Welcome back to Sunday Vibes where today Dougie and Sam are talking all things Chelsea, specifically how to fix them amidst a difficult start to the campaign!

Which players should Mauricio Pochettino trust moving forwards, what is going on with Reece James, and could Ivan Toney be the answer to their striking issues?

With a special feature from @matissearmani this episode is not to be missed!


00:00-01:15 Intro
01:16-11:00 23/24 Season Reflections
11:01-14:30 @matissearmani’s thoughts
14:31-18:22 Goalkeepers
18:23-23:20 Strikers
23:21-25:20 Other Outgoings
25:21-30:41 Pochettino
30:42-37:35 Ratings Out Of 10


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Hello and welcome back to Sunday Vibes Everybody we are not in the pub this Week we're actually on the Monday Vib Set to clarify Joe is off in Burnley Mikey is in IP switch but I do have the Honor of being joined by Sam Abasi you Telling me bro how are you big man I'm Good man I'm good it's been I haven't Been on Sunday Vibes in time to be fair And you guys just always get me on this Stuff when we're talking about Chelsea Just not doing great it has to be done It has to be done but you were at QPR Last night Loftus Road how's everything Going you on TV Left Right Center I'm Trying man trying so are you to be fair But uh yeah ni it's been going well kpp Doing yeah I spoke to klopp nice guy man He was winding up Chelsea this week did You see that on the page to be fair he Clarified that and he said that he was Just talking about you know the fact That he got lucky with his team and that He wasn't make taking any shots and Someone told actually I shouldn't say it But they told me things off there that Was like to be fair I see where you're Coming from okay okay okay he wasn't Being too much Yeah but obviously some some of these Managers they know how to get at teams Without directly getting at teams in it So he's an Entertainer exactly he's an Entertainer but yes this is our it's

Semiannual how to fix Chelsea episode on Sunday Vibes we do have a contribution From a very well-known Chelsea Contributor coming up in the show we've Got Mr Sam Abasi to talk us through what Has been a really difficult start of the Season two-nil defeat to Everton last Weekend this weekend under huge pressure Because I've got some facts I've got some facts for you just I know Them already right you won nine Premier League games yeah in 2023 out of a Possible 39 yep every Point gained in 2023 has cost 20.4 million I saw that I Don't know how these people think of This stuff yeah to be honest when did we Start burn on Tik Tok I saw that on Tik Tok when did we start doing that stuff Though when is that become a thing when You spend a billion you leave yourself Open to that sort of interpretation Nonsense you finished 12th last season With 44 points the worst season in in Their premier league history and uh they Finished third with 30 more points the Year before this season they're on track For 45 points they are 14 points off the Top four after 16 games they do have a Carib cup quarterfinal against Newcastle Next Tuesday quickly before we get into Anything that is a huge game for Chelsea Yeah big game Newcastle they beat us in The fiction of premier league and to be Fair first half was all right second

Half they just there wasn't enough fight So I think chelse fans and probably p And the Chelsea players they just need a Performance like do you know what I mean Like regardless of result and I think That's what most people have been saying This season like regardless of results Obviously still want to win and get Draws and and and come up against the Big teams and do well but it's the it's The consistency with the performances if That's there then people have something To hold on to for sure okay let's talk About this season because as a neutral I Think you are quite a bit better than You were last year yeah and definitely More entertaining but still got the same Issues the lack of a clinical you know Regular goal scorer in front of goal the Like inability to break down deep block Defenses what have you taken from this Season do you see green shoots of Recovery or are you surprised by how Poor the results have been I think we've Been a lot better and you summed it up And you've been talking you've been Fair On social sometimes you randomly just Bring out a bad stat for Chelsea is just Like bro what have you been thinking About what you've been reading like you Just randomly say oh Chelsea haven't won In like two 25 games on that bro no my Won this week was they they've won six Games you know the guy that's running

The entire length of Africa in 235 days Not good enough but like I think you've Been fair I think what people have been Seeing of Chelsea obviously you'd expect More because it's Chelsea Football Club And you want them to you know win the Games that you expect them to win and go Into the the big games and you know Compete and I think there's been a lack Of consistency on that sense but I don't Think and people might say this is an Excuse I don't think it's an excuse Because you still want want Chelsea to Perform as a Chelsea fan but the Injuries haven't helped you know to key Players that obviously poino as a Manager yes you can say he should be Versatile and he should be able to adapt But when you come into a team and you're Setting up a team a young team as well You've got the idea of a first team in Your mind no regardless of what level You play FM you play EA FC you've got That in your mind when those players are Dropping week in week out you've got to Adapt in game basically and you're doing It against some of the best teams in the World and the best league in the world And this stuff can add pressure to your Team it can add an inconsistence Inconsistencies to your team because Like we've said a lot of the players Haven't played in the Premier League a Lot of them are young a lot of them

Aren't used to that type of pressure so There's been players in the team where You're looking at them and you're saying You know what you had a good game last Week why wasn't you able to replicate it Again this week and there's been so many Different factors and I don't want it I I don't feel like it's an excuse I it's Just you're looking yeah you're just Looking at the scenario you're looking At some of the the youngsters that are Playing for their national teams as well And how many games that they played You're talking about a team that have Played well let's say the first 10 games I'd say probably deserved a few more Points that that um Chelsea got but at The same time he didn't get that and Then the games after I can say okay cool There was a flurry of three or four Games that Chelsea weren't at the level That they had been showing on poch Beforehand and I think that's why he Almost spoke about the transfer window And doing things because losing to Manchester United probably the worst Performance for Chelsea this season and Then losing worse than Newcastle yeah Worse than Newcastle because Chelsea Were just flat throughout the whole game And then losing the game to Everton After that that was the first time he's Loost lost back to back games in the Premier League but it felt worse because

They obviously were in 10th and it's Like regardless of the result you're not Climbing anywhere so the pressure is Still on and then when you drop points It's like okay now you're in big trouble And then I don't I wouldn't say he Panicked but he he probably looked at His scenario and he was like no we need Experience man we need this we need that And he's looking at the players that are Out injured and when they're coming back You know losing Rees James losing Chilwell losing Sanchez is now injured As well get on some later in the show But how worried are you about Rees James It's worrying because I don't think it's A simple um surgery that can save him Like everyone says and I I was saying it As well get the surgery get the surgery It's a hamstring injury that's been Recurring but then I saw a take by um a Doctor a few doctors have have had this Take and they said that hamstring Injuries aren't as simple as just having A surgery and you'll be back to 100% Sometimes it's like it needs to get to The worst of of it before you can do the Surgery if it's not at that level then You have to almost do the rehab and hope That it just doesn't recur and I think That's what's happening with Reese James He doesn't seem like the type of person That would put off a surgery that would Make him play better so he's been

Unfortunate obviously he's very young He's one of the best R backs in the League on his day but I think now people Are starting to realize okay cool Because there's not the consistency Can't really put him in that Conversation and that might be good for Him because I feel like yes po trusted Him to be captain and it made sense Because of his ability and what he means To Chelsea and the fans but that type of Pressure for a club that finished where They did last season and what they want To do moving forward it's a lot of Pressure especially when he's got Pressure on his body like he wants to Perform week in week out he's not able To do that he's looking around and he's Got what Thiago Silva to lean on who's Probably the only senior figure in Defense that he can lean on and say you Know what that's where I can get Motivation from so I feel for him man Like genuinely I feel for him I'm hoping That he can come back from this injury And and dude I don't know what it will Take like everyone looks at these Injuries and they talk like become Medical experts don't every okay he Needs a surgery he's going to be out for 6 to 4 months but at least no one knows Bro like and I'm sure he I'm sure he's Getting the best information exactly and Seeing reports of him seeing like even

More Specialists to see what it really Is that's causing him to have that rear Current issue cuz poch a week before Said that he was fine and he felt he was Fine so yeah man it's unfortunate Gusto's out injured as well he's he's Replacement exactly so there's just so Much happening and I don't think a lot Of people because obviously it's Chelsea And the money that they spent the amount Of players they would just talk as if You have the answers you should always Have the answers but in reality when you Break it down injuries the lack of Experience the youth it's going you're Going to have t issues and we're not Going to be the people to say we're Going to give them time because when you Spend that much money and you add the Quality that you say you've added you Should have some sort of consistency With results but the reality is Sometimes it can turn out how we're Seeing it yeah absolutely I think you Make a good point about the the money Spent kind of eroding away any sympathy People would have for Chelsea and it's Maybe a little bit unfair because you Know know when people talk about Newcastle's injuries recently when People talk about man United's injuries Recently you got Spurs as well I feel Like they get given a little bit more Leeway than you guys do when you've had

Chilwell Rees James and kungu hasn't Even played a minute in the Premier League yet I these are three massive Players probably would be you know three Of your best four or five players if They were fully fit the the worrying Thing is for me from a Chelsea Perspective is I totally agree with you I think for across the first six games Or so I think your general performance Level was much higher than your results Then you went through that period of Actually picking up I think you lost one In six Are and then just The just at a crucial Time of the Season You do have a nice set of fixtures Coming up though so shefford United at Home this weekend that feels like that Feels like a must win absolute must win Which is crazy to say say when you're Taking on the 20th best side but yeah That's huge Wolves Away then Palace at Home Len away and ful them at home so After having gone through that Horrendous run in November and December You can now start to look forward but in Terms of bringing this back to like Where are Chelsea at compared to last Year I think they are more entertaining Definitely I mean that's a low bar Because Chelsea's uh Chelsea under Potter were were pretty miserable to Watch for sure but there are some

Worrying Trends going downwards in Recent weeks so your shots have gone up From 12.7 to 13.6 that's still the 10th Best in the League this year your Possession has actually gone down this Year your shots against have weirdly Gone up as well so after that amazing Start or I say amazing start promising Start after six or seven games when we Were like you know Chelsea will fly up The table expected points were Suggesting you're around fourth or fifth Best now you're way below that uh and Your expected goals against per game has Now gone back up as well and it feels Like that balance of Midfield hasn't Been quite right and that chopping and Changing at Center back I just don't Think it's help whatsoever uh but you've Heard our opening thoughts about Chelsea Let's hear the thoughts of well-known Chelsea Legend contributor matis on two Players he thinks should leave Chelsea And two who should come in yeah yes People two in two out Chelsea how do we Fix them for me listen if Chelsea are to Be steered back on course in this Premier League campaign they need to Potentially make a few adjustments in That team and rebalance recalculate and Calibrate that side so up in the Goalkeeping position I'm going to say is The first person to come in I think That's really important that Chelsea

Find a long-term number one I think Sanchez was always for me seen as a stop Gap I don't think he shown the quality At this point up until this point to be Considered as a long-term number one He's a he's a decent goalkeeper he's a Good goalkeeper but I don't think he's Chelsea level or quality now there is Someone that is potentially going to go Under the radar here but bulka at nce He's he's he's playing regularly for Them he's in a team that is now second In the French division stands at 6'6 Plays out from the back makes fantastic Saves great reactions great reflexes and Has saved two penalties as well so this Season so I think he's a player that Could potentially come in back to a club That he's been at before and could Really surprise people could shock People and could be playing of a higher Level and have a higher potential than Than a player like Sanchez so that's the First position I'd look at and I'd look To rectify that situation there is other Options you know that AC Milan keeper Pretty injury-prone potentially Porto as Well you could look there at Carlos but I'm going to go with Bola because I just Think he's someone that's probably going On the radar right now up front is the Second person to bring in I'd look at Bringing in a striker of course to make This team more clinical more prolific

And in those tight games that are Decided by fine margins this is the type Of player that needs to come into decide Those fine margins now for me again You're talking about experience you're Talking about bringing in someone that's Been there and done it in this league Ivan Tony is a strong option because at Brenford he Bo boled fantastic goal T Last season he's clearly a player that You know in terms of his all around game Is very refined and very complete he can Drop deep he can hold up the ball he's a Physical player but he's also good at Obviously finishing and and dealing with The crosses coming in in the air you Have to be to play at a team like Brenford who obviously throw a lot of Long balls in there a lot of crosses lot Of set pieces so for me I just think He's someone that would give Chelsea a Different option again age profile just A big difference from the likes of Jackson and Brer and just provide a bit Of balance so those would be my two Players of an older age and also like I Said bring a bit of quality into the Side now in terms of lead I'd look at Brer probably leaving unfortunately I Don't think he's been given enough time To to make such a maybe rash decision Like that but he's been injured Chelsea If you're going to bring in a striker You've got to make room you've got to

Make way you've already invested in Jackson over the summer you've got inuko As your emergency kind of third choice You've got to make some sort of space For a striker and that's BR Unfortunately who does go down as pure Profit and does go down as somebody that Could go into maybe a Fulham or you know Maybe West Ham have been interested over The years as an Antonio um you know Option so yeah I think him he's a he's a Decent option and then also another Player to leave is pretty simple for me Is Ian Matson you could even throw maybe Trevor Chala in this conversation just Players that are not going to get Opportunities players that are not going To see the pitch anytime soon again They're falling under pure profit They're not playing they're talented Players but they could definitely be Serviced better elsewhere and get Minutes under their belt so those are my Guys to go and let's see does that fix Chelsea's situation you let me know in The comments okay we heard there from Matis and he suggested that uh Sanchez Robert Sanchez should leave that Amando Broer should leave I think some Chelsea Fans might not be happy with but let's Let's discuss those the two biggest Statements probably in that piece with Alba now Robert Sanchez thoughts Feelings do you want him to be the

Long-term number one long-term number One I'm still undecided being completely Honest I think that the type of keeper That Chelsea would would need or what Pochettino wants in terms of your ball Playing ability they'll need to be a bit Better than Sanchez I think shot Stopping he's actually very calm I think He's quite questionable coming out for Crosses and that sometimes but there's Some games where he just claws at it and He's got it and it's calm but I think Chelsea just need consistency at the Back and I think when you look at what We've been through in the last few years Since not having ctoa you just want that Consistency you want a keeper that is Good at sh saving shots that has got Decent distribution I think everyone's So obsessed with your keeper being the Best ball player I think that it's Overrated genuinely think it's overrated I would much rather no I would much Rather have uh keypad that is able to Just shot stop when he gets the ball if The the option is available then you Play it if not you go long yeah I'd much Rather that what we see from Sanchez a Lot and I don't know if Chelsea fans you Probably have this Vision in your mind Is where the ball comes from the right Hand side and then because there's a Player pressing him he tries to do the First time pass to the left back and it

Fails every time yeah like every time And it's like at some point you have to Just learn that it's just not working And I don't know whether he's being Asked to do this or constantly play out From the back but there has to be some Sort of like experience and learning From this like you don't want to put Your defense Under Pressure you talked About the stats of the shot stop the Shots that we're facing that has to play In your mind I know the goalkeeper Coaches are probably tell him to retain Possession but it's a time and a place And I just don't think he's been able to Adapt to that and adapt to his mistakes Maybe he thinks that he can like brush It off of his game but it's not Happening I don't think we should look For keeper right now haven't seen Pedic Play yet don't know how well he'll do if Sanchez is out injured but yeah I don't Think keeper is the first place that I'd Go to and I don't actually look on the Keeper market and see anyone that is a Mike Manion that will cost a lot of Money to be an immediate impact Leno Just signed a new contract at fulm Mo Signing a new contract he's a keeper That you actually most clubs that is Trying to be in that conversation should Have said you know what let's put money Toward towards that cuz he's been Quality he's still one of the top

Keepers in the league and you know Fulham are really lucky to have him yeah Absolutely absolutely I mean let's talk About uh the goalkeeper that matis Recommended you get Maran buer was Actually on the books of chelse between 2016 and I think 2019 before going to PSG only ever made two appearances for PSG has now been on a series of loan Moves he's gone to play in the Segunda Division he's gone to play in League dur He's now at nce after a lone spell there But this is his first year as n's number One or at least playing regularly so I Think it's a little bit of a risk but There are a lot of you know exciting Attributes that he's got he's 6'6 he's Playing behind the best backline in Europe in terms of goals against per Game above Inter Milan I believe I think They're second on that list uh and yeah Things are looking promising for farol Le's niece but bulka I think that is a Little bit of a risk a goalkeeper they Could potentially have a look on or look At is unai Simon of Athletic Club Spain's number one he's more of that Mold of the ball playing Center back but I think he's been pretty consistent for A number of years now did have that big Mistake in Euro 2020 which people will Remember having watched this uh but he's Actually performing really well for Athletic Club so that's another option

Uh the other big talking point from Matis was Brer are you on that agreement As well do you feel like it's too ear Early to get to cut your losses or do You think if you bring in a striker in January or in the summer he is the one To make way 100% And it's unfortunate Because injuries really affected him Becoming that um starting strike I Remember last season when he was just About to get run of games he got injured And then it's almost a cycle again and It's happened a lot with with players That have come from just as as They're going to break into the side They get an injury and it stops their Progression and then they've got to Fight with another player in their Position and I think the way we're Playing now doesn't necessarily suit his Game as much we want a a striker that Can link the play that makes those runs In behind which he can do as well but When they're so much pressure and There's so much pressure to score goals And you need an experienced Striker to Do that I think if you're going to Sacrifice one of the strikers is going To be the player that's been there for Longer because Jackson even though he is An inconsistent or he's proven that he's Been inconsistent so far he is still a Player that they just recently signed Not going to sell him straight away buo

Has been at the club for a long time Time he's loved by the fans he loves Chelsea as well but it's one of those Ones where if they were to sell him it Would be pure profit you know all of These things that we hear all the times Around by Chelsea and the money that They're going to make it would be Unfortunate to see him go but experience Is needed like it is desperately needed And I think when you look at Chelsea's Front Line the lack of experience is Worrying when you're going into the Bigger games and seeing the teams that You're facing and saying like Okay where Are the goals going to come from on a Consistent basis I don't think any Chelsea forward in the last 2 three Years has been consistent and this is Going back to cool do you know what I Mean so yeah it'll be unfortunate I Don't necessarily want to see him go but I'd understand it yeah fair enough yeah I mean that serious serious injury kept Him out till September he picked up Another injury he's only just recently Come back it's a little bit of a shame I Mean matis recommended Ivan Tony there For Chelsea he feels like probably the Most likely Chelsea signing in in January in terms of a striker because Victor rosan I mean napol thre the Champions League knockouts by making That group look a little bit harder than

It probably should have been they're Still in the top four race in Syria Someone like Laro Martinez I don't think Inan are planning on selling I don't Think he's planning on leaving either so Ivan Tony out since May I think over 20 Leag goals last year before his ban do You think it's risky to bring him in or Is he the sort of player that you'd like To see arrive in janary yeah I'd like to See him come but Also there's just no one else that I can Think that has the Premier League Experience that has the experience of Scoring goals and that has that that Arrogance to say you know what I'm going To come into this team and bad goals and Is proven to do that like every time People have questioned AB Antonio on What he's going to do what he's going to Achieve in the Premier League he Silences everyone and the only difficult Thing is that Arsenal are need of a Striker and they've been linked with him And I think he's an Arsenal fan or I saw Something along those lines he was Almost definitely been sad I don't know Yeah he was talking about making the Move and the the rumors around it and That is a much more desirable Prospect Is it so the reality is it will be Difficult for us to lure him to Chelsea When Arsenal is saying you know what You're going to come in you are a

Striker Striker alone every other play Player that is playing for Arsenal in That position they can play somewhere Else so yeah if we're able to do it Depending on the price as well to be Honest at this point we've spent a Billion so if if they've got if they say 607 and you've got that just spend it Bro bro you're going the other way why Not because we need we we desperately Need that experience it even makes me Question why we we ever sold J rude Genuinely genu last night yeah he's been Quality for AC he's been quality and He's the type of player that is got that Leadership quality he's professional you Need that you need that in your squad And we're just missing that fair enough Yeah I've got a wild card suggestion Victor jarez from uh he he was at Coventry last year uh got what did he Get in the get a load of this 21 goals And 12 assists in the championship last For Coventry made the playoff final they Lost on penalties to Luton now at Sporting CP and he's got absolute rocket Forward yeah I mean seriously physical Uh very good running threaten behind Looks like a really good allround Striker is a wild card option but that's What I'm saying Chelsea don't have the Room for wild cards anymore yeah we Don't have theck was the wildest of wild Cards exactly and that cost has

Necessarily come off exactly so yeah no More Vi has cost sporting 20 million EUR In the SU I think they'd look to turn at Least double that at least double that Because you know he's performing really Well 11 goals and five assists in 16 League and Europa League games so Seriously impressive stuff uh let's talk About a couple of other outs now when I Talked to you before we started filming You talked about some other profit Players that you could sell Matson Chala Are you very much in the camp that you Know thank you for your services Particularly in matson's case it hasn't Necessarily worked out this season but We can make a profit on you yeah for Sure and I think at this point chela's Been really un with injuries as well Hasn't been able to gutted that that Move to bar didn't come off yeah cuz That would have been huge for him and And they've obviously got center backs And he's in that position as well but at The same time it would have been a great Step step for him to to take especially At a time where you know Chelsea Sassi Fana is out injured but he's obviously Higher up in the pecking order Silva Badle Shield cwell so it's clear that You know they isn't necessarily room for Him to you know stake a claim in the Squad and I I think it just makes sense For his career as well because he's had

Games for Chelsea where you could say He's a really good Center back but he's Also had games where you could say okay He needs to learn you know how to be Consistent you know in the Premier League and I think sometimes some of These center backs that have learned Their trade in here even though he had Lone moves elsewhere I think because He's had a few spots here and there in The Premier League going elsewhere might Be perfect for him like tamori for Example you know he's really Shannon at AC Milan and I think like you said pure Profit for Chelsea would make sense Ian Matson would be unlucky I'd say but the Position that he's playing in him in the Summer I think they they tried but I Don't think that there was a substantial Fee that that Chelsea wanted at the time And it's unfortunate again because when You look at what he's doing at Chelsea And what L faithful example Lewis Hall Who had experience in the Premier League And for Chelsea you question whether They should have kept Hall and done what They could have to to sell Matson and Yeah he even in preseason he didn't Really stake a claim in the position That he plays he had some good games in Number 10 and was shown a lot of Aggression and and intensity that you You'd see from a pochettino sad but in The Premier League he's come on and had

A few moments but nothing that would Make you say yeah he needs to stay fair Enough fair enough right let's talk Let's talk poino quickly and then and Then we're doing a final part of the Show which is actually going to be a lot Of fun so stay tuned for that I don't Know what's going to happen let's talk Potina because some some Chelsea fans Been frustrated with his team selections Yeah do you understand the frustrations Do you see what he's trying to do where Are your thoughts on poge I I just think For the squad that he's got and trust me Like I love Chelsea love the players um Still you you know as managers they've Got to convince you I think when poch Came in he actually convinced quite a Lot of Chelsea fans that he is the man For the job and you could see what he Wanted to do the the intensity he wanted To play in the belief that a lot of the Players spoke about as well that's the Most important when you have Co will you Have non you have mad all of these Players talking about what he's saying To them to make them believe in the Project that makes you buy into him as Well but when you see some of the the Decisions you question it but at the Same time when you do see some of the Players then perform like uh mudri for Example who everyone was saying he Should have been starting he should have

Been starting he should have been Starting he had a few games wasn't Really in the game now you you would be It would be rare for him not to be Starting do you know what I mean there's Other players as well CW playing left Back and not playing Center back I can Understand that because obviously kukara Is a left back And even though you might question Whether he's been consistent or enough Enough he's looked a lot better he's not Been as great in recent weeks but he has Looked a lot better than he did last Year and you often had to play him on The right anyway exactly but there's so Many things to consider with this squad It's not just having the players and Then just playing them in that system It's about who's fit enough the team That you're playing against where is Where is their danger who has good Relationships and the only thing that I Would that I seriously question and I Still question now and I can kind of Understand it now because mudri probably Wasn't up to scratch in terms of his IQ Of what PCH wanted for him was chill While playing left wing when we started The season I think if um unu wasn't Injured probably would have been Starting there if Carnie I think Carie Cary was starting but he was playing a Bit a number 10 if he trusted madake a

Little bit more then those players would Have been there but I think he just Wanted people to know how to play the System now you're looking at a team Where people question why um karer Started right back now Reese James is Injured like there's a lot of things That aren't said in the general public Because if you say everything you'll Have you have people saying you're Making excuses you have people saying That uh what he talking about he was Here doing this we've seen him in Training this is that there's so much More to it I say the same thing with Every other team like United are one of Them where tenh har is almost in a Similar situation in terms of injuries Where he's saying ah this player is not Playing because of this and because of That there's things that we don't hear There's things that we don't know Everyone thinks they know everything Because you see someone quoting Something on social saying this player Is available to fit but P doesn't trust Him and then you'll see the quote of who It is it's like bro who is that where Did they get that information from you Know what I mean so I think at this Point I'm just hoping that he has a Clear plan I've seen enough games to Know that there's enough in the team for Us to climb up the table but you just

Want to see on a consistent basis and I Don't want him to get too caught up in The noise at the start he wasn't you Know there was the results and the the Not winning um and not in the forest and The Aston Villa G game he wasn't getting Caught up in the noise because he knew That some of the performances and some Of the glimpses he was seeing was Progressive now last few weeks it seems Like he's getting agitated do you know What I mean like the talk about the Transfer window didn't think was a great One I don't think that that helps Because once you do that he did it on Sunday right the day after you're Seeing um headlines of the players that He wants out the players that he wants In I'm thinking how does everyone know This he spoke about it Sunday evening Where did this information come from but That's what you open yourself to because You said just one statement and if You're you're being honest you're saying Experience is needed I'm saying Experience is needed I don't know where Exactly because the team is still packed Out but it's something that is is very Clear but he didn't have to say it so I Can understand why people get frustrated At at poch but at the same time it's a Project like we're not in a position That Chelsea want to be do we have to Accept that things could get worse

Before they get better yes you just have To very reasonable today no but you have To you have to cuz really and truly the Performance some of the performances Were there some of the performances wer I've seen cedo have good games I've seen Him have bad games I've seen Enzo have Good games seen him have bad games Gallaga started a bit wonky now he's one Of our best players like there's only The only sure shity the only player that I've seen have consistent Games Week in Week out is Cole Palmer that's the only Player in the Chelsea Squad so it's Difficult like he's obviously dealing With what we're seeing we're seeing Players play good one week and then next Week they're not so imagine how hard it Is as a manager but that's a job he Signed up for so yeah he's in there for The Long Haul with a lot of players for The Long Haul as well 2030 contct bro Okay to wrap up the show I want you to Rate these players out of 10 on their Performances this season gosh okay oh Gosh Robert Sanchez we're going to do this Relatively quick fast six six do Sassy Seven fair enough K six no five five yeah Thiago Silva eight there has to be a yeah eight Okay 8 n Coell six I think it's unfortunate with

C though cuz he's been playing out Position he's obviously just going there Because that's what the manager wants From him but he's obviously a center Back like do you know what I mean I I do Want see a center back pairing of coell And badle shell I don't know why in Football it's a rarity that two left Footed center backs play together but Let's see it man they're both quality And I think that Cole Will can play on The right Bradley can play on the left And see what happens if you're to be Fair Thiago there has to be a point Where we accept that he's going to play A different role in the squad not saying It should be now necessarily but where You are going to change things up a Little bit and where he did play the Sassi and B do it with Co and and and Bad show and see what happens I like it Okay those are the Defenders that have Been playing regular I'm not going to Ask you about James and chill well I Think that's a bit harsh uh Enzo Fernandez I'd say five I'd say started The season well in recent weeks hasn't Been to the level that we expect but I Don't know why I do know why cuz he cost Upwards of 100 yeah but the noise around Him and the comparisons and all of these Things that we're seeing it's like bro Players have bad periods sometimes yeah He's been honest and said why he thinks

That is not saying that is an excuse but It's a reality do you know what I mean Do you think Chelsea fans slightly Contributed it by some online saying That he was like the best thing since Sliced bread but you you have to watch The man play he is he's great he's Quality he's quality but when people Made out that he was in an alimer uh of Course but where you've seen some of the Stuff that we've been through you would Hold on to those type of hopes of having A player like him and I think he's going To get back to his best I think Lavar is going to be very key to that Midfield like getting a new energy do You know what I mean maybe a few weeks Where I Enzo is not playing or K's not Playing to just get that fire back and And space out of the laml okay another Big one coming up Moses kiso I'd put him In that same category so 56 that had Some good games had some questionable Games but again Just just a lot of pressure man and I Hear it the pressure is going to be There regardless but when they are Welcome to the Premier League trust me But when when they're good no one talks About it I when they're bad the world is Talking they they're the easy targetting The team aren't they cuz they're the Players that cost Milli exactly if They're when they're not playing well oh

My gosh the 225 million pound midfielder How can they not be working it's like Bro it's that first season the rights Itself though the twet right itself I Actually haven't put one of those out Yet I'm going check after that yeah uh Conor Gallagher ah seven yeah seven Might go eight 7 eight 7 eight Sterling O 6.5 6.5 might go seven okay Madrick 6.5 sevenish Jackson I'd put him in the category Of Enzo and cedo he's had a few good Games started the season well wasn't Scoring then the games that he wasn't Playing NE NE willing he was scoring but Also I feel like people don't appreciate What he does like in terms of linking up The team he's not the best on the ball You can tell he's still rough in a few Edges still raw but he's very he's dece Deceptively strong seriously um he can Link up play really well I think the Injury threw him off he's balance a Little bit but I just I just want him to Get back to the confidence that he had In preseason where everyone was talking About him being a a Ste now it's like The whole pressure The Whole World's on Him and quite excited by him to be Totally honest I he I think he's been Quite good I totally agree WHYY wry Strong uh right final one this is going To be a huge score Cole Palmer oh n yeah He's been incredible like he's been

Incredible yeah 100% I I didn't expect Him to have the impact that we've seen I Knew he was good but you never really Know how good people are at city until They get out of the team because like The city system works for itself to a Certain extent but he is the guy that Just wants to get on the ball every Single time he wants to create chances He's got this nonchalant confidence About him feel like he's the type of Player Chelsea fans for havs was going To be with the type of way he plays the Chances he creates where he plays as Well cuz he can play anywhere he played False n really well against um Arsenal As well he's played number 10 played out Wide and he just does everything he does Everything and I think he's the standard Setup he's the type of player that you Can look at the other players and be Like why you know if you're suay League Manager be like why not playing like him Like you know those managers say like He's given he's all and you just Watching him I'm sure po has had that Timee of that time of Team talk but yeah He's been amazing amazing he's amazing Honestly he's qu I think he's been Brilliant I think he's been brilliant Massive respect him as well guys thank You so much for watching this week's Sunday Vibes how to fix Chelsea I think We did a little bit of fixing it was

More like a therapy session it was a Therapy session and doogie asked me to Do this so none of the talk about ah He's always talking about Chelsea this Is about Chelsea this is about Chelsea Only about I I actually want to know Everyone's thoughts in the comments Because I know that there's some people That are actually helping process his Thoughts cuz real very well Realistically yeah some people are quite Honest and some people just want to ban On and troll I can hear both sides but If you're honest then you want to look At the Chelsea Squad where do you think They could be better like genuinely let Us know the trolling stuff fair enough It's funny but let's be serious let's Have some serious conversations cuz I'm Going to be in those comments cuz I want To know what people think nice one OB You absolutely nailed that quickly Before call you go I'm going to Absolutely throw you under the bus an Enormous bus can we have a score line Prediction for sheffeld United this Weekend I don't do score line Predictions I don't do score down Predictions I'm actually turning into SK Suit know we just need we just need to Win just just win I'm going to say 1-1 I just wanted to see his face I Think he'll scrape I think you'll scrape Over 2-1 21 two one Chris Wilders Plucky

Blades to call just win just win get the Win get the win all right thank you so Much for watching Big up matis big up Obba for coming on and talking about Their favorite and also at the moment Least favorite topic Chelsea Football Club we'll catch you next time byebye

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