Professional american middleweight boxer and WBC champion David Benavidez with nickname “El Bandera Roja” (“The Red Flag”) against canadian top ranked athlete and IBF champion David Lemieux with nickname “The Demolisher”. Fight for WBC Interim Super middle weight belt took place in Gila River Arena, Glendale, USA on May 21, 2022. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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David Benavidez (USA) vs David Lemieux (Canada) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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Focus of Benitas well you know uh he Sometimes struggled to make 168 losing a Title David LMU David [Applause] Benavides okay boxers you received your Reminder obey my commands protect Yourself at all times touch gloves good Lu referee Harvey doc 18-year pro pro Fight David benava is going to try to Rally the valley CH to the Dallas Mavericks upset the top overall seed From the NBA Playoffs Lemieux says he Doesn't run away from any bury abouts The Bell Round One schedule for 12 at 168 lbs this one has all your fight and Lamie said I'm going to try and cut the Distance from the moment the fight Starts wasting any time he close the Distance pretty quick He's got to do It fast with his footwork fast little Jabs a lot of movement head tack from The side don't square up on a guy like Benitas benas oh wow there that left Already has nine first round kick he has 12 first round Knockouts last one came Against garyo Sullivan in September 2018 And there benas keeping it long it's Important he said the key for him in the Early rounds is the jab bring on what he Promised he is standing in front of

Benas wanting to bring the fight to the Man with well all in many ways David Benav kind of a u AG NBA player big but Can fight like a smaller guy yeah it's The skills of and he lands 46% of the Power pun he throws those are both way High at the top of the list of all Boxers the go the left H benas was throwing the right hand I Don't know what's going to happen the Rest of this fight but I and he needs to Keep that constant pressure he don't Need to work himself inside and jump Back out he's got to keep it in his in Inside State rough him up make itward Right hand by benas backed up Lemieux There's the jab through the guard the Right hand by Ben and another right that lands for Benitas on the me 30 seconds left in the First he's starting out to good one two From Benitas Lands nice solid speed I mean he really Can do it all yeah taking his got a stag Of Lemieux V is unloading with Blistering combinations on David Lemieux the Bell no the bell Went it looked to me like the referee Jump you you have to try Something Translation round number two Lemieux was In deep trouble at the end of and Looking to make what could be his last Stand as he had his head popped back by

The jab and yet he's willing the pocket And go Toe to Toe with Benitz of he is Down pops back up six seven short leash Show me short referee give him a short Leash as the words of Harvey dolam you Down for the fifth time in his career Here in the second domitable Spirit of Lemieux on display the only safe place For is right on the inside and viidz Yeah solid uppercuts hooks everything by Benas but look at Le's heart he's still Leie fighting back going to The almost down in round one went down Here in round two coming forward and Ben Is the landing shots there's a left to The body right hand and the right Cross unbelievable CH unbelievable where But how much more can David L take he's Responsible even while Attacking oh oh lamu getting lit up and Yet still throwing punches lands the Left of his Own and the left uppercut lamp jabed by Benitz UND display from Ben I think if he if leie makes it out Of this round I don't think they let him Go out in the corner Always intent on going out on his shield Two of his four losses have been by Knockout he just got inside again On wobbly legs taking all kinds of [Applause] Pun still fighting back though it's

Amazing I mean I I think he's out his Feet man it's a battle of Davids but Lemieux sporting a Goliath size he is Taking all kind of punishment from The Undefeated David benitz Lemieux bloody Let him out for round three get in Serious trouble again I'm going to stop [Applause] It well this is from round one we never Got to see this this is again this is This is could have been a knockdown Again right could have been called a Knockdown then B got in there he through The two when we had the the knockdown The straight right hand gets in for V And he would send him punches and Bludgeoning bunches and David Lemieux Com that's staggering in and of itself And comes up firing repeated Jabs and Goes to the right and left by Benitas However see Ben just walking right hand That lands for Benavides show stats and The power punches on benitz but Lemieux Trying to valiantly fight back H stuck With the jab by Ben aidz who is landing And a high clip yeah he normally lands 46% he's Landing 47% of his total Punches look at L banging away not a lot Of those Point got in it's staggering And he's still got an offense going Theie was knocked out by Marco Antonio Rubio in the seventh round anded Golovkin in the eth October 2015 Ben is Trying to close the show here

And Yet coming back that Not oh they stopping the fight and the M Corner stopped the punishment and David Benavides is now and his wife Karina Young son Anthony at Ring Side he was the this man David L Remarkable because he was fighting Pretty well at the beginning and then After he got hurt a gratifying win for David benitz and he showed a lot of Skills in addition to Power by benas Only three 168 Pounders have won a title Three times undefeated Phenom David LM Took the test and he gave it all he had Before and then things changed with this Left hook for him he's not known as a Left hook artist but he's got a a really Good left hook and that's what hurt him And then he was trying to get the refere Think the referee was pretty close to Stopping the fight cuz you know Ben Neidas hurts you with one shot and then Hep then he Wings there with another Hard shot then he throws another fast 10 Punch combination and sometimes and Again the left hook is a key weapon but What would happen here is a straight Right hand of what benas does and then Of course why not knock you down with a Jab right and that's what he did so it Lemieux different looks vared as Combination there you see Lemieux still Trying but opening up wide and uh you

Know the that's when the corner stopped The fight re he was stumbling yeah he Was stumbling all over the place that One right there yeah and that and that One both yeah and the corner did birth To their son Xander two weeks ago and Speaking of a new one of the best in the Entire sport he is 25 he's 26 and0 with 23 KO David Benavides let's go to Jim Gray Congratulations all right moral thank You very much just want to pass on a Note before we start this interview the Referee Harvey doc told me he was going To stop the fight right at the end of

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