Professional american welterweight boxer and IBF champion Shawn Porter with nickname “Showtime” against cuban top ranked athlete and WBA champion Yordenis Ugas with nickname “54 Milagros” (“54 Miracles”). Fight for WBC welter weight belt took place in Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, USA on March 9, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Shawn Porter (USA) vs Yordenis Ugas (Cuba) | BOXING fight, HD

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And a check out our tale of the tape Tale of the tape sponsored by the United States morine Corps the Few o [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Guys cold there to put a a blanket in The corners and it took me a couple Rounds to get warmed up well you're Going to see ugas us his height and Reach I think and uh he's smart like That really hard punches early on if he Can take out he would like to do That personality very confident a turent Tornado attack in and he's Out he's in danger out of danger he's Got a little bit of a problem extended Reach from the left did not connect a Record of 8 and0 following a 27 and qu his last Fight California it was the first Los That was Back It and he's probably eaten five or six Since yesterday [Applause] So step back stop at the Bell round One Sol even though landed a couple good Jabs in his stomach I I think Porter Landed a good counter when he finally Got close in the Home really W for to come in so he can Take advantage of that

Foll been walking Towards Like the over 4% in this Division two free routes years ago You talk about body shots eag threw World champion and has only lost [Applause] Two first defense of this WBC WWE Title0 right good counter by for a lot On his mind but right now quarter and The title after And that was a very close fight I me That was a tremendous Fight Fin Ready Doing but there's that great Li shot by [Music] Think think little blood to make Sure you can see that from the very Start [Music] On his what he's doing right now I think Porter's playing a double game here I Think he's being on The physically that might be more [Applause] Difficult sh Is See this [Applause] Is this round look at Ugas looked like we saw some blood on The inner lip of

Ugas but's showing his ability to box And use his [Music] Jab Child having a Baby your family want to but they don't Understand that you need to Be might have affected the weight Disciplin our unofficial score ringside With us This is a really tactical close fight I Have Sean ahead right now seems that He's being patient in there waiting to Land the counter shot [Applause] The judges Mar don't they usually favor The Champion fighter who's more [Applause] Active on theity of the being really you Know being ringside we see [Applause] Something That's that's what's winning the round If he's [Applause] Winning good finish to that round for UGA back live round five hugos may have Won backto back rounds let's check In And then start to slow Down and body shots but they weren't Getting through you know Sean Porter Blocking what needs to do is actually Jo

Told us he takes a lot of Pride at Calling himself a response fighter Expounding on the arm and some you know Of the matter Is Soing that he's throwing Shot arms elbows head you know Body looks comfortable I me he he's you Know described your as a technician I he Said he SE intim at [Applause] [Music] All listen I don't mind it either the Only thing is he just needs to get a Little bit That's what he's doing it would be Better he get Against the two are Standing that look right body Shot Right some body shots as well he needs To start it off by the wants to mix it Up he wants to mix it up he's Talking who's getting in's Head agreed that that got one Le by our View the previous round has landed more Punches what about the effective punches Right [Music] Now right hand in that Exchange has given the corner right Undisputed oh look at that got the right The left a little

B right handed while while was clowning Around so it's not smart to do That confence to allow to exactly he Should concentrate you don't you don't Want to lose concentration 30 Professional Fight Ching move from quter that he told us he [Applause] App quarter your champ WBC being a dad and a trainer but when You're both I mean that can sometimes Complicate them yeah I sometimes it work Sometimes it does think it has for the POR and they were Able and the energy you've had time to Assess next no handle in his career that Was his last fight whereas Porter has Gone 12 rounds Garcia when he won the WBC Danny Garcia Worldwe this is probably the tallest Guys Porter ever fought I think it's Posing a little bit of problem for just 26% Qu very close 57 57 the scorecards could Be all over the place based on what the J close Fight you Le even Though he's been a little bit more Technical you might I Guessan Porter just Got number Four land to

[Applause] Land what slightly ahead and more head Shaking By SE [Applause] Froms Ago and and so basically what you could Be saying here is you could be looking At a POS tile Who want who the-view fight next [Music] Saturday impress the [Applause] [Music] Defense patient here he has the Power need to do that because What is that doing to well not preparing As well because he Does comfortable but whatever Porter Thought he could create the Mental thatly haven't [Applause] Seen four Rounds yesterday Porters a great champ I See holes in [Applause] His [Applause] [Music] The [Applause] Speed last Extremely the [Applause]

Good the that's the end of the Round fight Ining a lot more From could be really need to win to make It clear the Judges I think it's the wrong Strategy that he's tired or not Tired tried to push him back to get some Punch with Allugas wants to finish off the CH corter caught him and Os was off F Saw that jab it hurt him and he's Doubled and you know what you win the Round when you hurt I thought Porter was Winning that round anyway so between That and the and the going to ug yeah I Did it's super close Though of the work he did over from Myage point it looked like ug was a Little bit off balance that from Knows re over get over There was without Question I think got a but and I both Agree you and you can win the round if You buzz something your wobbling he was St by now [Applause] He's and punch after That sched for 12 and it goes 12 ladies And Gent men after cision here are the Score Totals and still WBC welterweight Champion of the world Showtime

Sean Porter

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