Professional iranian talented heavyweight MMA fighter Amir Aliakbari against brazilian huge athlete Geronimo Dos Santos with nickname “Mondragon”. Fight took place in Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan on April 16, 2017. MMA fight video with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Amir Aliakbari (Iran) vs Geronimo Dos Santos (Brazil) | KNOCKOUT, MMA Fight HD

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Was suspended due to a doping suspension And doe a doping and then he got Suspended again so has a checkered Passed but here in Ryon looking to uh become a formidable Force in MMA trains at AKA Thailand Under UFC veterans Mike Quick swick Mark Hunt and SOA P he made his Pro MMA debut in October 2015 picking up a first round TKO then He picked up another first round TKO two Months later last year he signed with Ryzen made his debut in September in the Openweight Grand Prix against R Zoro Winning via first round TKO then defeated short notice Replacement Heath hering via unanimous Decision and then in the final stage of The tournament he faced Valentine Budowski winning the fight be a split Decision but then was knocked out by Tournament Victor Miro pro cop as the Tail of the tape shows us well you're About to see two big boys throw down [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Giants [Music] S do Santos first time in Japan but he Watched all of the pride events back in The day and he never thought he'd be Here a dream come

[Music] True Five and one three of those victories Coming inside the distance for Amir Aliakbari the superlative wrestler 10 Minutes five minutes two round match no Head batting no airbow striking elbow to The Head are not permitted in This Heavyweight Attraction and unlike the first Heavyweight fight of the night let's Hope that these two heavyweights go at It like Wendy's and Hardies on Media the beef is in the rising Ring what do you look for early Frank Well I mean to me it's whoever lands the First strike I think aliakbar is Probably a better Striker looks a little More balanced and centered or better Striker when it comes to this game I Think uh it's going to be a grappling Match trade body shots in the Clinch to the body By Santos and this is uh the position Aliakbar wants to be a greo Roman Wrestler the go behind Wast lock by Aliakbari and of course we saw what he Did against he hering now into Cross-side position the side control on Jano dos Santos dos Santos has lost seven times via Submission Aliakbari has three knockout wins no

Submissions yet he's being crucified Right now well that's dos Santos in the Crucifix position ground and pound by Alak Body and this is Bad position for dos Santos early in the Fight I didn't tell he's got no answer For It hard part about this position is you Start really putting energies into it You start really getting nervous because You can't move your arm you can't move Your your position at all you start Making silly escapes and wasting a lot Of energy you have a cool story about One of Dos Santos or excuse me aliak Bari's coaches Mike swick former Military member contacted you back in The day back in the day used to be in Afghanistan used to Rite me from the Dirt tell he was going to be a fighter Wanted to come to these states and uh Train him train him for years got him Started AKA San Jose of course you were Part of the founding members there with Javier Mendes crazy Bob cook and of Course uh want to congratulate Daniel Cormier on successfully defending the UFC light heavyweight championship DCA great ambassador to the sport no Matter what the fans Think got to embrace that heel Persona He's got to embrace the heel persona Like him he's the nicest

Guy it's so funny certain people uh People don't like what a formidable Force he was at heavyweight in Strike Force remember the grand beating Josh Barnett no slow throwing a body Slam do Santos meanwhile peppering Amir Or excuse me being peppered by Amir Aliakbari who has him in this crucifix Position now look at this choke sliding This in forearm Choke Say what's funny is I bet you he wishes He had elbows now that 30 lb weight uh Advantage in his disfavor but he can Sure use some elbows right Here he is just trapped There that arm is just tied Up Alak holding the other Shoulder grounded pound from the Crucifix and Amir aliakbari vanquishes Jano do Santos to improve to six and one Four wins via form of [Music] Ko I'm here [Music] Up came down to position hakari had all The positions and just kept one just Stayed there crucified worked it out These are these are solid solid shots That was a need to stop Fight Santos no understanding of how to Escape out of this position first round A techical knockout the

Winner that's a big scary Man bounces back from the loss to Miracle croop alak barari best jono dos Santos via [Music] TKO Team Photo so 10 fights in the books one more Coming your Way in this the first Rising MMA event Of the year as we begin the year-long Celebration the 20th anniversary of the Spiritual well for father of riseing Pride Fighting Championships and the next is for mini Shows Mar around the World

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