Professional mexican middleweight boxer and WBC champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr with nickname “El hijo de la leyenda” (“The Son of the Legend”) against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on May 6, 2017. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (Mexico) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Better prices every day as Rihanna's Insurance the high risk let's get ready To Rumble Cesar [Applause] Chav Sa Canelo go on both sides we went over the Rul in the caution to keep this fight Clean at all times good luck Br Ba with the instructions everybody on Their feet they sold standing room only Tickets and everybody is in ready we are Underway they don't even tap glove Canelo Alvarez in the blue effect Jun here finally now this one schedu for 12 rounds you look at the muscul can be A full-fledged middleweight you look at The giant bone structure of Chavez super Middleweight Canelo Alvarez went off of A five that fight at light heavy Weight he does look big the way he Rehydrated Yeah an hour and a half away cut down The we he looks good bodywise here and The what Char J said he needed in his Career here at the age of 31 Canelo Alvarez Landing the onew cut apart Liam Smith in September One and Two from Canelo Junior right there with him Junior wants to get out on the ropes This is where he does his damage but That's a dangerous game against the guy

As big as as Camelo stiff jab from Canelo followed by it's a beautiful jab From alare body into it throwing a lot Of Uppercut Body Work h back to The Chavez jelo Alvarez a boxing Family brother average figh up there Chavis senior sitting right in front of Us he was working Spanish TV for and you See him he's standing in front of us at The corner with nin giv instruction I Think he wants to see his son come Forward put a little pressure see if Alvarez can that jab from Canelo Landing you know you're going to move it Needs be lateral movement you need to Circle him this fight supposedly going To say who's the best There's an Opportunity tonight for Chavez Jr to Take that position and there's some Swelling from the right eyes you see Some breathing some blood from the mouth Now some blood from the nose good shots From Junior though 10 seconds to go Blood from the excellent cutman working With Junior for the first time cut man That is used to working on some big Shots interesting that they brought him In here for this fight to the body a Moment ago that one right there popping Up eats those Jabs ain't that left again right hand From travic Jr

Waro Chavez can't rest on his La Laurels He had a moment B right uppercuts from Alvarez oh oh another one that was a Right cross man it Was Chavez eating it SM but no uppercut Land look at oh he's going for it Doug with Julio Cesar Chavez junor in Las Vegas these are very sharp and Accurate Punches one two upper Cut a will right hand partially blocked Final seconds of the FL he was trying to Give a structure to the corner the Commission pushed him away like you're Not licensed behalf of his son right Hand from Cano Chavez senior probably Prob believes there needs to be more of A [Applause] S right hand from Walar oh that woke him up you canelo's In there the body Uppercut 64 Junior the better boxer and the Better technician in there he's looking Like the and but the bigger man is Playing the mouse sixth round schedule For 12 oh hand right from [Applause] And he's go to the body and then go up To the Head more Body Works those right hands are few and far

Between that's a texbook jab isn't it Impact from it well you guys have that Feature in Ring magazine how to Do on the ROP just like you said yeah in The middle rounds it's his Habit to go To the ropes chavz Jr has been bred to Tea off anytime his opponent back Touches those ropes whenever Alvarez Goes to the ropes but he didn't let his Hands Go one and one hisy Mayweather fighting in a catch weight of 152 lbs grown up here he is looking good Against jun's family hear his dad [Applause] Yelling coming off strong in the seventh Combinations Alvarez is one of the best Combination he another Go Canelo on the Ropes is very important for him his Corner told them you need a Fight there it Is in got him the wild [Applause] Fighter it looks bad they're telling him Pick it up he's not Anticipated Chavez is giving less than I the speed it appears from Canelo is Picking up Junior spe is slowing in There Doug he's sucking win and Canelo Looks like he's just warming up push the Pace or Temple of this fight at one Point dur in a face off they said hey Let's get ourti confident Canelo was

Junor like yeah afterwards coolhead PR Hey let's make some money on this good Job [Applause] Canelo good job junor Like That covered up Canelo did a good job of Covering up deflecting Those reded brother of the alare [Applause] Clan let's go out there and on Fight I'll fight chz J I don't like him He's punching very hard middleweight but We have to understand that these guys Are technically really good chin he has That good Chin Resistance he not helping his power very Much he's just not able to get enough Done in There even the most adamant Chavez is Having a hard time defending against That Jab alarz going to the ropes again near Chavez's own Corner trying to lure him In remember against Yi boy compas yep Matter of fact what we're seeing right [Applause] Now just enjoying doing this again yes This is what we call back in southern Missouri leave nothing to question good Right uppercut mouth wide open from Junior Corner told him between rounds I Think they should have said hey we're

Going to pull the plug man you got to Push him back on his heels round and it Seems like it's the cut man who's how Did that count go you can always post Anything you want on social media but Until the people inside actually know it And effort if you're going to lose go on Your Shield esal said all you need are Ghas show me some GH before we got here I don't know why so Canelo alage Completely take apart Julio says it [Applause] 11 Canelo Alvarez United States in the country of Mexico that's different weight classes Or as he some say his own madeup class Or maybe the fact that he has about the Way he feels about things I was green I Still fought him because I wasn't going To wait any longer opportunity in the Door tacos trying to get some tacos After this fight resistance in that line More than what Junior has brought Tonight for just going the distance with Alvarez I think he will get some credit In some Corners cuz he has taken 10 Punches in any round anything Tonight boo cuz it's been One-sided and Doug you've covered fight With stuff never mind booze you can [Applause] Hit I'm out classing you I'm on a better Class of athlete a better class of his Technique is excellent he looks very

Strong completely controlled this fight Alvarez throws a shut out he has Completely and utterly dominated Chavez Jr who Warner Slowly fans came to see popular he's an Elite boxer Still has a sat down flag is waving Tonight there go you see him in the Behind the scene Videos a unanimous Decision they gotar halisco Meo Sa [Applause] Canelo

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