Professional brittish boxer and unified middleweight champion Kell Brook with nickname “The Special One” against american most effective puncher and top ranked athlete Errol Spence with nickname “The Truth”. Fight for IBF welter weight belt took place in Bramall Lane Football Ground, Sheffield, England on May 27, 2017. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Kell Brook (England) vs Errol Spence (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Takes to win this tonight Spence Jr four Years pressure the same height that Weight so crucial introducing first Fighting out of the Red Corner with his Trainer DK James wearing white with gold His official weight 10 Stone 6 lb 5 oz One victories including 18 big wins by Knockout from doto Texas USA the Ibf number one rank Challenger in the World Earl the TRU Spence Jr and his opponent across the ring Fighting out of the blue corner with his Trainer Dominic Engle he's wearing red And white and officially weighed in at 10 Stone 6 lb 7 oz in 37 professional Fights he has 36 victories including 25 Wins by knockout and one defeat that Defeat the reigning defending ibf the Wer white champion of the world the Special one k Special K EX in close good luck to you all touch CL But not just in this thriving 10 Stone 7 Division but at any weight in re Confidence what if Brooks weight over 12 Hard rounds this guy is a quality Fighter he's going to sit Back who loves fighting South balls he Blew Away rehydrated Recarved From very positive from Brook nice jab Looking for great reflex always had cat

Reflexes Brook he times that right hand Counter beautifully off that back foot Load a body shot early On there'll be the Tactics to work that mid gone up to Super well towe and vacated the crown But he didn't want to go not looking out Of his depth here speed wise people Thought he might have struggled coming Down to the way but remember Junior a Pre- fight betting favorite just Spurs Him on another body shot from the American so key here it say head just Coming desperately close together there The middle finish you get him behind Your hand St behind your hand they all Spence junor in the white with a gold Tassel Fleet fist of Kell Brook who's Got the Experience that Spence J through those 21 wins so Far half fights an orthodox Kell Brook Found his range quite early in having Some good success here in the second With an uppercut will he test Spence Jr's Chin was in the bundo Fight also got a good win over Chris Algeri he landed some nice body shots in The first round and when them shots Going but this is great response from K Brahy he's get away from the counter Shot that comes back to him Brook is Definitely found his distance and timing

Not great tactics but he's obviously Confident in his own punching power and His ability to take a punch because he Walking th with Danger this Defense and it's shaping up Well do you think the all around Experience an ability of K 31y old four Years older than ER but a good left hand There and he's got real Always had a pretty solid chin was bu by Press got a good sofball JB and when He's in close you can see that good shot There from Spence and a body shot that Follows light on his feet arol Spence Trying to work out on the inside but Errol Spence with a r smile on his Face we can see his back fo Kell Brook Having to apply more pressure now Because he's had a bad start for the Round May Brook realized is him with a Bit of a puncher Spence looking a bit Wild there a bit desperate watch every Single round of every single fight but Now he's under pressure now he's in with A the Orthodox so so fast and sharp and he There's the counter punches There he does it so well so Effective real tension here and there's The right hand of Kell Brook laughing Eventually but having none of it and Coming back with a left hook of his Own and show any weakness to his

Opponent both sides four Years with Spence can he deliver it all To draw that experience and you said There Brooke has got the more experience In the danger zone you know when it's Not going you know doesn't mean you can WR him off not at all that's some really Good punches landed already now I mean It's still a hard fight for him Erol Spence is still coming but Brook seems To have set to right hand's great and up Close he seems to be having the final Say in the last our own Dave Paris ad Alejandro Lopez heading the build up he Thinks both of them might touch down They might taste the canvas pushing back With that left hand to lean on him it Might be that natural size Advantage He's got that could be the come in at About 1110 on the night will it come Down to weight and down to stamina this Level let not for get K Brook oh right Hand from Brook peaching the shot in the Fook switch Hitting trained on those lines and Circles in the win back gym but Spence J With the right volley here applying the Pressure on Brook spener had him on the Ropes so he just worked let the shots go For The now see him haming important round That fifth NZ what did you Think one of two others at ringside feel It's closer was that a crucial round the

Fif as Kell Brook starts the SE powerful As he tries to deliver body Shots well Spencer here we're going to Find out cuz Brook's work is good I Think Errol spener has realized when he Sits back he's not he took some of Gard Golovkin bigger shots yes he didn't win The fighto on his feet against goovi up The middleweight he wanted to carry on Even with that injury to the eyes Su it Was terrible obscured his vision him in The eye and Steely family is over he believes the Bel going back to Texas right hand Looking strong here and Spence having a punishment to the T Spence really trying to dig his feet Letting some heavy shots go but Kell Brook just looks the physically stronger And he's able to push him Brook a couple Up at the halfway stage of course Tracking match up what happens next it Just seemed to Me or whatever it was from Errol Spence He was being busy and he's still letting Big Shots go but Brooke making it Awkward for him I mean he Throw but Brooke continues to look Strong back comes Spence Though the combination Erol Spence Jr And now they Promoted about him as he gets a left Hook Away I think the pressure from Kell

Brooks just slightly slowed down and That's that's made a bit ofs as well got In and now he looks a bit ragged Brook Well if we ever had any concern it would Have been in the second half of the Fight with Kell Brook coming down from Middleway starting to feel that weight Loss good session for Errol Spence Jr How do we know aesthetically he could do I mean being up at middleweight and when You look in the shape that Brook was In Spence J that right hand comes Kell Brook he really had to F it Kell Brook To get that success and when he does That strength tells and here from closes The distance Brook looks a different Animal Spencer looking quite comfortable When he comes in close quite you know Confident with that high guard but as Soon as he's got room and he can utilize Those those legs Spence just seems to have that advantage That Brooks able to lean on him but he's Landing Le lead left crosses now Spence And really is fascinating the zip of the 27y old experience of the 31y Old good shot from Spence and aov he was Just annoyed by a shot there Kell Brook Bit of swelling as Well good work from Errol Spence back Comes Brook with a couple of clubbing Shots back ahead from Brook and the left eye is swelling badly

Of Kell Brook and the face marking up quite Badly there especially around that left Ey Spence Junior don't say Anything has Errol fence a couple up Tony Bell has kelber one up Darren how you seeing it well I've got Brook a CLE up eral SP coming on Strong and this was the period of the Fight that many l of work that left eye Looking quite badly marked up and Swelling for the brook Camp oh good shot From Errol Spence J there his accuracy Is excellent at this sort of range Against a s a fast s that's still fresh To let Big Shots go this could be Troubling for Brock really applying the Pressure now big left hook from and his Team oh big shots from Errol Spence Junor yeah K Brook There the nth round and here comes Spence and K Brook sh some heavy shots There from Spence who can see the damage He's doing has Brook backs up here he Needs to hold he needs to he showing us His class and showing us his staying Power Brook raises his arm but that was TD and turent you got four Rounds stand car Spence now in the lead And I think for the first time in the Fight much more success in the last few Minutes oh cell Brook's hurt here and He's accumulation and the is terrible as Well for Kell Brook for Kell Brook this

Is desperate time he's badly injured now With that eye and here comes Spence Again arrol Spence Jr throwing all over The ring he's going to be taken out here The championship change hands Surely needs to hold he comes back Bravely br comes there he's looking up Back Comes K Brook we know that El SP is a Big puncher he's Landing body shots Spence now to the Head what a man K Brook is what a fighter he's not going To give up this is unbelievable because He's been hit hard with some heavy shot SP for and the right hand unbelievable Scenes here he believes in himself but Even on the end of them heavy blows from Spence he's still losing there but Somehow he's dragged himself back They're utilizing fueling off this round For Kell Brook how he's still in there Still making this competitive is Unbelievable boxing from both men Amazing conditioning how did Brooke Survive down almost out 10 against Brook But it was Spencer it was looking all Now got spent up for the first time in The fight he might need to stop him if He's going to keep Junior absolutely Fantastic four or five rounds he's had Who's proving very much his worth on This stage beautiful shot from Kel Almost and hinges Spence who comes back Oh he's blinking again badly Kell Brook

The Eyes giving him real trou Uncomfortable and here comes speno after That minute rest against in the eye Against Errol Spence but he's gone down On one knee he can hardly see out of it Get up and Continue I think he's going to send it Out it is all over and arrol Junor from The Lone Star State his Gratulations as the American becomes a World Champ brilliant in the last few Rounds he showed so much Gus junor wins A great Fight and your heart goes out Brook was Using his strength and looked like Weight Advantage but then he got injured Brook I don't think that he quit there Welterweight champion of the World still Undefeated Earl the Truth Spence Jr

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