Professional american heavyweight boxer and multiple champion Andy Ruiz with nickname “Destroyer” in 2nd match against brittish top ranked athlete and olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ”. Fight for WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on December 7, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Andy Ruiz (USA) vs Anthony Joshua (England) II | BOXING fight, HD

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In the face in my opinion tonight he Comes up against the man Anthony Joshua A wait that he's not seen in a l Introducing first fighting out of the Red Corner standing with his trainer Rob McCracken wearing white with red Official weight 16 Stone 13 lb AKA 237 Lb since capturing Olympic gold he has a Professional record of 23 fights 22 Victor iies with 21 big wins by knockout And only one defeat he's the former British champion former Commonwealth Champion former International Champion From London England the Challenger Former heavyweight champion of the world AJ Anthony Joshua and fighting out of the blue Corner standing with his trainer Manny h BL wearing gold and officially weighing In at 20 stone 3 lb 7 oz AKA 2 83.7 lbs his professional record an Outstanding one 34 Heights 33 victories Including 22 big wins by knockout only One defeat from Imperial Valley California USA proudly representing his Heritage of mea California Mexico Meos the reigning defending ibf IBO WBA WBO heavyweight champion of the world Andy the [Applause] [Music] Destroyer good Lu Bless Here We Go

Again six one of the biggest fiercely Debated rematches of recent midnight Air air in Dara Andy Ruiz J and Anthony Joshua lock horns Joshua up behind the Jab but he's he's wary as well he knows He can't Ru first thing I notic that him For me was how Actual a right beautiful work for left Eye and look at the patience from Anthony Joshua great face round and Accurate and damage to Andy Ruiz total Belief in the tactic in the game that Was a beautiful right hand Mark if this Was on June the 1st weeks ago we know They'll be heading west but where will They be Stopping looking for the right hand Again Joshua had a big shot as well and Ru is in trouble the difference here That AJ was CAU from a head clash and Ruiz was knock up from a punch the point CU of Joshua both to the points f boxing Well here AJ still sticking to his game Plan fle footed ascept he's Carrying he's got to be so careful Pulling is boxing the perfect fight he's Boxing lovely jab keeping it long Landing long hard straight right hand Lead left hook this is good and that's What I like you know even when he's Rocked the twice for me and he hasn't Jumped on him in either moment so but It's only three rounds in and you know You know yourself disciplined

Concentrated fight sticking to tactic Sometimes can Tire him too but he's just Got to stick to his BL but we know our Own lnox Lewis exacted Sweet Revenge Involve don't stand in front of him keep Moving keep the biger keep the guy who Wants the standard tra keep in the Leng And Ru is trying to get close and Looking to unload a combination Joshua American but the jab of Joshua still Ruiz but Joshua's still controlling it With the jab still snapping the head Back of Ruiz tries to right hook around Me Temple area good turn around I just Want to see Anthony Joshua really let in His tracks because the pressure is being Intensified Anthony Joshua's having to That's a good right hand yeah that's Really good the movement's good but he's Also every now and then every now then He's got to hit Ruiz with something hard Just to keep him in his place go for it Right hand from Ruiz was a good one as He looks to end the round strongly and His the best moments of the fight at the Back end of the four want to if you want To control lean on him pull him in all Right Kraken leading the way as he always has But he wasn't badly hurt no it wasn't Badly hurt he was a little bit shook Moment instantaneously but a good Hard Solid he's just showing there at the end Of the fourth round the still dangerous

You know Joshua cannot afford to switch Up his he's never going to tiand cuz he Doesn't where the way the out isn't all Who's got some puffiness under both of Them good work there from Joshua the Quickest defeat anyway but certainly the Extra Stone from Joshua very disciplined display from Anthony Joshua even on the inside 22nd Anthony Joshua tonight jab has been Brilliant faint the jab hooking uple Then he went 12 rounds for the first Time oh Joshua landed a really solid Uppercut he landed a hard right hand as Well Ruiz landed a good L know he will Get him he will have Patches he will Have SU SES and it's just how Joshua Deals with that up to now as he had by This stage in the gun nice by Joshua Shots that won in that Olympic gold and We spoke earlier Tony his career is on The line and that can that can ignite The Beast Within and it can make you Perform at a level this is a master Class from Anthony Joshua he's patient He's picking his shot as he sits on the St there's that L left hook out bang on The chin beautiful punch I mean up to Now it's been pretty much a punch to Strugly and added some good shots but Second half of this compelling match in Round number seven when Anthony Joshua As well Joshua who's trying to cut the

Ring up doesn't have quick enough feet Really to we're only in the seventh Round here fatigue might set in later on Maybe he does get close he is PL his Fe More he wanted he want the rough rounds Go on so he knows he can hit Andy Ruiz Right hand from R can get that hand Speed off [Applause] Looking for the right hand Joshua oh and It turns and he fights in spits I think He trains in burst as well back will Come out a right hand from Joshua you Know then he ties Ruiz up and that's Gentleman belongs to Anthony Joshua how Joshua had him only losing the fourth Round so far he looked like he you know He stole that last round in the last 20 Seconds with it see exactly as can i' be Shocked if anyone in fight the tactics Have been really good but you know it it Takes a lot of energy to box like they Two moments but they've been few and far Between five rounds to go Anthony Joshua Is doing a very good job leaving and When they do come in close that was a Good body shot from Andy Ruiz he locks Them up under straight right hand to the Body in shot to the right hand Andy Riz Needs Anthony Joshua to want to get Involved in this fight as he just Attempts to get inside and the right Hand there and Joshua just unsteady and Here comes

Looking for the right hands to the body The legs are strong and I'm going to be Honest Guys right to the left from Ruiz I still Think he's dangerous Tony Joshua better Better AJ L's more hard punches but they Didn't have the effect Vulnerability and the way the defense Has just come apart I think letting that Shots go I think maybe a bit of demons From June 1st could flooded back a Little bit a little bit of panic but we Felt him really go for it he said it was In the eighth Round back on the jab the corner has Screaming silly to go into an immediate Rematch as Ruiz clubs him again with a Couple of hurt body shots as well as he Still got the same power Joshua he Tri To hold him or tie him up beauti there Lovely work from Joshua that's what I'm Saying so I think Josh is just going to Stick to the game plan and box his way To a decision here the's C's getting Worse in the game plan he's being so Disciplined on the wasting any time or Waiting in Nigeria where he spent some Time after the just to Reassesses and remind himself that it's Not just about boxing but then he Knuckle down and this training camp Looks like in the ring where it matters Anthony Joshua forward clever he's

Patient you know he's trying to jab his Way and he's landed some good St the Body by going back in a straight line You can be caught with that right hand Ja a game from Joshua do you've done this against Parker it shows when Anthony Joshua has Genuine fear going into really fancy in My opinion he was happy to do the 12 Rounds Ruiz is coming back on watching Will be mightily impressed with the Poise Sleek as he's looking now it once Again a and it shows Everybody is is an unbelievable a Unbelievable because how many Heavyweights do you know that can box And move and not be blowing out the back Side after the more agile he's Sharper what about this corner Andy Ruiz these fast hands him in the ropes Or trap him in the corner his movement Been brilliant see him there getting off The road has been absolutely brilliant And like I say that's a testament Topping the Wait and also his things tonight that The improvements on his game oh he Didn't know where he was he was throwing Shots back but you know tonight he's Fued absolutely brilliant trying to the End has he been disappointing tonight or Is it just Joshua's been brilliant he Can do how dangerous he can be so you Know don't get me wrong and is a very

Good the jab and you know what that's Really frustrating for Ruiz Ruiz is Looks frustrated in there he's not Nimble on his feet very agile see him Again there changing direction left Right we want to see him come in at this Way all the time it'll be different Horses for different courses so would he Come in like this very different type of Fight and it's a fight that Anthony has Looked fantastic in ja jab looking as Good he been absolutely razor sharp Tonight and and the mindset you have to Go in there with to win a fight like This painful defeat an embarrassing ni His and he's found the benoir rousel From Canada just in front of us so Expecting to throw the K but that's Easier said than done youve got to quite Fight expect the last big right hand big Lovely right hand he's got to he can't Trade though it's good stay disciplined Stay on that himself tonight yeah and Sometimes the best thing is to keep it Simple keep it on the jab keep doing What you're doing and that's what he's Doing Here weeks in the gy fail to prepare Prepare to fail Mohammad Ali And of This hasn't been a no action fight this Has been a good fight both guys are cut Both guys are thrown punches to watch And it shows you the levels of Anthony

Joshua Andy Ru Smiles as us from Anthony Joshua who will be celebrating at the Final B what a performance Under Pressure must be that the belts are Coming back to Britain that was a top Class performer for the very first round Came out that switched eyes up when they Came to together he didn't allow to get Caught in that mid distance Ruiz number One superstar in the heavyweight Division the talk of the wild of fight The talk of the the fury again the Heavyweight champion of the world the Man known as AJ Anthony Joshua Redemption Revenge Reclamation in The desert for AJ






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