Professional american middleweight boxer and WBA champion Daniel Jacobs with nickname “Miracle Man” against mexican most popular multiple world champion in four weights Saul Alvarez with nickname “Canelo” (“Cinnamon”). Fight for IBF, WBA Super and WBC middle weight belts took place in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on May 4, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Daniel Jacobs (USA) vs Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) | BOXING fight, HD

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Introducing first fighting out of the Blue corner with his trainer Andre Rosier he's wearing black with red and Green officially weighing in at 160 lb His professional record an excellent one 35 victories including the trending ibf Middleweight champion of the World Daniel Miracle Man [Music] [Applause] Jacob and across the ring fighting red Conner with his trainers Cho and Eddie Roso wearing white with gold officially Weighing in at 159 and 1 12bs his Professional record 51 victories Including 35 Knockouts only one defeat With champion of the world thas [Applause] [Music] Pelo [Music] Alvar times above all protect at all Time ready let's go Tony Weeks 25 years Of experience road work in his career It's serious enough that Canelo told me He plans to have a checked out and just A feeling out process mutual respect From both Fighters Nei one it's Canelo Though with a hard round to double up on The jab Canelo with the makes his way Right back to the middle of the Ring That's where he wants to stay this

Entire fight that's going to pay Dividends if you're Daniel Jacobs just Like that eight of 32 thrown for Daniel Jacobs Alvarez keeping Jacobs away and He is pinpointing that right hit but Again this is what it is at the highest Level good jab there by Canelo Alvarez Yes it was stabbing jab to Jacob's body Good jab again these are scoring shots When you watch Canelo Alvarez at time Stle they both try to counter to the Body right there but Canelo got the Better of it fireworks as of yet but it Could happen as a right hand lands by Canelo and Another wow great combination there by J CH match but this it's a dangerous chess Match sharp jab by Canelo with a wicked uppercut did not Gator listen to me very carefully open It up Mike it's coming it's coming son Once again what do you think of that Tactic Sergio it's a smart tactic cuz he Fights he fights left tender too so he Can get away with it that's a good thing Body on Jacobs and you see when Canelo Is able to connect he drives the entire I'm you know I rarely see Sergio good Hook to the head in a right hand from Canelo good caught him a bunch of times Two and that wow strafing combination by Jacobs beautiful Jacobs with a nice Explosion cancerous tumor on his spine And his life was never the same

But good work to the body there going in With the hook digging in and now judges Here tonight sorry same judges that were Judging the fight the second time around For scoring Blows another Interesting the top hat and my goodness Not for 10 bucks and if you offered him 10 bucks Hopkins of course owns the Longest streak of title defenses yeah And you're at least jab lot of Jab Nothing landed however Canelo is moving Just barely missed you could also throw That right hand downstairs but the jab Keep him from winging hard shots your Way you're gaining the advantage is a Big jabber Daniel Jacobs is not would he Be able to do it consistently Fighters But you are fighting Canelo tries to go Up top change his eye level and then Hits him on the hip again all Night good clean right hand from Canelo Alvarez Landing he has his hands full Those are the power Jabs that he landed Against golovin TR to Jacob trying to Slip all these shots the hardest thing To do beautiful display of Defense on Canelo's there wow Jacobs just can't Seem to get enough punches put together To make an impact on can coming going Forward that's so hard to do it takes Confidence to do that we only see more Just two at a time why would that be Well because Jacobs is probably trying

To land for full positioning if you Notice if you look for a second canelo's Inching his way in the closer those are Power Jabs to the body both of them can Returned it with a left hook to the lier There but Jabs that looked low this is Alvarez's Fight well he started like this with Golovkin so maybe he's looking to take This fight into the middle when you Finish you get back on your jab you turn Him Again he'll have to move again have to Change the equation somehow would take And he's taking a lot of the same sty And land and he's winning these rounds That hope touched Canelo Alvarez on the Saying hey we're going to have to Initiate we're going to have to go go After him we cannot wait so far that's Not really not much of a stick not as Strong not as Natural natural he not not a natural Position but still has a lot of power There again he is ready to launch the Thing about turning defense is what Suffers you can punch from that angle But your head movement Canelo rounds going into [Applause] Thein taking on Steve rolls June 8th at Matt agree with that got it five rounds To one in favor of Canelo Alvarez I Should say three of these rounds that I

Scored very close canel and that's the Thing when you're you're not a natural Left-hander it's the defense that you're Going to be he marches in and you just Cannot afford that much a good level of Energy I mean we're in the seventh round He's been able to conserve his Strength standing right in front of each Other Jacobs looks to open up to the Body but it's Canelo who's stalking and Looks to get him in the corner to hurt Him he's got 51 Wings already he's 28 Years old body by Alvarez answers with a a hook as well Back him up don't wait for the next step Step step fire step step work hard hard That left curious see how it happens in The second half of the fight I agree With you Chris and by the way do it look Strong enough as now we see Jacobs moves Back he needs to throw combination stick Behind the jab corner there we had it Miked up and you could hear it treos was In canelo's corner keep putting pressure Work on that shoulder oddly enough they Want him looks fantastic right now yes He does the head movement is the most Impressive thing that I've se he was so Confident in there I mean he looks Amazing defensively and offensively Canelo does corner is uh trainer Andre Rosier said okay we need to refocus we Need to stay behind the CH J close

Now that right hand was plopped trying To to the body now and A combinate Jacobs good answer from Canelo now he Mix it up that hook landed by canel pass His head back again but Jacobs is going To have to do something and he might Open himself up as well like I said Earlier he Canelo in the inside ooh Straight right hand by Canelo now to the Body look Dangerous right hand Miss but Jacobs Goes on the Offensive that's Not going this is Danny Jacobs best Round getting Canelo against the ropes Going to the body upstairs the these are Obvious shot that doesn't deflect off Your gloves I did lean towards Jacobs The activity in that round made the Difference but standing there right in Front of Canelo Alvarez and Boxing hard shot by Canelo while they Exchange hard body shot there by Canelo Again start to Break Down Danny Jacobs about dealing with these Mega Events N9 years ago Floyd Mayweather Undercard Mayweather Mosley that was Against Jose Cotto he was there he said He looked and you can see how C is wow Big shot by Jacob canelo's the type of Guy that's not going to show you he's Hurt he's too Jacobs to work off of but Is that enough to win the round that's The question Jacobs don't necessarily

Give that round to the Challenger he got got you with a good Punch heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua at Madison round 10 middleweight Championship of the world Canelo Alvarez Has looked outstanding I thought Chris Manx very good points by Sergio Daniel Jacobs as well 8784 Canelo alare the initiative just Touching him with that hook but trying To get some power on it now whacks him On again this time he's eaten a lot of Shots there this time moving Jacobs back Hit him with a hook cuffed him with the Hook now the exchange let's see if they Let I got to go I think we're seeing Flashes that right now he there's a There's a little change in in in Jacob's Bana right now he's standing seeing the Last harra here we're letting it Fly Right hands to the body in the head Canelo figh him off the RO you have to Make a decision whether you're just Going to fight the same Way Jacobs leaning in Miss with the left Hand all right got that a couple times End on that is the Premier Boxing of the Of the getting a bad reception from fans Here maybe we're we're seeing Golovkin Maybe turn heel he's the enemy here that That's for sure but you know these fans Would love to see these two can get past Daniel Jacobs so far it looks like he Will do that unless Jacob a look in his

Face and the last round was a good round For him too so if he can have another Big round here chip [Applause] Rounds in a really good body shot there By Jacobs but as We power ja you've won most every round You could make a case Chris manx close Though Brian these last few rounds Daniel scorecards might be a little Surprising and Jacobs fighting good in The inside right here he's having a Really good 11 time Jacobs has been Coming forward now he has Canelo against The ropes moving in still in the sof Ball stance but now moves Orthodox at Least trying to he while you're also Commentating on the fight and that's Difficult but this is One just not a lot of answer back from Canelo Alvarez in this say Jacob's won Like three rounds and there has been About two close rounds so those Close Reset close hard with Everything don't go to the don't bring The belts back to Brownsville if it goes the way it has Here 12th and Final Round middle Championship of the world Canelo Alvarez 6 103 in favor of Canelo Alvarez I don't Think Danny Jacob broke here because I Think he could be up on at least one Judge's

Scorecard oh winging a big shot SLI There in the middle of the Ring time he Sway at his way but I have it Canelo Winning comfortably so far little two Punch combination to the body of Canelo Alvarez Alvarez with a hook and then a Three- punch Combination right hand and an uppercut By Jacobs really good uppercut by now he Goes to the body Daniel Jacobs picks it Up fighting Orthodox And Jacobs Running Out of Time final Minute of this fight hybrid War type Punch body shot by Canelo Jacob's moves Know he needs something here at the very Least needs to win this round final 30 Seconds has not been a barn burner but It's been an excellent championship Final seconds what's Left Daniel Jacobs touch his gloves he BR in what looked like just an out Performance in a title defense Alvarez's Corner but credit to Jacobs but it's Just a little bit too little to at 116 112 alare the accuracy now the unified Middleweight champion of the World Sal Pelo [Music] [Applause] Al

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