Professional american middleweight boxer and WBA champion Daniel Jacobs with nickname “Miracle Man” against russian top ranked athlete and WBO champion Dmitry Pirog with nickname “The Grandmaster”. Fight for WBO middle weight belt took place in Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, USA on July 31, 2010. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Daniel Jacobs (USA) vs Dmitry Pirog (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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3-year-old undefeated Danny Jacobs in His 21st professional fight faces Dimitri perogue of Russia for a title Bel fighting out of the Red Corner Wearing blue with red and white Officially weighing 159 lbs his professional record a Perfect one 20 fights 20 victories Including 17 Knockouts from Brownsville Brooklyn New York The Undefeated Daniel The golden JS everybody and fighting out of the Blue Corner wearing blue with black Official weighed 160 lb also a perfect Professional record consisting of 16 Fights 16 victories including 13 Knockouts from galenic Russia From Russia with Love The Undefeated Demitri P you doing give me a clean break Protect yourself at all times obey my Commands at all times let's do This the difference in punching power at Least now the bell sounds for round Number one I have ridiculed the fact That the winner ofing that belt stripped It from Sergio Martinez up Kelly pck to Clearly become the number one Middleweight and the legitimate Middleweight champion of the world could Have a terrific career in the sport Either of whom could conceivably somay Be a legitimate middleweight champion But to call him now but call one of them Well right away you saw Dany Jacobs come

By and try to land a big right hand face I think in insation I think he's Developed a little respect for Demetri At this point point and he's realizing That he's going to create a slight Problem because it's not that easy to Hit brog very well well the first thing Everybody who has seen him says about Demitri kogan this was he a guy who Bends at the waist has a lot of movement And he has watched American fighters Very very Relax Danny Jacobs fighting in a Southpaw Dance Now now he's he's not Having the success he expected as easy And so he's trying to make trying to Find out Now hero now Jak Jacobs goes back to his Conventional Stance this is the way they'll match up Against each other most of the Nights good right hand by Pero leaned into it for him Jacob still has not found a way upper Body movement is is really creating a Problem For seemed to land more punches but the Best punch of the round might have been The left hand from Pero combin when get close don't go over Top bring up all right come On or whether his corner men have simply Found out it's extremely convenient that They can buy jerseys number 27 Brandon

Jacobs the running back for the Giants pick up Danny Jacobs head corner And Victor round very very I was going To say right hand by pero Jacobs almost Went down I was going to say but he's TR To figure out a victory strategy for Jacob tonight that's a good body shot With a left hand by pero right now pero Is the aggressor earlier in the fight And he landed a big right hand here in The second round that has Daniel Jacobs You were about to you say that Jacob's Terrific trainer Victor round Tre his Hand for tonight trying to plot a Strategy I know they were not expecting This type of a fight from pero is a on This stage it's like he lives in Vegas I I was yeah especially that it's his First time figh but he say he your Attending fight says he's only been here A week says he didn't take that all that Easily to American food did he go to the Ran restaurant here in the he's beating Jacobs up in this round when I was you Know I'm a very big fan of Danny Jacobs And I wasy he not look that much but He's very difficult guy to fight cuz He'd been studying them against being From Europe Himself unexpected loss that derailed His career it's tough night fought last Night and he's won several fights but He's still trying to get a play fight so

I think you know there's an Improvisational quality to what perog Does and Daniel doesn't seem really Perogue does things that you really have To look very closely as a real good Boxing guy to really as I said he mov Moves his head in and out changes gives Your angles changes him and punches from Those pivots he's Pivoted after looking at him on Videotape reminded me of a younger Slightly bigger Javier Kaso fought against Vargas fought Against deya Etc was long armed more Conventional than Coro I can see that The uh the ray London moves a lot not as F in the TR but he's tting p but he's a Pressure fighter which is Amazing moves his head inside Yep you got me Landing punches and I Think the biggest problem that Jacobs Had he didn't know where they was coming From because it's such a different Variety of punches and the right hand Knock down strong legs kept Jacobs from Going to the canvas but I got to tell You something I disagree with Emanuel Stewart that should have been a Knockdown those ropes were holding this Guy up bird gave him a break on that Call he's caught up in those RS be as it May Danny Jacobs probably pulled out the First round with good you know Jacobs in Round one com box numbers clearly

Favored for rogue I didn't see the r he Was Bing forward I think it was a pretty Close he was he was Bing forward when When he regained his balance and not That he was back in the ropes holding Where he would have fell out of the Ropes I was watching his butt on the Replay looking for exactly that I took The Rope instead of on it but it was a Very close Call certainly I think the more Important problem is Danny Jacobs trying To figure out the movements and the Pressure that's being applied to him Good place but perogue has him against The ropes again and now there's a look Of concern on Jacob's face mysteries in There for him need to be solved that's How they look after the first 30 seconds They had rehearsing and and and plan so You know he just have to make Adjustments if he can realiz he's got a Very talented fighter so because perogue Did not star in the Russian amateur Program and go to the Olympic several Russian Fighters have gotten from their Olympic action a lot of people might Have thought oh maybe maybe he's better Because he has trained himself into a More American of fla Mayweather Junior Head sugar look at the head movement There was over there Neither you're fighting somebody from Russia if you're looking not here this

Guy is a mover well what's interesting To me is the pressure that he's putting On pressure he's putting on D he's Making Danny fight and move a lot faster Than I think Danny wants To right hand By I think he that that may help his Composure I know he cannot fight going Backwards keep him off Balan don't let Him right here you can see the great Defense up Rog which is his upper body Movement like P and turns good head Movement punches even if you're hitting With one punch right here here you see Jacobs in a beautiful clean right hand Probably the best punch he's landed Tonight but he's going to have to be in Great shape tonight because he's going To have pressure on him all night SC given that perogue has already landed Three or four of those kinds of damaging Shots with both the left and the right Hands good body shot by Jacobs verog Leaned into that One Tomy box numbers in the third round Favored Jacobs 13 out of 75 six Jacobs Back in that Southpaw dance seems a Feeling maybe had chance to land a power Left hand out of this stance than out of His conventional stance Emanuel well I I Still came but I haven't saw him land Too much except the first time he did it He was able to land on Loop and left Hand but um you know it's it's risky

When you're fighting a guy with doing Anything that's experimental so to Say stop stop rog's got a little bit of Sobo in him too not your talking to Jacobs in there They hammering to the Body I don't Suppose hero is speak surprising a lot Of these guys they speak a lot better English than they let you on and think Most because most of them had it Extended in their school over they they Try to let you think that they don't Speak but they understand a lot of Things when we were speaking to them Well that was always the old Soviet Persona I mean during the days who spoke Perfect English were absolutely deaf and Dumb when American reporters were around Yeah I think if I were in Jacob's Corner man Manual I might beg him to focus on the Body for a while and Jacobs hasn't tried To throw his Flur I think that his Fight's going to be fairly competitive To a certain degree but I'm just worried About the condition of Jacobs going down The Stretch well I don't think he's ever had This type of a pressure that put on the Guys coming a very difficult pressure Too not a straight line pressure well Jacob's biggest win was in all the goal Against DJ Smith

E Smith much older than perogue not Nearly as active This everything is off the block and if You want you get your combination though Bring a defense back up he coming at you Catch come back at him all right you get Going back this is something totally new To Jacobs right now being hit with the Punches that he's been hit with tonight And then also opponent that he can't Seem to control studying his expression He seems to be adjust very well out of 51 that makes it sound as though Jacob Theo who landed the more significant Blow so this is a this is a fight in Which comp compy box numbers may not be The case because of what an unusual Style perogue demonstrates in the Ring good comeback left H by Jacobs There you know He I think he just told him he be big Issue of it which I think is good yeah I Didn't see anything really land low it Was but I don't think it was intentional And I don't think it Was on a perfect right hand may be That no way Robert bird W even finish The kiss's arms and Jacobs is Gone on a knock out by Pero but you said it Emanuel he's never Seen like the opponent with whom he was In there tonight and dimri perog from CIO Martinez the Legitimate after seeing perog perog is

Going to be a here's the right hand and Boom Jacobs was asleep but alas The Knockout had already been scored but Look at the body movement of parall Coming in fight with a guy like him what A c scary athlete he is like a old Veteran style all three judges had Jacobs up three middleweight champion of The world from Russia with Love to Meeto

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