Professional brittish heavyweight boxer and olympic champion Anthony Joshua with nickname “AJ” against brittish top ranked athlete and WBC interim champion Dillian Whyte with nickname “The Body Snatcher”. Fight took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on December 12, 2015. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Anthony Joshua (England) vs Dillian Whyte (England) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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It's London Calling North V South in a Capital as two unbeaten Giants Collide In a real Grudge Match Anthony and across the ring fighting out Of the blue Corner wearing red Officially weighing in at 17 Stone 7 lbs Since capturing Olympic goal he has a Perfect professional record 14 fights 14 Victories 14 Knockouts and he holds the WBC International Championship from London the Olympic gold medal Heavyweight fighting Pride of the UK The Undefeated Commonwealth heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua introducing first fighting out of The Red Corner wearing black and purple Official weight 17 Stone 9 lb he holds The WBC international silver belt and Has a perfect professional record Consisting of 16 fights 16 victories Including 13 big wins by knockout and His last 12 fights all wins by KO from Brickton The Undefeated illiam the body Snatcher let's get ready to Rumble you're both in the dressing room You're both are expect keep it clean Break straight away both watch heads in Close in charge of 35 stones now it Becomes very real seconds out first Round officially for the Commonwealth And the vacant British amateurs they Certainly come out fast and let's see What happens but at the moment

Joshua very watchful out jabbing and we Have to see oh Joshua left hand white in Trouble Already take it to Joshua you got to Think what you're doing he's not Thinking enough he's far to reck we'll See how his mentality Changes behind he's not set himself Properly shot from got right now coming Yeah he can't get into kind keep Joshua At Bay in some ways he's not really House to get his people out of there and I really don't see him out and try and Get Josh Joshua hasn't been tested he's Got to test only way can keep using the Jab but again with one of those left Hands for the second time it's the left That shaken a wobble Right comes through Joshua sticks his tongue out at white White in survival mode here and white is Starting to come apart here already White's got to hold White's got to hold He's got to hold there white only he's Got a chin and a heart j's got a big Smile on his face as he walks him Down can't miss him gy white just Swinging a different level from White And there's no getting away from that is Totally see he's got clear some of the C Words got out of the round okay that was Joshua hting after the bell and white Not having any of it White's lost Control doesn't want to get this Qualified he's a box know hit after the

Bail there's no question about that he Reacted to that you can't blame him but He should not have continued to react to It he would he would still be throwing Punches Banks said just to calm Dylan White down and as we said Paul he starts Off with the jab but Joshua you know Right he's I think Joshua's too too uh Too reliant on the on the Power Shot Joshua got get off the ropes right now You don't want to be there with Anthony Joshua right try to do just that Joshua Big right uppercut Fallen up with a Straight left the legs wobbled again Solid crunching right hook white can Certainly take a Punch he shook Joshua white going for it Got to to punch himself out though T his CH out and wait's done now big right Hand from White and Joshua for the first Time in his career as a professional s That was the win josua has never been in This situation before he's never had to Fight you don't he's medal and he's been Hurt tonight there's another one of Those body shots that white got him with Earlier they both gritted their teeth And dug it out what a round this has Been Joshua not looking good on his legs At all and white continuing to work White I got to Say you know see when you do a lot of Power work in the gym you know you can Become a little bit muscle bounds you're

Throwing punches that's the first time He's been extended in an area the body Shot also took a lot of steam out of him This is a real struggle great catchy Joshu great is Joshua and return with Fire he caught her on the gloves and Returned with fire we call that a catch Shoot in the gym we're looking At from Jonathan Anthony Jos job was Done and it wasn't done and they got Himself in trouble concent clearly hurt Joshua good hand speed there from W just About mixing your shots josua lowers his Hands and then put the right hand up to The head Joshua LS a swinging left toook Use the JB first you know it's it's Always wi initiating he's looks slow and Kind of heavy Leed Jos he's thinking too Much about the big shot look at his Breathing guys he's BL another question We've never seen Joshua go this many Rounds as as a fight progresses will he Keep his power or will the power Diminish on the JB look downstairs from Dylan white Joshua look for the response though and Gets it jab from Joshua as well but White grits his teeth soaks it up he's Anthony josua is a bit too stiff This one will be over after three but It's not been a good night for Olympic Gold medalists has it really being put Through the mill here by Dylan White left hand to start with from

Joshua you'd like to see him stay Disciplined but white has to stay Disciplined all the time Joshua is Timing his punch as much better in this Round his timing is pretty as Well good one Good better again from Joshua but again White hasn't gone as far as proving Joshua a Fain yet not at all again a Slip from the legs as Joshua took credit Too with the Chin's got he's got a Terrific chin the pro game here comes Joshua again Absolutely he's showing smart defend wa Keeping the don't forget Paul in a few Seconds Dylan White's going into Uncharted Territory too oh I didn't know That new territory for both Them a punch on the Bell as upset Dylan White yeah I think Josh was so much Better but white sh he hurt feel he got Hurt trying to Stop Big big right hand when he does connect Josu the Comin the notion that he can Blast his way through Dylan white has Gone he's having to pick round for Joshua yeah he's timing his punches so Much better than a couple of round th Far oh good body shot yes Joshua picking All the good shots at the moment why not Throwing back much fall your left hook But Joshua was smart enough to catch it That accuracy and that hand speed are

Back for Joshua now these combination Shots have knocked some out of him as Well oh terf it needs a few more of Those but Jos white is still carrying at This stage and again Joshua finding it Too easy to tag him at the Moment keeps firing back every time he Does get tagged and look at This tag there with a beautiful right Hand counter from Joshua what a good fight this is way way Let's be Honest No again I keep saying what a terrific Effort white is apart taking these bumps He's been caught cleanly so often but The same pun knocking all these previous Opponents out with taking them and Coming back to Dish y everybody believed this would be Over tell you get their money worth Tonight if you're sitting at home with a Betting slip saying and we're only Halfway Through obviously own But finally got him is this the Breakthrough white looking to hold on Looking to size him up gets another Right hand through white looking a try Hole lands a right hand of his own Terrific response again from white as Long as white returns fire once in a While which he is doing but look at the Legs there's a grin from white but the

Legs are betraying him and down he goes He's hurt unbelievable at the Finish Joshua his Corner which is good to see Yeah in such a grueling fight that the Punch resistance is not quite the same I Mean what was when when you were a Little bit stronger what a terrific Effort To shot that it was a right hand from The side as opposed to the one two CAU The temple as well and quite often That's the punch the toughest guys You've ever seen and he kind of shocked White he didn't see it Coming yeah but that's that the same Punch in the Jaw and there's the finisher terrific Uppercut a lot of pin up frustration in That uppercut throwing in the footsteps Of Tyson Fury as well that's for the Future Joshua Anthony Joshua continue Bad Blood continues just To Bubble away there's so many people in That ring Ed Robinson I believe is in There my good

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