Professional american boxer and most effective lightweight puncher Gervonta Davis with nickname “Tank” against mexican top ranked athlete and title challenger Leo Santa Cruz with nickname “El Terremoto” (“Earthquake”). Fight for WBA Super feather and WBA light weight belts took place in Alamodome, San Antonio, USA on October 31, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Gervonta Davis (USA) vs Leo Santa Cruz (Mexico) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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Main Event time Alamo Dome in San Antonio Texas gervante Davis the 135 Pound [Applause] Cake [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Once again Experiences 483rd Pro both Santa Cruz And one in major title fight Santa Claus And Javonte Davis there's a reason Davis Says Mike Tyson's favorite fighter and This is rebelt holder Javonte Davis in The red white and green And there's a counters So much As Al Santa Cruz watched this match Early remains to be seen You've been in the ring twice with Santa Cruz you trained to face Davis and not Extend the jab because once when he does That I already saw early on punches with That left yeah that left uppercut has Has been there Santa Cruz goes upstairs Can push David's back Again Davis overcaught already Blood on The face of Leo Santa Cruz starting out The way Davis wants it too he wants it To be this kind of give and take that Would want to be in the outside pick his Punches but no he's the pressure fight He's a pressure fighter in this fight

He's supposed to remember Santa Cruz Said that Davis is dangerous for the First six rounds and then Santa Cruz Wants to bring davises into the deeper Waters as they exchange Davis we should Knock down it's in attendance if the Introductions were any indication all The fans leaders great start here [Music] [Applause] [Music] Kind of off the top of their feet but There was their feet that created the Um going down and another look at it Will demonstrate that it was their feet That kind of got wrapped up with each Other even though Santa Cruz was pushing Forward and uh delivering the jab trying To split the guard leads with the right Hand putting pressure on Davis back in This fight will that be the proper move For him he's Landing some nice punches The Cruz was the the smaller guy we Sought the weigh-in he had added muscle In a lot of fight backwards Davis turns 26 next Saturday youth is on The side of Davis misses just misses With that counter left up for Davis he He want he's trying very hard to get it In he has to be careful throwing it Feeling confrontation and already so Much [Music] Training yourself also mentally and uh

Me know Santa Cruz doing it there Because of the lack of distractions and The ability to focus now unloading on Davis Davis rolling with some of those Shots Those combinations will slow but there's That left upper Country David good stuff Through two rounds Uh and this again would be he's going to Be going to the canvas but not through a Punch the apple sedations and trying to Push Davis against the ropes his mission To back Davis up which is not the normal Posture for [Applause] Slow everything down tank here You get the feeling Davis is he's Adapting so far to being pushed back is That he's going to want to try to land That counter left hand Santa Cruz wants To keep Davis corralled in the corn Santa Cruz taking small steps and There's a left hook again the left hand Missed with the right is going to React And again Davis getting physical and Knockouts have been Davis calling card But he's going to have to dig down deep Into those trust sometimes for him but It is effective as Santa Cruz's twitch He had inquiring minds want to know left Taught by Santa Cruz another left hand And look at the difference when Davis is The aggressor uh you see a totally

Different fight going towards Davis a Lot of nervous energy from Santa Cruz Davis seems other than measured Final 10 seconds of the third purview Here tonight Davis versus Santa Cruz I'm Getting close to him and keep your hands Up and inside you're good babe just take Deep breath Santa Cruz double and tropical in his Punches compared of course to Santa Cruz Who we've said sometimes Mayor of Santa Cruz digging to the body Meanwhile Davis looking for that you Don't always see Davis in that kind of Defensive posture that he's in with his Handler and defense Through the right and Davis not loading Up again with the left left uppercut Right hook the crews still looking to Establish the Japanese [Applause] Is this the right strategies in Santa Cruz he's getting some good work done But he's taking power punches He stood in the pocket in battle at First we thought it was a bad idea Turned out to be a good idea what will Happen to one tenth the fighters Castillo won this is going to be a great Job I think he's doing the right thing And most of these big Pockets a lot of These first half of the fight under the Box I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do that And then before you know it you got half

Of the fights lost one range jab from Santa Cruz where you saw the Japanese And even when he doesn't throw it you Can see he's ready to throw it those Punches from Santa Cruz and again stabs Santa Cruz mountains are flying by here Four [Music] All right Getting that straight left hand in That's one of his big Power punches and Santa Cruz had a very very important Weapon the right hook getting in there But then here he comes with that Uppercut on the inside I'll tell you What he's in there right now now he did Have his good offensive moments he would Land the uppercut in the inside this is The difference Santa Cruz is a Santa Cruz is throwing 241.60 for days I Got both of them double triple jab by Santa Cruz as he tries Santa Cruz La la Leo has to keep thinking Davis crouching down And that left hand is just ready ready To spring out there's that lead Right Hook by Davis [Applause] And another counter left Santa Cruz We talk about Santa Cruz combination Punches Difficulty

23-0 22 Knockouts now Santa Cruz trying To swarm Davis Davis The opportunity to land that one to pick His punches but when Santa cruises again Try to continue to collect Dana as Davis Again goes downstairs with the left Uppercut sweeping right hook upstairs Defended his 122 title against Christian Mijares Oh and there's a run lead left uppercut On the inside by Davis what a great Round so far from Santa Cruz this has Been precise in landing [Applause] Santa Cruz did not eat up much of the Five minutes allotted for him to recover And they continue but Santa Cruz is Going to fall from here Oh [Applause] Foreign [Applause] And in that round in which Santa Cruz Had done so much good work there's that Left uppercut a counter punch that just Was devastating and Santa Cruz did not See that uppercut coming Um it just and just took them out but Again you got to give credit to Leo Santa cause he did some of this fight And they felt that if he'd gotten Through these rounds he was going to do Well in the second half of the fight but Vonte tank Davis on Halloween night

Delivers them and now the WBA super Featherweight and lightweight champion Of the world gervante [Applause] David [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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