Professional dominican lightweight boxer Javier Fortuna with nickname “El Abejon” (The Drone) against american most active light weight fighter and top ranked athlete Ryan Garcia with nickname “KingRy”. Fight took place in Arena, Los Angeles, USA on July 16, 2022. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD.

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Javier Fortuna (Dominicana) vs Ryan Garcia (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Well ladies and gentlemen the time has Arrived it is our main event of the Evening and there is Ryan Garcia 41 Professional fights his record stands at 37 victories including 26 knockdowns Three defeats and one draw presenting The former WBA featherweight world Champion former WBA super featherweight World champion and former IBM Lightweight champion of the world El de ROM [Applause] Domin and across the ring stands his Opponent fighting out the Red Corner Wearing white trunks trimmed and blue he Weighed in 140 lb even in 22 Professional fights this young Professional stands perfect 22 victories Including 18 wins coming by we knockout Here's the undefeated Superstar the Former WBC interim lightweight world Champion from Victorville California the Native Sun the fighting Pride of the High desert and Evo King R [Applause] [Music] Garcia Gentlemen Los Angeles looking to make a Big statement you know he campaigned Most of his career at 135 tonight he's At 140 so he's gotten big is he good Enough to beat this man a former world

Champion who promises to expose California Garcia and for Tuna the last time we seen Success yeah talking to jok this week he Said to prepare they increased the Number of sparring they did compared to Their last fight just to kind of retrain The Brain at some point in these early Rounds Fortuna is going to LEAP in and Expose himself that's being in the best Possible shape when you know that as a Fighter do you part early knowing that He might gas out oh you're a veteran Deal with veterans and former Champions yeah you always want to go to Trick out that's what jaier forun want To do but he's also a fast stter lead Right hand Garcia almost throws that Like a jab at times now Garcia throws That out just to sling that left hook Going backwards he is not really looking Or aiming to land that right hand he's Just gauging with that right hand to Land that that hook and he had surgery On back in the fall of 20 training for This fight yeah I think he's going to Have to find a right hand in this [Music] Fight So Obviously right hand it's clearly jayen Brown all right round two Garcia told us I got to be careful the first three

Rounds jab up jab down and look that's What you do that's how and then check Him with those slingy left hooks nice Counter ja he wants Garcia to get over Comp you know he's been known to make Make it rough in there some Sometimes Some say dirty but CH is early uh right Now I think he's he's showing a little Bit too much respect for the speed of Garcia that straight right hand down the Middle there's that check left hook and That's straight right hand connected for Garcia right a former Champion who's not too far removed past His prime for two [Applause] Minut to look really uh good against It's hard to look good against this and If I'm [Applause] Fortuna if I'm Fortuna and a half ago Garcia Still fast still strong but Sergio still Not a lot of head [Music] Movement Saw that's right him at the end of the Round fast jab follow by the straight Right hand and here's the punch that Fortuna doesn't see coming that jab Right there normally Fighter nice to see Joe gon and His round three see if Garcia starts to Garcia can end the fight with one punch

He's done it several times Garcia right There with two Jabs I want to see more Of That him with that same slinging left Hook well where Fortuna has struggled Jason Sosa in 130 lb fight several years Ago is he pacing himself rap Sergio a Little bit more in these early RS maybe But chances He can't give up these early rounds and He's looking for that left hand from That South you know so taller longer Reach and that's reason he was able to [Applause] Time everything but the [Music] Head Doing round four scheduled 412 Oscar De La Hoya said when he Oscar was right Now he pulls the crowd and And see keeping that right hand up P When she needs that extra weight o that One got around the glove yeah Garcia Stting to turn it into a hook now Realizing the straight punches AR Landing effectively on Fortuna cop box punches 33 Fortuna 14 as Garcia starting to press forward he Going to start pushing the tempo in the Fourth round and a body just for sha Down that was a body slight we saw Knocked Luke Campbell out exact same Punch faked it upstairs fainted like why Is the referee doing this it was the

Mouthpiece came out of purpose to buy Time hey nobody knows about that move More than Joe gusen does Diego GES Fortuna b a few seconds but will that be Enough to bring that hook upstairs but Taking it downstairs to the [Applause] Ribs now for ribs is what he's doing I asked Fortuna if it Come Fortuna doing a lot of posturing But not a lot of punching makes Garcia More likely to go upstairs than Downstairs be part of another shot Downstairs there was another One you can see Garcia's good with that left oh and then A nice Combin great round really didn't want to Say anything nice about Ryan did he Chris look they're rivals and it happen Right and I love the fact that Garcia's Not falling off balance when he misses That really nice job staying dedicated To those body shots it's really Easy you know when you talk about guys Comfortable fighting South pause oh he Got him again and he gets up quicker but That one really knocked the wind out of Him and Fortuna fell for the bait he Fell for that right hand got the end is Near guys I don't like the the look in Fortuna's eyes Garcia promised an electri Electrify It's hard not to see that he's not going

To get this this Stoppage oh Ryan stumbling back glancing With a looping left hand Ryan S paa as he was growing up his main Spa partner and now Fortuna is Backtracking trying to buy some time Needs to get to the [Applause] Got but indeed it was a left Hand and you heard the corner of Javier Fortuna asking multiple times and there Probably probably some people who maybe Aren't that smaller he is but guess what People want to oh and he caught him with A to absorb any more punishment here Tonight out comes the mouthpiece Noas Ryan Garcia a dominant performance Over champion in Los Angeles how do you Like it you want a definitive win you Want to stay dangerous downstairs if You're an opponent of Ryan Garcia you Got to watch out where is Fortuna well Garcia made Fortuna look Has ever faced well guess what Garcia Just did this to that fighter look like A mouse trap boom you come near me it's Snapping no more [Music] That's respect that hug right there when Whatever he's telling him by way of Knockout here still undefeated King Ry R [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] Gar

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