Professional philippine athlete, one of the greatest boxers of all time and eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao with nickname “Pac Man” against american top ranked athlete, WBC and WBO champion Adrien Broner with nickname “The Problem”. Fight for WBA welter weight belt took place in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA on January 19, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Manny Pacquiao (Philippines) vs Adrien Broner (USA) | BOXING fight, HD

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Of Manny Pacquiao to America for the First time in over two years as Pacquiao Who has faced first the Challenger on my Right fding out of the Red Corner Entering the ring wearing white trunks With multicolor trim and healing from Catti Ohio he weighed in at 146 and 1/2 Lb his record stands at 33 wins three Losses one draw and one no contest with 24 wins coming by way of KN tonight Making his 10th World title the Problem Broner across the ring the defending World champion fighting out of the blue Corner really needing no introduction The world over wearing black trunks with Golden white trim the senator fighting Out of and proudly representing the Sangani province in the Philippines He weighed in at already 146 lbs his Record stands at 60 wins seven losses And two draws with 39 wins coming by way Of Knockout [Applause] Manny for Adrien Broner who did not Weigh in tonight so we don't know what His Actual trunks here are good obey my Commands at all times protect yourself At all times God bless you both touch up Referee Russell Mo Adrien Broner coming Off a drop the Bell round one scheduled For 12 for multicolor

Trunks Shor Lucas matis sent matis into Retirement the last fight last year Clean but if you're active enough and Control dominated but that last TR Was a big moment for Broner send Oscar De La Hoya into Retirement in Pacquiao's first fight at 146 notice The Gua overwhelming favorite Pacquiao stopped they're still not Getting off ask Ricky Hatton about Pacquiao's left hand Yeah there's a right up Pacquiao respect You and no counter was sharper on Pacquiao than theing up process here in The first three minutes Pacquiao for Manny Pacquiao in the keys to viory Right hand by Broner Pacquiao lands with The right hook and Broner able amazingly If you take his last five assault by Pacquiao already more than he has thrown In those last five fights double jab Left Hand by Pacquiao was kind of what We we thought would be the cas pressure And volume punching have always been Because Pacquiao hasn't really landed Anything of Significance Pacquiao diving in wants to I think Pacquiao's trying too hard to Look spectacular and there's a counter Right hand by Bron There's a left hand by Pacquiao and Pacquiao the Broner before Broner [Applause] Clinches he has Broner defensive posture

Right hand by Broner has a Broner Defensive posture But piao to the body with a left hand Haiao again Cliffs Throw [Applause] Is a little surprised at the hand speed Of Pacquiao left hand lands for the good Left hand as Pacquiao changed the angle Of it he he threw it from the side Instead of Straight Pacquiao putting the pressure On Broer and BR remains full Under Fire P's probably won these rounds on For three rounds this is round four Sharp counter right hand by Broner see Broner takes advantage but it's still Pacquiao leading P Broner good that's The Mantra right for Adrien Broner Especially in the around because play is Some good right hands unless Pacquiao Comes with [Music] Something Pacquiao trying to stick the Jab Broner counters again Broner counter Right hand closing up the best rout of The fight for it's ultimately very Important here because if you control Pacquiao's rushing throwing combinations As he moves his way in but Pacquiao They're trying to motivate him to get Very active but I I think it's the Broner trying

To increase his Offensive Pacquiao and that left hand by Pacquiao was strong keep Pacquiao Bay With the jab But Here Comes Pacquiao Again explodes in and that's one thing a Lot of my combinations downstairs kind Of freeze them in place and then bring Them Up Away Pacquiao lands a lead left to the Body of feel like Pacquiao's bringing More heat this round more Pressure and a half left in the six Again Pacquiao attacking the B as Floyd Mayweather so toly put it it is a chess Match here that means we're likely see More punches Landing at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas Has Pacquiao fainting and Landing the Shots and that's what he needed to do That is not The left hands that stagger Brer and Pacquiao now lighting up and Brer Final 20 seconds an offensive Onslaught By this been a ter for The 40-Year-Old Legend Manny [Applause] Pacquiao Pacquiao would get his left Hand in now that was a left hand thrown With authority and it hurt Pacquiao the Jab yep see that jab sets up the left Hand as Broner goes down and Pacquiao Lands number eight Manny Pacquiao the

Third man to win a legitimate version of A 147 lb title three times you know one Thing about Adrien Broner he is a tough Man to knock down or knock out and even When he get the question oh good counter Upper cut there by brono but the Question is how willing is he going to Be now to take Chances unofficial score Steve Farhood no he's he's fighting better in This round he's considered Right good bounce [Applause] Back Broner too content to work off The and there Pacquiao that lands a Counter jab goes to the not known as a Right hook artist but they've made it Better in recent Years neither man's been that active in This fight they've only combined for About 40 Punches Pacquiao avoiding the Combinations Rer on the Ropes Pacquiao backs Up Pacquiao to body work as we head to The ninth round Welterweight Title Fight In Pacquiao again [Applause] Tags P down he would crank up a kind of A half hook half jab that might have Been the best punch of the round wa Iions up up you know Pacquiao Pacquiao lands the jab in a

Head of the body Broner misses with the Counter left hook Pacquiao again Continues to attack the body big Left Hand by Pacquiao by Broner Pacquiao Trying to close the Distance continues to dive in with that Jab and there is that timing yeah yeah Leon has to have the the courage to get It off he's got him time to time single Shots and he has not follow it up when When you take a shot you automatically Creat oh and there's a left hand that Backed up Broner and now Pacquiao yeah it look a Little off 30 seconds left in the ninth And Pacquiao now p and enrolling with a Lot of these punches Pacquiao not Exactly touching him also just getting Off that Pacquiao Good controlling this round in any case Really came out Again the start with the jab is what Does it and that is a big Fight a look at it again even though the Jab misses that's a left hand that was Thrown with conviction this is round Number 10 for Manny Pacquiao playing to The 14 will not throw unless he's he's Very close to you so he maximizes Percentage of landing and he likes Percentage of Landing because he only Throws at that distance but he has not Been able to get some pretty good

Leading the tempo of the fight Dictating it Broner sticks the jab but Doesn't follow up with the right hand And again punch now Pacquiao landel up To the Body he's got to make the the mental Decision that he's going to try to take Charge Absolutely Pacquiao flipping Broner with That right huge advantage in terms of Body shots landed by Manny Pacquiao Broner is 11 years fairly close round However good right hand by BR under 30 seconds left in the 10th Broner with a one-w combination Avo not Throwing any punches there's a counter Left by [Applause] Broner a Broner just running away from Pacquiao's attack not Initiating time at the MGM Grand where He's authored some of his most inent to End a two fight winless streen second Youngest four Division champion but in Tough tonight against Manny Pacquiao and The question is where is he now in the Scoring we don't know we know we think Manny Pacquiao's Control again Pacquiao attacking the B More focused on the clock and you talk About lapses in Focus Paulie there again You have to kind of make a decision if You're going to cruise to this decision Are try to or try to uh

[Applause] Risk of the 11th aiao continues to attack the body See at this distance there that's such a Small short Distance final minute of the 11th Round scores to the body Again Almost nothing coming back in return From Adrian and when he does throw punches Ali's out of range he's mostly been on His [Applause] Bicycles final 15 seconds of the 11 12th and Final Round Straight Ahead around Right Al has Manny Pacquiao look like a 40 Yeah that's again the frustration of Watching Adan Pacquiao launches Another sort of lived up to that and It's Return To America for the living Legend the global icon the fighting Senator Manny [Applause] Pacquiao Now this is a key point for all of us We've seen this fight rounds for Adrian BR That's simple if you would have thrown a Punches and Still what a great champion of the

World many [Applause] Pman in his seven got

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