Welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today we are running through each of the title contenders and choosing ONE signing to WIN their side the title!

Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool… they are all covered!



00:00-01:59 – Intro
01:59-12:59 – Man United
12:59-20:44 – Tottenham
20:44-29:27 – Man City
29:27-37:30 – Aston Villa
37:30-46:20 – Liverpool
46:20-End – Arsenal


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Welcome back to Sunday Vibes one and all Look I'm back because Manchester United Won again yeah let's get that narrative Going in the comments below Mike he's Joining me Do's join me boys how are you I'm good thank you enjoyed the midweek Fixtures I'm sure you guys did in Particular but yeah chaotic last night At the North London Stadium as well West Ham getting a crucial win for them Slightly undeserved I thought but um Yeah three points of three points and Yeah good drama across the league also Villa what a performance against Man City yeah absolutely loved it how are You Mikey yeah all right all right yeah You have had a good week Everton beating Newcastle last night as well you were Elated we're still manager it's lovely It's lovely we were watching we we were All watching the the United Chelsea game As well it's I just it's it's great yeah There was a phot wasn't there Celebrating yeah in a Barcelona jumper Actually as well uh yeah it's just great It's just great watching United beat Chelsea when Zach's around he took he Took it very well in person but then he Was like ranting he was ranting and Raving afterwards I think after about The fourth minute I didn't see him take His head out of his phone he was like One of those ones where it's just like I Refuse to watch this game so badly but

It was fabulous from a Manchester United Perspective it ABS chaos it was a very Chaotic game but very very good Premier League fixures this week and a Slightly Bizarre look to the top six because Somehow Manchester United are into the Top six in the hunt aren't they leap Frogging Newcastle so today we thought we would Do one signing to win each Premier League side the title because it is very Tight we could legitimately have maybe a Four team title race I don't think Anybody is actually calling Manchester United Title contenders but for the sake Of this video we we've kind of chopped Them in just to appease me probably but We have thrown them in it's very very Tight at the top of the table though Isn't it I think we should start in Reverse order we're going to look at all Of the top six sides the guys here are Going to suggest a player each and I am Going to pick who I think gave the best Suggestion on the night yeah yeah so we We're going to start with man united do We want to quickly discuss man united d Off camera we were having a bit of a Barney weren't we yeah I wouldn't say a Barney more I you said that man united Were the 11th best team in the league Well they are on by expected points I Think I think it's massive you know Massive props for getting over the line

In so many of these games but I think Eight of your wins this season have come By a one goal margin and you know tenh Har winning winning manager of the month In November was deserved in terms of Results but in terms as was Maguire in Terms of performances like I don't think United have been particularly impressive This season you're right I would say Though the Chelsea game and I do think It's picked up a lot in the last month I Thought you were very good for the first 40 minutes or so in the Copenhagen game You played pretty well for 25 minutes Against Galatasaray but that's what it's Been for United most times it's been Small periods and you still don't back Them to not concede and throw games away That which is why I was so impressed on Tuesday night to be honest because Chelsea never really looked I mean there Was the odd moment but there wasn't too Much consistent threat from you guys uh From Chelsea rather against you guys and I thought it was a really comprehensive Win and you're now two points ahead of Where you were at this stage last season Mad which is absolutely crazy but you do Have quite a difficult run coming up You've got Bournemouth this weekend who Are one of the fored teams in the Division you then got Liverpool you got West Ham then you got Villa and we got BN in the middle of that as well and you

Got Barn in the middle of that so it it Doesn't really get much easier in terms Of what you needed for one signing to Win you guys the title I think you Probably need four or five to be honest And they all need to hit the ground Running evened you're not but it's a It's a fun thought exercise anyway and I Didn't really know where to go with this One because I think you could get Another right back I think it probably Looks like you need another Center back Eventually although Maguire's formed Recently maybe suggest you don't is Kobe Mayo the long-term defensive midfielder Potentially um do you need to sign Another backup Striker to hland or Someone to rival him yes do you also Need to sort out the right wing area Absolutely and I actually prioritized That I thought it was the most necessary Area given that sano's future looks like He will definitely leave in janary Amad Back Amad back in training today Amad Coming to Sunland ahad's coming to Sunland that's where very that's where He belongs at the moment heon I'd love Him I'd love him back there um but yeah Whether Amad features or not it's still A big ask for him to come in there and Really take you to a title um so I Suggested I thought about Jared Bowen Who I suggested about a month or two ago But he's now signed down to like a

Lifetime deal at West Ham I still do Think he's quite a good fit for man United though so that's a bit of a shame But I wanted someone who was Premier League Pro proven because so many of Those signings particularly in forward Areas have come in and they've been Project players so I've gone with Pedro Netto 23 years old 5 years of Premier League experience the one concerning Thing about him is his injury record in The last couple of years I think he's Missed 70 games more than concerning I Think and and he's actually currently Out with an injury as well but I think At the start of this season he did seem To be you know not just looking like a a Fits and burst players look like you Know one of the best right Wingers in The league you know probably behind Salah and sacka you know in that sort of Area I think he got one goal and seven Assists he's still The Joint most Creative player in terms of assists in The Premier League this season that Might have actually changed actually Since last night did w price get an Assist either way he's right up there uh And he's been absolutely brilliant but Little bit concerning about their injury Record he's been out since the end of October he's coming back in January so It' be a big move to be honest I don't See wolves selling him in January either

But it's very difficult for Man United To get in a player that's going to be Able to instantly improve them in January I did want to go down that Premier League proven route and his XG And expected assists per 9 have really Shot up this year as well 0.5 four and He's considering he's been out since the End of January his Progressive carries His carries into the area his like Impact on games has been absolutely Sensational this season he was one of The key reasons why wolves started the Season so well he does have a contract Until 2027 he's actually only valued Around 32 million EUR and that's by Transfer transfer transfer transfer Mar Are mental like that he would definitely Cost at least 50 million pound to sign Him in January but I think he is the Sort of caliber of player Premier League Proven that you should be looking at but I just don't think you're going to I Don't think you're going to get any Anyone in January I I kind of agree and I'm a little bit surprised you've gone Down the right wing route I I know that Anthony has not started the season well But obviously without the preseason I Think that didn't help him um I also Think there's quite a lot of options United have got the can play right wing If needs be like rashford can play there Mount can play there gar can play there

Whereas Strikers behind hland I'm like it's like Play quite well against ever martial Cannot be starting for Manchester United In the system that tenh wants to play The way that he presses is not Functionable it doesn't work don't you Think a striker in janary is just even More unrealistic like it's just going to Who are you going to get that's going to Be able to come in in January play a Backup role well it doesn't necessarily Have to be a backup role it could be a Rotation role I think holand cannot play I don't think hland can play every game Too much for a 20-year old not not so Much but this guy can play as a striker If if needs to be um I've yeah I've also Gone down the attacking route I was I Was tense to go for Center back back but Again it's just like United do United do Still have decent depth like you know Varane's not even getting in the team at The moment I know they been injury Problems but you know even when he's Been fit he's not been getting he Anything what what's happening there With Iran seems to baffle me not really Sure I I think he's I think he has Fallen out of favor a little bit hasn't He yeah I think the way that tenh har Plays and we've heard him in press Conference talk about this that he Doesn't believe a ranker play as a left

Sided Center back because of the way he Performs on the ball he's got no left Foot at all it doesn't think he's a Viable passing option in the left Center Back role which means he's only a Candidate for the right center back role And at the moment Maguire is Outperforming and Maguire is in form He's playing very well you cannot drop Maguire right now for Varan he doesn't Believe that Varan can play as a left Center left side of Center back so Therefore Varan is not going to start Games like simply put it's Maguire or Varan playu on the left side where he The same thing he's he's just multiple Times Eric taga said cannot play as a Left sided interesting isn't it despite The fact he of plays there for England Yeah I mean he was yeah I mean that's Where he played his best football for United I think Maguire is a left-sided I Think that's what C's game more but but I didn't go for Center back in the end Um yeah I went I went up top um I think Part mainly because I think yeah United There's no guarantees as to how much if United can spend anything in January but The one guarantee seems to be is that Sancho will probably leave and so there Were reports this week from sport build In Germany that Apparently a swap deal could be on the Cards seen involving maren which I'm not

Convinced by to be honest like I mean Yes like Don Maron now has the same Agent who set up the Rasmus holand move Who looks after Eric tenh har I don't See it happening I don't think it's Realistic I think doniel Marlon is far Too important to Dortmund this season For them to to be like you know what We'll take you on I know we'll take on Sancho who's not played any first team Football in what however long and we'll Get rid of one of our most important Attackers but I think they could Consider some sort of deal even if it's A temporary one for Karam adami oh and Car sorry SE yeah I did uh I didn't even Like think about seher too much I still Think they would be more likely with Adamy just because he's been more out of Favor this term um And yeah I think first of all he can Play the rightwing role he was really Good last season especially in the Second half of the Campaign he can play on the left he can Play through the middle as well like I Think his raw ability could could give Something to this United attack yes he's Been out of favor this season yes he's Long confidence but he's only 21 I do feel like there is although you Know there's you know a long kind of Stored history of players going to United and and and regressing I do feel

Like ad Amy could be the kind of player Who under a new coach in a new system Someone like ten hog like with a bit of A kick up the ass like could actually Thrive um especially when there's not The pressure on him you know when if He's playing at a backup to holand or Backup on the right wing um I I I think He could be really effective and also It's you know I was thinking about Creative players actually Bruno has is Is having an excellent creative season I Don't actually necessarily think that Chance creation is United's biggest Problem at forward line it's it's just a Lack of lack of goal scorers really Rashford's dropped off we need someone Who can cut in from wide and score and AD Amy is someone who can do That goodness me but SE se's not a bad Shout though iagree about the cutting in And score I think there's far too many Players trying to cut in and score I Think you need someone to to go to the By line occasionally and give holand Better a service I I I tweeted it Yesterday but he's he's had eight shots In the Premier League this season five Have been on Target like that's the same As Willie B at notum Forest like he's Just not getting any service and like You see it so often like he's making Pretty good runs even ad does create Chances as well like he does he does do

Both if you're looking in Germany though I think Teo Verna is not a bad option For for a sixth month loan or like a low Or like a permanent deal um I think it'd Be relatively low cost he's getting Nowhere near the RB Lipsig um first team and yeah he's he's Got experience playing in England yes it Didn't go particularly well at Chelsea But he did have still some pretty good Games I remember a great game he had Against Real Madrid in the Champions League yeah Well better backup toand than Anthony Martial I would say um it's an Interesting shout I definitely think Yeah I just has to be a stri man like Just going with Adam I Mean I think Pedro Netto is largely Unrealistic I think out outside the Realms of United somehow finding money That they don't have I don't see a world In which wol sell Pedro Neta to United Whereas I could see Sancho going back to A Dortmund taking a big hit on his wages And some sort of weird deal being struck Uh between the two clubs I just don't Think United are going to be able to buy Pedro net I think it's unrealistic um But yeah even though wolves have sold Not crazy prices in the past like Liverpool I know it was in the summer so It's slightly different but Liverpool Got Dogo for like 35 it wasn't even that

Crazy yeah but again I think during the Summer I would be really surprised Al Wasn't as important to wolves as Neto is And I think neto's like Right now especially given his form I Know he's had in had his injury recently But prior to the injury that form I Think he's like Wolves's like Star isn't he he's like That shiny asset in the forward line I Know that hang is scoring a lot of goals But Pedro Netto has that X Factor to him Which I think immediately adds to the Price tag and when man united come Calling it as the price tag again and Janny adds the price tag I think it's Just unreal got unrealistic option so I'm going to go with Mikey zami shout I Still don't think it's perfect but I Don't think United going be able to find Perfect in that January window and I Certainly don't think United are going To be able to compete for the title so Instead let's move up to the club that Are you know The Shining lights of the Premier League this season that are Level on points of Manchester United It's an poog's Tottenham Hotspur yeah so Salty like just cuz you guys aren't in The Limelight I think they have been an Amazing story see I did see this Apparently Spurs are the first team in Premier league history to go one nil up

Five games and not win any of them very But like I I think most Spurs fans the Spurs fans I know are absolutely loving It like they're playing much better Football they've just lost their best Player there's a lot to be there's a lot To be pleased about wind up they are I Think they've been you know even with This injury crisis I know a lot of teams Are missing in key players as well but I Still think their General level of Performance has not been too bad I Thought second half against West Ham There poor they yeah they didn't really Click yesterday in the second half but I Think they outplayed Villa I think Villa Were really unlucky to win there I think They were outplayed by Man City but That's an amazing result the yetti had Like I don't think there's anything to To worry about too much from a Spurs Perspective but in terms of what they Need I think Center back is like the Glaring issue but when everyone's fully Fit is quite difficult cuz I think You're kind of looking for a backup Center back d d it's got to be a center Back surely I actually didn't go with a Center back dud here Van's nearly back He's back in the new year and I just Think you can muddle away through the Next few weeks I think like when there's Not Madison in this side they are really Lacking creativity in central areas and

Benton Ker's now out they need a Midfielder s and basuma are going to the Afcon yeah true they do need a Midfielder and I wanted some more of a Creator because Skip and hyberg will can Probably do a job in January Madison Will be back in January as well but I Wanted someone and I just think there's A wild card available that's having Where his Club are having an absolute Miserable season and that's Ryan cherky Of Leon oh proper Wild Card pick like Hasn't played that well this year but Leon have been absolutely terrible their Third manager of the Year Fabio G Obviously got attacked by the Marseilles Fans I don't know you know apparently Leon players weren't particularly Impressed with his training methods Before that they they signed or they Sold Bara they sold lucaa dembele left ARA left and the most they spent on a Single player was5 million EUR like they Were kind of asking for this but it has Still been a a truly tragic season and They bottom of League at the moment I Don't think they're even guaranteed to To get out of it now I think they're by XG in expected points they should do but The mood is so terrible and Ryan churkey Is not playing particularly well at the Moment or at least at his best but last Year was was exceptional um four goals And six assist in 21 League starts he's

Incredibly creative he he does have and I don't throw this around lightly like Hazard like tendencies in terms of his Movement don't throw this around lightly In terms of his dribbling like people Are seriously excited about this guy in Leue and and he's never really got a Huge opportunity I think an poao you Look at what he's done with someone like BR Hill I think a Midfield I think he's the he's he's the Dep depth option that can improve like He can play on the left he can play Centrally he can play on the right um And it's just a good player to have on Your books especially with Madison's Injury record I just think that's Koseski though isn't it koski's proved He can play can also play that but I Just think it's a really good Opportunity to sign a player that won't Cost that much money that isn't getting Played regly in a Leon's side and that Leon probably would cash in on because They clearly got Financial issues I Think for me with spurs' depth problems They're all Central defensive like I Know they have Midfield depth issues and Forward defensive forward line depth Issues but you know Madison's injury They still do have when he comes back Benton Kerr as an option they've got Lelo as an option we've seen koseski Play very effectively away at the ety

Had for instance in in Midfield in deep Play midfield yes he's obviously not the Level of basuma but they've got players Like hyberg who can come into that role Whereas behind the defensive Duo of Vanera Romero they literally Emerson Royale and Ben Davis yeah they do still Have I know he doesn't clearly doesn't Rate him they do still have Eric D but He's not going to play he's not going to Play doesn't him U this is why I went For a center back I was considering Midfield But you haven't even heard the play I I Actually I actually love the CH I think Churkey under um an would be like that Would be I was about to call him poch um I was uh uh yeah I think I think that Could be a match made in maybe not have But that could be be great to see I Think'd be a great player for Spurs but Is what they need in January I've gone For a Punchy one here for Spurs I've Gone for a really Punchy one um I'm not Sure whether they'd be able to get him Just because he is at the heart of Europe's you know maybe Europe's best Defense uh Jean Clair tobo at Ni right sided ball playing Center back Turned um I mean I was considering him For Man United originally um but I just Think United We yeah United Center back options Actually are better than Spurs right now

At least in terms you know in terms of Their depth um like you were alluding to Eric Dar just isn't getting any games I Just don't think um an rates him really Or not enough the fact that you know Emerson's getting into the side ahead of Him when when Romero is out um I think Speaks volumes um and yeah they yet to Win a game without vanderen they rank um 11th for expected goals against behind Chelsea so like you know I know Spurs Have improved but their their defense Still can improve even when everyone's Fit and I think having that kind of Depth is really needed if you want to be A serious Champions League Contender let Alone a title Contender um nce have Still only conceded five goals this Season um that is CRA he's overdue he's Overdue a big move tobo like he's been There for nearly four years now he had It didn't he didn't he go to Barcelona And then came went to Barcelona then Went to this yeah sorry yeah but I mean In terms of his kind of I mean yeah I Say R monardo like he's always been good I think he was I think even at Barcelona He's pretty good he actually has really Similar qualities to vanen like he's Quick he's comfortable in possession He's like a good ball progressor um he's Actually better in the air than anyone At Spurs or any of the center backs at Least he's even better than Romero he

Wins 65% of his aerial Jewels like That's an area that vaner actually isn't So good in um so he like Like the problem is is that could you Get him to come in and be like okay when Vaner and Romero are fit are you happy To sit on the bench will he take but Well that that that would be my one Concern however best teams have more Than two Elite yeah that's the thing However like yeah when you look at you Know especially Man City even Arsenal Like tobo as well I think can play right Back if needed like there will be Opportunities there especially with Romero's disciplinary record let's face It um so yeah I I I think he would be You know if Tottenham really want to Establish themselves amongst the elite Sides in the Premier League that is the Kind of player they should be going for In terms of Center back depth yeah I Totally agree I think it's a good Suggestion I'm not going to lie I think Be very very expensive and I think given N's defensive record and their battle For the league on title it would be Nearly impossible to put it off um I Think you know so Jim is also probably Eyeing him as a potential option for Manchester United next summer soing Towards Ryan shuy yeah I'm I'm just not I think that Spurs is most crying out Issue is depth at Center half so I'm

Going to say to even though it's Unlikely and again a little bit like Manchester United Spurs is winning the League uh so let's get into potentially The real contenders here the real deal The real deal no we're not Aston Villa They're third my Friend yeah yeah we're at the fourth Best team in the country Manchester City So now we're into real genuine title Contenders here because obviously Manchester City still the favorites with The book he's probably still most People's favorites to win this league Title my favorites at the moment to win The league title you look a bit I'm I'm Not I'm not over convinced I'm I'm you Know Rec I'm leaning I mean even Liverpool I think I think it's really Really tight I think Arsenal and Liverpool both depends on what Liverpool Do in January and we'll get on to that But I think they're they're both as as In with the shouts at this moment in Time if the Gap is 10 points um when kdb Comes back I think they've got a very Good chance but if it's nothing less Than that I still think it's heavy man City favor M multi team title race Nevertheless so let's talk about Manchester City who um don't stinker Don't have the biggest depth at the Moment like the bench was a problem Wasn't it against Villa and it has been

Consistently throughout the season you Know the number of substitutions pep Guarda has used has been highlighted Quite consistently not dipping into the Bench very often at all um and yeah we Saw midfields of Jon Stones Rico Lewis We saw Oscar Bob up top at times there's Definitely depth issues there but are we Realistically going Toy are you going for a depth issue or a Starter for man I'm going for I'm going For a depth issue um and this is Probably this is quite a rogue shout so I feel like d might take the points of This But there's not that many defensive Midfielders out there um or especially Ones who can kind of match rodri's Physicality and rodri has been you know It has been laid bare just how important He is to this side this season in Particular I know we I know we you know We we knew that before but the fact that The three their three losses have all Come in the three games that he's not Been there that's an issue and like you Said like stones and aangi playing at The base of Midfield the other night Like Rico Lewis play like there's like I Think there was six recognized defenders In that side um against Villa not Obviously not all playing in defense but Like that is a bit of an issue and the Fact that Calvin Phillips can't get game

And you know like I I I expect he could Leave in January surely surely what's The point I think they they they have to S they have to sign a defensive Midfielder and there there are few there Are a few out there going back to Leon Max H kakar is having an excellent Season and a really badly on side but I Don't think I don't think he's got yeah I don't think he's got the physicality I Was also looking at Alex Garcia at Jona A city boy um he's got three goals four Assists from defensive Midfield I think He ranks third in Europe for Progressive Passes but again I don't know if he's Got the physicality I think then there Is probably a reason why why City Offloaded him in the first place so I've Gone for someone who is arguably less Experienced than either of those players So it is it is a bit of a risk but at The same time I think he does look Really exciting and it's Edison at Atlanta like him um he's not a sitting d M is is the only thing but I think he Could be molded into one by pep like he Is quite boxto boox but he has big Defensive numbers I think he's averaging Something like 4.4 tackles and Interceptions at Atalanta his Progressive passes aren't as impressive As say kakar or Garcia but Atlanta Actually aren't that big a possession Side these days um I think his yeah

Physically he is much more up to rodri's Level than those other two and much more Up to rodri's level than than a number Of defensive midfielders who would be on The mark pocket he's really good at kind Of breaking the lines with his ball Carrying um he's got a goal in him as Well I think he's got four goals this Season um he's a really hard worker he Completes a lot of dribbles like he's Got good technical ability he's got good Awareness like I think he yeah he he Feels like the sort of player that pep Could mold into this kind of new look City side that we've seen over the last 18 months where there is it is more Physical like it's a big team that City Side it is a big team and Ed Edison's a Fairly big player he's not he's not you Know one meter 90 like rodri but he is I Think he's six foot or six foot one um He's been linked to Barcelona and Newcastle as well so there might be some Competition there um but I think as a Depth Option like yeah I I feel like he could Be potentially a good fit yeah in Experienced not not you know not Premier League proven and stuff like that but Yeah and that that for me is potentially A bit of an issue like City definitely Have edged recently slightly more Towards Premier League proven Talent you Look at the recruitment in the summer

The like especially Midfield Kover Nunes Yeah who haven't really hit the ground Running you know Calvin Phillips another Player Premier League proven definitely Out of favor and likely to be sold in January so maybe they'll go back to the Trid and tested mixing out formula duges Are you suggesting a defensive Midfielder yeah I went same area Actually um yeah it's interesting City's Summer business isn't it because they They've obviously lost gundan they've Lost mahrez kdb's been injured so that's Three huge players and only really do of Their sumers sign has probably hit the Ground running the non Premier League Pro yeah exactly I mean gavardo as well You know has has had a few shaky moments In the last few weeks and matz Nunes is The most troubling for me I mean he's Only played 63 minutes of City's last Eight League games has he had injuries Though no he's been left on the bench Twice he's not been in the squad on two Occasions and he's featured in 11 City Games this season he's uh of the four Sorry City have lost four games this Four of his 11 games this season and all Four have featured mat nunz um which Isn't a great sign um so yeah it hasn't Been brilliant but they've already spent 90 odd million on on midfielders in the Summer but I do think like Mikey says I Think they lack a bit of physicality

There especially with with de bruyne Injured as well they tried to sign rice Man they tried they went toe for toe of Arsenal didn't and then they went in This different Direction with kovic and Nunes whose best strengths I think are Too similar I said it in the summer I Think they overlap they're very good Dribblers in tight spaces but neither Are massive defensively uh and Nunes in Particular was coming off a really poor Season with Wolves doesn't rate Phillips He's only played 18 League minutes this Season so they need someone I wanted to Go a bit more physical I went with Yousef fer of Monaco 24 years old 6'1 uh was actually like kind of not Playing at the same level as Shu manyi Necessarily but if he'd been a couple of Years younger I think people would have Been as excited about him as Shu Mani When they're playing alongside each Other this year he's alongside Muhammad CA as well of Monaco Monaco doing really Well they're just about in Touching Range of of PSG I think they're third in League a but you know Man City and Already have a relationship because they Signed Bernardo Silva they signed Benjamin Mendy from there as well so I Hopefully that would help smooth the Transition but this is a guy with pretty Big defensive numbers could play as one Of the eights could play as the six I

Think uh and his Progressive passing Numbers I think he's around 7.9 per 90 Rod's at 8.9 so he's an excellent passer His longrange passing is probably not as Good as Rod but very few people are um And I don't think he would cost that Much as well because Monaco you know Haven't been selling for huge fees in Recent years so I think around4 million You you could get a player that could Instantly step in and just add Physicality because as you say like City Are known obviously for having you know Incredible resources Etc and they do Have an amazing Squad of 16 17 players But outside of that it's mainly youth Like they don't have a big Squad that's Because they've been so willing when Players have fallen out or want to leave In the last few years you know Jesus San Zenchenko David Silva Aguero people like That Sterling like people they've just Been very happy to get rid of them so I I do think their squad they could use Another midfielder who's more similar to Rodri in skill set if Phillips leaves Yeah and I think Phillips will leave I Think Phillips will leave um if he has Any aspirations of getting that Euro Squad then he's going to have to play at Least six months of football isn't he at A team that's in the Premier League um So I can imagine him going um maybe to a Newcastle something like that I think

Big cool to me f is a good shout I think Bringing it back 2-1 there love it Needed 2-1 it was needed it wasn't a Terrible shot Mikey but I just think That man city are unlikely to dip into a Youth play youngster in that he's 24 He's not he's not that young f 24 as Well wow Edon has more experience yeah Fana has more European experience was Way good yeah Edison's not that young Like I think he he played a lot well I Don't think he was ever I think he had Like two seasons at Corinthians then Went to selera Tana was a big part of The reason why they stayed up in 2022 And then went to Atlanta um but like Yeah in terms of Europe top level year Experience fana definitely wins out okay I'm taking fana either way uh into that Midfield Ro not the de fit but I don't Think it can find a Roger replacement That's just Roger 2.0 uh now we're Talking title contenders V unai unai unai unbelievable do it to Him do it to him most most shots against A Pep Guardiola side in the top five League history fewest shots conceded Absolutely crazy when they play them off The park and I know harand forced that Double save from Emy Martinez but I Think that was already Two Shots yeah I Think man City's XG was Zero after the 14th minute yeah crazy I I know they had Injuries Man City obviously and it was a

Slightly experimental Midfield but that Is one hell of a result um but yeah There are a couple of areas of villa They've ConEd The Joint most goals in The top six but a lot of those came in Three games against Newcastle Newcastle Pretty much uh Liverpool they also Conceded three and I think they also Lost 2-0 to Forest which now feels like A really weird result but anyway much Better at home though aren't they much Better at home but they've also got Really good depth in pretty much every Area like I think at Center back really Strong Midfield and those like inverted Wingers that they often play I think There's really good options um I think It's it's a backup Striker to OE Watkins I mean the guy is pretty much playing He's pretty much playing every minute of Every game can play out there Occasionally can't yeah he's only 90 He's only 90 um and they definitely need Three if they're going to go deep in Europe and it's a difficult role to Fulfill because you obviously want to You don't want to experiment with Watkins really but you want to Occasionally rest him potentially in Europe in the easier Premier League Games um but yeah he's on such a a hot Streak you don't really want to take him Out I mean he's been involved in 41% of Villa's goals this season which is

Amazing and Musa diab's not played quite As well in the last month as he did in The first two months so that's maybe one To watch I also wanted a player that can Play a bit more withdrawn players a two Play in that musby rooll as well and I've gone with jannis vind uh from Wolfsburg interesting who is has was a Wonder kid at Copenhagen then went to Wolfsburg Midway through the season Before last I believe and was good last Year I think he got six League goals but He's been absolutely brilliant this year Um yeah I think he's yeah already on Double figures in about 12 appearances Wolfsburg pretty irrelevant season for Them he's be really been the the main Talking point I think it's easier to get Him because they're not in Europe They're not going to get relegated They're just sort of bumbling along in Mid-table uh and I was speaking to a Danish journalist at this event I went To last weekend and they are very very Excited about vind and holand playing Together at the Euros so one to watch For England um and yeah Compares a 10 as Well I mean he got three goals and four Assists for Mark in 10 qualifying games So he's really really at it um his shots Are up his key passes are up as well his Expected assists and um expected goals And assists are at 0.75 so a little bit Lower than Watkins but that's still a

Really useful cont contribution and I Think Wolfsburg to Villa is a nice Stepping stone it's not you know Disrespectful to the player and he'd be You know we saw Musa dii swap bar lusen For Villa like I think he could be Punchy I think have got money they're Attractive money and you know they've Got an opportunity to finish in the top Four here go deep and potentially win a European trophy I think now is the time To roll the dice they've got really rich Owners go for it and jannis vind I think Is a player that would would really add To Villa's depth and make a massive Difference Off the Bench he's Exceptionally fast he's a good finisher And he's playing really really well at The moment could they even Punchier um I don't know I well yeah Seen your Sugg I've I've gone for EUR The second top scorer in Europe um so Yeah they can be punch here so hugi he Had to come up at some point in this Episode because of that release Clause 17.5 million if you know that's what We're led to believe um yeah I mean he's Got the best goals per game ratio in Europe's top five leagues he's hitting Almost two goals a game he had a very You know short quiet spell in like Towards the end of October and has come Back think he scored in his last four Games um yes he's playing in a stutgart

Side which are incredibly productive I Think they're they're averaging more XG Per game than anyone in the Premier League even un's flying isn't he Yeah have a second to G in terms of Expected goals per night or or goal per Nighty it it's mad um but having said That like Villa also create a ton as Well like Villa are creating the same XG Per game as Man City like that attack is Really flying so I don't think he'd have A problem adapting and also they play Similarish systems like 4231 4 42 four Four box two tend to be is what stutgart Have have played this season Villa have Followed a similar kind of trend um I Think Garasi you know it would be interesting To see how he would play alongside Watkins um I think they you could Potentially experiment with them in the Front too like G is not work with he's Not he's not just a goal scorer though And neither is Watkins and I think Whereas okay yeah in does have more to His game as well but I just think G's in A better moment than in was when when he Went to Villa um I think he's in Better Physical shape I think he would be able To play in this Villa side I think he Would yeah I think would suit the style More and also I think yes you don't want To cuss off watkins's momentum but Villa Are going into the second half of the

Season where they're going to be playing Thursday Night knockout football and They're going to be at this point trying To establish themselves in the top four Or top five at the very least and Watkins he has an amazing Fitness record But he has played so much football over The years he's played less than 3,000 Minutes just in just one season since he Signed for Brent back in what 2017 wow And that was the 2021 season where I Think he I think he played maybe 50 Minutes less than 3,000 minutes like he Has been an absolute Workhorse over the Years and played lower tiers as well Which low well you obviously came Through exitor and I mean yeah like I I Think there will come a point in the Season where Emory thinks you know what Like actually I want to take Watkins out For this conference League game or at Least like not play him the 90 like I Think that's the thing as well you know If you know it cut gets to 65 minutes on A on a Sunday Premier League game and You know like you you you've got that Option there with gessi um but I I do Also think they can play they can play Together um like he's used di in that Front two hasn't he's even used ano in a In a kind of front two as well with him Do we think my one query with this is Star have the potential to have a pretty Special season themselves more special

Than Villa well if they finish top four And win the pock out like it's only them Gladbach and leverkus left in the poal In the quarterfinals so only the best Team in Europe at the moment on form Left in there only the best I mean yeah But still they've got big Ambitions as Well is what I'm saying you know they Were in the relegation playoff last year Could they cash in for more money next Summer is jannis Vin more realistic in Jany I'm just trying to swear you Because I know G if that release Clause Is there and he wants and he wants to it Comes down really to does does the Player want to leave shart and go to Aston Villa I think he probably would Does he think that get better than Villa Next summer does he think I he's 29 Isn't he is he I think he's 27 I don't regardless regard regardless I don't I does I don't think he thinks I Think vill's amazing I think vill's I Think you last y spind as well I I Really like this suggestion I think that Um Jass is the way we're going to go I Think at that fee it's worth a punt even If he even if he's a Monumental you know One hit one because I think prior to This season he scored 10 goals last year Didn't he but then I don't think it's a Bucket load elsewhere in his career so I Think worth taking a punt would you have United random attempt to win the league

I'm not sure he's been linked with the United yeah he has been serious I just Yeah I just I think I I I think from the Players perspective like going to Villa It just feels like it just feels like Set up for him whereas at United it's Like yeah where where would he actually Play at United back up to Poland United current striking Predicament i' would probably take Anything let's keep moving up the TA Let's go 31 okay I need get right okay Man no Liverpool even I was about say Man united are we suggesting center Backs here following the Joel mati injur Very i' actually I've actually gone for A defensive midfielder but yeah a bit Risky okay um I mean just a word on Joe Like fair play to him he has carved out An amazing Liverpool career like he has Been immense whenever he's been fit I Think there was a spell in the 2122 Season season where he was one of if not The best center back in the league that Year he was absolutely brilliant and yes He's had injury problems but what a Servant to the club and and I actually Saw some stats I should have written it Down but his record at home particularly At anfield when he's playing when he's Starting alongside van dijk theyve been Absolutely imperious so if that's the End of him at Liverpool it's a really Cruel way to finish um but I do think

They need to sign a center back Gomez And canate have only started six League Games each Gomez has missed five with Injury uh since the start of last season Just not really a regular he's been Playing Left backat recently canate has Missed 19 you can't rely on either of Them van dijk's not getting any younger As well so it's potential to to really Start thinking about the future of that Center back role uh van dijk now 32 the Dream option is Alexandra Baston I think Left footed Center back not going to Happen in January you think unlike given That van D is is maybe the best center Back in the world again playing on the Left hand side of a back two we've seen Baston predominantly play the left side Back three I just don't know why there Wouldn't be any reason why van djk Couldn't on the right hand side why Why Move because because van D's going to Retire eventually and you've got canate And Gomez already on the right hand side Surely they need to start thinking about A left footed left Center back option That's what I I think that with Kate's Injury Record and the the imperious nature of It like I just don't move van DK man Yeah but he's the best center back in The world right now yeah he still needs To start think about the future I don't Know in January to win the lead title

This year yeah well no this is this is This issue this is an issue to be Sol Solved right now Sugg no he's not B he's Very unrealistic because they're not Going to get rid of him I actually think The suggestion I've suggested is Pierro Hin Cape from lusen he's he's amazing Player but he's not in their starting Lineup at the moment tap so's taking his Place and he can also play as a left Back and I think he'd be really good in Liverpool's system because Andy Robertson I don't think it really suits Him this new style this new role he can Play at left back allow Trent to push Into Midfield invert into Midfield Wherever you want to whatever you want To call it uh and he's very very Comfortable but he's not getting to the To the side because tap so's playing Really well galo's come in and Absolutely killed it as a left wing back The issue is with this one is kenu and Tap SOA are going to the afcon in January so they're quite unlikely to Sell their backup center back in January But if Liverpool come in with a really Attractive offer we saw I mean 50 Million PS for Musa diab I thought was Quite a good deal to be honest like they Are willing to sell and he is a backup I Mean he's only 21 he's an Ecuadorian International been there for a couple of Seasons now so so physical but really

Adds to the physical potential Physicality that Liverpool backline like Underrated on the ball as well um just Like just players just don't get past Him I just think he's a really really Impressive Center back 82% pass rate Really strong um and yeah he's got a Contract until 2027 he's valued at Around 35 million EUR I think if you Offered them 445 million pounds in January they might consider it by Leverkusen have got an amazing chance of Doing a leag in Cut double special it's Probably quite unrealistic but it's very Difficult to find a center back that can Instantly improve Liverpool level and I Think pipe at the moment could play van Dijk on the right hand side again left Footed and can play left back yeah Sim Got s this movement of Van djk concerns Me I think he's just locked down that Position but I'm willing to hear Mike Mike hasn't even gone g i I kind of went Tunnel vision I kind of went Tunnel Vision on the defensive midfielder I Kind of didn't even I didn't even Consider the mati situation potentially Need defensive mid well they do they Definitely do need a defensive Midfielder long term this is the thing And uh um although yeah maybe their Depth in Midfield is less of an issue Now overall but like I'm still like Mallister has performed really well for

Liverpool this season as has Endo when He's been called upon like and I've Generally rated Endo as a defensive Midfielder like you know since the Stutgart days but neither of them are Neither of them are Premier League level Like lone sixes they're just not like That that's not where their best Position is I I think mallister can be Even better in this Liverpool side if He's freed up in that Midfield is given More of a kind of almost like a Vine Alum Role um and if Liverpool are going to go For this title they they need to be Tighter like they can't just rely on you Know the Excellence of Van D dijk at the Back um and the Excellence of Allison Who's you know obviously not even in the Side at the moment you know out injured Until what mid December end of December Um originally I was thinking because he Could be on the market in January Joel Pelin like Premier League proven you Know absolute tackle monster Arsenal Also linked with him obviously Barner Linked with him but I just think it's Unrealistic klopp is not going to spend 60 plus million pounds on somebody who Turns 29 next year I just it's like Liverpool aren't going to break that um You know break that transfer policy so I've gone for a young tackle monster in Florentino Lis from Benfica

Who tapping him up again yeah and yeah Liverpool yeah they they had Scouts Watching him in the summer um you know He he profiles so similarly to fabinho I Didn't actually realize this but like I Mean I mean he's he's he's a much more Proactive Defender like 8.7 tackles and Interceptions per 90 it's ridiculous is It how mad is that that's that's almost That's almost kante levels at Leicester Like genuinely almost kante levels at Leicester especially consider see how Much of the ball they see as well well That's the thing he's he's the the he's Got the biggest offensive numbers in Portugal Benfica average 65% possession It's it's pretty got massive pass Numbers as well yeah massive Progressive Pass numbers 7.8 Progressive passes 8.9 PR passes into the final third he's not Much of a ball carrier neither was Fabinho um provided you know like I Think I genuinely think Enzo Fernandez Isn't at Chelsea right now where it not For Florentino Louise like his defensive Work last season in that Benfica system Allowed Enzo to thrive and I I I'm not Even sure if Enzo STS you saying he's Been found out um not Say ne Enzo starts For who no I I don't think no I don't Think Enzo starts for Argentina at the World Cup if if if if that first half of The Season doesn't happen and he was he Was the foot exactly yeah EXA um yeah I

I don't think I don't think he does um Because Enzo was so so good in that First half of the season last year um But it was you know you had to credit Florentino louiz as much and weirdly Enough Florentino he's you know he is he Has been playing a bit more recently but He's not like he's not starting you know He's not one of the like top starters at At Benfica at the moment so I think they Could like I think they could you know For a decent fee sell um I know Generally speaking that you know they do Charge a lot especially in January but Florentino Louise is a bit Florentino Louise is a is a really good long-term Fit I think I think he's a good Long-term investment I think he would be Worth it for Liverpool to solidify that That defensive Midfield position allow You know players like mallister and soos To to be able to struck their stuff a Little bit more I know they will still Be required to do defensive work but I Think you know with with someone like Florentino Louise just behind someone Like soberly could you imagine I think Soos's attacking output would only Skyrocket um and I think you know in a TI I think florentin L is an absolutely Fantastic shout and there's no doubt I Would have accepted that as my name I Think he'd be a great signing for Liverpool prior to the the announcement

Of Joel mati's ACL injury I do think That Liverpool just have to sign a Center back now following that news I Know that they're crying out for Defensive midfielder as well but it Feels like Center back has now jumped on Top of the priority list I'm I'm going To go with McApp but I don't think it's Perfect you know I think Tod Debo would Have been a fantastic shout here as well If we were discussing him earlier I Think in terms of partners for Virgil Van djk that is a scary Prospect to EO And Van djk backline and given Kar Injury record I think he probably would Get as maybe more minutes than he would See at Tottenham hot spur I like left Back but yeah I hear you and especially With that new box system that Liverpool Play in the Midfield Shifting The Defender inside a little bit fine we're Going to go with that as the central Defensive box uh 32 The Comebacks on and Now we talk about team top of the table Flying playing really well control in The game who wants to reveal their cards Uh why don't you go first D I'm less Confident with mine actually um Firstly love the position that Arsenal Are in love it obviously I mean it goes Without saying but top of the league I Don't think they've played anywhere near Their best but having said that I think There are signs that a lot of their key

Players are starting to find a bit of Form I thought Jesus was awesome against Luton I know it was Luton but I thought Odard starting to come back into a bit Of Form K Havoc is no scoring regularly And rice is the best midfielder in the League rice has been Sensational yeah I Mean one the on track to become one of I Think probably one of the two players of Over 100 million pounds to be worth it Alongside mbappe um he's been absolutely Brilliant um less said about kaiso Probably the better but Bellingham just Getting toasted well Bell actually I Think he cost under at least in pounds Um but anyway yeah there are a couple of Areas you could look to strengthen I Think a utility back or back a utility Defender wouldn't be the worst option Because Tommy 's out for six Weeks Tim's not out back till April oh Wow which is really really long but Ben White has just come back at the right Time they still got Kio they' still got Zenchenko so strong position I decided To leave that um I also decided to leave Central Midfield because they do haveo To back up to Rice H odard Fabio Vieira Can play there rice can play in both Roles I've actually gone for a backup to Sacker because I do just worry about the Fact that he might get an injury at any Point and I do think with Martinelli's Form not being as good as last year with

OD guard's form up until recently not Being as good as last year with Gabriel Zus being not a reli goal scorer I do Really worry if they do get an injury to Sacka I mean he's missed one League game Since the start of 2122 two and a half Seasons ago he plays a lot a lot of Minutes the one position where the Obvious backup but they do have Versatile enough forwards to cover that You would think don't You you could play you could do you Could do I mean has tra played a lot on The right I can't really remember it um And I think has struggled really to to Make the impact that I expected him to In in any position really um and and sck Has also because Arsenal have often left It quite late in games in the Premier League like he's played the full 19 and 10 of their league games which is just Quite a lot like they haven't been able To rest him at 75 minutes or 80 minutes Obviously the dream is someone like Florian vers or Leroy San it's not going To happen in January Nico Williams I Think would have been an excellent shout But he's just signed a new contract at Athletic Club I'm actually going to go With very clearly a backup I think he Could come on and contribute I'm going With Marcus Edwards of sporting CP wow Former Spurs player was on the Only made one appearance for them so I

Just don't think there's that much drama Like if you've only ever made one Appearance for Spurs like will Spurs Fans really care I don't really see it Happening I don't really see it Happening I mean last year seven goals Five assists in 33 League games this Year two goals four assists in 11 League Games all since the start of September So he's been really on electric form Recently and nearly four chances created Per 90 and he's very much a right winger But can play centrally as well and he's Been excellent in the Champions League I Think particularly last year in the Champions Yeah some stunning performances um and Yeah he he is a very useful contributor Most shot creating actions in Portugal This season uh which is really really Impressive and he's electric very good Dribbler in tight space he's not the Most physical he's very short guy but Exceptionally fast at least his Acceleration is really really good and I Think he could come on in games he could Play for for um sacker in in lesser Premier League games or if they Potentially sealed their path to the Last 16 or to the quarterfinals you know After one leg of the their first last 16 Game he's got a contract only got two Years left on it valued around 30 Million EUR I think they could get him

For 40 in janary maybe even less and I Do think it's worth sorting out because He is very clearly a number two to Sacker but I think he's a player that Could make a difference when he comes on Oh are you suggesting a sacker back up Uh I was well I was very tempted to go For Douglas Louise at Villa because of The Midfield Situation for City sorry really Yeah um And parte potentially leaving as well But my gut was also going for a right Winger interesting and uming I'm bring Yeah I'm bringing back yeah I think it's More fun as well isn't it um I'm Bringing back doogie's first suggestion Of the day Pedro Netto ped to Arsenal Baby stab me In use his stats against it um yeah I Just think again yeah injury I think He's I think he might be back a little Bit before January but like injuries Obviously a bit of an issue but like When you're not being relied upon week In week out necessarily won't be as big An issue I think Pedro Netto is like That's the thing that even when you're Looking at United it's like Pedro Neto Would come in and be like almost the Best player at United at this point like Like Pedro Netto is an like P Pedro Netto is worthy of playing in a premier

League winning team I think he has been Champions very Aral yeah he's been CH He's been Champions League level since He was like 19 20 years old like you Know I remember we were first you know Raving about him in 20 in like 2020 21 Like he looks great then the injuries Are a bit of an issue 23 though still Only 23 they less an issue when he's got A play when he can rotate with zaka Though yeah yeah when he's a star man at Man united what I'm saying and um you Know he can play on the left as well if Needs be I know Arsenal have pretty good Cover on the left um but but he's Completing more dribbles per game than Anyone at the club I think his his Progressive carry numbers look pretty uh Similar to sacka like he's quite that's The thing he's he's quite similar to Sacka in many ways he's he's he's got Like you guys were saying he's got he's Got that exactor he's a master dribbler He's a really good Creator he's he's Pretty Two-footed um like his work rate is the Only thing that would be an issue like He I think he currently completes um Less than one tackle and interception a Game at Arsenal he that will have to Like triple if he's going to actually Like get along in aret system but like I Think you know Ares is the kind of Manager to be able to bring that out I

Think Gary O'Neal has definitely gotten Playing much more front foot football This season I don't think it was such a Requirement for Pedro Netto under some Of his previous coaches whereas Gary O'Neil when Pedro Netto was playing well Prior to his injury had an extremely Front foot side in wolves to be Expensive they press very very well it Will be expensive I think I think he'd Be 60 million 20 million more than Marcus Edwards AR Got the cash that man united don't Pro I Think Arsenal got the cash that man United don't I think pedroo is a really Good shout in the it's so unfair how Dismissive you were about him for United Yeah because manit don't have the money And I think joining Arsenal is a much More going to Manchester un absolutely Done over here I didn't I didn't pick I Didn't like decide to pick him after you Mentioned but um do you think he more Likely to go to man united Pedro Netto Yes much better Club perfect but like It's quite a lot of money to spend does He does he also want more you said it Was 50 million for Man United didn't you You just said said that originally said But then after you guys reasoned with me That he'd be more yeah he would no he Would be more I think he'd be 60 million At least like it's it's a lot it's a lot Of money for Arsenal to pay for

Effectively a backup but I who were we Discussing last last L yeah what like Last January I can't remember who it was That we were talking about with Arsenal And it was like just pay whatever man Like there's a premier league title on The line your first premier league title Since 2004 on the line just pay whatever It Tak will get you over the line glad Neither of you I say neither of you I'm Glad Mikey didn't suggest a Jus upgrade In general just don't think it's Possible in general and I just don't Think there's any point to it like I Don't think the difference is that vast That it contributes massively to Arsenal It didn't last season did it the striker Position wasn't the problem last year Like the idea of signing Tony for 80 Million I don't yeah he might score two or three More goals than jayus or maybe five more Goals than jayus but I think Jesus's all Round Game is probably more suited to that Arsenal side than Ivan Tony so I just Don't see in the long term where that Works biger Warriors I guess his injury Record right and and and there being a Lot of pressure on antia to be the lone Striker that that would be where like And that's why in the summer I would dip Into the market for a striker that is at The ultimate Elite level maybe an aan

Like sort of player and I would just go For him like if you can compete for a Premier league ttle you can compete for Victor Osman I think and Pedro Netto on The other hand being 23 like potentially more available than Some of like the Striking options on the Market I'm going for Mikey's Pedro n sh A 42 Victory on the day to Mike mcin I'm Sure the comments think it's hard as Well mate but you know next time you Shouldn't say man united the 11th best Team in the Country it was it was dead from the 30 Second no it wasn't it wasn't there's Some very good suggestions in there m my My best but uh let us know what you Think though who do these clubs need to Sign to take them to a premier league Tile put it in the comments below if you Enjoyed this video hit the like button Go and watch the other Sunday Vibes that Are available in the playlist Mikey's Socials do socials down below thanks Very much for watching everybody we see You later hope to day

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