Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer, olympic gold medalist Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat” against russian top ranked athlete, WBA and IBF champion Murat Gassiev with nickname “Iron”. Fight for WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, The Ring, Lineal and Ali Trophy light heavy weight belts took place in Olimpiyskiy Arena, Moscow, Russia on July 21, 2018. Spectacular boxing fight in HD, highlights.

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Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Murat Gassiev (Russia) | BOXING fight, HD

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Starts Now M [Applause] Alexander bringing the men together for Their final Instructions let's do this touch up so C Is reminding both boxers of their Responsible responsibilities for the can Destroy operative rtia both the battle For the Undisputed Cru World Championship is underway round one way Of characterizing this fight would be to Say it's the best comparative Inexperience show up in favor of the Southport tonight rounder tonight Remember this is justtin professional Ranks M gar competing but as we said now Usk he he's the world warri seventh Fight outside of ukra for Alexander Usk six different countries Ukraine Germany USA anywhere gev even said he Would fight on the moon good St P right Jab just by his jab Not A lot's happened But I think if you're going to score it It's going to go towards you said Because he's had he's had a dominant jab AEL Sanchez is in Garcia's Corner to change more of that in a Moment as we analyze some of the action From the first round go g went for From double jab us using the using his Feet Well move a left and right in and out

And his punch volume is in 14 half time Nice nice combination there from gasv Gasv targeting Artillery Gasv but despite being the more ey a Draw there is the fourth judge there's a Count back system in place and somebody Upstairs and downstairs from us and look At that movement but again and Practically incessant just continuing to Poke it out Ser of G who trying to Parry It with his lead left hand counter left Hand over the top from usk with gas Throw two three four punch [Music] Combinations there's a 234 punch com From gas very intelligent work to the Body left block by You that's intelligent wel from gas if He knows you immediately out to the Space of Center ring but once again Effective shot from gasier but look at The movement from usyk it is something That you have to Mar watch that later on In the Fight and cries of ear on ear exactly Yeah that's exactly what it is mean know Every jabby throws he disrupt in his Rhythm a nice little counter W hook There he's got a landing bigger shots Later on in the fight compete of course In La 1984 beautiful movement from usyk Once again the terrific box boxes been Staged in this venue n gasier not far

Really is unloading when he gets the Chance planting his feet into the canvas And Letting nice counter left hook from gas The body beneath Us's right elbow Getting up on his Toes terrific round of boxing do you Prefer so Russ anber just wrapping the Towel around so that's why the change Has been made [Music] Nice job new STI there's that counter Left both landed then jab I think this Fight is going to be a pick him from Round one to round 12 if it goes that Far the highest quality to this constant Movement laterally pattern once More against Laric GV is your he's your typical Speaking with his trainer Abel Sanchez During the week here in MOS said that he Possesses the mindset the Mind man if Anything that can be done to deter him Beautiful left hand and then a right Uppercut two in flashy effective fashion From Alexander usk and Then and again making gasf Miss rather Badly always moving and when he gets Moving the later rounds I don't think He's going to mind losing the first few Rounds On right hand from G but he follows up With another Thunderball that was wide Of the

Mar the noise in this Arena Rd when he That white Hands here we Go dangerous there we are Slip bang Great you took well to be Fair now that was in the closing seconds That success from gasier but prior to That bothered by that too much in the L But again Marat G more than twice the Number of punches thrown to this point In the contest Circling his opponent seemingly imp Punching Rangers he gets through with a Good coun that as the contest progresses With left hand through the god once Again but a hard right hand work with That snake lick of a right jab Marat G That little bit of flare here in round Six as it was in the opening round but Body shot some they have two Abel Sanchez after his 17th professional Contest he was 17 and0 with 11 Knockouts As a as boxer and trainer hard left hand From and then he digs one downstairs at The summit up in Big Bear system works When they do it in training good left Upcut from isk and he says yeah and There's nothing like add another world Title from yourself but um he trains Very Hard and he's boxing really well I mean It's scream every time gas throws a Punch it'll be interesting to see how The judges are back system with the last

Completed round of boxing would be taken From the three scoring judges of that as We go on hard left hand to the body once More now Um second any more that I think be Getting points taken off which we don't Want to see in this fight we doing G Have out quickly to begin the seventh Round noce not as Youk always always Beers off to his right says we're going To be at our absolute best we've left no Stone unturn invoke the spirit of the Legendary hul Helio say AR looking to Employ a similar type of strategy Throughout his career beauti and Once again nonstop punching through the Mid point probably now best 15 half Stone now and the Hand speed is Tremendous sced an identical [Music] [Applause] [Applause] 198.23 Well the P artillery being unloaded by This Man there's that he fell short he fell Short he's got car opportun out Himself good round from mus that the Most dominant round so far in his Corner Team beautiful left hand on the end of That volley of punches once again kov He's described as a mental coach as Fast short chopping punches using great Unbelievable a puncher of the caliber of

Gasv is Always oh the KO doctors he got through With a good right hook he was competing As a 75 Kg there a good left hand to the Body and right hook around the corner of World amateur boxing with that World Championship win in ringside for that as Well as I was for demonstrating the Importance of a deep amateur the Competitions in between the worlds the Europeans and him and lomachenko sitting The wiing they were above their Opponents um and it's been a pleasure Like he he pretty much demolished Everyone in the amateur ranks he's done The same to everyone in the pros as well Success as he targets the body Effectively once more Rusk intimating That is to keep the punches up through That momentary discomfort look at the Furious response in terms of this man is Impossible to disc discourage and he Fight as though he enjoy the landard From g once again Bo continuing to Demonstrate that he really is a complete Fighter he box he could he's boxed Beautifully for the whole fight for the Way he dict takes the pace with the Fight with that myus brius and all three Of these fights went the championship Distance he has prevailed in three of Those contests the 23 23rd fight against Is Thomas who was 15 mil at the Time the two men just exchanging

Conversation who is in control once Again well we posed the question early On With the superior experience and deep am 12 and a third completed rounds that is Alexander usyk with Terrific accuracy of Usk he's been and nobody's been as fluid As as usk he he turns defense into Attack he's a beautiful pun selection he Doesn't look for power that much he's Just three4 incredible to watch from Alexander usk continuing to create Jabs And a left cross and a left Ref the punch output I mean he's got the Swing out of him he's just boxed really Well he's boxed so well and he he's made Gass have off Alexander usk flowing as Fre freely as mercury second claer not Audible and Alexander usk gets on his Bike well sound to conclude the 12th and Found nice to see that sporting Embrace but a masterful display to box His way with everything that he Had that can describe that performance He box the WBO titling his 10 contest Mur garer missing yeah that's it poing Supreme footwork such a such a top Performance [Applause] Alexander Alexander RK has just made Fistic history here in Moscow by Becoming the first Undisputed Cruis heavy heavy heavy

Yeah Alexander usk erupts in Ecstasy

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