Professional american boxer and most effective lightweight puncher Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank” against top ranked athlete Isaac Cruz with nickname “Pitbull”. Fight WBA light weight belt took place in Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA on December 5, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Gervonta Davis (USA) vs Isaac Cruz (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Von tank Davis making the second defense Of his WBA lightweight title introducing Isak Pitball Crew Jante Take [Music] Davis m C all right belt line is good here Gentlemen your at all times listen to my Commands touch them up back to your Corner Gentlemen 11year Pro Thomas Taylor has Been assigned tonight's Main Event Working is 429 in the boxing World Davis Has juice and he's wandered to La where A star studded crowd has con Esau Cruz Taking the fight on short notice already Scheduled the Bell round one Davis Diego Magdaleno who he starched in 53 seconds Is at least he he came out and stayed True to his brand whipping the fight in A long time he hasn't had consecutive re Prodigious power oh Davis stumbling the American contingent yeah more vocal than We would have thought In This Crowd not Sure across the country yeah a half left And Cruz with a movement is important For him and you know Davis what he does Is but to find a way to knock you Out round and great start for Esau Cruz that punch could be foreshadowing For the future in this fight oh my oh

And Cruz just staggered Davis with The Shorter and referee rolling in a slip Plenty of drama Dr down it would be a Slip uh yeah just a right hand that Missed over the he wants to keep doing That because David you know he's really Smart in finding openings 47% of his Power punches who everything other he's Not throwing much punches oh that double Cut again there it is really accurate Punching let his arm go Davis able to Evacuate jab and there's Davis pass the midpoint of the Second oh man this whole building is Waiting for one of those upper the upper Cut to detonate so they can explode and Hands are free guys let him go and again The the ti guard that Cruz has right now By Cruz that got Davis's attention as Davis looks to Counter Davis good aversion of those Punches getting out of since he became a Main event fighter so this is a Different experience against was the Tallest and there Davis launches the Left and crws along the ropes going to The body this was one of those moments We look here cranks up that left Uppercut it kind of bounces off the key Hold the B there let's go do not give Him distance do not give him Distance we didn't see many jab 15 17 Boids a sweeping left hook although Cruz

Bounces on left hook off Davis's body Davis going to the body with A and uppercut finds a home to the body D up Cruz putting the pressure closes The distance he's trying to make an Effort he is he is but you got to give It to Davis too you know I thought this Was a fight in which he could show more Of the nuances of his trying to do that Against this rugged guy coming after him Barry hunter wanted to jab from him and Uh Davis he Hasn't oh counter left hand bouncing off The nose of Cruz and Dante tank Davis now as Cruz Doing what he has to Do let bring in Steve farhood javante Davis still a young Fighter doing good here keep him in Front of Got problems with that in recent fights He's won the fight trying to land that Right and then the left to the body of David will movement using defense Lulling Cruz go his Punches CR landed down right uppercut What does that mean Usually a minute and a half left here in The and there game of time jante Davis It's not you know it's bending the rules A little but why not oh there's a left Uppercut again Davis trying to get those Uppercuts in and here he winds up with One and there a very conscious effort by

Cruz the block you know Leo was backing Uh Davis lead left hand scores for Davis You know the straight left left yeah the Straight land left yeah there was a lot Of ballman punching from oh and the jab In the right upper cut so far now right Upper cut [Applause] By Tie up and there's again the uppercut in The straight left by Davis and that straight DAV got a a lot Of new tattoos great work and these two Seconds left here in the fifth lead Right by Cruz and then the left uppercut On the inside and good defense head Movement accuracy great you got to turn Around keep feeding in the jaam and then Doing what we've seen his uh promoter do A nice right Right hand got in but the left Davis and A right hand by Cruz and a left that's The well Davis was right there gave him The opportunity Davis has been doing the Angles working angles really well not Giving Cruz a chance to let go of his Hands Davis and then the exit play by Tank Davis and that left uppercut Cruz Walked into it No straight left upstairs scores for Davis and But yet not the right one he has you Know he he's done a good job with that

12 round affair right There in the early moment here's where He gets through that's that short right Hand that we talked about that's the Uppercut and again it lands a little bit E your [Music] Point he's going to fall when you hit Him well he's fall so while we talk About him as a power puncher round two On Q 5856 oh nice counter left by a Determined Esa Cruz and a couple of Right uppercuts on the inside credit for Knowing that's a part of His oh big uppercut by Cruz power he's Got a great right hook and that one St Anticipates Javante and he's almost free the head Movement of Cruz less Now some upper are getting there and This one got there a very good one Targeting the head of Cruz Cruz using a Little more movement and Trips and the Matador anytime we see a surge in the Offense of dvon coming and why not it Often does with Davis 24 Left again the upper cut by different a Variety of combinations of boxing skills Me icing on the CI for tonight will be Just a Knockout final 30 seconds of the Eighth Cruz lling a lot of grappling as we head

To round Cru he said if you can do it I Can do It strong reminded us and told us guess What I'm not just a big Power puncher I Have boxes had good moments in this Round and there he rips a uppercut or Right to the body then a nice Uppercut Another aspect of and Cruz going to the Body again showing his hand Speed but it's D Utilizing the range and oh delivers That making him miss making him Pay lead left scores for Davis a warning But a lot of those punches are legal to The body too that he's thr there's Crafty combination counter right hook Land Straight Davidson in that last round you Know we talk about the variety of Punches there's people don't always Associate with him but he can punch very Well in combination the uppercut and Then pick and go I know power puncher Like Davis when you see a 10th round you Think oh maybe it's a boring fight oh He's not fighting well started out the Round pretty Well and it's amazing how he's certain Spots where he to jab his way oh myow The body and a flurry that left took by Cruzo was the best punch he he's landed Grounds are straight ahead as Cruz goes Back to to the body right in that round

Did some great work with the right hook He a pretty good round there he you know He he's working the body and here comes That left hook that was a good left hook He Landed that's to defeat dvon tank Davis there it is there's that lead Right up Cru patience is starting to Payoff Yeah hey sit up good I know I know What's going on the jab was working for You here have some fun Dan this the crow Chanting C Pua in the 11th yes you can Do it for Esau Cruz really close fight full throated Crowd at Staple Center and To a terrific final three minutes who Wants it more is it the left hand of Dave using the jab right now So is it the left which of course is Vital for him and he landed so many Early in the of Davis just wanting to Continue wow that sweet looking lead Right uppercut by David used has Expected a lead right hook scores for Captain yeah you got to give it to Cruz Because however Davis uh broke or or his Hand Cruz took a lot of shots with that Hand yeah but I got to say in job with Just the right a very good job both with The ja using that right hook and and Cruz this is tor to think this is Right's close good right hook again by Davis but Davis is uncomfortable he been

Wincing now utilizing his footwork and He's become a onehanded fighter it is Delivering dividends the jab and crws un To take Advantage of the trante tank Davis oh wow he's got to be careful more A minute left Davis has done a very good Job of boxing here in this round and we Assume that left not getting himself Caught against the ropes using the only The right hand you know tank rolled into Tinsel Town hoping to produce another Electrifying episode of his KO show but Man his mentor Floyd Mayweather Jior happy Although the extent of the injury but There's no doubt about Davis has not used the Round the Staple Center enjoying what They've Seen and and tank Davis show that Tonight regardless of a knockdown Knockout he he's a really exciting Fighter to watch Cruz absolutely and for This young man isach Cruz he proved his Worth as a lightweight tonight he he Definely he he with only one hand Available to him 23 years of age es saw Cruz who was scheduled to be on the boy Oh boy just the second fighter To Go the Distance with it could have easily Created a a more serious injury and he Kind of got tripped there over the leg Of and still The Undefeated WBA

Lightweight champion of the world Javante T Davis

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