Professional argentine lightweight boxer Matias Romero against top ranked athlete Isaac Cruz with nickname “Pitbull”. Fight took place in Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, USA on March 13, 2021. Spectacular boxing figh in HD, highlights.

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Matias Romero (Argentina) vs Isaac Cruz (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Co- Main Event you see that Romeo has The height and the reach Advantage bot Cruz is two years Maas Romero Pitball Crw okay boxes you received your Instructions earlier obey my commands at All times protect yourself at all times To guantes Swe division were Underway one fight quick finish Immediately Cruz to keep him off you Because I'll tell you that Cruz can keep Up this frenetic Romero there's a left Hook Cruz looking to get Underneath there's a big right hand There by Cruz he's cling the distance He's going to have to do something to Keep Cruz off there's a left hook to the Body vicious body Punch there's a big shot there by High there's a left up to the body and He's most the Technical the right hands Cru at Bay one Particular gear and that's just forward Pressure there's a right hand that Connected by Cruz over a minute has elapsed here in The second round there's a nice right Hand that connected by Cruz you unload Upon Romero there's a left Hook there's a one two there there's a

Jab by right hand there's a left hook Snapping back the head of Romero as the Second round Draws right to the body by Cruz Cruzn there's a shot below the one head Down to Cruz round three this one's left to the Body and left the Offensive Cruz Tagg r destroy mode right Now he's looking to close the distance Under minute left here in the Third away on the body as He's there's a couple of Hooks by disrupting his Anding Cruz is to be undeterred with This pressure as the end of the third Draws The's tactics are Tell uning R and R Again Cruz going right After more so from the defensive Philosophy there's a left hook to the Body By nice left hook upstairs by Cruz and Then he attacks the body of Romero there's a left hook to the body By isach Cruz nice left hook connecting by Z Cruz 4 seconds later and Romero was Holding in survival mode he's doing Whatever he can to remain upright Because he uses good head movements Guard very cerebral like surgical like In his demean he's in a seing Str is my

Opinion that ends the Four Cruz left hook to the body by Cruz and a left hook head caught Cruz a Big left Toas Romero connected up standing Cruz Let at the Midway point of the fifth There's a left H Byce connector probably his best pun the Fight You watch the watch The this one is SCH looking enter with The CH warning about keeping the punches up There's a left hook that b Romero there's a right hook to the body And now Cruz unloading Upon's two By Cruz is the one Initiating left H to the body And left hook on the there By there By All right second out seconds Out comination there by Romeo head up here's a left hook there By right the Body again he Ducks underneath Does Just at one point do you start to Criticize the that it would warant at

Least a warning Romo is resigned to the Fact that he's going to lose under tying Up in Excessive this is just what I ever Seen in my Years Around Fight in the lightweight Division do finally says watch the hold Well that should have been a Thing with an overhand right conne Upon there's a right choing right hand By to the body there By the right Hand it's up the Eight that concludes round number eight Hey yo yo yo yo just let's go you got to Get the Car look at the Uppercut that was when Romo boxing better and he just ate a Right uppercut From a left Hook Romo Romero keeping his head up there's A left hook that snap back the head of Romero there's a nice Right Chicago Bears fan in the NFL That's the football team for the Bears That Romero has done he would give our Offensive tackles a run for their Money scheduled For 12 get really disappointed Andit youing PR Fighters pretty

Ridiculous Here at 135 down underneath looking a hammer way Upon the body that to the body there By hammer away on Romo there's an Overhand right follow pile Left there's a right By and that'll end the T we go to the 11 and the nice one two there's an Overand right followed by a left over The top There there's a nice echoing right hand By isak Cruzing to pick up the pace step back Then left hook connecting right on the Jungo here in the 11 there's a nice Right hand by Cruz pass runs offensively By in control against Maas Romo And there is the beginning of the round Nice right hand there by Cruz bang right there on the Jaw There's a left Hook to the body by Cruz by the lightweight division wants To standing trade as the final moments Of the fight that ends the Fight There is isach Cruz who's been unbeaten In 5 Years a matter likely es Pit Cruz the score totals Glen Felman 114 113 what was he watching Morgan 115 112

Blel 118 109

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