Hello and welcome back to Football Daily where today we are running through examples of players that have SHOCKED us this season!

From Andre Onana and Casemiro at Man United, Anthony Gordon at Newcastle, Jude Bellingham at Real Madrid and Leroy Sane and Harry Kane at Bayern Munich, we analyse your suggestions of players that have had surprisingly good OR surprisingly bad seasons!

As if that wasn’t enough we also talk about Raphinha, Guirassy, Grimaldo, Saul Niguez and so much more…

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12:04-16:19 Onana
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21:22-25:56 Nunez
25:57-29:52 Gordon and Palmer
29:53-35:10 Dunk and Brighton
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38:45-40:47 Lemina
40:48-42:20 Gimenez and Niguez
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49:01-50:55 Raphinha
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Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes We're back in clubhouse 5 in what Leicester Square the perfect place to Come and watch any sports it's literally Any sport here they show it all they got The wrestling on at the moment WWE golf Yeah Aussie League football oh you know Come get it uh yeah I've been roped into Host this week but joined by Mikey and Doogie look at that D how you doing I'm Good thank you I'm good yeah I just had Some chicken wings from Clubhouse 5 Delicious forgot my glasses so Everything's a bit blurry but otherwise All good jeez for getting your glasses That is that mad I can get by but in in Train stations I just have to look speci A VI the worst is when you don't wear Glasses I I can kind of get by without Glasses but when it's nighttime then It's an issue you not wearing glasses For footy last I I wasn't wearing Glasses FY last night but I can kind of You know I can kind of feel my and also At least where we were playing last Night it was quite well like quite well Lit whereas like if you was like walking Say I like gone for a run and I don't Wear like my glasses I go for a run um And it gets dark we're walking home I'm Just kind of like theg yeah like the Traffic lights are kind of just like in My face I'm like what's going you be Careful near that traffic no I know yeah

Um we had yeah we had an FD past and Present game last night and in an hour And 15 minutes there were 60 goals so That even tells you unbelievably good at Scoring terrible in goal or just Terrible In all of the above a lot of the Defending was pretty questionable wasn't It um no none more more so than from Myself Um but yeah good fun yeah good fun Indeed and tell you what's going to be Good fun Sunday Vibes today because we Are doing the players who have shocked Us this season we wanted to think about The players that maybe taking us by Surprise performing well or maybe Underwhelming at the same time I think Dug's put out a tweet you responded in Your drives thank you so much we are Going to be using your suggestions we're Going to start on a positive sense Because at X turtl toe lovely title has Suggested Leroy San now degs this is an Interesting one because on one hand he Is I would guess like expected to be one Of the Best Wingers in the world uh Obviously electric at Manchester City Got uh got that move back to Bayern Munich has burned hot and cold this year Looks like he's really stepped up and Become one of the leaders in that side Still sometimes a bit skeptical with his Finishing but yeah what have you made of

Him this season that Turtle toes Recommended him yeah I think it's a Great suggestion I think he's been one Of the outstanding forwards in in Europe To be honest I think if there was a Balon door list right now of this season So far probably be in the top five I do Genuinely think he's been he's been that Good and I totally agree with you he has Been used in different positions under Different managers it feels like tuckle Has really solidified him as Kane's sort Of for once of a better word like Assistant this season um in the past Like nab's really comes the four like Kom Thomas Müller uh but it really feels Like it's the San and Kane Show and he's Already on eight goals and six assists In just 1,000 minutes this season uh the Whole of last year he got eight goals And seven assists uh and he's never got More more than 15 in the league for Bayern so to already be on 14 this Season is really really impressive 1.23 Expected goals and assists per 90 so You'd expect him to get at least a goal Contribution every single game and it's Not surprising he's looking full of Confidence I think he's taking excellent Free kicks his delivery from wides being Really really excellent and that they Seem to even though they've never played With each other before maybe just the Similarities of of movement in terms of

What works in the Premier League and Kane and San it just seems to work it Just seems to work really really Naturally from pretty much the first Minute um and I think he's been Absolutely brilliant so he set Kane up Four times and he's been assisted by the Englishman three times which I think is The most used combination in the Bundesliga so far so massive props to Leroy San always one of my favorite Wingers when he was in the Premier League but struggled to really find that Consistency in his first few years at Bayern but now top top top I mean you Surprised mccubbin I think maybe at the End we'll I'll get you guys to pick your Most surprising players as a well Because do you not think that this is Just sort of what we've been waiting for San to do and is it interesting that Maybe Kane coming in who's such a Selfless forward has helped unlock even More ability within the G yeah I mean I Guess yeah like d was saying yeah Kane Has has set him up but it's but I mean I Think Kane has been able to be a bit More selfish actually at BN than he was At at Spurs um I think it's a surprise In some ways because I think San was Being overshadowed by especially Serge Gabri who's always been more of a goal Scorer San has always been more of a Creator um yeah I think I think yeah I

Think there there's still a reason to be A bit surprised because when he was at Man City it was like this guy's a future Bonor winner now leoy San once again Like he's probably been the best Winger In Europe this season like I can't Really think of anyone who's Come Close Um so in that sense um I mean I guess Maybe Mo Salah but in terms of like a a Proper proper Winger Winger like not you Know you know a Creator or dribbler yeah I don't think anyone comes close um so In that sense yeah I'm quite surprised Was I expecting to like have the best Season like by far the best season of His life this season no I wasn't Expecting that so yeah I would say I'm Somewhat surprised by that and um and Yeah the fact that it's it's been Kane Who's who's done that um or who's helped Facilitate that again I'm I'm a bit Surprised like I I I would more see Someone like ganab as a classic kind of Kane partner in that like you know Kane Always dovetailed with humon at Tottenham hum son was all you know is is Really a an inside forward rather than Like a creative Winger um and obviously Yeah gabri's been out with with that Injury for large parts of the season so That that's you know uh been one of the Reasons for that but yeah I I I would Say I've been somewhat surprised just Quickly on Kane uh if this was last

Season he would have already won the Golden Boot in the Bundesliga which is Kind of mental was it 17 18 goals 18 was Was that how low it was last season That's mad is it yeah so on Kane are you Surprised at how incredible he's been Cuz I think that's the word he's been at Bayern Munich or do you think this is Just what happens when you take a Generational player out of a non- Generational team at Spurs and put him Into like an elite system I do you think That's just what's happened yeah I mean He scored 30 leag goals last year and He's done that before as well in in Spurs sides and last year under Conte Stalen and then Mason you know they Weren't pulling up any trees in an Attacking sense remember Christian Stalen um so yeah I'm not totally Surprised the Bundesliga is a league With a lot of transitions often a lot of Space for Strikers and Kane is one of The best finishers in the world Potentially one of the best finishers We've seen in the last 10 15 years so It's not totally surprising the rate I Think I mean he's on track for 51 League Goals I don't know whether that will Continue but if he breaks Low's record In his first year again one of the best Strikers of the last 15 years that's That's an incredible feet um and I think The rest of the world are slightly

Waking up to a player that because I Think the rest of the world see Premier League fans as like arrogant and Condescending towards other leagues and Unnecessarily ere exaggerating the Talents of players in the Premier League But I think they are waking up to the Fact that this guy is pretty special I Put like an emotional driven TW tweet Out saying he's going to be the fastest Guy to 100 Bundesliga goals actually Could be could be Years anyway let's Move on from uh B munic quickly and Let's just focus on another English Player cuz this comes from at kareim B Five Jude bam obviously we've spoken About There's not much else we can really wax Lyrical when it comes to uh Jude bellan But I mean still scoring goals I love That head against Napoli in the Champions League what a b as well Midweek yeah absolutely fantastic we're Still involved in so much action in the Final third I think it's fair to say Relative to San it is surprising to see Because he's gone to a new team and a New league with even maybe greater Expectations at Real Madrid still such a Young guy Too it's it's wonderfully surprising how Effective he's been isn't it mccubbin Yeah like yeah super super surprising I For me as well like I thought you know I

Thought it was a perfect transfer in Many ways at least from the players Perspective I always thought that Jude Bellingham looked like a real Madrid Player like he always seemed like the The right move for him but did I expect Him to have a particularly massive Impact in his first season like no like I thought like he's coming into a really Stacked Midfield who who already have Modric operating at his best um still Have a very good Tony Crow still have Kinger and chman play you know who Played well Tran had a bit of a quiet First season let's face it but kaminga Freddy valde like a lot of competition In there like I did not think he was Going to to suddenly be like the Talisman of this side like I don't think Many people did but he has Proved doubt is wrong at every turn in His career like think back back to when You know everyone was laughing about Birmingham city um retiring his number You know his number 22 and the instant Impact he Bia Dortmund um yeah like 13 Goal involvements already a personal Best for a full season um to score a Brace in El Classico to win it um you Know even with venicius JR out of the Side he's still producing he's playing Now rather than as the only Advanced Midfielder SL Striker he's now playing Kind of as you know in in an advanced

Boxed Midfield um with Rodrigo on the left and Um and and hoso now you the right side Of attacker um and he's still he's still Having a huge impact yeah that ball for Hoso with the outside of his right foot Like from the left half space is just Again like it just shows how how Complete he is already as a player um so Yeah um yeah I feel like we've spoken a Lot about Jude Bellingham so we don't Need to like dwell on him but like yeah Absolutely I think he in many ways Probably the most surprised most Surprising player of of this season for Me just because just because I just Didn't think I I genuinely remember Saying in the summer that in as a Long-term investment Jude Bellingham for Real Madrid is like one of the best Transfers of the last few years but I Specifically remember saying like I Don't think I don't think he'll actually Like this season alone I don't think He'll have like he's not going to win Them the league or whatever and he could Genuinely win them the league so it's Like it's it's pretty mad in that sense Um like yeah like he he clearly he yeah He just thrives on pressure doesn't he Um and has and has taken his game to a New level like he genuinely looks even Better than he he was at Dortmund yeah I Mean it's it's interesting they've

Almost changed formation to accommodate Him going sort him playing in front of Like a Midfield three they've kind of Just tried to get as many of those good Ball players in behind him as possible To occupy space away from him I have to Say in clubh housee 5 they have His Real Madrid shirt here um Tu well it's tucked Over there isn't it oh no Zan one how Big an impact he has you seen the number Five on Real Madrid shirt and you Instantly just think oh that's just Bellingham's Shirt I swear it was him maybe I'm wrong Maybe I'm Wrong uh just quickly mcin What do Jude Bellingham and DOI kitley Have in common Um not a lot being unbelievably goodl Looking what Jude bellum's Brothers Plays for Sunderland no no uh it's Something to do with their start their Favorite Player or oh SE lson yes they both they Both consider Seb lson they're um They're Idol yeah as you know Birmingham Born and breed as ex Birmingham as well Seb lson excellent taste one of the best Looking men to ever exist absolutely Perfect all right digs we don't need to Say any more on Jude let's go to a Negative sense yes CU at Mighty Suess uh Has submitted someone that we've talked About certainly on the football show on Sky like so many times times the

Narrative changes week in week out it's Andre Onana and you know what I thought Before the Galatasaray game he was kind Of fine he'd gone under the radar for a Few weeks United's form of the Premier League had really picked up and then They go to a must-win game away in Turkey and just two unbelievable Blunders from free kicks not even the First one you could slightly forgive him The second one is oh I disagree I think The first one's worse I think the first One's way worse cuz the second one at Least is bouncing in front of him like He's expecting someone to get touch on The first one just goes through a gap in The wall and he's taken two steps to his Left I I thought that was pretty Inexcusable and I think it is I don't Know whether this is a big exaggeration I think it's the worst Champions League Campaign by a goalkeeper for an elite Side that I can remember I mean people Can go back and look at the records and The and the history of the champions League but I don't remember one coming To mind it has been truly shocking and He saved a penalty in this Champions League campaign and I'm still prepared To say that like it has just been so bad In every single game there was a howler Against Bayern he then made a poor pass To casemiro against Galatasaray which Led to his red card which then caused

Issues in other games uh he fell to the Ground easily as a cardi netted that Winner in that game and then just an Absolute shocker last night uh sorry on Tuesday night was it Tuesday or Wednesday night either way umed just Yeah an absolute shocker particularly For that first goal and you know he did Some fine like pretty incredible things In that game really there's like a c Turn on the halfway line but when you Are just not doing the basics of Goalkeeping preventing goals that you Should prevent like questions are going To be asked and they've spent 445 Million p on him did I expect it to go This badly like not at all I didn't Necessarily think he was like a complete Allround shot stopper but I did not Predict this level whatsoever I mean he Kept eight clean sheets in 13 games last Year as Inter Milan won the Champions League he had experience under 10h Hara Ajax and yes you can talk about maybe That his positives haven't been able to Be brought to the side with Leandro Martinez and Luke Shaw missing so much Of the the season so far he hasn't been Able to you know solidify or or improve On their passing game from the back but He's just making far too many errors and It's a shame because actually in the League his stats at least his stats Aren't too bad since the opening few

Weeks of the season I mean his save Percentage is now 79% that's level with Allison at the top of the league According to FB ref some statistical Websites have it differently but he's Right up there he's prevented 3.4 XG Which is only topped by Thomas Kaminsky So that's that's all fine and dandy but The champions league is where you are Ultimately judged especially for a team Like man united who have such a well a Up until recently a pretty rich Champions league history and and he has Been the main reason that they won't Qualify from this group like I don't Think their defending has been perfect At different points but they've scored Easily enough goals to qualify and the Midfield balance probably hasn't been Quite right either but it has just been A shocker of epic proportions and it has It shocked me they've scor I think United have scored more away goals than Any other team in in the the champions League and yet they've not won an away Game they've had one point um yeah like Yeah the the the volume of mistakes is Just is just horrendous and again it's So surprising because I think both me And you duke said at the start of the Season on a team talk signing the season Signing the season um so yeah yeah I Agree on our faces I know I mean as as The the final Continental Club of Entry

I I also agree that I I I thought this Guy was going to be amazing and I feel Like we're running out of time to give Him sort of bandwidth to sort it out as You say just do the basics right and He's really letting his team down in a Competition they should be getting out That group shouldn't they Copenhagen and Galatasaray they really should be so Yeah bit of a stinker on that by the way You mentioned Kaminsky what a surprise He's I mean been bril 3 million 2 Million whatever you cost from Blackburn Rovers he's been some of his saves have Been excellent this year for Lon at the Back and you know they're now out of the Relegation Zone with Everton dropping in Rob Edwards I think's doing a fine job There I think I don't know if I'm Surprised that about Lucen but I just Think some of the players have stepped Up on an individual level I mean most People had them 20th really yeah yeah I Mean certainly over Burnley um who have Been stinking yeah Kaminsky I think it's Just worth a shout out but if we just Stick on Manchester United at Soan H6 has dropped in casemiro ands I Mean what have you made from him because He his his drop off from last year you Could almost say I mean vanan hasn't had The the greatest season in the world Either but I mean casemiro what do you Make of him this time what do you think

Has gone wrong um I just think his Limitations have been exposed I think With um I think last season I think Casemiro was I I just think I mean the Team Harmony last season was was just a Lot better I think with all of these Things it's easy to point to injuries But I think with United last season Having very very few injuries to key Players casemiro was playing in a side Which BAS basically had its best Components around him and so I think Particularly Leandro Martinez was able To do a lot of the work that Casemiro wasn't able to do casemiro was Able to really focus on just being a Shield for the defense and laying it off To either Shaw or potentially Leandro or Being able to receive balls quickly from Leandro and move play on to to Bruno Fernandez this season That hasn't been the case with alandro We kind of always knew that you know he Was the key to this side um and without Him without his kind of um presence Behind Casmir I think yeah it's just Yeah his limitations have been exposed We know that he's not quite as mobile as He once was his tackle success rate has Fallen quite significantly his aerial Duwel rate has fallen quite Significantly um he's also the Midfield That he's a part of has been Destabilized partly by injuries partly

By the fact that ten hog wanted to kind Of shoehorn Mount into that Midfield and A kind of advanced eight roll as well um That didn't really at least that didn't Really work at the start of the season And we yet to really see what this United midfield is now going to look Like um but yeah I mean he's missed nine Games with injury um this season already Um United have won four of their five League games without him so I I I do Genuinely think like especially now with Kobe uh uh Mayu now in the side um and Performing really well at least against Everton was only one game but he looked Good he looked good against galatas as Well yeah I mean came on in in in quite A chaotic kind of period of the game but Um but yeah like I think he there is Genuinely like he genuinely has a fight On his hand to to get back into this Team which is pretty crazy given that he Was probably one of the two or three Best defensive midfielders in the The League last ter um in fact I was on a on An FC 24 shoot this week and um he is Him and rodri are the two best rated Defensive midfielders on the game um Which is pretty mad and just goes to Show kind of what you know what Playing For Real Madrid for a number of years You know how that kind of you know just Stays you know your reputation just kind Of stays but um but no he was I mean

Casmir was genuinely world class last Year let's let's get it wrong but um I Think yeah like we're already beginning To see how risky that investment was From United in terms of an aging Defensive midfielder who had played in a Really really well functioning side Before um I I'm sure he can recover his Form like he is still you know he you Know he still is absolute equality but Like these first 3 four months have yeah Probably been his worst in what like Since he since he came through at Real Madrid also helps I guess Momin stepping Up as a player in that United midfield Too a guy linked with other clubs in the Summer almost came to fill him how I Wish that could have happened are you as Well to see how good that he's been has That been I guess I think that has been You know no I think that has also been a Surprise also like his his impact at Scotland which I mean he's always had a Big impact for Scotland but um Especially with them qualifying for the Euros um that goal that that goal that Should have been given against Spain um Yeah and it's and it's interesting with With mcon because OB he got that brace Against Palace as well um it felt like Actually a more advanced role for him Was working but actually he's been okay In a double pivot as well um yeah like It's it's it's interesting how that that

Team has stabilized a little bit over The last month will be against you know Fairly weak opposition um yeah like I Think also as well in this United side Um he has become a little bit of a Leader as well with Tom like certainly Is in the Scotland Camp too um So yeah in some ways yeah I would say Yeah because I was quite happy to for Him to leave in the summer I don't think In the long I still don't think in the Long term he is like of the quality to Be a nighted starter um but he has Certainly proved a really useful squad Player uh this time I'm excited to see Scotland at the Euros I think they're Going to be I think they've got quite a Few their squad looks better than the Previous one in the Euros four years ago I'm just going to pick up one quickly uh From at LFC commentator Darwin Nunes as A surprise um obviously he was judged a Bit harshly last year nine goals and 1900 minutes this season he's got four Goals and four assists in 684 minutes I Mean I don't think that's necessarily Surprising I don't think he's a surprise He's still just so bizarre wonderfully Bizarre to watch as a player because Those stats should be better than what They are if you think about it he scored Some when he's not thinking he seems to Be able to score great goals the second He's got too much time on his hands to I

Mean that finish against Lu I know it Would have been ruled out anyway or Maybe it wouldn't have been ruled out I Can't remember if it had gone to V AR But some of his misses this season have Been the one that comes off as die the One in the Europa League as well that Happened I mean it Is I think he's a great player and if You look at his every game he seems to Turn up for Ur aguire he's scoring goals As well he is a force up front he is Quick and he can Finish he can finish um it's just it's Just it's just like I don't know if I'm Pleasantly surprised this year I just Think he is what he is like we are going He definitely I think he can only get Better though that's the thing about nun I think the problem is how long Liverpool are willing to kind of just Contin Bank effort in a guy that you Just don't know what performance you're Going to get out of him or like he's Always trying you can't take away Anything from his work rate as a player It's just they need they need a Figurehead who can take sort of the goal Scoring pressure off Salah and I know J And that yeah I don't I don't know if They do like they they you know they Never needed forino to score a ton of Goals to to be great did like sometimes He did yeah but not but n nun scored

Nine goals last season like how many Times how many times did firmino hit 15 Goals in the league like I actually Can't remember like Nunes will I think Hit at least 12 13 goals in the League This season he's operating you know he's Yeah four goals and four assists in in That many minutes that that's around the Same as sack's got in far more minutes For Arsenal and you know like people Rightly saying that scker is one of the Two best right Wingers in the world like He's a right winger he's not a sender Forward yeah but but Nunes has also Played on the left Nunes his like his Role has not is not just as a goal Scorer like he has provided to Salah I Think he's provided more assists to Salah than anyone else has provided Assists to anyone else in the League This season um like he is still Performing great even last season this Is why I yeah I don't think it's that Much of a surprise last season Liverpool Always looked better with Nunes on the That was just a fact like even Especially in games which they were Struggling if nun came on that attack Suddenly looked dangerous um and I think Like Jurgen klopp will always I think Will always have faith in him because Like he yeah he he he brings that that Upside to the attack he does yeah he Does bring a bit of chaos but like it's

Not yes it's not like it's like Accidental like he is a really strong Really fast actually quite intelligent Striker um who yeah who can provide for Teammates as well and like yeah in the Long run Liverpool needs someone who can Score 25 plus goals probably because Salah's not going to be able to do it Forever but Salah still can do it are You surprised by him in the context of The show are you surprised by Darwin Nunes's performances this year in a Positive sense uh no I don't think no I'm not not particularly like because I Think he he looked great before like I Think the price tag was always looming Over him wasn't it and like if if they Paid a probably more fair price for him I don't think they would would have been Anywhere near as much scrutiny if Man City hadn't signed harand that summer They wouldn't have been as much scrutiny On him but uh so I'm not overly Surprised what I am surprised about is Probably the public perception towards Him I feel like he's gone from yeah I've SE like I feel like people last season Were just calling him a donkey for like You know missing a few big chances um Whereas this season people suddenly Think he's like the bees actually like He's not actually he's not improved to That degree like he has improved for Sure I think his finishing has got

Better but his overall play um has Always I think has always been really Really impressive it's just that this Season Liverpool as a whole looked Better like that that's that's it like The Liverpool Midfield last year was a Mess um you know leis Diaz's injury had A big impact on that attack last season As well like you know if we'd had Diaz Nunes and Salah starting all of last Season I think they would have like Nunes would have clicked into that Forward line a lot quicker um as he is Now absolutely all right d let's move on To two young English guys who I think It's fair to say really have sort of Taken the league by storm uh this season You got Anthony Gordon from at g15 n UFC And also we've got Cole Palmer coming in From Michael Ramsey 13 I mean Cole Palmer in particular I mean there two Different stories really you got one guy That sort of this is his first big Moment in the first team big prize tag Anony Gordon too big prize tag but I Guess came in a lot more negativity Around him in the summer both Unbelievably surprising for all the Right reasons and different ways would You say yeah absolutely I think Anthony Gordon in particular like I really Wasn't very impressed with him in the Second half of last year and I know some People said that his Fitness hadn't been

Good enough he'd been playing under Frank Lampard at Everton um and then you Know was in was it you know joining a Brand new side new city the whole thing I thought they maybe cut him a little Bit too much slack at the end of last Year I just didn't think he performed Very well but since the under 21 Euros He seems to have taken so much Confidence and I think he's probably Been One of the two outstanding left Wingers In in the league so far this season Which I didn't see coming at all like Full credit to him especially in a Forward line that Harvey Barnes has been Injured Alexander esack has been injured At times Callum Wilson has been injured At times like the Midfield has Constantly changed behind him uh even The left back has changed at times like He hasn't really been given the tools to Have the season that he's having and yet He's been remarkable I mean five goals And three assists in 12 games this term Uh his expected goals have leapt up Slightly uh but his expected assists Have really gone up so much and he's Giving he's giving really high level Defenders a really difficult time on a Weekly basis now like R re James it was A silly red card last weekend but at the Same time Anthony Gordon had skinned him Quite a few times beforehand and looks

Like fully capable of doing that against Any Defender really in the league um and I think that's that's a really Impressive feat and for a young guy who As I said who his output at least at Everton was pretty average his output at Newcastle last time was poor to suddenly Become this guy that's consistently Making the difference really really Impressive in a slightly different way Cole Palmer the season before last Looked like he was Premier League level But he was struggling to get into a side That was competing with mahrez with Foden on the right hand side fair enough Fair enough exactly last year didn't get Really any minutes at all in any Competition so to go to Chelsea in a Side that had just finished with their Worst ever Premier League season that Had spent a lot of money on new players Again in the summer that they brought in A new manager and be probably their one Of their two outstanding players so this Season along with Raheem Sterling I Think it's pretty remarkable as well Fully deserved call out to England I Know lots of his goals have been from The penalty spot but actually I think That's impressive in itself when you're At a new side when you're still what 21 Years of age haven't played a lot of Senior level football and you're scoring Penalties against Man City I think there

Was a penalty against Arsenal Spurs like These are big big moments when the Spotlight and the world is watching and He's performed and responded to those Moments superbly so full full credit to To both of them and I'd probably owe Anthony Gordon more of an apology Because I just didn't see it coming and Was probably I I thought he was one of The few signings that Newcastle hadn't Got right and what do I know I don't Think it's unfair to have criticized him He was a shining light in a fairly Dismal everon side it seemed as if he Had a lot of um bandwidth to kind of go Out and express himself and then you're Going to a Newcastle side better coached Better players around him and yeah I Think he did look a bit overall I mean You of course you are he he moved in January a January move is always going To be hit and miss and in many ways like He needed time to settle in but you're You all right like this season he's Obviously gone away had a great summer Worked hard and taking his moments in That in that Newcastle shirt and yeah He's scoring great goals and looking Like a great player so I don't think I I Don't think you should beat yourself up On um on uh on being down him I think it Was fair to say that his uh season at The end was hard but yeah fair play to Gordon all right let's go to some uh

Negative ones I'm quite surprised to see This one um that Lewis dunk has been Suggested from at Uh Ser aliscore Tim in a negative sense CU I mean I I'll admit I haven't seen Loads of Brighton this year obviously Their results haven't quite lived up to Scratch certainly in the Premier League They managed to get through their Europa League group with that win in Athens Last night but I mean Dunc perhaps he's having a bad season But he's also looking like he's going to Be starting for England at the Euros if Not potentially behind Maguire in that Starting lineup next to Jon Stones I Don't think he is in a terribly negative Moment right now or or am I completely Wrong I think it's just because he's Made a couple of notable mistakes which Is I think also we can argue with these Suggestions we don't have to necessarily Agree with them but yeah someone Suggested Le dunk I mean he has made Notable mistakes in that game against Marseilles I think it was their first or Second Europa League game I think it was Actually in a game against Villa when They lost 61 I think that was the day of My my f my FD stag actually I think we Watching that uh on the TV a bit but Yeah leis dunk I mean his passing's Obviously superb but his his tackle Success rate has fallen quite

Dramatically he Fallen at 11% um but I Think his passing's been absolutely Superb once again and I think it needs The context of mallister kaiso leaving In front of him a Stan being injured uh He's played alongside van Hecker who's New to the league or at least new to Becoming a regular I think veltman's had His injury issues um and the goalkeeper Sometimes changed behind him as well Like there's been a lot of moving parts Of Brighton this year and I'm not Surprised that they are scoring a lot of Goals but also conceding a lot of goals I think they are been the side that's Been involved in most goals in the League so far this year and he is Expected a lot there's a lot expected of Him on the ball uh and I think he's Generally been pretty good in possession Once again there's just been a couple More notable errors than last year where He was pretty much faultless last year As well when you've set that sort of bar It's only natural that you maybe drop a Little bit but I think it's quite a Harsh inclusion as well to be honest What do you make of Brighton this year Mccubbin because as as doy said like Veran and steel they've been changing a Lot even like eigor was meant to be the Kind of replacement at Center half to Cole he hasn't I don't think he's sh all The time like they bought a lot of

Forwards in the summer but they you Never quite know what team he's going to Be putting out derer this year and that Does seem to have affected him a little Bit yeah I think so but equally I do Think Brighton generally I know last Season they started incredibly well but I think we probably will see them come Into their own more in the second half Of the campaign um mat's also been Missing at points also I think there Have been certain games where matoma Hasn't you hasn't been at his best Um like d was saying a Stan that left Hand side was so was so uh essential to Them last year and sometimes it does Happen with with clubs that sell you Know that that are great at recruiting Young players and then selling them on For a big profit like sometimes there Does come a point where it's like okay We may be oversold maybe you know Getting rid of kaiso and mallister in The same summer um you know was maybe a Step too far in terms of expecting us to Perform at exactly the same level as Last year like that does happen and That's fine like and to be honest you Know like Brighton became really did Become flavor of the month after the end Of last season you know Roberto deserie Being considered like you know potential Replacement for Pep Guardiola at Man City you know all these kind of things

Like we did you know people do over egg Things a little bit like it's still it Is still a selling club and um that Level of turnover you know and I'm sure Tony Bloom is is well aware of this like You know that level of turnover does Mean that there are going to be periods Where there is you know you're not quite Sure how this team's working out like Deserie can't like just work miracles Constantly with this side and equally we Still you know like dudes was saying Like they they still scoring a ton of Goals attacking wise they still look Great Evan Ferguson still looks Fantastic got a great goal the other day Didn't he um even though they're dealing With you know injuries like players like Eniso who had a really bright start of The year you know I think he's been a Big loss as well we're yet to see Joel Pedro like fully become a starter in This side but he's you know popped up With you know some really important Goals recently as well none more so than Against Forest on the weekend um so yeah I think Brighton will like they will be Fine but it's just like you know at the Start of the year we were genuinely Saying oh yeah that they they're good Enough to challenge for the champions League and I think with a fully fit Squad um and if that Midfield had jelled A bit quicker um

I think yeah they they would actually be With the shout of the champions league But they've been unlucky with injuries Um you know yeah the side has just been A little bit too in transition and not Settled enough but I think in an ideal World without the kind of injuries that They've had to deal with um they they Would be yeah they they'd be on on Course for a top six finish as it stands I think they're probably on course for a Top half finish maybe probably a top Eight finish um and that's fine like That's that's a perfectly fine season I Re they'll go deep in the Europa League As well reckon yeah they exactly they're Dealing with European competition as Well Thursday nights um with a with a Slightly depleted Squad as well so like I think yeah derer is doing an Absolutely fine job d uh Mikey mentioned The loss of Moes ciso there and this has Been suggested uh at LFC G97 um yeah featuring 14 of the 15 games For Chelsea since he joined this year Another guy who look the price tag is The price tag it was 15 million it's not His fault that they chose to pay that It's fully you know Brighton quoted it They paid it okay he was he was great he Has been great But I would almost say Enzo is the Person that has been the biggest Surprise this year and that's the PE

That's the person that I've seen online Chelsea fans beginning to lose a bit Like what's going on you know because It's those two that seems to play every Single week I mean what what do you make Of that Chelsea Midfield and what do you Make of kaiso in particular yeah I mean Two young young players kaiso had what Started about 40 Premier League games Before being made the Premier League's Record signing um obviously I think Dean Rice was probably the the outstanding Defensive midfielder that moved this Summer given his experience given his International experience given his Tournament performances given the fact That he won the conference league and Played such a crucial role in that for West Ham kao's you know quite different From rice in terms of his experience Level I still probably expected a little Bit more if I'm totally honest I don't I Can't really remember any outstanding Games he's played he's been fine and and Quite good in some games um but a little Bit under par in lots of others and he's Down across the board in terms of his Tackle success rates tackles Interceptions his Progressive carries uh His passes into the final third like Everything that Kaio was last year which Wasn't just a defensive midfielder like He was doing everything at Brighton in Terms of running that Midfield he was

Also quite good in tight spaces was able To find the right through ball you know Able to control the tempo of a game and I think that's been lacking and I think He's been worse than Enzo Fernandez to Be honest um I think Enzo Fernandez at Least in terms of his passing statistics Is still right up there and people have Kind of Mis profiled people everyone Everyone really wants these Central Midfielders that also pop up with goals And assists whereas some some Midfielders it's just not really their Role yeah um I don't think the likes of You know kovic was never really judged At Chelsea for not popping up with you Know 10 League goals or 10 League goals And assists per season and nether said En Enzo Fernandez he's just not that Sort of player but do I want more from a Midfield that cost over 200 million Absolutely I think you know Conor Gallagher being their outstanding Midfielder so far this season is a Little bit of a worry um and we'll be Interesting to see when Romeo Lavia is Back fully fit whether he gets into the Side but it's been it's difficult with Chelsea isn't it because obviously they Are missing key parts of their side Still a lot of their players are still Finding their feet the fact that Probably their best attacking player and Kungu at least the player we expected

The most from hasn't been able to play Really any games yet you know has has Led to pressure in other parts of the Side and and and they are going to go Through some sticky patches and in the Games that you lose everyone turns to Your most expensive or your most Experienced players and you know that's Why Raheem Sterling got so much Flack Last year that's why Enzo Fernandez and Kao are under the spotlight this year Because so much is expected of players That cost that amount of money and I Don't think either are playing at the Level they can um so it's definitely one To keep an eye on I put it on on Twitter A few months ago and chela fans were Furious that I criticized I think he was Playing well in that game he was playing Well in that game against pH I think He's been underwhelming I think he's Been underwhelming enough get go yeah I I agree I thought I was expecting a bit More from him um just one more Premier League player quickly then we're going To Rattle through some European Suggestions that you guys uh sent in I'll just quickly take this I really Like Mario Lina uh kieren Hughes 97 I Think am I surprised it depends really How you look at it this is a guy who Actually got a fair amount of experience At the top level this point I think he Played for Juventus didn't here at one

Point in time Uh he was brilliant I thought for film When he was uh in the Premier League With us such a busy Central defensive Midfielder pretty reliable he was then At n as well did was playing pretty well There too and now at wolves and we were Sort of saying beforehand off camera Like the evolution of this wolv side Into more of a dogged um just playing With a lot of heart like I think I Remember O'Neal talking about how he's Tried to connect with the fans and Really create a side that the fans would Really respect kind of tapping into the Local culture and whatnot and I think You do see that in this wolf side like No one really expected them to have this Season they're having and they are you Know drilling out results at least Expecting it like Juan I'd say what a Huge Revelation he's been up front I Really didn't think that we'd see him Sort of evolve into a real goal scoring Uh Midfield I thought maybe that kind of ARB South Red Bull salsburg hype had Sort of faded too far yeah Le Mario Lina When you look at him and you look at That Midfield that he's playing in next To Bellard Alexa next to Gomez he's Easily the most experienced player in in In that Midfield and I think considering They lost um NES and they lost um Nunes Nunes and even the guy that went to

Who's at brager Jean moutinho as well Like that's a big is he at Brag now he's At brager now that's a lot of experience To go out the door and I think Maro Mar Lina has been entrusted by O'Neal to be That guy in midfielder to like command Um the tempo in there and I think he's Living up to the hype absolutely I mean Ranks four for minutes in the squad he's Even got two goals too four 4.2 tackles And interceptions just a really really Solid player great pick up by Wolves Standing so maybe I am like really Pleasantly surprised and it was Interesting that you know Lai didn't Really like him but yeah that's it for Uh Premier League suggestions let's Rattle through some International Choices some of you have said Santiago Gimenez 23 goals um last year 18 this Year sort of just keeping up appearances In that I don't know whether that's that Shocking he just seems like a really Good Striker at that level 18 and 17 Though is is top stuff no serious I Think he's moving this summer isn't he He's definitely leaving fair I think sth Is way more pertinent to this uh to this Show in particular from TJ Brown dude s After that horrific Chelsea spell after Even at Atletico it didn't look like he Even had a position to be playing as Well as he does now it's great it's Actually great to see it's great to see

100% he looked pretty lost at Chelsea Didn't he and he I remember him playing A couple of games early doors then he Didn't really play from about October Onwards in his loone spell it was it was Pretty crazy um but yeah back at atleti Atleti are a side that have a lot of Players that are really performing at The really top level you know obviously Everyone's been talking about Griezmann Morat is having an excellent year but Someone like Raquel may as well Samu Loo's been excellent Marcus lorente has Looked back to his best and Sanz has Been absolutely crucial as well he's now Operating at 0.42 expected assists per 90 for context de bruy tends to be Around 0.6 and you know it's a smallest Sample size but Sanz being that that Creative uh really really impressive all The while he's also averaging over five Defensive actions so he is doing he's Being that player that he was proud to That move to Chelsea I mean he has had Some absolutely outstanding years for Atleti he just probably hasn't had the Consistency year to year to be in that Top bracket of midfielder but great year From him yeah unreal and Ming over at by Leus two players I mean we've got we've Got Alex Grimaldo who also not might a Suggestion it's funny I think he he had The similar hype to like Alex Telles When we were like look at tell's stats

At PTO just he's just scoring and Assisting every week this guy must be Getting a big move to Europe takes every Set piece I I fell for the Tes has Obviously Jed us all isn't he the Greatest player you've ever seen live he Was one of the best yeah I haven't seen A lot of great players like no I really Enjoyed I think I was also swept up in The Porto and the beers he was Unbelievable that day and I thought he Was going to rip it up at man united Well he he didn't but one who play is Like Ronaldo is tearing it up Shing over Cus as well who knows but I think yeah Galo like but we were I was worried with Galo cuz I think you know having written Countless Scout reports over the years It's like you know who do which left Back do Tottenham which left back are Tottenham crying out for once again oh Galdo go on let's get galdo in there but Like I mean we shouldn't be that Surprised because consistency I think he Probably over the course of a number of Years his numbers were probably more Consistent for Benfica than than Tes was For for Porto because let's remember as Well Telles was taking a ton of Penalties as well um whereas galdo I Think Both from set pieces and from open Play Always looked really good and his Defensive numbers and his dribbling

Numbers always looked really solid as Well there was a reason why he always Stood out to us as a player that bigger Clubs should be going for or at least or At least top five leagues clubs should Be going for um but there's always that Doubt there's always that doubt like why Hasn't a club approached him why hasn't A club got a deal over the for him is There a reason is there like you know Something that that Scouts see that we Don't um but Jai Alonzo has just got the Best football out of him like three Transfer from Benfica seven goals level On level on goals now with Victor Bonface who's been a bit more quiet Recently at least in domestic Competition has you know hasn't scored Since early October um and yeah gral has Really really stepped up and I just Think him and yeah him and Frong maybe the best Wing back Combination in Europe this season Probably actually I I can't really think Of a a combination better than them um And yeah it's great to see like 0.5 Expected goals and assists per 90 this Year from himreal goals like yeah yeah Um yeah he's really stepped up and yeah Like not only has he scored a lot he's SC like you know without his goals Benfica don't win the games that they've Won in the last in the last month um so Yeah he's just been absolutely

Outstanding yeah like some fantastic Free kicks um um yeah been really really Impressed by him like he's definitely Surprised me with just how good he's Been but I think lusen have surprised me With just how good they've been like I Know like we were all biging them up at The start of the season but like would We have imagined that they would have Dropped what they would have just not Won one game in all competitions at this Stage of the Season like I don't think We would have um so yeah he's he's been Great and yeah I think lusen really do Look like favorites for the Bundesliga Title now like I I mean at least along With B Munich I think I think they will Stay the course they they just look like A nightmare to defend against because as You say Best Wing back combination Attacking you you got players coming Through the middle what Hoffman and ver Just just it's just and then and then on Top of that you got Bonnie face out Front like I don't know you got to Spread you always have to have everyone Back to kind of like they and Gran Jaa Is like one of the best Progressive Passes in Europe this season as well Like it's um going to find you I think They've played 19 games in all Competitions this season I think they've Scored three three or more goals in 13 Mad it's a shame that Bayern looks so

Formidable in some ways as well but if Bayern didn't have Kane like I think we I think leusen would be clearly Favorites like it it's just because BN Bought Kane which you know fair enough Like he does make you title favorites um Yeah I think I think with Bayern it's More about the individuals whereas I Think this lusen Sai clearly as a unit I Think are more impressive can you Imagine what twist is going to be like If Kane scores 40 plus goals and doesn't Win the league I know out the C George George Wright will will George Wright Will just be on Twitter for a week he'll Be all over it yeah no I mean Bonny face As well you're right like no one could Have expected him to have scored as many As he has I mean he was good last year But to have stepped up from the Belgian League and scored as many this year true Whoever sent in Denny zunda I like that Suggestion good fun he flying for Stuart And that' be good if it looks like jiri Is on the way out of the club um what He's in a real Purple Patch DS let's Finish on on uh some perhaps negative Suggestions go for it um K moani I feel I'm got it cuz I was like this guy is The real deal and it's just not looking Great or is that is that is he is he a Victim of his just not being good enough Or is he a victim of Luis Enrique's Ticky tacky

Nonsense ticky tacky nonsense well just That's CRA up has entered the building I'm annoyed as well because yeah I like You thought he'd be a good signing for PSG I mean he did arrive really late in The window I think he arrived on the Second or 1 of September I think it was Pretty much on Deadline day which mean They didn't get a preseason with his new Side and I don't think him or Gonzalo R Have looked particularly good despite The fact they've now chosen to make Gonzalo Ramos permanent the other day Just dropped 70 million pounds on a guy Who scored like three goals that's what Happens when you got money crazy so I Think there are obviously some issues With how they're using their Strikers um But kman is a good player to have Because he can also play out wide leaves At the end of this year he's worth Having around it's not been terrible as Well four goals two assists in 13 games Since joining um but his shots have Dropped quite considerably his Creativity or his creative numbers have Gone up a lot but then maybe you would Expect that when you're playing Alongside mbappe who's so effective at Getting shots off but yeah of their Forward line Usman demell I think has Been really really good even though he Hasn't got the goals he probably should Have I think mbappe's being quietly he's

Just mbappe is he's always excellent um But Ramos and G raml and kwani have kind Of been letting down the side if anyone Has um and he hasn't really been able to Make the difference in in the Champions League yet which is really where he's Ultimately going to be judged um and Apparently they don't have to win the Champions apparently Al califia has said It doesn't matter about winning the Champions League year I know I don't Think they will and maybe that is their Ambition but as a PSG player that is Primarily where you are judged um Because most leagan games are are should Be on paper quite easy for them um and It hasn't been so far but yeah just been A bit underwhelming but I don't want to Rite him off too early I think it's I Think it's a little too early do I agree I should also say I don't even dislike L Enrique I don't know why I said that And quick and last one uh mccbs we Touched on Barcelona yesterday if if you Go on a Continental Club we kind of do Like a Javi Barcelona special so go Watch that but rafin has been suggested By TJ Brown as well I I mean I I was Never that hot on this transfer anyway But I mean in the surprise factor of his Season this year where where do you Stand on it yeah I I I mean I have been Surprised at how little he's been used By Javi that's for sure especially given

That he was probably Barcelona's most Impressive Ive Winger in the second half Of last season um like equally I wasn't That big a fan of the transfer mainly Because Barca still had as man dembele And he was coming off probably his most Impressive season when they signed Rafia Now as man demele is gone I think there Is a need for Rafia in this side I don't Think Barcelona's wide options are Amazing um you know faren Torres you Know like has never really looked great Out wide for them like linal has has Come in on the right and has looked Impressive but the guy doesn't turn 17 Until next summer I mean like can you be Putting that kind of pressure on on a Player that young I know bcel have like You know made a real made a real habit Of doing so with with very young players Um this year and they've just lost one Inavi for the rest of the season um but Absolutely I think rafino needs to be Getting more game time like to take Pressure off players like yal I I think You know in terms of an Incisive Winger who's both creative and And can score like I I don't think Barca Really have any one much better at this Moment in time and especially when Levandowski is struggling in front of Goal too um like his shots have gone up You know he's taking almost five shots Per 90 at the moment his key passes are

Up to around 3.5 per 90 and he's coming On a lot late in game so you know those Numbers are going to be inflated a Little bit but generally speaking he's Very productive um so yeah I've been Surprised that he's not been used very Much like I think Barcelona will will Certainly need him a lot more in the Next half of the season I agree all Right quickly guys who is the the player That has shocked you the most this Season it could be positive it could be Negative I'll kick off I think it's Andreana really wanted him to be the guy He's not what do you reckon I think Andreana has been yeah biggest shock for Me I can't really think of anyone anyone Who's had a bigger drop off in that Sense I know in the league he's been He's been fine recently but yeah like It's it's been it's been pretty Horrendous like the amount of the amount Of games where the spotlight really has Been on him for the wrong reasons is um Is pretty staggering he'll be fine will Go with Victor Bonny face yeah because I Mean the we didn't even get around to Talk about him I don't think but s jir See at least he'd been at Stuart last Year and actually scored I think 11 League goals like bonface came from un Sanoa he'd only had one year there being Pretty good there but but not Exceptional and yeah he has slows down a

Bit recently but his shots I think no One's taking more shots than him per 90 In in the entire of Europe entirety of Europe I'm going Bon a face nice good I'm glad you ended on a positive we Could have just had more Andre back Finish off the episode anyway that's it No quickfire questions this week uh on Sunday Vibes thanks so much for joining Us if you have time please go look at Our interview with Kai H which has gone Out this week a big name back on Football daily which isn't us three can You believe um so yeah please go enjoy That um yeah we'll see you next week Have a great weekend whatever you do Enjoy your Sunday thanks so much for Joining us bye-bye like And subscribe All that

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