Professional russian boxer and WBA Super light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol against american top ranked athlete and WBO champion Joe Smith Jr with nickname “The Irish Bomber”. Fight for WBA light heavyweight belt took place in Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, USA on March 9, 2019. Spectacular and epic boxing match in HD, highlights.

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Dmitry Bivol (Russia) vs Joe Smith Jr (USA) | BOXING Fight, HD

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[Applause] Introducing first fighting out of the Red Corner with his T trainer Gerard Kabano he's wearing white trimmed with Red and blue and officially weighed in At 173 lb those 24 wins by knockout only Two defeats from Long Island New York USA the Challenger former WBC International heavyweight champion Joe Smith [Applause] Junor this professional record a perfect One 15 fights 15 victories including 11 Big wins by knockout domingus bad from St petersbur Russia the reigning and Defending Undefeated WBA white heavyweight champion of the World Demetri [Music] Evil let's get ready to Rumble okay gentlem I gave you specific Details inrs in the lock I'm already Going to tell you two things protect Yourselves at all time obey my commands At all times touch close bang at the Bell God Blessing Demitri bival that's him you're Looking at there Smith Jun stages here Oh looking very Stern generally he feels His way into a fight Smith junr may he Could get down to Super Midle circle around each other in Center

Ring Moving Straight in behind the right Hand almost like he felt it was always Going to fall slightly short in in in Chicago where he would have had huge Polish Support does veryy way he put some meat On the bone and the opponent feels it You climatized the power when you get Hit with a slow shot the effect is is You know it hurts you a lot more and Good fight good lead left hand from Bivol 20 or so seconds ago Smith just Trying to jab his way in got caught on The inside there here Smith is trying to Seconds bring it to but the ne to sh few Seconds just heading up to the Belt good open the around from him good Accuracy Doesn't another solid jab going in from Him doesn't waste the Thing right hand over the top there int He does have a good reach on him he does Have the the advantage in that basically Standing in range right on the boardline Of it all of the time people just Landing a nice solid left up counter Then lovely onew down the middle nice Flurry there for Bal Decent 5 [Applause] Seconds well the corner there the Smith Corner led by Jeff keep trying to use That jab Out that's a stiff looking left hand

There from band just looking at him Being hurt by anything I mean he's a Pretty tough guy Joe Smith Dev just Climbing into a lead left hand there Within range to be hit but actually Catching him is a is a different matter Yeah Joe Smith he's he can't really get Set and he's You're on the flip side of that b looks Very again the jab just looking to get Through there warming to his task Here now looking at the Two fighters Here And he made it by a pound and a half Yesterday Smith was actually these two Made it very very comfortably indeed Latest St continuing to dictate terms Here you're you know you're under a lot Of Pressure walks down with the left left Then turns it into a left H and I'm sure we will see him here but He doesn't want to be too Wreckers too Gho with it at the moment big overhand Right there didn't quite but he just Steps in after it there Smith I think he Fancied that he may have got a little Piece of his man there he certainly Feels certainly look like he wanted to Grab hold of Smith [Applause] Momentarily that right Hand certainly gave him a lot of Encourage

Prepared to take one to land One Bal who's better sco technically a Better Fighter wonder if it's been enough for Him to to win the round with a good Finish again just dips his head and then Looks to launch into a lead there but These last three rounds particularly Have been absorbing a good long look There throwing your punches man you're Taking that rest step a little too long You know what I mean throwing your Punches he's getting set EMG during the The course of the fight and I may have Misheard but really affects everything Big left rocked him now and he's looking To hold on Smith you just see that his Legs buckled it all up but there's a Minute and a half to go the Russian is Looking to pour it on here Smith tried To answer back with the left hand he Lovely walked him onto the right hand as Well chapped a really good right hand Down the accuracy was there smth again Backs off himself tries to get that Guard his head has cleared now there Were solid shots from but he took them Well Sullivan Perera and still s out the Full I mean that that that's probably His best attribute you know he's Goods He there's that lead left H great shot That definitely hurt Joe Smith he managed to do the right thing Here didn't he just lent in and realize

The full extent of it but I think Bal There did yeah no he did that he knew That he landed a solid shot and that it He that it hurt Joe Smith but Jo home With it he hasn't been quite as Extravagant with it in recent Rounds yeah looking to bang that right Hand over the top going very side on Here defense behind the foot that's what Gives him such good ability left hand Again there on the inside and Smith just Looked like he might be about to fold The touch there Joe Smith tough guy Though Joe Smith recovers very quickly These are solid shots but these are Punishing shot punes around the back of The guard up to the head trying to Measure the uppercut there just takes [Applause] Off nice jab from Smith good JB to finish for Joe Smith I wouldn't say that kind of very Well balanced very technically well Scored there a bit of a WWE Move going In there ago between Chris hu Jr and James deel Smith up without even Throwing a punch just by fainting him Just by the way he uses that you break Someone like that making the miss them Making feel embarrassing them someone Like lenko alert as we've seen him in The fight preious right on the side of The head bang on the ear available to The referee it's not the case

[Applause] So I think landed completely solid just A glancing Blow yeah landed a really good right Hand on the Bow he's come out quick here at the Start Interesting there vivol just stuck out The left hand and that you will see that From referees sometimes they feel that It's un Sportsman like like you're just Trying to block your opponent's view I Don't really nice combination there from Bival I think a lot of guys like to Leave the left hand now they does block The vision of their Fighter coming Forward but it also me it's alarming and It's surprising how many times you just Land that straight right hand right down The middle really looking to load up on That right hand heading up to the final 30 seconds and try and Fight Fire with Fire he just needs on the ball of the Previous round definitely definitely Shook him a little bit but s's right Hand left Hook just setting his feet square there B letting his hands go but a Damage the 29 years old it is and a nice Double jab there he come out with a lot Of energy I think he definitely Hurt B at the end of the between the two It maybe hasn't been quite as explosive As Smith over and caused to hang on but

SMI is certainly Shu I think in Hindsight I think he was glad that that Was on the Bell Smith can produce Something incredible in the last few Seconds will be toet Tre you know Callum's 33 years old lovely right hand Left up there from KET with a WB gavti With A nice combination from bivol 10 seconds Right at the very end here he's looking To really pour it on and sh getting Through there and maybe one just a Little bit late the Bell goes Smith who Was under pressure made it through to The final Bell he made it competitive Gentlemen we go to the scorecards and Before we do [Music] Drio

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