Professional brittish boxer and title challenger Matthew Macklin with nickname “Mack the Knife” against kazakhstani middleweight boxer and two-time unified champion Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG”. Fight for WBA and IBO middle weight belts took place in MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort, Mashantucket, USA on June 29, 2013. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Matthew Macklin (England) vs Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight

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Hail of the tape for the middleweight Showdown between Gennady Golovkin who Holds a title belt and Matthew mckin now He tries once again to seize a Middleweight title everybody has been Waiting Andre Ward for forkin well he's Definitely a step up this is the most Experienced fighter that gkin has faced This is his third shot at the title the First being against Felix Sturman Germany that's what remains to be seen For a very popular Max the night his Trainer buddy mcer behind and now with The impish smile on his face here comes The man who is so much the subject of Conversation who's an outstanding Amateur he's been a monster is a Professional he's the first guy to come Along since Mike Tyson where his trainer Is explicit he walked into ladies and Gentlemen from the M pequ tribal Nation Athletic commission chairman George Henningson Vice chairman Matt Cooper Tanya Dan Val Sebastian and Belinda Mcken let's get ready to Rumble M Mlin genady Triple [Music] G [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Goin

All right B you received my command my Instructions in the dressing room I Expect you to protect yourself at all Time all right I expect a good clean Fight let's touch gloves Boom we've seen what happens when Gennady Golovkin hits middleweight is What happens when he's hit by a big Strong [Applause] Middleweight that's what everybody's Been waiting to See Playing games he's going to go at G Golovkin just the way he expects Golovkin to come after Him his list of amateur opponents like Professional he turned Pro a couple of Years before Golovkin and says I was Mlin is hoping that that experience and His tougher list of opponents coming in Make the difference for him in the fight A lot of people talk about Golovkin Punching power but he does a great job With his feet of cutting off the ring Hold Golovkin so often it's not just That he hurts them when he hits them but He always seems in position to hit Them very quickly Steve referee Eddie Cot the third man in the ring Eddie Cotton generally lets the fighters fight And he lets to a conclusion Eddie's Known in park for disqualifying Gada in His rematch Eddie saw m in the ring he

Counted over him after Martinez knocked Him down in the Right now Macklin giving up a lot of Energy you see it in his face the Distress from the pressure very relaxed Not giving up much energy at all Golovkin Positioning and it is indeed Golovkin Stalking Macklin now as he did a Brilliant job balance he's in position To throw the punch and at all Times glovin missing with the right Hand time Lin pops mcklin with the jab He knocks his head back a little bit Stop stop right stop right stop right There good and powerful he's built like A fighter he's not built like a Bodybuilder no he has those looks more Like a freestyle swimmer those are the Ones are responsive to what boxers [Applause] Need away from the right hand yeah when He gets close he's coming over you Picking up he's coming over the top no Good you got to stay low in the Shell Okay I don't want you to load up though Okay very good good good Drun I said earlier stock and Macklin Lands a strong right and a left off the Top of the head that makes Macklin Real copy box numbers in round one G 42 You heard the difference in urgency Between the two corners Abel Sanchez Saying to Golovkin have some fun in

There buddy MC toward his right hand Usually fighters who can punch like Golovkin and there haven't been Many you see it right there aren't as Desperate to land punches as golov Designed his style to not wait around But to force the action at all budy MCG Just told Matthew mcklin if you Circle Away from the right hand you're coming Toward the left should mlin decide To land something hard here at some Point and and and up until this point in Golovkin's career he hasn't had a a Reason to to worry about Def Golovkin amateur five Losses including the Olympic finals so He doesn't have an Olympic gold medal as Andre Ward does win as an amateur and You can see though his style has changed Since an amateur where he was aggressive Or technical he has a professional style Mlin not worried about piling up points Right now worried about survival the Patience of an assassin as lovein talks Him About right hand landed left hand moved Macklin's head that left hook to the Body was Devastating ml's trying as hard as he Can to land the big shot reached with The right Hand oh that right hand to the body was Vicious by Golovkin now mcklin gets in a Right hand and momentarily

Drive stop stop right There [Applause] Y That's a Full he's got Danny Milano in his Corner As well you saw Danny Milano Earlier okay nice Deep out of 42 you heard buddy mcgurt Telling Macklin you got to throw two Jabs at a time he's hun gokin you can See from ml's reaction in the corner With Sergio Martinez and obviously Felix But his ml's reaction in the corner was Like isn't ordinary this is not a normal Situation shot by Golovkin uppercut Guard mlin with the guts of a burglar Fires a big left hook at L ability Courage is the responsibility of every Fighter and mlin showing it here Absolutely the action here in round Three once to try to get something done That will in some way discourage Golovkin not going to pack it in and lay Down Golovkin is going to have to do What he has to do like that to get here Puts mlin Down down twice against Serio Martinez Knock out for gady Golovkin it comes in The third round and look NY he's not a Slick guy he's there to be hit we Understand that by Gennady Golovkin he Appears to be everything we asked and Mlin is still on the canvas after that s Shot knockout looked to be a perfect

Shot from G I was in the middle of Saying that he's going to have to do That in order to get Macklin out of here Mlin wasn't going to to the body a Perfect liver shot which absolutely take Another look Andre set him up with the right uppercut Didn't want to hit him with it cuz he Really wanted the big left to the Described to me by Fighters Andre it's Like an electric jolt to the system Which basically disconnects everything From the we go to the official time of The stoppage 1 minute 22 gentl here at Foxwoods Resort Casino Genady Triple [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] G

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