Professional brittish heavyweight boxer and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ” against top ranked athlete and undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat”. Fight for WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavy weight belts took place in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, England on September 25, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Joshua (England) vs Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) | BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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Modern boxing times a crackling cauldron Waiting out of the Red Corner with his Trainer Yurenko wearing white with blue official Weight 221 1/4 lbs his professional Record is a perfect One consisting of 18 fights 18 victories 13 wins by knockout he's an Olympic gold Medal Champion fighting out of and Representing all the people of Ukraine The former Undisputed undefeated Cruiserweight champion of the world the Number one WBO white heavyweight Contender in the Worldunder Lu and across the ring fighting out of The blue Hunter with his trainer Rob Mcracken wearing white and officially Weighing in at 240 lb this Olympic gold Medal Champion now has a professional Record consisting of 25 fights avenge Thereby making him a champion who has Defeated every man he's interfaced in The ring from London the heavyweight Fighting pride of England the reing Defending to Heavyweight champion of the World AJ Anthony [Applause] Kwa here at totenham just have a good Playan fight okay most of all remember To defend yourselves at all times all

Right TR six s Precision stun the British crowd JS and the big right hand That he tries to and he's waited Patiently for this Chance K St by oh good left hand from Musi Beautiful In and Out Joshua pouring With the [Applause] Jab winning the Jos has got to settle Now a bit more uper body movement from Him a few more faints As who's get a career heavy as 15 he Settled around that weight now weeks and Weeks is constantly on the Move that's Why I think Joshua just wants to focus On maybe the chest area at the minute Joshua can be had him down in the third L the other guy into making a Mistake good left hand again you know Early on while the lighter man the Faster man he's going to have that jab Getting closer that from Joshua left Hand from usk Problematic coming there movement okay Everything control the Space out in the Olympic Headquarters I always think again oh Good good shot from usk there but I Always think against climatized that Speed and at the minute the speed and The move defensively damage limitations And look to build on as the fight Progresses Joshua's got to try and Timeing with that right hand another J

From us Comptitive good shot though from Alex From the Challenger from the ukra and a Beautiful shot and Joshua's had here in The third round Andy Ruiz and Alexander Rusik is looking very strong but take Whatever Josh whatever R gives you don't Try and force it you've got to stay Tight defens speed anon's actually Watching these replays as they go Through to me AJ the challenge Just box of Tricks anyway and he's got The edge and who's got an advantage of Speed little man and how conditionings Improved and the little men are not so Little anymore they're very strong right Hand from Joshua as USI looks to Control and a again wor the body are you Sure leave USI I hope So Ki fourth round that's better Yeah Go only defeat for Joshua as A another body Sh the left there Joshua tries to get a Little Bit now Joshua gets a body shot in yeah I think Joshua should slow him down Hasn't he trying take some of the legs Away Back good right hand very good after From Anthony Joshua and there's a solid Right hand and who with a with a WBA Super ibf and WBO heavyweight titles on

The line at Tottenham That's and there's danger because They're both staying in Punching that heavyweight power fight For Joshua the counters I think when he Tries to pull out he's Pi second out Round KD Now which is good but you know there's a Good jab again for musk [Applause] And I think Circle away and then when he Comes catch catcher Counter ja then drive that right hand Into the body lovely shot beautiful shot Lon how good is the chin it's held up All the way through his career gold Medalist superweight compared to Heavyweight Three time but I edged it to usk the Fifth and more he's been a little bit More confident with that straight play Through of what is just an enormously Absorbing fight to watch to Anthony Joshua butex that Joshua comes through For the big banan and Joshua landed at The same time good J from mus good right Hand from Joshua but I think Joshua Certainly good upper body movement from Joshua and I wonder if he is he's also Used up a lot of energy in those first Few rounds [Applause]

Yeah from the right hands as well good Left hook from Joshua good left hook From musing yeah beautiful repul started So well Joshua definitely coming back Into it but again us landing one of the Finest technicians in recent years Joshua's got a watch that looping left He gives you a few down the middle good Shot from Usk head bringing you and then looks to Looping around the side as he as he just Tried Rusk back end of the seventh Giving him a little lift great response After Joshua having two good rounds the Accuracy in the seventh from Joshua felt yet couple of rounds back Suddenly usk Delivers after Joshua having a couple of Good rounds in that left hand there that Was decided you don't expect 20th of Anthony Joshua's pro career you know Used up a lot of energy in these seven Round you'd like to think that the the In seven kuat PV in Nine Alexander again looking for that looping Right hand us blocked it on the [Applause] Gloves again looks with that right hand Just fell short Again better from Joshua and a body shot Was good from the Brit with maybe a f Start from usk can Joshua come on strong He's got to try anything he can in there

Now to isue up and the body shot as Well back comes usk with the left [Applause] [Music] Hand Extraordinary again Joshua looking for The right hook to the body to keep it Out and again the right hand tries to Sink it in under That How the body shots from Joshua and those Brother usk to what you have usk up I Have us subjective as always that Alexander of the fight what way the Direction the fight is going you know Event of the year with fans back and how We've missed you just a feeling during Fight week of people swaying To much calmer wasn't he not up to his Usual tricks many many years for to Conquer the heavyweight division as well Foot movement in and out looking for That counter right hand over the top of The jab a bag of tricks [Applause] Mile anyone that thought this was going To be easy for Anthony Joshua well he is his top draw M yeah Absolutely master [Applause] Technician jab jab right and move to the Side To his world heavyweight Titles Alexander Rusk aiming to still

Plenty of time for Joshua to detonate He's it almost caution to the win time a Little bit I think he's just you Know he's got right hand there from Joshua this is man now he wants to take On all the just above the right Eye well that spur Joshua On to put happy about that c I think Joshua's just got to take it to usk now I would back up one don't even take it Backward fire straight right hand Straight back at him Bu but still that left hand the back Hand it's gone right up they're going to Have to work on that in the Corner Joshua trying the right hand just Falling short left hand ey all the Time ground as soon as usk comes fire Back I think usyk fanes this Now that is great moment at Wembley 90,000 there supporting Alexander usk And Joshua he needs to throw two them right Hand stepping another right Hand remains light on his feet usk Really he's got to commit to It and again usk putting Punch Yeah good Work from usk like this a step to Joshua There good right hand though from [Applause] Joshua usk fighting stepping in from Alexander Usk getting home find another gear Now a wonderful night for heavyweight

Boxing because you're Seeing CH have managed to build he has Had pockets of success Anthony Joshua But us has been busy all the way through He's been accurate to ro the faints and The naturally lighter man with the punch Alexander usk is side to side still Peppering him with leand usk agreed to It to take this fight as he starts sweet Science the AR tonight yeah the movement The speed the body shots the fainting And the lateral movement Chang have to Do that in a rematch how have the judges Got it for me side Alexander usk has put On a fantastic boxing display and look At this finish and Joshua could be taken Out late here and in 5 seconds left and Anthony Joshua was night for Ukraine heavyweight champion who surely Beaten the Olympic and new Highweight champion of the world the Fighting guide of Ukra [Applause] Alexander tears of joy

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