Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist and undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat” against german top ranked athlete and WBO champion Marco Huck with nickname “Captain”. Fight for WBO cruiser weight belt took place in Max Schmeling Halle, Berlin, Germany on September 9, 2017. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Marco Huck (Germany) | BOXING fight, HD

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Introducing to you first the Challenger On my left fighting out of the Red Corner wearing black trunks with gold Trim hailing from Berlin Germany he Weighed in at 90.2 kg or 198 and 3/4 us Lb Marco and his across the ring the Defending world champion fighting out of The blue Corner wearing white trunks With silver trim hailing from Kev Ukraine his weight 90.5 kg or 199 and 1 12 us lb he is undefeated in his Campaign of the ring with a record of 12 Wins no losses 10 wins coming by way up Knockout he is ranked the number one Seed in the world boxing Super Series And tonight he is making the third Defense of his world title ladies and Alexand Time in a professional manner and this Fight be clean Mr usyk Mr hoop Gentlemen Let’s do This the two men at one another during No moments away from the opening bout of The world boxing super world champion So here we go then during Hising up tightly but a hard left hand To the body did get such a twinkle to Individual Poss early on in Body SC Off less regarded Iown up on the ring scor a good left Hand to the body ping forward but it’s a

Face attack to whale away to the body Good right jab in evidence ground both Men showing flashes of the TAC far less Activity again r telegraphing that right Hand couldn’t find the Range Stand the action from that opening round This is where back touch the Strand H Began to wail away with the free right Hand 12 is a pretty impressive bunch of Medalist and champions in Pacific for Pound for pound L and the trail blazes Scor a good to increase the territory on Which F Adams and K Taylor already Making their Mark in the CL as well and Of course that terrific contest Vladimir H making that one for short That’s a rather Cru Ponderous looking Kristoff L on the Floor Kristoff ly on the floor for the First time in his career the second time Really heavily and he works away with That right hand to the B grins his Gunshield contemptuously gets his boxing St beneath it marches his man back Towards the road begins to score with an Effective start to action heating up Here in this round as the desor level Rises here the fans up on their feet Quickening of action towards the con So us concentrated trying to pin hook to The road ability and instinct to get Himself out of that place of confinement But went right back to causing him to

Try to initiate that clinch but usyk Able to score both down in the inaugural World Boxing super is what these boxers Are working towards in this not around Robin as we’ve seen in previous Tournaments the super six most notably The equation is quite scor with a good Time just a few moment the right hand Wasn’t too far away from Hook and he com Forward constant instruction from the Right from my right here at ringside World title contest so he knows what he Needs to do up there in the boxing ring But the reminders of the third round and Again usk continuing to move wonderfully Usk continuing to contract and expand The ring as making his presence Bel when The two men came together at the press Conference it gets back onto the front Foot coming forward with a single phas But short to the mark and now beginning To bring up across through the middle Made such impressive fashion and Kristof Two tight in have come on the road in The USA here he Is having here is being counted Immediately you can see his energy Levels remaining very good indeed Continuing to work over when it does That punch it was blocked that’s a Wonderful left hand to the body from us Back comes H with the right hand of his Own attention but he’s back in the space Of the Ring now and what a long right

Shield in that maniacal green that he Possesses that hard left hand downstairs And upstairs from Alexander RK what a Left hand every time hook enjo a little Bit of success have all come at World Championship level so made to be a Little bit Uncomfortable Racking left hand and that ConEd a Fant Midle hooks around the corner look at That for a counter left right onto the Jaw 12 Olympic gold mentioned of course That was his second Olympic Tournament but again look at that for Spearing right Hand good right hand L from H in exaggerated fashion and then got Immediately back the first quarterfinal Of the world boxing Super Series the Idea of the concept and that is why this And scores with some straight back comes You once again hook bobbing and weaving To intervene but in fearness Robert bird Hasn’t had much to do in this contest He’s being fought of terrific the wiing On the back foot in that Stand from round number Five But that was a cing right hand but look At Thaten Leg Comin put under pressure in that fifth Round he saw he’s leaving is pivoting

Off legs still look a little bit weary To me as he runs into a jolting right ja Working his way inside in the mutal cus The deeper we go into this contest to Launch his counter here’s the lead left Hook followed by right hand round number Six plooding for he hook back towards The RO and there’s an exchange on the Bell and Alexander Mhamad again walking down his man Hook By definitive right cross chain instead He steps right back into the bridge run Wonderful counter halfway through the Seventh Round such a tough inide the Distance as us gets onto the front foot Hook Bing but he can’t evade these blows He’s back to the space of Center ring Now he may have taken a break in the First half of round six and H now almost Following robbing and reading in front Of his man the right hand from H he Wants his man down once more looking thr With fite shots peing and poking with Al Hook here the same shot once again but Now here comes Alexander unloading heavy Lea hook covering up trying to on the Significant pressure and there’s the Bell on legs that didn’t appear to be Again in that seven stands up from this Man but I just get the sense That BEC a effective now standing a Solid right hand just completely

Disregarded it and came back with his Own salbo that was far more effective Side the of the mhammad Ali trophy As usk again gets as he drops his elbows And then he gets tagged by a straight Left hand straight through the guard Feel the same shot the event the contest A draw a for judge as has happened in Previous big fight the craing right hook Just hook to mouth wide open that’s a Counter right hook though from the kg Veteran Captain and his success is more punches Coming from Alexander left hand success A little snaking under hand left It will theous search from us his Offense has been reduced to sneaky lead Right hand now he’s getting PE back onto The front foot Le left H weaving in Front of his man once again left Encouraged by the vocal support he’s Receiving here remaining poised Remaining composed Looking for the Openings to break down the Defenses of this durable hard right hand To the body from Hook Now the ninth round right from Hook but Again every time us head Hook is being Driven backwards now he in the Vulnerable position but it appears to me As he’s put under pressure pun piing From Alexander C him out Marco hook but It seems to me that hook is putting all His score again he’s driven backwards

Into the Ropes and perhaps we’re seen the Difference here six professional Contest Marco hook again taking up Heasly familiar posture in the newal Round of boxing Produced the title in just his 10 Professional cont distance before that It was nice on many of the punches in That combination around the corner Uppercut through the middle and he Wouldn’t a late Stoppage former Champion and of some sustained pressure Here he comes back with a good stairs Then working the body hook Bing Le it Once again off the ropes but only CES Across the boxing ring to take up Residence on the ropes on the far side Of the Ring triying to hold on but Instead he’s only covering up bling the Wheels that left time to the body he Calls into Wheels again he’s trying to H Out of the corner uppercut ring through The middle Robert bur po don’t all of His strength been put to the test usyk Working away furiously shots underneath Robert had W it off in the of this Contest all Andus of his WBO Title defiant former Champion stopped in The 10th round massive loss here tonight And stopped for the third time in his

Career and still The Undefeated WWE all Cruiserweight champion of the world Alexander so Alexander usk Raises the Ukrainian flag aoft along With both of his arms that WBO strp Remains proudly around

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