Professional brittish heavyweight boxer and WBC title contender Dillian Whyte with nickname “The Villain” against russian top ranked puncher, olympic and WBA champion Alexander Povetkin with nickname “Russian Vityaz”. Fight for WBC Diamond heavy weight belt took place in Matchroom Sport Headquarters, Brentwood, England on August 22, 2020. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Dillian Whyte (England) vs Alexander Povetkin (Russia) I | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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One of his generation particularly D Strong he's steing he's conditioned as Ever the first round to fight his way Back into getting a draw with M who's a Good fighter he also beat H Fury last Year he's been a Pro 15 Years he's fought Everywhere in so many [Music] Count seriously ready for that long WBC shot M he's taken risk after risk When a lot of people would have sat on Their ranking and wait to get their shot He hasn't done he stay Busy Alexander Sasha Petkin dillian the body Snatcher Why Clash for the interim and the Diamond belt more importantly The winner will fight for the golden Points and to AJ by Knockout after causing Havoc early faint Now I think he's going to have to throw Lots of faints tonight dillian's got to Mix that jab up the angle of it very the Power doesn't want to become readable Predictable slip inside it or shoot that Right hand over the Top to get in close as Well has detonated on Many had a bad start against Michael Hunter out in Saudi Arabia Hunter a very

Different type quick skillful I thought He won that night M yeah I thought you Know did do well to fight his way back In to get put down in the first how much Is left in the locker pretty good Jab and great adaptability all the out Of the ring Problems to deal with last Year only problem Mark tibs no longer With him yeah jab has been good here Though in the first round he's been for Vkin just to get the read of it or the Timing of his jab just yet he's mixing It up and that's good to See vkin get to really get going always Been stubborn and you got to make sure Dilan when he throws that jab out that He brings it back as it leaves because Pin going to be dangerous with that Right hand over the Top missing There quiet opener the other side They wey early on good body shot from [Music] Dillian yeah nice jab there from dillian Worked his jab to slip inside already And trying to fire that right hand over The top of Itti and he's had a tough one in with The likes of as he lands a great body Shot there Joseph watching intelligently Here he's taking his time he's slipping And bowling on the shots he's Landing a Couple of really good certainly felt

Those good right hand there good lead Right hand from dillian at the end of The first round pin as he went back to His Corner key to This and again as pin tries to engage And get his cool start from dillian White yeah his Jabs good He's looks at his corner for the stretch It's got a favor white yeah established His jab he's found his range with It going up down with that jab to Dilan He's not becoming predictable he's Jabbing the body as well hooking as well See the leg drift Of it's very controll this from White keeping his hands nice and high He's getting his hands back his not Giving anything Away good work don't don't force nothing Okay we've got time don't force but he's Missing by Miles controling with a long Jab Okay Step to him every Time few rounds yeah okay seconds out Round three from dillian White behind The jab using the body shots tight Defense mind really economical he's Wasting nothing he's picking his punch He's picking his Shots right hand there from beautiful Gain of and they were working on them in The corner very calm just like the Attitude he's had all week in the fight

Can Bubble will still be dangerous Though moaning there to the Referee body Puncher jab from Pvin try to wind back the clock he's had A bit of an Indian summer to his career Really improved since then and these Fights he takes that are risky fights That he never says he's the best but he Does say he's the best at adapting way He looks up to the likes of Evander Holyfield and George Foreman who took on Dillian White trying the body shots now but Marking under the right eye of Bin is's Being out Jabbed by dillian white here because He's being softened up pin here and Another body shot from dillian White and Again he's trying to fight back with Some fire but White's heavy it's a Terrific beginning this do this at least Once a year even even after all Co and Everything back to normal such an Unbelievable setting yeah good body shot There from dillian thinking a few of Those in as well don't have to lean Don't have to No corn 10 the man he did so much good work with Been the best start to a fight I can Remember for DLI white in quite a While oh beautiful shot there's the

Speed as well he's been spot on from the Opening B dillian White and we wondered how in after the Close close fight with Michael hun Vladimir Klitschko have to get beIN down A few times but couldn't stop thein will Keep swinging as he attempts the body sh The fresher Younger dillian White Thein swinging and missing that will Expend in white and I suggest if he Can't yeah I think he's trying to really Trying to make it then dillian looking For the right hand over the top then He's looking for the left hook finding It hard to penetrate the Defenses they thrown a lot of body shots Already these two heavy weights which is Good to See athletic Nimble in forward as he has Done through his his career oh but a Beautiful countering shot from d for the Second time didn't see it coming timed Sweetly first left uppercut Counter and how much Longer yeah good right hand there from Dillian there's that second right hand Then the short left hook there was been A pretty much a punch perfect display From dillian there's that lovely left Upper cup hook kind of left Hook Tri to get his legs moving he'll Give it everything he can really great

Alexander Pin think David Bryce and huy fury Recently right over the top from white But take nothing away from a very shot From Alex is Extraordinary and when Alexander pin was Going you will ever see that is Heavyweight so well so controlled so Disciplined his jab twice in the fourth And then boom one left uppercut threw The jab he dipped to his left I think That was the first time he threw an Uppercut he'd thrown body Left Alexander petkin at nearly 41 will go forward and get the Shot Alexander Sasha Povetkin Tonight after four rounds he was shaking His head and everything but he goes out And he

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