Professional american lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia with nickname “King Ry” against puerto rican top ranked athlete Jayson Velez with nickname “La Maravilla” (The Wonder). Fight for WBO NABO Super feather weight belt took place in StubHub Center, Carson, USA on May 4, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Ryan Garcia (USA) vs Jayson Velez (Puerto Rico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Number out 183 to 31 those are the total Rounds fought that means that FZ has Fought 100 B he was that young promising Fighter at one point in Jason B Ryan Garcia okay gentlemen both your trunks a Little high good luck to both of you Bernardo Osuna Bernard Hopkins and B and You could feel the tension you can feel The anticipation boxing little chilled Here in StubHub and let me tell you Something just going to get warm real Quick and as the rounds progress I'll Start doing what I need to do rounds is Going to be a really a round of who Going dictate going forward but not Actually be the Cas crash predictions from Ryan Garcia Now he's got a true prospect and then I Can't once again become a world champion We see the right hand if he misses and He don't protect himself he will get Countered because valz came to Fight valz be kind of lery on coming This is two or three Jabs coming see a Nice left hook you know that his durable Here early on in the fight the one thing About V is he came to fight he's got Something for Garcia to throw a punch And bring his hands down hands Bz wants to Car keeping him off him which is not

Going to be a good thing he must gar bz And throw combinations and not get Trapped on the ropes like he's getting Trapped now Henry Garcia he's also his Trainer I want Ryan Garcia connects with A nice left and right and you see the Leg of Jason valz do more of them funny dances Try to suck them into a war He won't know what to do you did very Good Precision this Round hear Me it is and you know there's two ways That both of these Fighters know how They got to win this Fight left hand there from Jason more Combinations he want to see Ryan put Three four at a time nice right hand There to the chin ofis setting up a Right upper cut or left upper cut after The fighter meetings I want make him Think I don't want him to think that he Can just do what he wants to do against Lesser Fighters he's facing me I'm a Grown man like Garcia has to figure out With that right upper cut that I Mentioned earlier there is go a little Weak and here comes Ryan Garcia he said Before four rounds this fight will be This even and he still was training as He was working anticip with a shot and It's Over SP

Out it was William Cruz giving Instructions bet though what was he Telling the Puerto Rican fighter and see My smother him get in front of impresses Me about this young man is how he's able To create space is a more experienced Fighter with his 33 you see Ryan Garcia Trying to set things up he's not just Going after like sitting in the pocket And he's Contin ring generalship when You see ring generalship you know Ryan Garcia was supposed to be headlining on Golden Boy boxing on ESPN trying to show The world what team up at the B all right you're doing good man all Right around as we hear the fans go Crazy for a second he handled what he Handled overhand right now so yes but so Far trying to find a way to count all Right Betto this fight got into the Fifth round Ryan said it wouldn't but it Is here with young prospects but this Was once the story of Jason p and one Punch can change it all as we see right There another right hand that makes we See Garcia as a guy that think he's Inent because he know the thinking of That because he's been in that Situation the nervation of Ryan Garcia As he lands to over Mexico Puerto Rico On CCO de Maya weekend that's what You've got tonight's main event on Golden Mo boing on ESPN got him a quick knockout here in

His 15 Pro B experience and experence Pass this fight and Ryan Garcia look at The combinations uh that's also the Fight that Jason V envisioned I mean he Knew look at the punches landed almost Twice as many for Ryan Garcia at A valz somewhere even round by round by Round to go here and he land a nice Uppercut has v tried to get aggressive And he's paying the price here in the Sixth round nice left hook starts to Unload his power but he got to press Forward and do something different or He's going to Be all right be hop so they're happy With what he's doing but like they want Some more valz is throwing one punch and He's throwing three or four punches valz Has to keep the fight close and the ring Generalship that carer is putting on him Right now did a good job in of that There's that overhand right once again Finds a home behind the ear something Out of that pressure is just basically Running into with coming in and then the Left hook from Ryan Garcia now make him Do tonight and nice left hook there from He's not trapping himself in the corner As much as he was as a fight pression Not so much in sparing but with maybe Another right uper cut because he see Everything he see everything Val Stone How to go there in that scene RZ is Coming forward head and he gets caught

Once again by Ryan Garcia speed power And Charisma to throw a left hook in a left Hook position Fe Planet going round in And round out bet though what were the Instructions for Ryan this isn't deep water for Ryan said I'm conditioned I stopped working at the Fast food place I dedicated myself Change up from just hit me with an Uppercut Garcia has a good right Garcia With his back to the r there the Quickness from Garcia is like a whip When he throws it he throws it and he's Quick and it's fast 10 seconds stop with The Bou that is but you Know min because not only is he still Points but both guys he's not breathing Garcia is not breathing hard like you Know the Le must change the strategy in His mind how he's going to P rush to the Corner and just let all his hands go Like he tried to do but see slipping got Right out of it com stylistic boxing They want a war they me and a challenge And that's exactly what the Puerto Ricans has has poised this evening Against what I like about bz he continue To come forward you know he's not it all Around fighter fighter like a young Prospect Ryan Garcia and here Ryan are still with Him nice

Combination oh big right hand from Ryan Garcia almost comes at Wheels no life Jacket no floaties this is the 10th and Final Round he takes a nice left CL and Says hey protect yourself at all times Kid that veteran move he must protect Your and one shot can have changed Everything we're in overalls and when I Went into the locker room to talk to him I said hey you br your lunch pail too he Said I did because this is a tough fight You know what Jason V proved that you've Got power but I can take your shots so Far Ryan Garcia get the crowd crazy but This is a real it was different and That's a learning place that everybody's Not impressive performance nonetheless From Ryan Garcia have to prove who he is Ran Garcia a true prospect this fight Who now the flash becomes a monster Hello the businessman Bernard Hopkins as This fight comes to an End so Ryan Garcia round distance for The first time as a professional well Ladies and gentlemen After very sportsmanlike for Jason B to Put the belt on Ryan Garcia who intrud

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