Professional new zealand heavyweight boxer and WBO champion Joseph Parker against brittish shocking top ranked athlete Derek Chisora with nickname “War”. Fight for WBO inter-continental heavy weight belt took place in Manchester Arena, Manchester, England on December 18, 2021. Spectacular boxing fight in HD.

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Joseph Parker (New Zealand) vs Derek Chisora (England) II | BOXING fight, HD

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Well you look at the years respectively When they made Introducing first the Challenger he Fights out of the Red Corner and wears The black trucks with the gold rim He's still 17 Stone 10 pounds and eight Ounces it's professional record 32 Victories He has 23 big wins coming my way up Knock down he bites on a Finchley North London England here's the former British Heavyweight champion the former Commonwealth heavyweight champion the Former European heavyweight champion and The former WBO InterContinental Heavyweight champion Derrick boy [Applause] He is the defending title Is Hawaii and by chance he's killed 17 Still 13 pounds bang on his professional Record 29 victories two defeats with 21 Big wins coming my way up knockout Fighting out of all twin New Zealand Here is the former WBO heavyweight Champion Blue base [Applause] Just want some more shot said Dave Caldwell talking to Get beat here he says and the big fights And round 13 are very rivalry is Underway and he said this week to Zora He's going to take Parker to some

Uncomfortable way intense pound heavier Than the first contest As we see their beautiful shot as the Rounds go on and expect to see the right Of each other really well now they know The strengths and weaknesses that's the Shot for Derek tazor I need some stays With that overham right for good work on The back foot it's a step into that jab To the body though he's looking for that Right over the top there's a great one With that Granite chin took it well Good Start by Joseph Parker I love it [Applause] It's a razor sharp Joseph Bell's got to Keep that head moving his left hand Position can be Lucifer again driving That left hand towards the body Parker trying to connect with it right Hand on measure it he's got there a Couple of times so far in this round This time switched it to an uppercut Yeah It was a very good very positive and It's really good shots right hand just Some positions around here at ringside And again Parker trying to time it on The way in but chazora has his first big Success [Applause] We're getting closer just let him remove Right hand but apart for taking this Thing out of the shot precisely to pass The Andy Lee

A big what uppercut from Joseph Parker But better comes to Zora superb action From Parker as the crowd tried to get Behind she's on the range with it oh big Overhand right Shuttle work again already Breathing Heavily but we've seen that before and Timing again he come back but Parker is Having Parker now and then opt for Another one he gets through he's Measuring his man on the road shooting Heavy punishment has to cover up sees The second one coming and rolls away be Smart don't be a [ __ ] be smart use Your job This round From Joseph Parker they're really Picking the shops well the time in the Distance with the uppercut but that's It I need a response from delboy here Moving the feet at range world this is Good stuff from Derek to the body he's Got to be careful that pad oh as he Tries to right uppercut he's got which Jazara leans into entries up on the road But Parker is looking Philippine is here Brilliant right hand he could be just a Couple of punches away here there's Nothing coming back yet Urging Parker forward Problems chisora watching Trying to win Parker now allowing Treasura forward and inside the last 25 Seconds of the third round where Parker

Wants to Zora out of the lovely world Champion Is right to take out the count and we've Still got 50 seconds to go looking to Pick what might be the finishing shot Chisora finishing spectacular job [Applause] [Applause] His professional career and he needs to Call on all of that results [Applause] Trying to pose down the space between Them once again and sickening shot from Parker but still leaning down and Walking into those shots but now gets on The front foot As does Parker meeting him with that oh [Applause] Beautiful shot from Joseph Parker One of the cleanest most impressive but We're trying to get close he's trying to Set up his own big right hand jab lyrics Is over there Oh is that so well beautiful Abomination even follows up with a right Uppercut and so chizora takes the count For the second time in the fight we'll Come around now he bends tries to throw A counter Combination [Applause] And somehow chisora finds the energy to Fight back But he drives forward with a brilliant

Right hand into the body the crowd Getting right behind you though Last few seconds [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] You could never write this man out Too much [Applause] I mean the straight shots and that Uppercut then he went back in and Shizora once again has to grab onto a Road to count once again he looks across It Joseph Parker he's take account Parker here looking for another oh Remember he's about to jump in oh [ __ ] Up And that's how tired there is Azora is Success [Applause] From Parker Says It can be dangerous it buys him a few Cents but it creates everything's big Chopping over And then yeah he tries to use the speed Again yeah oh lovely right hand Joseph Parker Justice is all right [Applause] Hand from Parker again got through and So good Well and Lee was asking Parker in a ring In a fight of this magnitude

If he's got any chance of winning this Good attack from Parker Two Shots Followed by right hand and still half The round here as shizora shakes his Head is there still an inside the Distance Works away to the body we saw Him as you're up of his stool barely Able to walk but boy he can still fight Final minute By the momentum is of his forward attack Parker roses out once again Range as he tries out left hand to the Body a right hand to the body should I Say after a left out to the last and Still the crowd trying to Rouse Derek Chazora who would you believe it man Time and again not to be just a punch Away from winning inside the distance But once again I feel like that was Honestly how we heard that one although I do not know Derek tazora proved so Many big shots and him from Joseph Parker he got dropped he come back up And land his big shots The right hand Wide time wasn't sitting the shot up Enough with the jab to the body and that Embrace we saw there at the attack even If one of them goes home the loser and Still the WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight champion Luther Joseph Parker I reward in a way for the episode Derek Chazora one of the car

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