Professional puerto rican welterweight boxer Kermit Cintron with nickname “El Asesino” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for WBC Super welter weight belt took place in Plaza de Toros, Mexico City, Mexico on November 26, 2011. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Kermit Cintron (Puerto Rico) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Here's how they match up the WBC super Welcome There very solid professional as Mentioned youngest champion in boxing 21 Years 136 and he is Considered a potential not only in Boxing but in marketing wildly there's a FES of air The Killer Canelo [Music] [Applause] [Music] Alare all right so the big question [Music] Here we [Music] [Applause] Go Canelo coming up from the Crowd translates into [Applause] Cinnamon that is the name now for C Tron As he walks into a Hook Want to try to jump on [Music] Alvarez started slow in his last Fight the body shots here by Canelo left hook in a right hand by [Music] [Applause]

Alvarez Alvarez trying to time that Right hand it just Missed left H by Alvarez [Applause] Jab in the right hand by Cro so it's a battle of Jabs in a miror Image Styles in the [Music] Open Here Comes Alvarez over the top That's a temple area That was a signature shot for him in the Opening round and the right hand cre After that notice the good positioning By Alvarez and the [Music] Shift so Canelo Alvarez Champion 154 28 Knockouts he's just 21 Years old Tempo you're looking at the youngest Champion in Fox already grasping some of The major your Fundamentals Superstar Already good right hand by Alin early on in their Career have more of a say in their dtic Side Mike Tyson here's On top of C there's a looping left hook To the Temple there by C did not get There s one right [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Hand Al outlanding knows How laugh these guys [Applause] [Music] Okay between rounds Alvarez getting a Demonstration they want him to try and Take Advantage of quick openings presented by To Tron good jab by Alvarez just missed With the right hand coming behind Him Tron tries to fix it up a little and Alvarez [Music] Engages just missing with that uppercut Is Alvarez doomsday could be coming with [Applause] That closer and [Applause] Closer that left hook again right [Applause] There closing [Applause] In right up for cut by Alvarez there's That that rocking [Applause] [Music] Motion WBC 154b Championship Alvarez 380 And1

[Applause] With his tall Frame looks like a guy who could fight At 154 double left hooked by Alvarez left hook in a right hand by Alvarez good body shots here by Alvarez Left hook by Alvarez good right hand by Alvarez Shooks and tring about at the Top here it is again from Alvarez Seemingly out of [Music] Nowhere does he have enough time to Finish This TR comes back and goes down Again to Slip looks unhe hurt at this moment [Applause] Almost another [Applause] [Music] Knockdown no no no no quizzes Keriton Trone take a look at some magic there by Alvarez and the right hand to the temple Area that one minute rest Period how much will that F big right hand by Alvarez Back C Tron going to go for it he's Going to go out something good right Hand by Alvarez on C thron good right hand again

Followup right hand here comes back Making some noise and forcing Alvarez to Tie him up from Alvarez right hand by [Music] [Applause] [Music] Alvarez right hand by Alvarez Right hand by S Tron Alvarez Has good Hook F by Alvarez old guys [Music] Winded Alvarez with a 2410 Edge and Punches Landed to get the better of C Tron and He's gotten the best of Him one of those judgment call for the Referee Hector AFU simply decided that c Tron was Taking too much he has to decide do I Call the fight or do I let the guy go on Sometimes without a standing eight count You may see an Abrupt stoppage like this To his punching Rhythm both sudden out First but big right hand Temple are eye From Alvarez as you see compilation of Some of his best work throughout this Fight left hook right hand straight shot Good left hook to the body shots has Perfect Positioning makes the Call drone is trying to fight back but

That's a good right hand and a good left Hook these are WBC light middleweight Champion of the world Sa Canelo Alvar

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