeah but when but He's also normally the guy that yeah the Guy that rescues him the guy that had That creates so many chances for them He's in the top 1% for Progressive Passes with 7.6 per 90 um which is mad For an attacking midfielder like I think He's somebody that's actually kind of Been a bit screwed due to the situation Of the club that he's at this is you Talk about I think one of I think it's Actually a very good way to put it of Would every club in the world be after Him if his Services were available and I Think yes I think Bruno Fernand is Somebody that people would look to go And get Real Madrid have a very deep Midfield but yes generally generally Like okay maybe one club might not due To they he's a bit older as well so like Would he be but generally speaking like Would yeah would most clubs take

Definely another it's another position That is also got a lot of competition Obviously odard uh Arsenal's been Fantastic as well um this a guy who Consistently does do it he's he's got World class output but is he consistent Enough month to month or maybe he's just Not at his consistent best at the moment Like in his first 18 months at man United he was remarkably consistent I he Still been Man United Not because of the team he's in it's Difficult isn't it I don't know do we do We discredit the player a bit but Because of the team they're playing in And I think he would be considered world Class if Man City had signed him and He'd been there for three and a half Years or however long he's been there But it is it is difficult I think he is He doesn't also have the best record in Big games as well but man united are Also weaker than their top six Rivals at The moment as well so it's it's very Difficult I found him I don't know Whether he's just below world class for Me I think he's I I I think he's been Pretty good in big games you may maybe Like in games big games that United have Lost he has gone missing a little bit But then in big games that United won He's tensed to pee at the at the center Of that um yeah he's kind of on the cuss But I

Think what's hard to argue is his record Over the last four or five years he has Got an incredible record over the last Four or five years he was the Premier League's third top scorer in 2021 um which is pretty remarkable given That he's never played that advanced you Know never really been playing as like a Second Striker or anything like he just Does have that amazing output I think What I think where Bruno fernan where His uh you know where his reputation has Maybe fallen or what what holds him back A little bit in the public eye is that He is like a high volume highrisk passer Like he make he completes nearly 60 Passes a game which for someone as high Like who plays as high up as him and in A team like man united which is not you Know not necessarily a super high Possession side compared to like some of Their Premier League Rivals is a lot and He only has a 71% pass accuracy because He is always trying things so like in That sense I think that's where the Inconsistency lies is that he's always Trying those through balls he's always Trying balls into the box and you that's Why he's so productive but also it does Mean that we see him you know we see a Lot of stray balls from him having said That his expected goals and assists per 90 this year is not. 63 that's the Second lowest of his Man United Career

And it's still amazing like Baya Saka That you know I was saying just before He he his um he's like hitting the best Numbers of his career in that sense and His is at 0.66 this season so for Bruno Is operating in terms of productivity in A much worse team than Arsenal almost at The level of B saaka and this is like One of like this is one of his not as Good Seasons um so like I think that's Where I think I would I would say he just about getss In just because his base level is still Brilliant like and and United um United As a attack you know we've scored 13 Goals this season in the league 13 goals We've got a minus three goal difference Like United going forward have been poor And also like you know rashford's Probably been a little bit unlucky like His XG is quite high so he he's just not Been hitting the Target or he's like Been forcing good saves so like United Probably should maybe have a bit more But like generally speaking United have Been pretty poor going forward and yet Fernandez is still operating at that Level this isn't necessarily solid to do With fernan um but how much does the International stage play a part in this As well because some players they're International the great for Portugal the Country that represent yeah it's more po At time um there are some countries

Where obviously we might on to him Earling harand later on um where he's Not even qualified for the Euros yeah Again it's har do that do that you think It's quite har to judge them stuff like That with someone like Harland it is Harsh I think and someone like erard as Well cuz I would consider ard's probably Around that level as well um yeah again It's like the trophy thing I think it's Like you know you can't control where You're born and you can't like expect You know so like Moos Salah even though You know like you know Egypt got to the Afcon final like largely down to him Like you know they've consistently not Qualified for World Cups or like you Know 2018 World Cup they they performed Pretty poorly all in all are not a great Side to watch Um yeah again I just I think it's quite I think it's quite harsh like I think Again also you know like maybe we we're Discounting B gimash just because he Hasn't played for a European Titan yet Um but also like Dy says he's still Pretty young and has a lot of growing to Do so yeah again I think that's I think That's quite harsh but again it's like You have to kind of look at it on a on a It's contextual isn't it by EXA that's Fair enough well then let's move on to Our next one that comes from Siria Scout Have we did we decide there bring we

Just I think he's just About I think he's on the cast okay well Let what you guys think of Bruno in the Comments below is he well class or is he Not well class um because that is Definitely Up For Debate our next one Then as I said comes from Sira Scout and Very simply he put he's put rodri I Think this takes us five seconds 100% he Might be the most well class player in His position yeah he's exceptional he's Clearly the best in his position you Know he's just a physical absolute Animal his height his just the way he Manipulates the ball the way he controls The tempo of that team you saw when he Missed a couple of Day games earlier This season the effect it has on Man City you know probably hasn't hit the Heights he could have with Spain but He's had to pay at Center back at times For Spain pops up with clutch goals big Moments not least in the Champions League final big goal against Chelsea a Few weeks ago although they then ended Up making a mistake which which led to The draw but he's uh yeah he's been Brilliant for a number of years and People forget that he had a difficult First six months at Man City and since The way he's recovered from that you Know has been remarkable and he's quite Clearly welled he always than I think he Is as well he looks like 31 he plays

Like a 31y old he's exceptional okay Then moving on to another one um is this Player world class and abdate number Five has said Thiago Alcantara no yeah I Think quite simply class level do you Think he was world class yes at Bayern Munich he was easily top five Midfielders in the world back 2019 we'll Probably get with other players but Fitness is a big part of it like you Can't be you can't be world class on the Bening uh best abilities available Jo Tomlinson always says that doesn't he When he's arguing that Neymar's crap um But uh he actually say that but I saw a Game of Thiago which is still maybe one Of the best performances live I've ever Seen um mine is probably like lonel Messi um but was him versus Chelsea and I' you know the classic saying of like Oh he's like a quarterback player in Football where and I'd never quite Understood it properly until I'd seen This performance where he would just Drop into the between the center backs Pick up the ball spray these parties or Go on a ridiculous dribble or pick the Perfect onew um and just really keep a Side ticking over and creating Opportunities like there's no tomorrow Um yeah he during that period he really Was yeah but has he ever been for Liverpool no no briefs patches maybe the Old game but I think he had the

Potential if he'd had better Fitness Record to be rivaling Kevin De bruyne or At least in the top five in his position In the world like he does have that sort Of ability yeah he was he was he was Probably at top five already when he was Fit and available it's just sad how his Career is panned out because he kind of You know took took himself away from Barcelona he hasn't achieved as much as He should have with Spain his Fitness Has kind of let him down but in terms of Raw natural ability he was clearly world Class at one stage but right now no he He was so like I mean yeah like if it if It wasn't if it wasn't for like if Javi And Iniesta just didn't happened to be At their Peak at that time he would have Been bar like he probably would still be At Barcelona now let's face it and would Have dominated that midfield for years Like he was in that mold and you know he Was a really he was quite an attacking Midfielder when he when he first came About and then at Bayern Munich was Transformed into this absolute B moth Like was like was that by pep Yeah by Pep well but by pep and then who took Over from Pep was angelotti but like Yeah had a Carri that like yeah I think There was a point where he was making Something like six tackles and Interceptions a game for Bayern Munich For like a Bayern Munich side that got

Like kept like 70% possession in games Um and was also an orc rator and was Also a great you know like a bit of a Master of the second assist um you know Like yeah he he was operating at such a High level easily was like top four five Midfielders overall like you know Including defensive midfielders Attacking midfielders I mean hasn't Started game since February hasn't Started game since February he was like You know I think he was operating at a World class level in that 2122 season Like L like he was really quite key to Liverpool's title challenge that year Probably their best midfielder that year Um but yeah and also like you you know Didn't make Spain's World Cup squad like Hasn't really been used in Spain's setup For yeah a number of years um so yeah Definitely was once world class but yeah Sadly the injuries only starts over 20 League games uh twice sorry in a season Yeah that's bad that is bad but like He's yeah's there are some players that Just get played by injury doesn't it and It ruins their career um let's move on Hasn't ruined it he has still achieved a Lot but sure but takes them from our Place they were going up like this drops Them down very quickly um let's move on To our next one from my alternative Account uh keep the blue flag flying High 2023 has suggested is that what it

Never corac knows what that means yeah His name is Kate exactly um they've Suggested Thiago Silva I think let's do This no for a 39y old probably no but he I mean he might be the best 39y old Playing so ex do we do we count that now Leading for no yeah exactly uh but no I Don't don't think he is world class uh That's for sure we'll probably on to Some other center backs later on uh Tyler Smith sport has there is a lot of Players as well if you can See yeah Dominic sabosa not yet not yet But he will be I think he will think Fair enough yeah I think that's a fair Enough seriously seriously exciting I Don't think he's got the credit he Deserves for his start at Liverpool's And like mainly because the goals and Assists haven't been quite up there I Don't know man I think Liverpool F Liverpool Fans footb in community I think he's Gone under the radar I think he's been Absolutely exception I think I think Liverpool yeah yeah I think Liverpool Fans have almost over egged it a little Bit but I think but I could I understand Because like he is like aesthetically Amazing to watch and um yeah like he's He's just so exciting like his his Numbers even his underlying numbers Aren't quite there yet I don't think but Like he is I've got a WhatsApp group

With some mates that we play fantasy Football with anyway we were doing a Composite man uni Man City Liverpool uh 11 and both Liverpool fans were trying To argue that Dominic sabosa should be In over Bernardo Silva and I said whoa Whoa whoa whoa slow down there guys but Seriously he could be he could be really Special he's Gerard and coutinho rolled Into one he's he's right there his work Rate really his defensive work rate this Year has been um really really strong That partnership with Bill with Trent Has been uh fantastic to see um but okay No is the answer well not yet is the is The main answer uh the next one comes From Aiden 1874 and he has suggested we Met mention him earlier Douglas Lise Again simple no playing really well Massive respect to him and like given That he was sold by Man City and I think There was a buyback in it for a while Until they took it out but you know one Of those Man City Academy graduates and You know goes to Villa does well for a Few years but sort of sort of not really Establish himself as like a premier League leader in his position but now he Looks like one of the best in his Position at least this season he's been Sens also like you do have to get give Credit to him because he had a really Difficult first year like he was a bit Of a liability and that first year when

Aston Villa you know stayed up by virtue Of goal line technology not working Against Sheffield United like he was a Bit of a liability like he was I think He was their main six and basically Didn't do any defending like he he he Just didn't defend really and that was Probably because he wasn't being used in The correct way whereas now he's Actually got defensive midfielder next To him like because he's not really a DM Lise like he is really a like you know He's a ball playing midfielder um has Never had like particularly High Defensive numbers like now he yeah now He looks fantastic as a result of like Just the Midfield around him being like A lot better structured I remember Pat Putting I think it was Pat or was it Yourself who put him in the worst team Of the year I think of that year it was A little bit hard not it it got really Yeah I got a lot of stick for that like That's when I realized how um how angry Aston Villa fans could get online and Actually how many as how strong the Aston Villa Community is online but To be fair I do remember that And I wrote we did the team of the Season I think we wrote it maybe a week A couple of weeks before the end of the Season when Aston Villa were still Looking like they could go down I think They only stayed up on the last day of

The Season actually and Douglas louiz Did really improve in those final weeks Of the season but overall That season he Was still a liability I will stick by That but Villa did turn it on in those Last few games writing those 11s was Hell I I would always I always voice at The end being like those the thoughts Of I'd always try and like draft Pat be Just just suggest that Pat would write Them because Pat would always take joy In writing I yeah I was I've never been A particular fan sometimes put in Controversial picks though just for like Because he liked the chaos and that's The beauty of him that's the beauty of Him okay onto our next player then from Sandman blue 15 and this is actually Quite an interesting one son hyung Min Are we looking at him as a Striker now Oh this is a tough one he's not world Class as the striker I don't think but He has been world class the right if We're looking at consistency I he is He's probably got to be included on Consistency if it's like would do any Team in the world want him I think again I think he probably is wild cast yeah Would like would Real Madrid have wanted Son like like before venicius Jr became Like the player he is right now in the Last couple of years would Real Madrid Have taken on like at any point like you Know in the last five or six years like

I think they would have I mean 10 plus League goals for seven years in a row Yeah peing at 23 playing second fiddle To Harry Kane in that time he's always Been a world class finisher yeah like Even last year down year finish isn't Isn't he over his career like nearly 40 Goals above his expected goal or Something like that a remarkable Finisher and so consistent and rarely Injured as well yeah I the only thing is The the sort of trophy argument I Suppose but Can you discount him I mean he him and Kane would have been wanted by any any Club I think at any point really um Arguably the greatest player to ever Come out of Asia like like the best Asian player ever is and that's a big Continent a huge continent and I think If you ask is he world class Now I feel like that's maybe where the Question I don't know I don't know There's a lot of left wing there's a lot Of left Wingers I choose ahead of him Right now but then they are five six Seven years younger than him and he's Still got eight goals this season from It's outrageous um so but like you'd Have mbapp you'd have probably Lea you'd Have venicius J you have kavisha ahead Of him but it's too much yeah I don't Know if I would have ahead of him like I Don't know if I would have if I was Bing

One I Mean the age argument doesn't go but who Is ahead kavisha or son I think it's Quite tight probably son probably I Think I think son way more consistent if You if you think that son's down year Was last year kicha had like the season Of his last last year and he's Incredibly you know he's incredibly Young but kich still had quite quiet Last five months of the season in a Better team than Tottenham at the time And even RAF is not as consistent as son To be fair the only two players that are More consistent than him is probably Mbappe and and venicius has probably got More Star Quality and son if you know Like son really should yeah son really Should have been signed by a bigger club Like um it was always a big bit a bit of A mystery wasn't it why more Super down To a big contract quite early I signed For like six years after like one or two Years but I'm still surprised I'm still Surprised that no absolute Like yeah no Elite clubs like seriously Tried to make a move for him at all like I think he's if anything he's just been Perally underrated throughout his career Yeah I think I think world class is Definitely the answer yes uh for son Hung uh an interesting one from mcfc Joe Edison I don't think man I don't think Most Man City fans would say he's

Worldclass to be honest I don't think he Is in I mean he's definitely a Worldclass distributor he's world class That is part of the go in facets but Like you know his save percentage hasn't Been above 70% for the last three Seasons but is he no is He percentage he's underperformed his Post shot XG for the last three seasons As well by minus 5.7 if we're doing it By the five rule top five yeah Allison CTO man toan Mike Manon Toan I feel like we're missing someone Obvious all Black is Edis I mean they're such Different keep aren't they but Edison Brings into it Edison was the perfect Keeper for man city has achieved a Higher level over the like an individual Season than Edison I just think I know He said about the trafy argument stuff Like that I do get it but like if OB Black is in goal for Man City are they As effective no but so does that not he Is well tough I think he's world class I Think Edison is world class Really I do I get your argument I get Your argument and I do think he had a Down year last year and like his Percentage like his shot stopping Ability has always had question marks About him and he's sometimes a little Bit rash But he has also allowed Man City to do

What they do I don't know whether we're Sort of mixing up unique and world class Though like he's got unique abilities But I don't know whether that makes a World world would every team in the World want to buy him I don't think so Like would he be so successful at man United I think it'd be probably better Than Onana doesn't necessarily mean you're World class though Onana was considered In the top five Keepers in the world Last year I think considering how long He's done this for now as well for Man City I think he is well class I feel Like we're missing out a keeper here I'm Just like racking my brains I feel like There's another top top keeper out there That we're not we're Neer I guess once He's down back from injury but no I Think He's not Summer yeah I think he's well class I Think he's well class it's an Interesting what do you guys think I Think that's another one to put to the Fans yeah yeah feel strong about it I Just wouldn't have him world class at The moment he's top he's not top three Edison is he world class let us know in The comments below I'm going to say yes He is another very quick one the Football space Muhammad Salah absolutely Salah how you want to say it yes

Absolutely freaking nature best in his Position I did I did quite like the Point that he's 11th now on the alltime Premier League goal scoring charts and He's only he's just under 40 goals Behind Andy Cole who's fourth so he Could end up fourth hopefully hopefully He doesn't leave at the end of this year I do want him to a big question I do Want him He'll I just want him to stay thing is I Think with the Saudi prob carries on he Trajectory we just two years yeah Exactly the game as well Bruno Fernandez Es Fitness um another one from the Football space Kyle Walker is he world Class again yes yeah I think so I think Probably consistency as well he's been Doing it for over a decade now he did it At Spurs the stylistic and Villa as well The stylistic change he's undergone he Was a flying fullback was and like Completely different to what he is now Which is like a sort of sweeper Possession orientated been really strong In the international stage as well for England three excellent tournaments Euro's team of the tournament he was in The Champions League Tour I mean Yes him at 33 seen of Canelo probably One of the most naturally talented Fullbacks that can play on both sides We've seen in the last canel is

Literally like on form Canelo is the Best fullback full stop I think in World Football and like I don't know am I Missing someone there I think yeah I Think canel and and car Walker like has Held his own um there although any team On him yeah as you already said I think Like Real Madrid if he was slightly Younger would have wanted him over Carval I do think his attacking numbers Have let him down a bit and not not not Let him down but in this AR but has he Not do you not think especially the last Year or so pep has kind of pulled him Back he has he has and like you know City have become like he's play back Yeah City have like become more Defensive like in the last year or so um Four assists in the last three and a Half Seasons yeah it's not it's it's not That's that's that's think but but but Then we can't like do we just say like Everyone at man City's World Class I Think that's like the Edison thing it's Like if you say Edison's world class is Like is you know do you just say Everyone in that thing in that team as Well class I think he's I think in term Of K Walker he is I think I think he is But maybe only just like I just I I do Think his attacking output has lacked And maybe that's a stylistic thing but Like he is also like 3 would want if if You were starting a dream 11 right now

Who would be the best right back in the World H is pretty up there isn't he like You know definitely in a right wing back I don't know probably K Walker's Definitely within a sh is I probably Have kle Walker is the most consistent Like all round Yeah picked up a few more I might have a Fully fit Reese James but that's that's Another debate okay well let us know What you thinkle w Tru trans good shout Of K Walker I'm going to say yes I think We have kind of all said Yes English on to ARA you freak William Celba is he world Class is it a bit early that's my one Thing with him he's definitely at World He's world class level I think I think He is for the last man I think he was Underappreciated at M he's only going He's only going get better brilant SE He's never really had a bad spell he's 22 years old remember that many errors Since he's been at Arsenal I don't think They have been have they uh maybe one or Two That's also not something that you can Discredit a player for I think he's World class I think there is the Argument of course internationally he's Only had 11 caps so far for France but We also know did the Champs is somebody Who's kind of got his team and he's Actually maybe in an era now where he's

Starting to um get younger players in um I think he's world class like the guy Last year was a freak arguably one of The in the league actually yeah I kind Of agree with you I think he's been Since going to Arsenal one of the best Center backs in the world probably Definitely in the top five so that feels Like World want him also I think the Center back position on the whole bit Weak at the moment like I think that That counts in his favor on that can Like when I was thinking about who who Who is in that bracket it's like yeah Like celba Diaz um van Djk um and then and then like two like And then you got like delict who like Isn't even has I mean he's injured now But wasn't even getting into the Bayern Munich team I'd put him in that bracket And and Kim as well like they're both at B like I can't even you know like aruka At Barcelona I guess as well but that's The thing his Fitness problems he's Played at right back a lot like um I Guess milau at Real Madrid is Approaching that level but again like He's out till the end of the season um So yeah I think the center back quality Across Europe is is lacking a bit at the Moment um you know we're going through That phase so like I think CBA Gets In By virtue of that definitely um okay Then another arsal player from aru Freak

Um Martin odard you got go first had an Amazing season last year if we're also Saying the consisten if we're also Saying the consistency level is a part Of this had I'm best maybe the best 10 Uh in the League last year maybe Kevin De Bron was one of the best TS in the in The League last year one of the best Midfielders but year before that was Touch and go sometimes before he had Obviously a nice season up ra oad had a Good season of a test before as well Didn't quite work out at Real Madrid I Don't know if the consistency is just There yet which feels mental to say Right Now and I'm just think if I put Bruno if We put Bruno Fernandez in the world Class category does feel harsh maybe not To put him in there on the basis of last Season yeah I think didn't qualify for The year Ray yeah but I I think that's Harsh a bit um but there is also an Argument like if you are the best if you Are the best if you are world class Which means you're one of the best Players in the world you kind of do need To get your country in land as well also Norway just aren't even that Bad on paper they are actually quite Good I I don't like how are Slovenia Getting into the euros and Norway aren't Like but so so maybe ites maybe it does Count against them a little bit but I

Mean but yeah again on a Case by case Basis the one thing I would say is that Like I think maybe with recency bars is Playing a little bit of a role ard's Having a bit of a quiet season so far For Arsenal but until now I would say He's not really put a foot wrong at Arsenal when did he when did he Originally sign in 2021 was it January 21 and then 2122 he was pretty Exceptional throughout That season last Year most non-penalty expected goals for Any midfielder in football in premier League history how much you know that's You know he was operating at a level From open Play goal scoring wise better Than Frank Lampard ever did which is Like outrageous again just one season But like the level that he showed last Year like you know like Real Madrid Would have absolutely not sold him if They if you know if they give him they Knew what level that he was going to get To Arsenal like but you understand what you Understand what we're thinking Here yeah is yeah I'm quite glad that Zach said what he said because I thought I was going to be the only one that Thinks he's not quite there yet to be Honest I don't know I feel like it's too Harsh to say he's not well class just Cuz I don't I think there are quite a Few number 10 that I'd have ahead of him

Hey musiala Bruno Fernandez Kevin De Bruy uh Bellingham if he plays as a 10 You'd have Bellingham over erard as a 10 Definitely and um who did you say just Before probably have controversial one I Might have Florian vers over Mar odard Really well I don't know if i' do that He's really pretty exception he's Amazing but he just hasn't played that Sort of level just yet I also I do think This season comes into it though and I I Have been disappointed byard this OB had Injury issues as well Creator you I I I Could not put like Bellingham or even Mercial or ahead of igard I think They're amazing talent and I'll probably And M plays in the same position though At Le I mean I get with Bellingham but He has played deep aling and he's played As a sort of sort Of I just see I just see them more as Goal scorers I think as like a creative Like I don't know a goal scorer odard Creative but odard was really what Really stood out last year was his goal Scoring yeah his goal scoring was yeah But and yet he was still an elite Creator as well and I think he was so he Was so Central to that Arsenal team I Said I've got quite high expectations of World class I don't think he's quite There yet for me I think he's very very Very very very good and will be world Class almost definitely one day but he's

Just not quite there yet for me just so The Arsenal fans don't kill me yes he is World class they can kill me they can Kill me I ca and sacka are the world Class players in that Arsenal team but I Think and rice but if you take if you Take odard out they are a lot worse you Take Madison out Spurs does that mean He's world class well let's maybe hold That one coming up I think but but I do See your point in that sense like rice Has been more important to that Midfield This year and the fact that rice has Been like able to like has has been Given license to Rome has slightly yeah It has diminished Bard's performance Like importance a lot actually like rice Is like taking up kind of erard esque Positions whilst playing as a six which Is pretty Outrageous but maybe but maybe that's Just a bit harsh on Ard because like Last season he was like he was the key Yeah he was brilliant I think the the Consistency thing is interesting as well Like I think you can be inconsistent if You've hit an extremely high level for a Number of years beforeand like Eden Hazard had some bad years at Chelsea but No one for a second thought he wasn't World class even in those bad moments Odard I don't think has enough like in His bank to like have a down period and Yeah yeah it's mid November you know I'm

Sure he'll get it together this season And be absolutely exceptional but at the Moment I'm too affected by what I've Seen in 12 games let us know what you Guys think in the comments below I've Just checked the list actually we Haven't got him later on so let's talk About him now very quickly Madison is he world class Again we've seen a very good like start This season and if he' done this for an Entire season he'd probably be in the Running for Premier League player of the Year and then you are getting into that Discussion because it does have a lot of Exceptional players I'm not necessarily Saying it's got the best players all the Best players in the world but it's Definitely a very high level Madison was Great for Leicester last year side that Got relegated has had injury issues in The past again he's at the same level as Me as odard he's like just below world All right I think that's an interesting One again let us know what you guys Think of those two if you could pick one Right now to take for this for for say This Season say next next season next season Uh in which team in your dream team oh Madison I pick out a God okay okay well There you go let us know what you guys Think in the comments below let's move On to M Contender [ __ ] Master Contender

Uh Kier Tri is he world class Kier I I've said enough controversial things What do you guys think what does that Mean you think he's not then I don't Think he is no um how many English right Backs can make this can Make hake I think hakeim is up there in The world class the category if you're Already saying that a fully fit Reese James Is a Trent when he's on form a canel K Tripp has maybe one of the most Consistent players over the last year And has been fantastic at That is he world class I think maybe Also one of Atletico Madrid's best Players when he was there when won the League so he has Consistency I think I think I think Tripper and Walker are battling out to Get to get that Fifth Fifth or fourth SP I don't think I don't think ree James Can count right now I think I think Trippier is a little bit underrated just For the fact that he plays for Newcastle Haven't consistently been there but he's Like Captain he's captained what is he's Captained what is actually on the face Of it a relatively average team that are Still very much work in progress into The Champions League in a league where Getting into the champions league is Probably harder than any other league in Europe I think he's I I do kind of think

He's right up there like I like in terms Of his performances over the last two Years like in terms of his leadership His defensive output and his attacking Output Like most notably like his his um Ability from dead bull Situations like he he kind of is the Full package K in trippa and to be doing That at that age in a really physical League I think is is pretty remarkable Like I I I think he's right like he's on The cusp for sure like I think he's I I Think if you look at him and kyl Walker's performances over the last two Years I don't think there's much to Choose between them I'd happily say he's World class I think now again he's on Like I think we're just I don't know I Think it's I think it's generous to be Honest I think it's generous I just if You do it by the top three players un Unlike someone like Martin odard or James Madison or whatever he's got a lot Of legs in the like in the bank as I was Talking about He's 33 he's excelled for Atletico Madrid he's been brilliant for Newcastle but he was he ever was he ever Was he ever League leading at Spurs I'm Not sure and that and he was there until He was like 2728 um which slightly counts against Him maybe maybe I think this is Stage he scored a free Kick the world

Semi a World season at Atletico Madrid And a world class last last 18 months at Newcastle I do think he's been slightly Poor in the Champions League this season To be honest um but again he's got Enough in his he's got enough in the Bank that that shouldn't count for me Again I think I'm much harsher than you Guys I think he's slightly below world Class I think that maybe what's counts Against him as an old player he hasn't Actually full stop had that much Champion or at least no he has had a Decent Mount CH final he did yeah he has True true actually yeah I foret I just I Actually just I just can't actually Remember how to be honest it's just my Memory I can't remember how pivotal he Was in tottenham's Run to that final but He still was part of CH yeah a team that Made his Champions League final yeah but I'm I've got Yeah I love it I love it okay um again Let what you think Tri the next are very Easy uh yeah I'm actually going to blast You the next through um Marcus sto Earling Holland yes uh Mar Contender Ruben Diaz yes Allison from joeyc AB Probably the best in the world uh van Van Dyke from himon blana yes yeah like Especially the fact that he's like Operating near his best level again this He brilliant this year yeah Kevin AB Bruyne

Absolutely is he fit no he is world Class but are we going to what happens To his Fitness now like is this going to Be a consistent thing I think he's been Quite a lot of games like I mean he was Pretty he is world class I just wonder How long of an injury or an outage does It then you drop from that level if that Makes sense he need to be he need to Retire but yeah that's the thing he's He's had so many long spells out over The last few years discuss the best Midfielder of I think he's in the top 10 Midfielders potentially of all time yeah No no 100% 100% I'm just wondering like If Z comes back and think gets another Long-term injury within three games but I guess that's that's hyper but even With his injuries I I actually did it I Was looking at this yesterday in Preparation for this he's averaged 15 Assists per season since he was 17 yeah It's ridiculous even with injury with Whole campaigns with six month spells Out he's incredible no I do again I was Playing a little bit of Devil's Advocate I'm not going to lie um okay back into Maybe there's a bit more debate I mean Not really because this is probably Quite an easy no from FPL monitor Lucas Petta no um having a solid season uh and Had a solid season last year but Definitely not on the level yet um Kenny Um I'm not sure yeah like I think he the

Level that he the level that he showed At Leon and the the level that he's Shown at point for West ham is really Really impressive and I think he Probably just like I think just because He plays for a team that like may not Even get into like finish in the top 10 In the Premier League this season I know Like I was saying before like you know You can't be necessarily be Um you know downgraded as a result of Just playing for a team that isn't you Know one of the best but like you you There's you know there is an you and to Be fair like Man City wanted in in the Summer like is he he he could be at the Level but yeah he's not he's not top Five players in his position is he yes Um okay then leis Diaz from Bold uh lion K 11 um I think the especially the Leftwing position in football is Compared to the right so many injur Issues I think he definitely has world Class ability like I think in terms of a Player to watch especially when Liverpool signed him in that January 2022 and then he like he was really a Essential to Liverpool going like almost Winning a quad rup Remember That season He was Electric in big games against Man City in the semifinal of the FA Cup I Seem to remember like he was maybe the Best player on the pitch like he looked It looked like at that point I was like

Liverpool like he L he just looked like The perfect Mana replacement like I like I like I don't know I think LS Diaz and I know like Liverpool fans maybe overr It a little bit with him as well but I see it like I think LS Diaz if he hadn't yeah if he hadn't had The injury issues that he's had over the Last 18 Months like we might be talking about Him at that level I think like I I've SE I I've seen him hit like Rafael level Like Venicia Jr maybe not but probably Not But I don't know yeah I think he's got The qualities to be well class fair Enough and and yeah age maybe isn't on How old is he like 26 27 or is he a bit Younger than that I think 26 yeah maybe 25 fine so like fine but like but it's But it's also a little bit of a worrying Age to get like big injuries like that Um and yeah but anyway yeah I think I Think could one day be I think in a Year's time we could be talking about Him world class if if he like I think I Think he's he is capable of of hitting 15 Premier League goals the season I Think yes like he is capable of that and If you're capable of that as a left Winger like you have to be in the Conversation yeah there competition for His pace is the only thing like jot Darwin compare on the left as well

But like I think he is First Choice when He's when he's when everyone's fully fit And on form he'd be in that side I think And I think that's you know that's just Unfortunate because like he happens to Play in the at the club which probably Has the best forward depth in World Football yeah um I still think he is Yeah I still think he's clearly their Best left maybe B but yeah yes um okay So for now no he is not world class um Jon stones from Omar um oh I think it's Omar Al alab I'm sorry I'm so sorry 97 I've only just briefly looked at the Name j stones in his eighth year at Man City now playing DM when he's fit people Joe Joe last year said he's the best Center back in the world yeah I think When he's on four when he's fit sorry he He's up he's right up there I just don't Think he's fit enough I don't think he I Mean he hasn't started more than 23 League games in a season since joining Man City like that is would every team In the world want to buy Him I think yes probably has he got the Trophy cabin Yes has he been good on the International stage yes when he's Playing is he not Sometimes the best Player in the pitch yes yeah for me that Fits the category compelling case but It's just the fitness Record it's just the fitness record even

Last year he he played really well in The back half of the year but he still Didn't play that much in the first Half I think his performances for when He is fit and it's not like he's played Five games a season no like he is still You're right it's always around 20 League games um yeah difficult what do You think when Coms I feel like we've said a lot of English players are well class this Episode um I don't I feel like our quot We might be filling up our quota a bit But England do generally have like on Paper one of the best squads in the World um JN Stones I kind of we didn't Even mention him earlier in those Conversation around Center back it's um Having said that having said that Center Back is a weak position Actually actually five like finding like JN Stones fitting into that top five is Is tough like it is really tough um but I think in terms of where he's at he's Been at Man City what since 2016 one of his first signings yeah um Equally in that time pep even without The injuries pep has like just dropped Him but I don't know man like he is and Then on the international stage he's Consistent easily been one of the best Center backs in the world for years like In terms of his performances for his Country tree

Um Gosh do I give H um say I'm going to Say I'm going to say yes I'm going to Say Yes sh yeah he's shown he's shown a all Right especially in terms of his Performances over the last 12 months I Think he I think he gets in well I think We still got about 10 players to get Through so let's uh let's try and do That as quickly as we can there are a Few that we need probably have a bit More of debate about um this one is from Meth uh Andy Robertson is he world class Right now right now is a is an Interesting stipulation on that isn't it He was clearly world he the best back in The world for for three years um in that Sort of period up to 2020 maybe 2021 he's playing a different role Nowaday playing a different role I think He's good at it I don't know whether He's necessarily world class at it um He's also had Fitness issues as well He's had Fitness issues I don't know Whether he is anymore if you went if I Name who the other lefts left backs in The world T Hernandez T Hernandez aonso Davis yeah he's not as good as them at The moment I think that's probably it Yeah so maybe he is DeMarco Frederico DeMarco has been really good yeah he's Probably up yeah he is up there actually Um who's playing left back for Barcelona

Nowadays b b probably not quite there Yeah yeah he probably still is courtesy Of left back like rightwing being quite A weak position I think cenko last year Would up there wasn't he um I don't know I think Liverpool fans might be quite Angry with that I mean do you guys think He's oper I think I've seen a lot of I Think we've had talks and had and seen Liverpool fans talk about how he has Been in Decline I think a lot of people Said maybe he they are looking's not Going to come for my head on that they Are looking at maybe the what is the Future for for that side of the yeah Pitch for liol has always been very good As any playing really well as Well what do you guys think am I being Mental I feel like when I first looked At it that the idea in my head was no That he was he world class right now no It but when we kind of think about I Guess the other left backs out there in The World maybe he is still maybe he is Still there it's an interesting one I Think right now I'm trying to think of Other left backs maybe that I'm that I'm Forgetting I mean his expected assists Per 90 this season have fallen to 0.14 And I know he's playing a different role But that's his low ass since his Holidays he's got eight assists in his Last 42 League games so the thing that

He was world class at I think Particularly was going forward his Energy his delivery was also excellent When he got to the by line after making Like a me run like he never really let You down on that front and he's now not Doing what the best part of his game was But also you're saying the but eight Assists and we're not looking into Underlying numbers here to be fair and I Can't like but I mean I guess we are in Terms of expected assists but eight Assists in 42 League games is still Great For just over that's a season and a bit If that's if that's if that's his like Low leveling we talk about perid Fernandez like I think I think he makes It good point let's get him in stamped Andy Robson you still well class my Friend to ask everyone's world class Casual Scout 78 Gabrielle Martinelli is He well class right now yeah but could Definitely be on his way to it super Exciting but not right now super fun uh An interesting one here uras mataz Phil Foden is he well class super exciting But not right now again just's too much Competition in that in that position um And we did poate odard and Bruno Fernand Well yeah but I don't think Phil foden's Been consist I think a lot of Chelsea Fans sorry Man City I don't think Chelsea fans will care at all a lot of

Man City fans would take Umbridge if we Call odard worldclass but not Phil foden They can do that mate what they do tell Them going to come at us I don't I don't Think I don't think I think's closer to The no guard for what it's worth all Right uh well I'm going to say I think They're close but I'm yeah I'm saying no Yeah I also want to see Phil Fen do it For England yeah yet to See man is a bit harsh but 65 goals and 45 assists is pretty amazing for Man City like it is amazing like um yeah Maybe I am being harsh but I just but we Just said .4 goals and assists per game Is good but not exceptional for Gabriel Martinelli and that is the same rate That Phil foden Phil's been around for Longer though I think Phil foden's Closer to the level than Martinelli Mainly because maybe it's just because Martinelli's had a quiet season so far I Do love Martinelli and when it's like do You not just feel like I don't there has Been games there has been games but I'm Also yet to see the like big impacts Phil in consistent consist really good Champions League campaign when they Against United United there have been games even This year in the Champions League where He's he's been excellent um I know what You mean I know what you mean it's an Interesting one I mean again up the

Debate on that one let us know in the Comments below uh why so Sam Christian Romero won the World Cup uh was Syria's Best defender back in 2022 is he world Class I I don't think I you I think with The with the center back like you know Five we did you say we named five we Named five and also we need I I think Romero has world class ability like you You need to have you need to do it for Like a good two like well like three Four seasons I think really and Romero Yes amazing that that season at um Atlanta before he went to Spurs was Amazing but his first season at Spurs Wasn't so good this season he's looks Brilliant um but like yeah just just Need him no does every club in the world Buy him ever played Seven Champions League games we talked about dominating I think in terms of his I think in terms Of his age profile I think a lot of Clubs should have been in should have Come in for him when Spurs did I think They should have like his his his all Around his all round ability like is Really hard to argue with like it abil Does his discipline come into as well Comes into a little bit four red cards In 50 Premier League games is way too Many way too many more than any other Player since he joined the league that Is a problem I know Spurs fans don't Like to talk about it because it has it

Has improved but it's still a problem Has improved he's currently out for Suspended a crucial part of the crucial The season they just lost against wolves It's a massive issue uh again casual Casual Scout 78 Enzo Fernandez again won The World Cup is he well class probably Not I don't think yeah think don't think He's uh in that I actually think um he's Not been as good as he was last year I Think for brilliant at Chelsea origin Wasn't he took a lot of he's playing in A different position as well uh because He's not being as creative as he was um But yeah I think right now when he is up Against the likes of a de bruyer and Stuff like he's super exciting Talent Yeah super young as well maybe and he's Also been hamstrung by the fact that he Cost 106 million off R off the back of The World Cup but was the young player Of the World Cup was brilliant at the World Cup has so much to his game as Both like a deep line a deep line Midfielder and going Forward like if if Chelsea you know if If poch can get a r at Chelsea he will Absolutely be in there in the next next Two years I think and he's yeah he's not He's rarely put a foot wrong in his Career so far like was amazing at Benfica and like this time last year Benfica was genuinely one of the best Teams in Europe

So sorry I know you know and yeah I Think he'll be there like he's on the Cusp I think I think he I think he's Slightly underrated because the price Tag was so big and he's got so much to Live up to like I think Enzo will be There okay uh Yak Westbrook Aaron rasa Can yak Westbrook seriously take himself Like offline for a while how can you Possibly suggest Aaron Waka I think his Argument was in a one-on-one defensive Scenario no never no if I thought in I Pretty sure his argument was in one one Oneone uation he's all right Aaron W I Do agree it's good fun cheers though He's a great one-on-one Defender mate Great one-on-one Defender the rest of His game put him up against zaha every Game and he's world class Casper I think We kind of had this argument already and Then it means that he's ruled out of it Emmy Martinez is he world class no no Can you say he's the most overrated Player in World football or something Something something like that yeah I do Think he is I do think he's massively Overrated he has been great for Argentina there's no doubting it but Just don't think he's anywhere close to The best goalkeeper in the world which Is what so many people say online Because he won the World Cup and did That stupid celebration MH fair enough That's the reason um yeah we we didn't

Have him in the conversation of ear we Didn't um okay let's move on let's do These two at the same time uh another Right back situation we've spoken about A bunch we've kind of given them all Already worldclass data so someone's got Drop out um I guess one of them can be Considered midfielder from Jake Alber Rice and soan h06 Reese James and Trent Alexander Arnold respectively ree James Sadly absolutely not um just because of His Fitness record like can I can't if You can't trust someone to stay fit for Longer than five games at a time then Yeah like he he's obvious viously got The ability Chelsea captain now in a you Know in a down period for Chelsea um but Like yeah he just isn't just isn't fit Enough yeah is fit enough no arguments Really uh we'll see what see he's fit at The moment playing pretty well played Well against City we'll see what happens See if he can play another five games And maybe there might be be an argument Trent Alexander Arnold then is he a Midfielder is he a right back what we How do we how do we class this well I Think if you're playing the majority of Your games in one position then you're Probably that position and he's still a Right back cuz he's playing more games At right back um if I I I think if we gave tripier world Class status we absolutely have to give

Trent world class status as well because Of his ability on the ball and yeah he Might not be as well rounded really he's Got so much in the bank he's so much in The bank and he and he's been performing At almost a level that we've never seen From a premier league right back going Forward um from so young as well for From pretty much yeah from his debut Pretty much so I think he's definitely World class I think if I was building a Team I'd probably get KL Walker in ahead Of him but that's no disrespect to Trent He's just a slightly more Royal rounded Player or you or you or like you do Klo Or you build it around him yeah or you Play a very defensive left backer that Tucks in like a gavardo or someone he'd Be great for Man City well although Maybe him and Kevin De brono were Getting stuck in the same area anyway I'm sure they could work it out there we Have it that is our world class or not World class let us know all your Thoughts and opinions in the comments Below um what an episode of Sunday Vibes That is hope you guys have enjoyed it it Uh just before we go I've sadly got some Uh at least for me sad news uh I will Sad sad for us as well they incredibly Sad for us uh I will be leaving uh Football daily after eight years um I Think I actually think this might be my Last video to be quite honest um maybe

Next week if something happens I might Be on one but I think that is it for my Time at FD um it's actually very sad for Me to say that because it's been the Best thing I've ever done in my entire Life you started you started in the cop Pretty much yeah baby 18 years old been Lot straight out of wh Smith I've been Lots of UPS I mean I've had like Honestly the greatest time I could ever Have in my entire life um met some Amazing people who are consider my Really good mates best mates um join Pat And you to of course and everybody that I've worked with the footb daily it's Been incredible um yeah man it's Actually really sad for me to say that And CU I think for a part of me it Always felt like I'd be here forever Think it's worth saying thought I Thought you'd be a in many ways like Zach is like the true success story of Football daily like no disrespect to People that work at wh Smith or Something but getting a job on the back Of working at wh Smith in the football Industry at 18 you know presenting at World Cups presenting for the club he Supports like it's an amazing success Story and he's an incredible editor Producer presenter like a real all Around package so I think you're going Free dance for now aren't you that is The plan yeah that is the plan look the

Hope is to still the hope is to still as Well do content content with the boys Like I'm going to try and do some stuff As well get a lot of the old faces that You've seen too uh back as well try and Create some stuff um yeah I just think It's time I think it's time to to do That and take the next step um and thank You guys so much as well for the last Eight years whether you've wanted me Sacked or whether you wanted me or give Me compliments it's all good fun um and Everyone we've been met and like just Thank you so much for yeah giving I I Always said when I was younger when I Was like 13 12 like I just wanted to Make YouTube videos that's all And I did that I saw I think before you Privatized them I did see some videos From when you like 12 years old um I Think yeah more so than anyone like d Was saying you you've actually like Grown up on FD like people have actually People have actually watched you go from A child to an adult in like quite a Short space of time actually what was Bad was like when I joined football Daily you were only 19 and I was like in My early 20s as well but I was like God This this this guy is a kid this guy is A kid but then within two I feel like Within two years I was like oh this guy Has like actually become a more mature Adult than I was at that age so like

Yeah absolute Testament to you mate like You uh like yeah your your come up was Was quick and Uh Relentless a lot of different looks Lot of different hairstyles um but guys Thank you so much from yeah bottom of my Heart I think it's also worth saying Like obviously the viewers would noticed That a lot of people have left football Daily we are slightly tied in what we Can say but we will try and bring you More clarity on what is happening in the Next couple of weeks because you guys do Deserve that yeah you do like again Through my eight years like we've had I Know so many consistent viewers people That come back new viewers like you've Supported us in everything we've done You've given us chances to go and do Some crazy stuff like going to South Africa going to the World Cup going to Barley um had some amazing experiences Yeah thank you guys when did South Africa happen I Coast sorry Apolog I like sorry sorry sorry yeah Apologies um but yeah guys thank you so Much it's been an absolute pleasure um So for one final time if you enjoyed the Video click the like button let us know What you thought in the comments below Subscribe da if you're not already and The boys might see you next week but I Don't think I will lovely thank you have A good one bye

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