Professional german cruiserweight boxer and WBO champion Marco Huck with nickname “Captain” against polish top ranked athlete Krzysztof Glowacki with nickname “Glowka”. Fight for WBO cruiser weight belt took place in Prudential Center, Newark, USA on August 14, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

Marco Huck (Germany) vs Krzysztof Glowacki (Poland) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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To see this Cruiserweight title fight The taale of the tape between hook and Guavi looks like this hook with a height Advantage introducing the Challenger Kristoff the Head GUI Captain H and the referee in charge of the Action in the dressing room I expect you To obey my commands at all times most of All protect yourself touch gloves good Luck Fellas these wanted a piece of each Other they get it here in their United States D botski and hook you'll see the Names on the graphic on he was the first To turn away and and we'll see right now Each one of their respective Fighters punches how is gazi going to React is he going to stand in the pocket Going to angle and move right now he's Standing right in the pocket y it's all About who lands it first a good a good Combination one minute to go in round Number they have a less of opportunity Of Landing that that straight left or That straight right because he knows That's going to give him advantage of Landing that straight Left I'm impressed right now with a Number of rounds will your opponent be Sure over big Lights great action to end round punch

On byasi right there great look to see If a if a guy is overwhelmed by but in The first round not overwhelmed and not Only that come in with a lot hard what We expect to be a great night of Fighting if you miss any of tonight's Action download the free ask me do You think hook did that is a little Surprised how effective and had the head Movement and counter punching ability to Deal with a guy who's not right now Coming out strong two on his left Deltoid as hook landed her right in Newark New Jersey set for round number Three Out as the blotsky Champs begin again And then still early it's only the third Round but you can't hble wonder why hook Been past 10 rounds one time in his Career hook countered with a right and Now into the corner hook toward top one Thing that's important to keep in mind Is the easiest thing to see is a judge Is lyd Maywe little flurry at the end of round Three And hook doing what he can to get into His head before the end the Round pleased to be joined by the PBC on Spike historian but it was pretty close So I think wosi off to a much better Start Thani well done we'll check back With you the fans you're from Poland Those polish fans are behind you the

German fans are going to Rally behind You that's what's happening tonight the Shots and we'll win this fight right now It's SC from the inside he doesn't have The angle that he needs Melvin Gard Makes his Bellator debut against Brandon G's plus butriy pit versus one thing you Always have to do as a boxer is take Advantage of those Opportunities Wy showing out well Against the Champ with Kristoff Guaty getting his Instructions in Polish in his Corneri something to keep in mind here As cook fight you saw the copy box Numbers both men Landing exactly Something those are faints whether you Like it or not he's not punching but he Throwing faints Huck retreated for a Moment and then was able toski and now Huck throws a combination which lands Again this that's you look for in a guy Fighting for a title is Poise and Maturity we're definitely seeing that Out of Goki Exactly I think maybe he spent a lot of Energy what a statement he made but Again you go back to what you said about Hook maybe Hook's waiting maybe Hook's Trying to you know let run his course And now we see hook starting to come on A Little Bit Stronger he said in the Fighter meaning that oh and a solid Right hand maybe he didn't Overlook

Raski maybe he know starts to unravel Then I'll start to let my Hand drops glatsky for the first time in His career glatsky on his back can he Make it he won't get up he's up but he Is he solid is he solid he does let his Legs under him comes over comes back With a left to fight through it oh he Tried to close out kotski still 2 Minutes to six they are both hurt ladies And gentlemen they amazing when you talk Sean about this fight unraveling it is Unraveling for katki yes unraveling back Back to what he was doing before and Guaty now the aggressor again straight Left hook right down the pipe I think he Thought his opponent was does this Entire crowd is on its feet as they Should be both these guys but a minute Ago it looked like a fight that wouldn't Go seven both guys are Throwing at the end of the day at the Credential Center in Newark New Jersey Loki and hu raing at the end of the [Applause] Bell from time to time I think for me For the most oh big overhand left right There these guys still unloading power Punches I got to say I'm a little Surprised is a sport and putting the Tattoo on the left arm the guy really Fading what one thing oh nice Combination right there from outside is Marco hook to land that straight right

He's winning the footwork battle so he's Winning exactly and now into the corner Hook is forced guavi Presses advantage to hook guavi backs up And covers Up hit wki from the outside hit him with Some shots and set him up for a b comes In and looks almost off balance before He sets up uh not much shift in his Punches right now the defense on gatski With two clean Punches very well with diversity tonight Yeah he very much when you really Establish yourself as as a true champion If he breaks the record tonight [Music] He Seven title rounds Championship round Yeah with that number recognize that and Take advantage of It what will he have Left winning let alone a struggle a Battle like this yeah exactly if you're Easily winning they'll go to the score Cards I'll say this we're talking about This cut in the eye but grai still isn't Taking to land the counter right hand And with that kind of experience that's What you for you still are able to land And connect and win it's the end of the Fight he needs to win all Those are getting through pretty cleanly On Guaty he loaded up for a big right Couldn't land it and now they'll

Cwl with a shot bang on the Button here in this cruiserweight title Fight has been spectacular Guys these to From Europe gady delov and Sergey K have Fan friendly fights I put both these Guys in that category Sean most Definitely a three-point Advantage Opened up by hook their they've been Throwing knockout punches round number One been the same kind of fight got to Go to the body early go to the body Early and div to set up the head not Just take the legs out from under the Guy but down goes hook time in his Career he has been knocked to the canvas Can he get up Kony with a stunning turn Of Events they on with 30 seconds left to Go quavon triying to pull off the upset He hit him again Hook is in Maj over wow Wski with theing 11th round knockout to Win the them sh this is a spectacular Finish I I tell you what I'm St to the Way Hook is Electrified with the PO and look at it Here hand followed by the right inside The PBC ring it officially comes to an End at 2 minutes 39 seconds into round Number 11 the winner by knockout and now The new cruiser white champion Kristal The H Wski

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