On today’s special episode of #Unfiltered we caught up with Arsenal star and recently unveiled Puma athlete Kai Havertz!

Rifling through his Instragram feed – and those of his teammates – we take a look at his career so far, his start to life under Mikel Arteta at Arsenal, Champions League glory, and ask him about the fans’ perceptions of him as a player.

What does he view as his best position? Who is the best striker he’s played with? And who is the best dressed at Arsenal? Havertz reveals all!

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Welcome Back to Football daily we're Here at the pummer store on carnaby Street for a special edition of Unfiltered look who I'm joined by it's K Hav Kai how you doing mate yeah good how Are you yeah yeah good this is good fun For us so yeah thank you very much for Being here we appreciate it obviously We're here to celebrate your new Puma Deal as part of unfiltered we' like to Do a deep dive into some of your social Media how does that sound sounds good Let's go there's nothing too vicious in There okay I hope [Music] So Let's start with the Puma deal this Feels like a really personal decision For you based on what we've seen looking In to your Instagram what was it that Made you sign with Puma um yeah I mean a Lot of things you know when I saw the Product first the boots um I'm going to Wear I was um yeah very happy with that And um yeah just all the relationship I Had with the guys from Puma was for me Um very very good and um you know very Big thing for me is you know the human Side of of people as well and and uh I Had this with with them since the first Uh moment so um I'm very happy now to to Join the family and uh can't wait now For the next couple of years good man All right let's Dive Into Your Arsenal

Uh pick so far talk us through what it Felt running out at the Emirates as a Arsenal player for the first time yeah It was amazing you know um I mean I Played a lot of times at the Emirates um With with other teams but now to to Represent the club um was an amazing Feeling you know to to play in in front Of those fans was special to me and even This moment always going to be in my Heart um so it was great and um every Time we play at home I really enjoy Being there on the pitch and being there In front of those fans because I think You have to enjoy it and feel proud to Wear this this jersey what do you what Would you say there like the difference Between maybe Arsenal fans the Chelsea Fans the Leverkusen fans that you've Discovered so far I personally you know I've had some run-ins of Arsenal fans on Social media whatever like they're quite A very very passionate Bunch have you Discovered that passion Firs hand yeah For sure no they are very passionate and I I really love it because it shows how Much they care about the club and about Us players um so I mean the atmosphere Is always great there especially I don't Know for example against City where we Scored at the end you know it was crazy And uh I love that because you know That's why we all play football because We want to get those tions out of the

People and just enjoy the moment with Them and um it's always great to play There you mentioned that goal uh game Against City if we go to the next phase He talk us through what was going on in This moment yeah it was crazy I mean um I think I don't know which minute it was But um Gabby Martini scored this goal at The end and you know the the stadium Just went crazy and I mean and we all Know it's just the beginning of the Season and there are so many games to Play but you know to sometimes have These moment moments are special um and It can give you a boost as well so it Was just special to celebrate in front Of those guys there and all the all the Girls as well so it was very nice you've Had some big moments already like if you Had to rank between your goal against Bournemouth uh the City win or the United win how would you rank those Moments so far for Arsenal uh I think You know the first goal is always Special as well but from the the feeling I think it was the game for sure you Know because um yeah it was just great To to see those emotions out of the People and I think that's why we all Play football what do you make of the Title race this season CU I looking in It looks like the most competitive one We had in years and dare I say Spurs are Even involved time no I mean it's really

Too early to say something about this um I think I feel like everyone can beat Everyone so we really don't know what's Happening maybe in a couple of months But right now we just try to focus on Ourself and Get the best out of us and just try to Win as many games as possible and in This image here we've got uh in right in The comments giving you giving you some Claps there the Arsenal Legends have They been good to you as well since you Joined yeah for sure no um you know it's Also a big thing you know to get the Support and um I really um love that When especially players who played for The club who really felt what sometimes Going through the people's head as well If they uh I don't know cheer you up or Whatever it it helps you a lot so um Yeah it's it's it's very nice from them Now we decided to you know introduce Some of your teammates into the mix here Dean rice here obviously you have a very Good mutual friend in Mason Mount and Their like relationship was very Publicized best friends whatever now You're actually playing with deing can You see what like maybe Mason saw and Him a guy yeah for sure no um I mean I Knew him already before I think we we Met up once also before we both came to Arsenal so I knew him And we were also always um you know

Messaging with each other before we we Came to Arsenal and like said what's Going on what's going on so um I mean He's a great person a good a very good Guy and on the pitch as well he's still So young I think he's my age um and he Shows every week um you know what he can Do on the pitch and how he can help the Team as well so I think he's a very Important player for us at the moment And uh yeah also a good guy funny guy Well now Mason's up Manchester maybe you Can replace that relationship yeah I Mean just you kind of mentioned it that Huge transfer fee for him this year You've been the subject of two massive Transfers yourself in your career Already at just like what 24 years old Is that something you guys talk about The pressure of the the financial side Of it all and do you feel like you can Give advice to maybe younger players who Are getting big moves maybe for the First time I mean it's not something we Speak about every day in the dressing Room but I mean everyone knows if you go To a club with a big fee it makes Something with you you don't want it to Make I don't know something with you but It just does um and there's also like Big pressure on you then because you Know you you want to show the people That you actually worth the money and I Wouldn't say any person is worth the

Money but at the end um um people pay so Much for this for for us so um you want To show that you really really are good And what you do and obviously it makes You a bit Target for everyone is hard For him as well now um for me it was Really when I when I came to Chelsea now It also took a couple of weeks um and It's always normal you know for for for Us people to that it takes a a bit of Time I think he dealt with us very very Well especially because I think it was His his first big move so next one we've Got Young viio zaka and the caption here Kid with a dream I mean he embodies what It is to be an Arsenal player at the Moment how important how impressed have You been with Bayo first and foremost And secondly like has he been someone to Help you really bance what it means to Be an Arsenal player yeah I mean I'm so Impressed with him um not only as a Player I mean I knew that he's a top top Player but also as a guy top guy you Know has both feets on the ground which Is I think more important than anything Else so he has so many years in front of Him um and um you know obviously when You come out of the academy as well it's Just so nice for the fans you know to Think he identifies so much with the Club and um yeah it's just nice to see Someone through coming through the Academy then coming a professional

Player being the captain of the club as Well is amazing and uh I hope uh he's Going to keep those standards up very High all right you guys are probably Going to be teammates for a long time so That's cool right uh on to the next one You know who that is could you guess who That one is No that's Martin odard as a as a young Guy yeah oh I want this picture I'm Going to show him you want that picture Well we'll send it to you Afters yeah All right moving on to Cela because this Is someone that football daily we think Is a Rolls-Royce Defender like how Impressed have you been with Cela Firsthand as a Defender yeah I mean same As I as I said to the other two guys um Also very good guy and as a Defender so So so good you know um he makes Everything so easy and um so calm and He's still so young so really um such a Good Defender and I think also he's Going to have a big career in front of Him on his Instagram it seems to be a Lot of fashion based images uh who do You reckon has got the best dress sense In the dressing room is it Ca no No um I don't know maybe I think ree Nelson he's has a high standard I think I like like the style of R next photo Can you guess who this is without Scrolling onto the next

Image Gabi Jesus no yeah that is Gabi Jesus yeah absolutely where does he rank In the strikers that You' played with so Far in your Career I think I have to say I think Really the best I knew this before as Well but now I see it in every training Session and um yeah it's an honor to Play with players like this if you see The quality now against CV what he did On the pitch is amazing and I Think um he's one of those players he Can turn the game around by himself and Um yeah I think he's the best he may not Be like that Striker that hits 30 40 50 Goals we're saying Harland levels let's Say but it does seem that everything he Else he does on the pitch helping you Guys like bringing into the game that's What makes him such an elite player back As someone yourself who's played Multiple different positions over the Years and Alice sconner is that it's co In Al Al yeah I mean do you like Resonate with him in terms of someone That can do it all on the pitch yeah but Um I think he's he even he's even more Kind of a striker I would say of a Number nine um because I mean he scores Lots of goals and he scored already um Lots of goals in his career as well um But he's not only a goal scorer he can Link up so well and he helps us even Like in in build a play and everything

Thing so much so um yeah he's so good For the team and I think helps everyone On the pitch a lot and think about you At lusen you tend to play more on the Right side of the attack at Chelsea we Saw you play all across the front and Now Arsenal is seeing you drop a bit Deeper and playing midfields do you Enjoy mixing up the positions like that Or is there a set role that you'd rather Be playing I mean I wouldn't say I enjoy It but I think it's part of the job um And um you know I'm used to different Positions now and um It's right that I play sometimes a bit Deeper especially when we defend but um Yeah I mean I just enjoy being on the Pitch playing football and I can adjust Um I think quite quite good and and very Quickly and um yeah and uh that's why I I really don't have I don't know any Favorite position or so I just you know Be on the pitch and enjoy like fans tend To be obsessed with goals and assists And whatnot like if we look at you this Season your defensive numbers for Example Are huge do you think that people just Don't understand like the roles that You're being given as a player sometimes I mean it's it's normal you know Nowadays um everyone just looks at their Phone and sees a goal or an assist um on The phone and if not I don't know he

Played bad or someone played bad if There was no goal and assist and that's And I understand this but I think Football is a about a lot more than only Only this um and I I don't put so much Pressure on myself about this of course For me scoring assisting is the the Biggest thing and um it's what I love to Do on the pitch as well um but uh you Just have to to try and work hard help The team as much as possible put your Ego aside um and you know this is what Impressed me also the most at Arsenal You know the team is so strong together And there's no one putting his ego in Front of the team makes the the group Very special that we have and um that's What I try to do as well move on next to Mikel artetta not someone that seems to Be on social media much this this Picture is from almost three years ago And it's one of his more recent Instagram photos you've had some pretty Cool managers over the years for like Football purist let's say rer Schmidt uh Peta Bosch Thomas Tu and your time at Chelsea do you take something different From each manager or is it all kind of The same would you say no I think um Every manager is different it's like how Also every player is different um And um of course sometimes you take um Some things from a manager with you but Maybe the the next manager doesn't like

It anymore so you have to adjust a bit But um you know not only things as a Footballer you take with you also tips From a human side and personality that People give you because um especially Him he experience a lot on the pitch and What makes Mikel so special compared to Some of the other managers you've had Yeah I think um the the level of detail That um to be honest I didn't even um Know before I I met him um like what's Important on the pitch and little little Details that um you never think about Maybe if you watch the game just normal Um and this is just special and um yeah I think he he tries to improve every Player especially you know the the young Players we have a very young Squad and He wants to make everyone better day by Day and um yeah this is very special all Right let's move on to the final photo Quickly I just wanted to touch back on I Mean you've achieved so much in your Career already I was even reading you Know like the youngest player to 100 Bundesliga appearances apparently you Assisted the 50,000 Bundesliga go or Whatever and then the your trophy Cabinet is obviously like getting bigger And bigger the Champions League win with Chelsea is this still something you Think about quite a lot yeah I mean um It's something I dreamed of as a kid you Know even play this game um yeah was

Something I I wanted always to Experience and um we won it and um I Scored so yeah for me it was the perfect Day you know and uh I always love to Remember I love to to watch the videos Of the game and it's just nice so your Whole family was there for that game um Yeah so not my whole family but a lot of Family members were there so my my Girlfriend was there so it was just nice To see them there enjoy the moment Celebrate with them after the game it Was very special and I have Arsenal You've obviously won with the community Shield already this year there's bigger Trophies out there to go and get this Does feel like a team that is going to Go on and win a lot of silver Weare Certainly under ARA like do you get that Feeling of momentum at the club yeah for Sure I mean the club has been in a Change in I don't know last six seven Years and um especially last year you Could feel there some Growing um in the team as well and you Know when I arrived I certainly did feel Um there was is something in the air but Um you know there's a lot of hard work To do of course in the in the year that You play to succeed and uh to win Trophies and it's hard work but we try Our best and we want to compete every Day so um yeah we just want to win Something but it's going to be um a hard

Way good man all right cheers Kai thanks So much for do that that was unfiltered On football daily thank you so much to Pima for sorting this all out thank you To Kai for being here to subscribe to The channel if you haven't already and Hit the like button and we'll see you Next time bye-bye

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