Welcome back to Continental Club where today we are discussing whether Barcelona coach Xavi is good enough to manage the Blaugrana long term.

Recent results domestically have been poor and with players like Lewandowski and Raphinha underperforming, we question whether he has the capabilities to take this side to the next level especially with Imanol Alguacil linked with the job!

As if that wasn’t enough we make predictions for games involving Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid!



00:00-04:22 Intro and Champions League
04:23-13:33 The 23/24 Season
13:34-21:01 Should He Be Fired?
21:02-25:30 Possible Replacements
25:31-30:41 Bayer Leverkusen vs Borussia Dortmund
30:42-34:02 Napoli vs Inter Milan
34:03-37:04 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid


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Hello and welcome back to Continental Club we discussed the hottest topics in European football I believe this is Dropping on Friday afternoon because we Dropped a Kai hav video If all went well Yesterday afternoon with Henry and Produced by Mikey so go check that out On football daily great to get access to One of the Premier League's most Informed players right now huge huge Yeah when it was filmed slightly Different timing though yes it was Filmed quite a few weeks ago now I'd Like to think that it was the uh maybe The kick he needed I think so I spoke to I spoke to Zack Afterwards after he watched it and he Said um that you got you got a lot out Of him so done a better job than Zach It's it's it's always one of those where So we're Now I think you're both what 30 or Almost 30 hang on a second 29 29 for a Few more months okay 2930 it's one of those where you look at Kai havs you're like wow this is a six Foot he's like 6' 2 6' 3 or whatever big Big guy like he's only 24 he's he's just So young it's just CRA it's one of those Moment you realize wow makes you feel Less of a man doesn't it we are we are At the we've got one more transfer in us At best I'd say as uh as professionals But uh I'm already over the hill I've

Been I've been going on the downhill Since you're only getting one year Extensions on your contract at this Point for hairline reasons brutal um Mccbs how are you yeah good Champions League chaos again last night in can you Guys just have a boring one nil win Doesn't exist it clearly doesn't clearly I mean that's what's what's crazy is That man United's goal difference after Five games in the Champions League or Goals scored and goals against is pretty Similar to man United's goals scored and Goals against after what like 12 the Premag games in the Premier League United are a pretty D watch most of the Time domestically in Europe just Absolute chaos providing constant Entertainment for the neutral um but Yeah I mean Yeah galatas I mean galatas I was saying To Joe before like Galatasaray away a Three old draw with one game remaining Without the context of everything else Like before the season had started I Would have been like okay great like That that will you know that's a great Result um in the context of e ring Obviously not a great result but um but Yeah man what a group that has turned Out to be I actually think this Champions League group stage in general Has been the most entertaining I've seen In years like I feel like usually the

Champions League I actually can give or Take the group stage and once it gets The last 16 then we start seeing all the Best games of the Season like it just It's just like Relentless um but this Year like the group of death with Milan And um New Castle and PSG and Dortmund Has been like so so good has lived up to Expectation massively um it's been great To see like a side like s your dad Really you know you know they could win That group now um even bar owners Group's been quite tight yeah that's Been pretty good as well and also like Good to good to see Barcelona progress As well um uh as they did last night We'll get on to Barcelona a little bit Um like Real Madrid's group has been Pretty Entertaining um yeah it's it's been a Really really genuinely entertaining Group stage nice Henry have you enjoyed It yeah I loved it even on the way here I saw some lwn fans in the tube they Were still smiling away so they good Good I live next to the Emirates and I Could just hear y yeah yeah It was pretty Relentless last night um But yeah it was I agree like PSV game Yesterday by the way absolutely even PSV Getting out their group um well Potentially they're in pole position too That's really cool but yeah it's I think It's hopefully there're I think it's

Always nice to see like a surprise Runner go a bit deep into the Competition I think there's a few set up For that this year and as you said Roy Ssy dad uh playing their part two and we Might be discussing one of the key Characters in that a bit later in the Show absolutely absolutely as you seen By the title of this video we are Actually talking specifically about Javi It's a Javi special maybe for the next 15 20 minutes because you know he's now Two years into his Reign I believe and There is you know there's some noise There's a little murmuring you know is He really good enough for Barcelona it's Probably been a question really ever Since he was appointed as Barcelona Manager obviously last season went Exceptionally well this year's had its Difficulties so mcabs we're going to Kick off with Barcelona's 2324 season is He doing well enough this season or do You think there's other factors at play That have meant that Barcelona haven't Been able to perform at their best yeah I think it's a bit of both isn't it um To be honest not to sit on the fence too Much but their recent form has not been Particularly good um I think they Started the season very brightly um but Have yeah have had injury issues of Course um you know the pedri injury Injuries have have plagued Javi ever

Since he arrived at the club but in Terms of recent form you know they've Lost a bit of pace in the title race you Know that 2-1 loss to Real Madrid which Was you know their first in the League This season and you know was was Slightly unlucky you know last minute um And lost in the last minute had plenty Of chances to win that game as well um That loss plus that one all draw with uh Viano on the weekend you know they're Now four means they're now four points Off Real Madrid and shirona um in fourth But you know they are only four points a Drift that's absolutely fine at this Stage of the season it's just the fact That it's not a two- horse race this Year like atletica very much in the race Jiron I think you know you have to count Them in the race given how good they've Been so far this season um and then kind Of between that you know they had to Come from behind to beat Porto on Wednesday nights um you know if it Wasn't for Joel Canelo putting on an Absolute Master Class like you know we We might be looking at a different story And and Barcelona may still have to play That final game of the group to get Through or win that final game game of The group to get through Um also had to come from behind to be Alz they were behind for around 60 Minutes in that game as well um so yeah

Performances have not been even though Results you know have not been Absolutely disastrous let's also Remember like Javi cannot beat Verano The last time Barcelona beat them in the League was in 2019 um which is pretty Outrageous um the performances haven't Been great I think they only I think They haven't produced Uh an expect sorry they haven't produced Two expected goals in one game since I Think the start of October so like which Is pretty mad because they're still I Think the second most intense pressers In the league they are by far the Biggest possession side in the league Like they still do dominate games but The chance creation just isn't quite There I think their biggest chance Creator is Rafia and I think this is Something that you can definitely put at Javi like he has not played Rafia Anywhere near enough um you know I think Seven of his 10 appearances have come Off the bench he's also the highest Dribbler and obviously when we're Looking at like per 90 stats if you're Coming on late in games you know you're Going to get a little bit of an Advantage against T defenses but Nevertheless rafo is still producing When he's coming off the bench um in Terms of his chance Creation so that concerns me a little

Bit I think but at the same time there Are mitigating factors yes injuries have Been an issue especially in Midfield I Think elsewhere not so much but pedri And Frankie dong have missed 16 games Combined just in the league gav is now Out for the rest of the season um Oriel Raml like there was you there should Never have been that much expectation Put on him despite him performing you Know pretty solidly um before he arrived Um but you know he was never going to be Able to gets replacement let's face it And yeah he has struggled recently um I Think you know pedri and Frankie coming Back into the side I think is only a Positive in the long term but like you Can't expect them necessarily to hit the Ground running straight away um Especially pedri given the amount of Like absences he's had over the last two Years um so I think you'd hope that Pedri will you know once he's really you Know back in flow um will make a really Really big difference to the side um and Then as for the goal scoring I guess you Know levandowski has scored in just one Game since September and that is a that Is a worry like that is definitely a Worry been a bit of a a longterm thing With him since the world cup just not Been quite as good as he pre-or cup it's True like this time last year he was you Know still still on fire um and it's not

Just that he's not hitting the back of The net like his shots have dropped from 4.2 to three and I I don't know a time In levandowski career where he wasn't um Taking over four shots a game certainly During his Bayern days he was always Hitting at least four if not at least 4.5 um so there is a sense I think that Levandowski finally age might be Catching up a little bit with him like That's not to say he can't like revive His form but like like you say duges It's kind of been since January that We've seen him drop off um and when There isn't Another lights out goal scorer in the Side that is a bit of worry on the other Hand they've already had 15 players Contribute goals this season so there is You know there were goals coming from Throughout the side they're still top of The league on XG although I think their Early season form has a lot to do with That the last month has not been so good Um they're second to Atletico Madrid on Expected goals against as well so the Defense has has been fine but tan hasn't Been quite at the level that he was last Year still playing absolutely fine but Just isn't like the best keeper yeah Isn't the best Keeper in Europe um so um So yeah there are concerns but like I Think plus sides yeah Joel Canelo has Been absolutely brilliant he's

Completing over 2.5 dribbles a game so Far yeah won them the game against Porto So in terms of like a talismanic figure I think Canelo has very quickly become One of those at Barca um in some ways It's a shame that he has to play on the Right because obviously B is is is great On the left um and they don't have you Know a decent right back otherwise Because I do still think like in terms Of his impact especially in the final Third I I do still think Canelo is Better off the left um certainly you Know in those last couple of years at Man City I think that's where he was at His most effective um so it's a little Bit of a shame in that sense and that's Where he was you know that's where he Was at his devastating best against Porto as well so there are reasons to Believe that Barcelona will still go on And win the league to be honest um you Know Real Madrid who I think you know Are still that their biggest challenges In terms of um taking the title back off Them you know they have their own issues You know Venus is out until January can Bellingham and Rodrigo like provide all The goals in that time because you know Bellingham has been heavily relied upon Like that is you know a potential issue There like I can absolutely see them Dropping points between now and the Middle of January um but I think the

Next two weeks will be really telling Like they've got Atletico Madrid this Weekend then they've got Jona like two Massive six pointers there um so I think We'll have a really a much better idea After those games games um and as for Javi yeah like I I don't think it's that Surprising that two years into his Reign After a month in which the football has Not been so good and results have taken A bit of a turn as well that there are Some questions like the Barcelona press You know no matter who it is in The Dugout will always you know always be Very kind of um Place managers under the On the close scrutiny um there was a Picture recently of lorta and Rafa Marquez they got a lot of press um leor Is known to be a a big fan of him Obviously hard him as the BT manager um And there is talk that if Javi was to go That that Marquez would be potentially In line for a promotion all Pep Guardiola there um but I think Everyone's probably getting bit ahead of Themselves in that sense like he's secur Last 16 of the Champions League I think Barcelona generally have been pretty Good in the Champions League so far Obviously you know after last season That was you know a source of big Pressure for Javy because you know if They didn't make it through the Champions League group then I think yeah

His neck would have been on the line Most probably um but generally speaking I think he's done a good job over the Last two years it's not been plain Sailing but like he's he's Lor's man After all like he brought him in um and Generally speaking in Lor's you know in In his first r at least like you know Barcelona had what two managers um so It's not like he is the most trigger Happy president um I think Javi has Bought himself at least until yeah I I Think Javi will last the season most Probably there we have it there we have It I mean it does feel like yeah with His Club Legend status it's going to be Difficult to get rid of him but I think There are you know necessary questions To be asked about whether he's getting Enough out of this squad there have been Injuries of course but a lot of theb Well it's just a little bit Dow I would Say over the last couple of months at Least I mean Henry where do you stand on This I mean what would it take for Barcelona to farum would it have to be You know not qualifying for the Champions League does it not winning the Title what do you think it's not lows to Add really on what Mikey said there I Think it's pretty well covered up oh Sorry mate just rambled for no it was True I think your spots on I think we Have to remember whatever like Javi

Still was managing alad in the Qatari Stars League before this he's still came In into a pretty horrendous situation He's had to deal with a lot in the back Room stuff he is a point such a Figurehead for the fans which Ronald Kerman could never have been in that he Does he does create like a link to the Fans to the club which Barcelona need More than ever at this moment in time Given everything uh given everything That has happened off the pitch and as You kind of said lorta he he's a wild But I think innately sensible guy we're Not sensible I don't know about the word Sensible but um I think could you apply That to any Barcelona President I think I think he gets it in Terms of like the Manager is what I'm trying to say and he Certainly gets it in terms of the club's Like identity as well doesn't he Absolutely and he was quoted as saying We held talks with the coach and his Technical staff we have full confidence Uh that's what he was quoted as saying Earlier this week going on to say I've Always said that he is our coach and we Are with him we have full confidence uh That ryi Caro draw he lamented two Potential penalties that didn't go yeah I mean the one on Rafia was a joke there Way well absolutely I feel like every Club has got a reason to say like

Decisions go against them at the end of The day they should be beating raro with That Squad that they put out I know They've got injuries but they've still Got a plethora of very expensive Worldclass players in that starting 11 There is an onus on shvi to make that Tick if you look at that game they had Like 67% possession okay almost double The amount of passes to Ry varano all Very pretty but they still had the same Number of shots on Target in that match Like you have to be more clinical I Think the ER of just High possession Football even if you look at the way That Pep's kind of gone with just Getting a few more bigger bruisers in His Squad I think you've just got to be More physically imposing you've got to Be have the ability to grind down your Opposition and score goals in different Ways it's not I think just saying well Look we play Beautiful football all the Time isn't enough necessarily um and They bought in the the manager like the Vrl guy San sorry cuz they wanted that And that kind of backfired like you have To move the times a little bit Barcelona Have to figure out a way to score more Goals and as you said the situation with Levandowski isn't good enough and like Once again that was a 50 million pound Spend on a 33 year old Striker at the Time they've spent 60 million on Rafia

They have to pay more Faron Torres was Another 60 million pound spend these are Not cheap Acquisitions I know they only Spent 33.4 million euros in the summer Rome was one of the best Central Defensive midfielders in La Lia last Yeah no he's not on the same levels as Bisett but they should be getting more Out of this squad like even canel on Loan that's a 60 million euro loany Coming in I Mean Fel as xia Felix as well someone Who has an amazing game has a great game And they load of crap games and then we Sort of start again don't we we sort of Like run down the list he was meant at One point we were saying oh he's the Link with leandi he's been looking for Levandowski wants someone who can run Off him and create space for him that's Not working they have to figure out how To get this team functioning I know Felex scored against Porto but still the Point remains there is plenty of good Players in that Squad gin as well a free Transfer unbelievably good free transfer So yeah I for that Javi has to do a Little bit better but yeah they should Be standing by him as you said to win The league last year okay it was a Pretty low year for La Liga in fact We're in a pretty low period for La Liga Quite frankly um hence the reason Jeron Are a full credit to them but I've been

Able to rise from almost nowhere to be a Title Challenger ATL Atletico Have silently improved behind the scenes A little bit but Real Madrid as you say There Mikey they're basically relying on Jude Bellingham at the moment hosu Missing with his like knee yesterday it Was really against the Napoli it was a Real shame um so yeah I like him scoring And then pretty much apologizing to the Fan he they need to this this is going To be a big test for Javi to see how he Can get this team to function in a four Horse race like this cuz last year they Didn't really have lots of competition But then again did win the league and He's got them out of the Champions League group stage so it is progress uh Whether you like it or not his win Percentage is only marginally better Than Ronald Kerman but I think we have To consider multiple like the football They're playing under Kerman was not Appreciated by the fans whatsoever it's A completely different Squad I think Also if you look at to kind of back Javi Up a bit if you look at all the young Players he's bringing through this is Really instrumental stuff to the future Of the club this team is quite evidently A few Cycles away from where it wants to Be in terms of it's in a weird way they Tried to fix it overnight with Big Star Auditions that's just not how it works

It's going to take a few transfer Windows and I think as long as they're Just in the top four race you know That's almost fine it's interesting Looking at the late C was it C ven oh Terry Terry venal the fact that he when He went there they hadn't won La Liga in Like 11 years Like you you've said this before Barcelona do go through periods where They don't win things and that's fine Like they still won La Liga last year There's this idea they need to Instantaneously be winning all the time And that should be weighing on Javy I Don't think that's necessarily true like They can build towards something great And we're seeing that with the with the Players uh that they're bringing through Okay they need to get a few more smarter Signings in through the door they don't Need to spend 60 million they can be a Bit more smart of their Acquisitions the Thing that I think is working against Javi is his contract is up in 2025 and I Do wonder if there's going to get to a Point where they said look he was the Guy to transition us from the era of Chaos into an era of stability and then Maybe that's when they start to look on Think maybe we now need a manager who is Proven at the very very top of the game Because I still don't think even with That La Liga what title in last year

Javi is a worldclass manager like Everyone else I think I I think there Are better managers out there and I Think once Barcelona are in a good place Those managers they'll always go Knocking on the door of of of Barcelona They'll always want to manage there so Once in a better place that's where I Worry for him but in terms of getting Rid of him now yes the football has to Improve yes they should be beating teams Like Viano and dealing with Al's a bit More comfortable Um but they are okay they're in a stable Place which is where they've not really Been for a long time so it My worry is Once they're out of the stable place and Expectation is really on him that's when I think leor will look at Javi and go Okay you need to really prove yourself Now so that's my concern is down the Line at the moment they would be really Really foolish to fight him yeah fair Enough I mean I think they're also just Managing this this season while they Redeveloped the new camp as well which Was such a key part of why I didn't have Money to spend in the summer I I do Agree with your sentiment that you know He shouldn't be under pressure and there Shouldn't be so much um focus on titles Right now but unfortunately because of The financial situation like they do Have to go deep in in Europe pretty much

Every year um so that that is that is The big thing but I totally agree about NE not necessarily you know winning La Liga year on year but I I agree with you I think Val coming through Gaby coming Through lein Mel coming through fine Lopez like there's lots of reasons to be Positive Barcelona it just hasn't quite Clicked on the pitch yet this season the The big question then is if they did get Rid of Javi at any stage like who would They get in to replace him I don't think There's that many top managers that are Available right now to be honest I think A lot of managers have struggled in the Last 18 months to be totally honest but According to sport journalist Alfredo Martinez uh he wrote about how much uh Ja uh uh he wrote sorry about how much Le Porter Deco and pedri had Complimented Immanuel aasil the Roy Saad Boss when they comp to him at an awards Ceremony recently apparently Le Porter Was doing his sort of salesmanship is Sort of flirting saying I love the way You play football and javy's contract Interestingly runs out at the same time As ala seals does and there's no Surprise that they're looking at IMO Alar as a potential successor you know He has done remarkable work at ra sad Since taking over Midway through that Season in I think it was 2018 they've Gone 9th 7th fifth 6th fourth they're

Sixth at the moment uh but he also won The cadel ray he's doing fantastically Well in the Champions League up until This week you know they still in a Battle to finish well they've already Qualified but still in a battle to Finish uh top of that group with into Milan uh this season the six points off Barcelona in fourth and with Barcelona's Fixtures in the next few weeks there is A possibility that they could catch them Up as well and we talk about how jav's Brought through young players at ra sad It's exactly the same thing zubba mendi Oaza Barona Etc my one concern with Agail which is a pretty big one is it is Just totally different managing ra sad To Barcelona he's been at bar he's been At ra sad sorry pretty much the majority Of his entire adult life as a player Then as a coach you know it is just a Completely different level of pressure Managing Barcelona especially when you Are not attached to the Barcelona way we Saw as Henry correctly points out with Kik setian we saw with Ernesto valde who Is even successful at Barcelona if You're not if you're not attached to That Barcelona way which they're so Obsessed with which potentially is has Hold them held them back at different Points over the last 10 years this Barcelona DNA idea then I think things Can get very difficult for you and

You're given less you're given less Leeway when things go against you like Javi would probably be under more Pressure if he wasn't Javi uh whereas Ail like it would be a huge ask for him To come in uh and succeed instantly um But there's no reason he can't do it he He is a really talented manager I just Would worry for the instant turn as soon As start things start to go down but one To watch out for I mean other than that You're looking would klopp's contract be Available in 2025 2026 does he fit that Barone away like I think I think he's Too it's such a dramatic change he's Such a big manager though I don't I Think the fans would accept it this Thing like ail Val set again they aren't Superstar managers like klopp is a Superstar I think Barcelona would snap Their hands off for the chance of having Klopp as their manager it's a big one or Or P or a pep turn I think I think his Contract up is up at Man City in 2025 Yeah I always think pep wants to go Manage internationally but I'm not sure I'm not sure it depends on energy levels Pep back at Barcelona would be a hell of A story uh also the biggest challenge He's probably taken on ever in his Career no he doesn't like that he Doesn't like challenges ready made teams Guys where do you stand on Javi is he Good enough for Barcelona is he under

Pressure and if not when will he Potentially be under pressure is there a Ticking Time Bomb On javi's future at Barcelona let us know comments down Below and let's move on to our big match Predictions okay moving on to big match Predictions so rounding up last week's Action PSG versus Monaco Henry bat Monaco mcub said a draw I said PSG win It was 5-2 so a point to me just just Quickly when it was 22 I was like my 3-2 Is so on baby here it comes the goals Are flying yeah that was a really Entertaining game um Dortmund versus Gladbach Henry and I both said it would Be a draw MB said a win but he didn't See the 4-2 coming unfortunately the Draw was again on at once stage glad Back going two n up in that game so That's one point to mccubbin Juventus Versus Inter Milan Henry back uve I Backed inter mcub said 1-1 which was a Perfect score continues his magnificent Start to the season I gave almost no Thought to the the predictions last week I was very random with them so maybe I Should just do that again shoot from the Head yeah uh you got 22 points or you Are on 22 points I'm on 16 Henry eight It's not been your year so far no right Let's move on on to our first game we Are talking about bar Leverkusen versus Bsia Dortmund Sunday 4:30 p.m. first Versus 4th there are 10 points between

Them I'll actually be there guys just a Bit of a name job I'm incredibly excited My first ever Bundesliga game how come Um so I'm going to a conference with sky On Monday and we're going to a Bundesliga game beforeand on Sunday Which is really I'm really looking Forward to it's going to be epic uh but Mcbs you've been having a little look at This or a little think about this will This be the L train rolling on I think Probably yes um yeah I think you're in For an absolute treat dude cuz I think This is probably going to be one of the Best bundes League games this season you Know two two quite good attacking teams Um well I mean say quite good lus are Absolute like you say they're just Absolute beer mooth right now um beat Verde brayman away on the weekends frong And Galo getting in on the mix I think Romalo getting on the mix he's like Their best he's just their best player At the moment four goals in his last Three games he's now level with bonface In terms of a goal scored um I know Bonerface I mean this is the thing with With jabby Alonzo's lusen this season is That like Bona has has hasn't scored a Goal since the start of October but it Doesn't matter because galdo is just Like putting them in left right and Center um see what a pickup he was for Free from benf been tracked to get close

To sort of 18 19 goals this season Obviously that would I mean his output So far yeah like we're third way through This Season and it's just such a clever Pickup you know galdo um you know we've Always been recommending him to sides in Need of a left back or left wing back Videos we said Barcelona and yeah and And the amount of I feel like a lot of The time with those kind of players There's a reason why big clubs don't go For them that you know us as mere kind Of pundits and kind of yeah like don't Quite you know like that that does tend To happen quite a lot but in the case of Galdo what a signing he's been for lusen Um but yeah I mean I think it's hard to bet against them The only points they've dropped this Season have been against Bayern Munich Back in September and that was that two- Old draw um you know game which they Definitely could have won as well um but Um yeah I I can't really see it going Any other way I think Dortmund I think Still do they've still got something About them at but I think they I think At this stage they're probably out of The title race to be honest it feels Early to call it but do I see this Dortmund team making up 10 points Between n and 10 like even at this stage I just don't know I I just don't see it

Just given how strong Barn are and even When bar are like not playing so well They've still got like San and Kane in The form of their lives leusen have not Shown any signs of slowing down yet and I think we're still yet to see the best Of lipic um so I think really Dortmund Are you know like top four is that Should be their main concern at this Stage um and I think you know although They still can turn it on yes scored Four goals against MCH and gladbach they Still went behind twice in that game um And they you know Brandt is is Continuing his great form from last Season but they don't have like a goal Scorer they can Roll Along consistently You know brand fullkrug and Marlon have Four goals each no one has any more than That um you know when you look at the Top 10 Bundesliga goal scorers this Season there isn't a Dortmund player in Sight and I think that is an issue for Them like I really do think that's an Issue especially when the Midfield has Has been you know quite inconsistent so Far this season you know I think sabbats Is their their their biggest appearance Maker in central Midfield but they Haven't really had a consistent pairing There and you know the the defense Suffers because of that um it it just Does um and we knew that you know Bellingham leave was going to leave a

Big hole there and you know he has both In an attacking and defensive sense um They're able to make up the attacking Numbers just about but yeah I think they They're just not you know they're not Quite there the way that a club like Lusen is um like yeah I just don't see Them as as as really a big T challenges This season so I think for this game I Think I'll go for 3-1 31 fair enough Henry do you see it being a little Tighter oh um yeah I think leverkusen's Defense Is pretty underrated interesting to hear The uh lusen CEO ranting about the afcon Saying he was going to like he's he's so Upset cuz they're going to lose like Five players which is kind of Interesting I'm going to go you know That before recruit issue yeah I know I Know I will go 32 to lus fair enough Thrill going for that extra bonus one Love your work love your work I mean you Would have got that last week if you Weren with the the Dortmund score uh There will be goals in this one I think Um I mean Dortmund quietly impressive in The Champions League to be honest real What they've done I didn't really see That coming especially because they were Comparatively poor last year and the Year before that and then lost to Grand Potter's Chelsea last year which is Really unfortunate um but yeah they've

Been much better in the in the Champions League than they have been in the league I'm going for an absolute Thriller that I am going to witness cannot believe I'm I'm very very excited I will go 4-1 to Leverkusen it's going to be a lot of lot Of fun right uh Napoli versus interland Sunday 745 p.m. fourth versus first There are eight points between them Already Henry let's talk Napoli I Actually thought they created quite a Few good opportunities against Real Madrid in midweek yeah they did to give Walter Matari uh credit where credit he Started off with a win against a away to Atlanta which is no mean feat whatsoever And they look really good in that 2-1 Victory as well kavich looks like he's Playing sort of close to some of his Best footballs so far few hugs with Walter monar I saw as well there you go And then maybe he is sort of the father Figure that they need once again and Then uh and then yeah I think as you Said against R mrid okay they lost 4-2 In the end but they they took the lead They had it at 2-2 like they were they By no means Blown Away some of Ra's Goals were PE yeah absolutely Rodrigo Has really stepped up this year some of His finishing has been get vishous over To the right we found a new left Winger Yeah um but yeah I mean this is Napoli Are entering a very testing period

Aren't they their next two games are Against Inter Milan at home and then Juventus away I mean they're eight Points behind inter Roma actually Looking pretty good in fifth at the Moment Lukaku quietly putting together a Pretty formidable campaign up front so They need to they'll they qualifying for The Champions League I think is sort of A minimum priority for this Napoli side This year otherwise gossip column saying Aim's even interested in joining Chelsea I mean take that as you will but if they If they were to drop out the Champions League places I think a lot of their big Players would have a right to say well Look clearly the peers coming gone so Yeah there's a lot of pressure on them To sort of stay in the top four but yeah They're still playing good football They've still got they can still create Goals from anywhere I just do worry Against the N Milan side I think Mourinho came out and said this in team Should win the league by 20 points and I Sort of agree like they are their squad Is Comfortably the best and it was a Shame against Juventus that they were Both sides who weren't willing to try And win the game it was quite D was it It was a dull one-1 draw count you know The ultimate counter punches in Juventus Up against in who I think were just Trying to protect one one draw away at

Juventus V is not your closest rifal Yeah yeah that's fine like that that That's good but that you know you Still this that that team Unleashed is Awesome I mean that goal they scored Against Juventus was so nice just quick Football and then Laro Martinez just More proof of how good his finishing is Uh this season so would this Game I think we could see another draw Again to be honest I think I'm going to Go for the one-1 again just because I Think Napoli the ship has been steadied A little bit and I think in have enough Now not to lose the game but I still Think Napoli could score I think they Could score too so yeah I'll go for 1-1 Um but I'm hoping it'll be a bit more Exciting than the previous match fair Enough am I coming um I will Say I'm going to go for a Napoli win Actually I'm going to go 2-1 I think There could be a shock on the cards I Think there's a bit of momentum with Napoli at the moment fair enough there He goes I mean he's top of the league He's top of the league so don't doubt it Don't doubt it fair play to inter as Well they came back from 3-0 down Against Benfica in the Champions League On Wednesday both teams playing on Wednesday maybe they'll be a little bit Tired but I'm still going to back into Although they did let me down last week

I'm going to go by the same school line I went for last week I'm going to go 21 To inter right let's talk quickly Barcelona versus Atletico Madrid Sunday 8:00 P.M fourth versus third they are Level on points but allti have a plus Five goal difference on Barcelona we've Talked a load about Barcelona already But just to bring you up to speed with At letti they are third but if they win Their game in hand against Seeva which Is on the 23rd of December there'll only Be a point behind Real Madrid and harona Which is pretty impressive and given the State that Seeva are in languishing in The bot to mid-table contriving to lose Champions League games getting players Left sent off Left Right Center I'd put Make atletic strong favorites for that As well they bounced back from that 2-1 Defeat to last Palmer atleti that was With a 3-1 win away at Valencia and a 1-nil win over mayorca check out Griezmann's header in that game as well It was such a nice goal that was his Ninth League goal of the Season only Bellingham with 11 has more he's having Another quartly I don't even know Whether it's quart just another Excellent season what a player I think He's close to becoming Atletico Madrid's Alltime top goal scorer he's obviously Close to being France's alltime top goal Scorer I his career couldn't have really

Gone much better no he's been absolutely Remarkable played a key role in a World Cup win yeah I think I think just that Period at Barcelona is a bit of a blot Isn't it but that's that's really his Big crime was not being messy though he It was a silly signing at the time but He he exists in like the tier below like Oh the all time great I think he's in I Genely think he's in the next the next Tier below that like he's just Consistently had so many amazing Campaigns and that when he was in the Running for the Balon door he kind of Came out and said he he should be Considered in the top table of those Guys and everyone kind of laughed at him Because then he had that Barcelona Period but last year I I I don't think He even got enough recognition for what He did last year uh he was best player For France I think when they what uh as They got to the final of the World Cup That easily the best player in La Lia as Well easily the best player in the Lea Like it's just not Shan enough just just How good he is and I think it's a shame That he wasn't given the fr France Captaincy even for a little bit so you When you say not quite in the all time You're not putting him in the obviously Maradon Messi Ronaldo Etc are you Putting him with like modri and inest I Sort of mean like right now yeah yeah I

Yeah exactly I I don't I just don't Understand why more people Don't put him like he he's just he would G to any team in the world in my opinion Yeah he he has been he has been Brilliant uh right Barcelona at home Against Atletico Madrid you know what I might just go and He a little bit more misery on Javy I Might go 21 to atti oh away from home as Well that's big but it's not the new Camp yeah I know uh but barca's form at Home is Jed I'll go one all I'll go one All I just think bar games tend to not Be the I think they were a bit better Last season but generally speaking Yeah Henry one no at let okay there we go it Two out three of us backing at lety huge Guys thank you so much for watching Continental Club for another week Hopefully you guys enjoyed the I havs Video yesterday look ahead to Sunday Vibes on Sunday with the three of us Once again and we'll catch you then Bye-bye

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