Professional ukrainian heavyweight boxer, olympics gold medalist and undisputed cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk with nickname “The Cat” against south african top ranked athlete and title challenger Thabiso Mchunu with nickname “The Rock”. Fight for WBO World cruiser weight belt took place in Forum, Inglewood, USA on December 17, 2016. Spectacular boxing fight with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Thabiso Mchunu (South Africa) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

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For usk and IM chunu and you can see That usk like the other Ukrainian Stars Ro Andun Alexander okay gentlemen I give you Instru wait the Bell good luck James Ali Basher is a longtime assistant To Emanuel Stewart the late great Emanuel Stewart trainers ever in our Former gold medalist outstanding Dominant International amateur and uh Now a dominant Champion know that he has A very crafty guy in front of him so Right now he's trying to usk is such a Talent with such a talent as can Dominate this Division and move up in Short order and join this that we're now Hopefully in the midst of big strong Guid opening B when asked about his Fighting style usyk says and that he Does good hook Byuu has gotten a little respect early From Uz but Muno still landed a little short Right Hook matter until it's going to Definitely land he's not throwing a left Hand this Round Remarkable you understand keep moving to Your Left keep keep so Roy I noticed your Close friend Russ anber is the cutman And number two guy in that Olympic team

Credit him with the dominance of Ukrainian who else could you credit Amazing you know there's a dating back To Jack Dempsey struggle who who gave You more problems than you were used to In your first fight with him was a Little hesitant about this fight because Usyk is looking something less than his Villain right I was going to let him use His patience I use my patience to wear Him down because I knew that in the late Rounds he would face I was I was the Champion so why should I go give him the Opportunity to counter me when I'm the One Griffin a silver medalist by the way Yeah he's a great good fighter now very Good fighter but he can counter like He's a tall guy That be much at all and dunu has been Able to seing hurt Inu lucif was the underdog when he went To Poland this summer to take on Kristoff Laachi few years ago kisu unu who comes From a m in an agricultural area of South Africa was looking for a gym with More population better sparring partners A chance to punch is landed through the First couple of rounds inun with A for a guy like usk because a short man That can inititive because when he leads He's missing and he's out in front open The Counters enough Max uh right there you

See he's allowing umuna to get close to Him with the fighter there's something About the Rhythm or lack of Saint in African figh Fighters timings off right Yeah his rhythm throws everybody he Fights in a sporadic P like that you Never know when he's going to just Counter you or when he's going to take The lead on you and right down behind it And wound up getting hit on the cheek by A right hand chunu throws that may be Carrying the fight so far Jim I think to Your point they the world have their own Styles and rhythms to their style Eastern European has a kind of Rhythm Boxer he's a cute Boxer you don't really See that from South Africa usually we See guys who come to war from South AFA And um he's not that type of a guy I Think also that the world is becoming The styles are becoming more from Country to Country and Fighters train All over the world as Well I agree Max how is the Shor of man out jabbing The taller man that's the problem There's one there's another one power One just enough just right the right the Right jab again hand to cause problems The right jab a third time a short right Jab on the way in or bazooka like No it's a a short jab that he almost Backhand at times and and looks like he Could turn how Junu fights and he

Started throwing his left hand in Addition to two rounds to one Tois so Munu uh usk unleashed the left hand in The third yeah Jim but the thing you Don't like about it is that and that's Not a good thing because that you go That go a good shot now he throwing a Good left hand because he needs to get Respect into this fight he said he likes To play he is a fighter who drives off That rhythm of having serious he's like That he's going right on top of thing Now us throwing some real punches was Thrown off Enough by mun's timing that He wasn't even really trying to counter He's been countering freely and starting To land that left hand as you saw oh Good shot by um tuno good counter left That's what I mean when I say you didn't Play much I thought usk may have parried It with his Shoulder he got the call to face Roy Jones for a vacant middleweight title Though he lost that fight that night Would prove the first of many Landmark Moments Roy on the undercard of a Ric Bow title 93 and then Roy the two of you Fought again along same thing as usual As my hand speed uh my hand speed and my Knowledge of the game I was well that That was but at the same time when he Got out he was beating a lot of guys and He was doing his thing so Adept at Finding the target against him tunu yes

He starting to turn it about three times This round Already Let me get inside a little Bit yeah as as he was was backing up and Looking at as if to say hm this is Something New usk much more comfortable in the Fight now shots and if chuno throws a Big right overhand left of me it could Be a problem cuz he get a taller Southpaw with Meun is a good fighter uh but class T power punches in round five usyk about To Triple M in chunu good shot by usyk Terrific one hand speed for a big man on That one Two getting to be a much easier fight Now double jab faint the left hand shake The left hand throw the right uppercut Double jab shake the left hand like you Going to th right behind the Jab a good left jab then why there's so Much enthusiasm about Alexander usyk one Of the things it's a mixed bag with Usyk's that I don't see him really ever Throw it straight from meanwhile he's Like laneno they go at a good 80 until They find that 120 pitch until they find The opening like that see the right hook Speed up then he knew the round round And those are the kinds of nuances you Pick up great Trainer which in his case would be his

Exposure anat lomachenko although as Max Pointed out at the beginning of the Fight James Ali been his trainer since The beginning of his pro career is no Slouch no not at all I mean not Accuracy yes 6'2 plus guy Southpaw That's that's impressive he just turned The mustard on one of those left hands Again too me like right there yeah he's Suddenly putting a lot of distance Between himself and the guy we were Looking at the first couple of Rounds with an unimpeded left count Counter shot but that's all Right how you Feel IM tuna has been stopped in both of His lost round six you let us go around Him too much let us land too many big Shots in this round early so Nowu can handle himself though like he's Still clipping usyk every now and Then good left hand F in this Round tunu gets in a couple of strong SP Bucket She speaking about the upper cup in the Corner that left uppercut right there is What really caused the knockdown he Asked for early he asked for the Opposite uppercut but that left uppercut Landed instead of the right and that was The Good counter left by Uno places those punches he places the Taps with tap speed but he throws the

Big ones with big Speed at the if you're a fan of boxing You will like and shifting gears the way He does and he's got movement with both His hands and you got to love That he's very demonstratively trying to Land one one punch at a time and usyk Power going Jim I said two knockdowns One was ruled to Slip he's put his based on You something piling up a Lead there's something Playful she throws with Greaty Yeah now is's the left across the top Lucik Landing punches and bunches once Again there's A this was my moment to put on a show And you hit me stepping around left and Stepping around right beautiful boxing That usyk is doing fans probably Frustrated usyk the first two or three Rounds since then the Ukrainian like Tuno but see those punches right there That left hand had all the elbows you're Dissuaded from going to the body cuz It's like you know your forearm is going To run Into 10 seconds 10 Seconds also here he doesn't like every Time you pun your H te listen cut the Ring down walk to him with the guard up Walk to him a good round left to the Back triy to th another he get hit with

A beautiful right hook right there Littleit open hand but it was beautiful L's a guy who idolizes Muhammad Ali Awkward Guy and before you have to Google Ali's Birthday it's January 7th a day after mine started Su of the Best us going doing some good bodyw work In this round yes he is astrological Sign well of course Jim I mean come on If you're a Capricorn I mean if we Celebrate doesn't get any better than That andn in this Fight has knocked Second time so there's the second Official knockdown and the and the score Margin he had him surrounded and chuno Said let me get down here before a good Counter shot by munu not a good shot he Hasn't given up yet oh good shot land a Big left over the Top of the fight in the last 20 or 30 Seconds after going down for the second Time and there Chunu it's a very impressive performance By usyk against the guy who wasn't Sports ship going over to check on in Chunu and now usyk plays to the crowd a Little Bit Harold Jim you know I've said this To referees numerous if you see a guy Walk away like that turn his back away From the J onew basically another one Two double ja left hand and he goes with

His last H got caught with that left Hand right there and that cut his eye And then he went down puts a to the B Your by KO Victory he is still Undefeated and still WBO cruiserweight Champion of the world Alexander O

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