Professional american heavyweight boxer Damon McCreary with nickname “Bulldog” against american most effective heavyweight puncher and top ranked athlete Deontay Wilder with nickname “The Bronze Bomber”. Fight took place in The Hangar, Costa Mesa, USA on September 8, 2012. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Damon McCreary (USA) vs Deontay Wilder (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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He has a perfect professional record of 14 wins no losses 10 of his wins coming By way of a knockout from Detroit Michigan please welcome Damon the Bulldog the reason the Assassin MC and now let's welcome his opponent Across the ring in the blue corner he is Wearing the bronze color trunks official Weight 200 29 lb he also has a perfect Professional record of 24 wins no losses With all 24 of his wins coming by way of A Knockout from Tuscaloosa Alabama let's Welcome the 2008 United States Olympic Bronze medalist Deonte the bronze bummer Wilder [Applause] Here all right you had your instructions Downstairs punches here remember are Fine both your trunks a little high Shake hands and good luck to both of [Applause] You well as you had as we had said During the during the break don't blink If you are a Deontay Wilder fan 14 of His 24 fights have ended in the first Round Only four times has he even gotten close To the fourth round yeah I believe only Two opponents have made it uh to the Fourth round even and I was actually Ringside as a boxing rider for both of

Those fights and they were against uh Short Ki guys uh mccre is definitely Short yeah we will see how Cy he is These are the the two opposite extremes Of the head heavyweight division Absolutely you can't get any more Athletic than Deontay Wilder who he says Was born to be an athlete he played Football played basketball as a young Man from the age of five he says he knew He was going to be an athlete um Unfortunately there was a little detour In his career he had a a daughter who Was born with a spinal cord uh illness And uh he had to quit college that's When he found boxing first time he Walked in there he said I just loved Everything in a boxing ring and here we Have him Today and he Advanced very quickly in The amure ranks he actually made the US Olympic squad for 2004 with under 25 Bouts won the national Golden Gloves he Won a a US amateur Championship and he surprised Everybody By actually winning the Olympic trials And each one of those amateur victories Was a huge Upset so there's been a lot of eyeballs On him ever since he turned Pro yeah He's 67 by the way he's got obviously Height he's got Advantage uh reach Advantage I should say MCC is uh 39 Years old and only 5'11 so quite a

Discrepancy when it comes to uh physical Attributes or Characteristics mccre is not a Heavyweight I've actually seen mccre Fight before he was a very good super Middleweight Prospect five or six years Ago doesn't belong in the ring as a Heavyweight and Deontay is looking to Get him out of there was a quick one two That put mccy down uh I don't think mccy Has the uh the look of a fighter that's Going to stay in there too long so uh Pay close attention don't look away this Could be uh the end coming coming up Very soon you know what I do not think That was a Knockdown I saw a one a one-w Combination land and and mccy go down But I don't believe ref like that However even under those circumstances He was making a gestures like uh he was Not comfortable with that situation this Style that mccu has where he's kind of Languishing on the outside and trying to Surprise him with uh single power shots Kind of Leaping in with with left Hooks And and and right crosses that worked Five years ago and 100 pounds ago but It's you know the weight that he's Carrying now he just can't oh wow kais Is not counting this as a knock down That was a phantom punch if I've ever Seen one uh I I think it was more his Chest hitting uh maybe the the face of

Mccre mercury I think he's going to say That his uh his his right knee hurts I See it's bandaged up but you know at This weight when he throws he throws Himself off Balance yeah that's that that's a lot of Weight mccre is uh is carrying around as You said in 2008 when Wilder won his Olympic medal a was 80 lb lighter than He is made his Pro debut at 166 and there we see a little bit of Wilders punching Power shoved down I thought a one-w Combination landed but it it actually Missed mccre lunged in and uh Wilder Gave him a little shove with his lead Hand and here round two mccre try to a Little bit he got a right hand in there He got that right in there but back Comes Wilder with a punch of his own and There goes mccre back down to the canas And here is a real Knockdown and I've seen this in the past When a fighter gets a good shot at Wilder he usually referee interference Right there by the way he usually pays The opponent back in Kind yeah mccre just kind of puts his Head down and and throws some punch is In upward direction oh on the way down He nailed him and r k I don't know if he Saw That saw something he was already down When Wilder threw one final

Punch I think on his way down Wilder Landed a shot sort of to the back of the Head but uh I think kaai Senor does not Think that mccre can uh continue no and And Wilder finally breaking that that Game face that poker face we finally see A a a slight Smile on his face now just kind of Wondering what Happened I'm wondering if mccre heard Him at all with that right cross that he Landed it was pretty obvious from the Onset that mccu was not going to last in This Contest uh mccu the Bulldog is very Unhappy right Now I guess he wanted the option of Trying to make it to his feet wanted to Count plenty of medical Supervision in The ring right Now it seems to me there's something Wrong with the uh left leg of Damon Mccre you see it's bandaged up the the Left knee is bandaged Up all right let let's see that that Late punch all right here is the want to See the right hand land a little bit of A head button right there so mccre Charging in and really just getting Nailed by uh Wilder falling hard on his Knees so the the right hand that that Seemed to buzz Wilder really landed to The neck but Wilder came right back with

The left right and then another Left and then here come the finishing Touches McCreary is quick to get up from The second knockdown I can understand Why he would be a little bit upset that The the second knockdown was waved off The fight without a Count all right well we're going to have A chance to talk to him uh for right now Let's see exactly when this fight ended Ladies and gentlemen this bout ends at 55 seconds of round number two referee Raul C Senor stops this bout for your Winner by knockout and still undefeated Deante the bronze butter Wilder all right well uh we didn't get a Chance to see the final uh the final Knockdown but we got to see why people Are excited about Deontay Wilders that Athleticism the speed the Power putting the punches together and I Think we're going to see a replay of the Final knockdown here it's timing mccre With a left hook landed that right sort Of to the back and then he caught him With a short inside right that put mccre Down on his side for good and I think The way that mccre was covered up that Sort of uh prompted uh referee R kaes to Wave it off we're going to step aside For a second we'll talk to Wilder when We come Back County fairgrounds and uh Deontay Wilder had left the uh the ring

Momentarily we got him back I don't know If he's using a little intimidation he Just stepped over the top rope to uh Join Doug Fisher with him right now Doug Take it away thank you Mario I'm with Deontay Wilder undefeated heavyweight Prospect you were now 25-0 with 25 Knockouts I believe that was your 16th First round Knockouts can you walk us Through this fight and tell us what Happened against Damon mccre well what Happened with Damon you know um you know Even though he's coming up in Heavyweight you know I had wel welcomed Him to the heavyweight division you know I'm one of the hardest hidden Heavyweights in the division man and um I just had to give him uh a little Welome present you know we we knew he Was going to try to come out fast and And try to get in my mindset with all The hooping and holling and jumping and Stuff but you know I'm not the same Fighter that I was when I first came in I'm much calmer fighter if you coming With me the your whole mind set better Be ready to come and destroy me and and Just do me up I'm a fighter man I love To do this I love to crush bones and Spill blood you know I love to make your Eyes swell and your lips quiver you know So um yeah basically he just tried to Come in and uh just intimidate me but You can't intimidate the bronze bomber

Baby McCreary is a guy who was coming Way up in weight but he is that kind of Uh K personality did not get into your Head at all uh but it did look Like maybe a minute into the fight he Landed like a right hand maybe to your Neck or your ear were you hurt at any Time or did he bother you physically at All he he did as well he did land um I Wasn't hurt at all you know uh uh just Wanted to show the people that you I can I can take a punch as well too basically He made me mad for a little bit but I Came back down that's why I throw a a Fury of punches and um and came back but This is a part of the sport you um the People come to see entertainment they Come to see excitement and um that's What Deontay Wilder brings I bring Excitement man that's why I'm telling The klco Do Not retire don't retire baby Because we got a new heavyweight in town His name Deontay wild I told you before And I'm going keep telling you again Don't retire baby let's

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