Professional panamanian lightweight boxer Ricardo Nunez with nickname “El Cientifico” (The Scientist) against american most effective puncher and top ranked athlete Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank”. Fight took place in Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, USA on July 27, 2019. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Ricardo Nunez (Panama) vs Gervonta Davis (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Tail of the tap there you see just one Your separates the two the heights rides It to their feet with Floyd Mayweather In the test is the future of he's only 24 years of age but lo and behold here In Baltimore sugaray Leonard fought here J Davis front and center with this reason Why everyone in here in attendance and Listen to this Ovation as youron void Mayweather in attendance is promote be Able to deliver we're about to find Out we welcome you to Royal Farms Arena Here in Baltimore new Jante Take [Applause] D okay box earlier as a reminded at all Times protect yourself at alls when good Luck the tap there you see just one your Separates the two as a fighter from Baltimore defended a world javante Davis Gets the opportunity against a very Hungry Ricardo his ringside honored to Be with all of you the WBA super feather Is Davis nun goes right to the body Backing up Davis for a brief moment Dave He was 7 years old won countless amateur Titles of H the hand beon Davis is something to Admire he so the star for Davis Continues to grow a nice straight left That Graves the

M nice straight Left we'll see if Davis K mix it Up 80 seconds remaining half two for nun He's going to have to get close to Maro under a minute Remaining Davis peppering the body of Nun attacks the body he'll leave himself Susceptible to pick snap back the head Of Nunes with a straight left and now Davis is starting to get more Comfortable about AR do to keep a Bunches up D is picking up the pace for Partisan Crowd that's the end of One going to listen to Calvin all right Use a ring a little bit get your Different angles on different sides keep Going stand Up round two this one is scheduled for 12 for him here tonight from this crowd We'll see if C push and press and pin Davis against the ropes right hand over The top blocked by Davis Davis too much as a Professional Davis slipping and body From the 24-year-old super Feathering you know yis gambo is Watching this One Nun trying to double up on the jab Slipping away to Davis nice right hook to the body behind The

Head big oh big left hook that caught Nun and now Davis is going on the attack Nun is L can Nunes will cover a big Straight left he's in B a second round knockout from javante Davis Nunes just got obliterated javante Davis that's how fast it can end oh my Goodness in an Abrupt Finish that's how you close a shot oh my God What for javante Davis take a look at it Again here's that left Bang again and the barage of Punches a straight left hard Do and again there's a Big left hook and Davis wi Out in spectacular Fashion he has a loyal fan following Here dervon Davis has the world in the Pal and all these fans sided second Round Destruction there's javante Davis nun a big that nun hurt then Another one boom punches and Bunches for the 240 in on it he saw the Opening bang right on and that's a sight You don't want to see and look at this Boom Davis lunging in with all of his at The end of the fight when arv KN waved It off DAV ice left hook another one and Davis hurting Nunes Nunes could not Defend Himself

Boom No The reaction the Emotion and there is Floyd Mayweather Watching the replay and Floyd like he's still fighting attention To [Applause] Detail nun a big nun hurt and then Another one Boom punches in Bunches for the 240 in on it he saw the Opening bang right on and that's a sight You don't want to see and look at this Boom Davis lunging in with all of his at The end of the fight when arv KN waved It off Davis ice left hook another one And Davis hurting nun Nunes could not Defend Himself Boom No the reaction the Emotion The Undefeated WBA super Featherweight champion of the world Jaante Tank Davis [Applause] Harvey doc Harvey why did you stop the Fight he got Nunes got hit with a couple Of big shots I saw that he was Defenseless and it was time to stop the Fight we'll take a look at it here I Concur with exactly what you're saying

But as you're watching this what was the Determining Factor well you see him get hit so I'm Watching him defens L and right there his hands Drop and the onslaught continues it's Continuing he's unable to defend himself Right there I thought he was defenseless At that point and he is Harvey good job Thank you thank you thank you all right Tank come on in here tank Congratulations by a young man who is Buting into becoming a legitimate Superstar I look

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