Professional brittish boxer and unified middleweight champion Kell Brook with nickname “The Special One” (36–0, 25 KOs – pre-fight record) against kazakhstani top ranked athlete Gennady Golovkin with nickname “GGG” (35-0, 32 KOs – pre-fight record). Fight for WBC, IBF, and IBO middle weight belts took place in The O2 Arena, London, England on 10 September, 2016. Spectacular and epic boxing match with knockout in HD, highlights.

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Kell Brook (England) vs Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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[Music] Lkin waves to the crowd as he steps Between the Ropes who Special [Applause] K Garovic Goan AKA Triple [Applause] K instruction the dressing room I want a Good clean fight remember protect your Times and you must obey my command at All good luck to both of you touch him Up 50 years ago Amil Griffith facing a Middleweight champion in Madison Square Garden and he won the fight in Ray lard Was seen by most as a welterweight when He moved up can Kell Brook following the Footsteps of Fighters like Leonard and Griffith we're about to See there was a fullscale wave of Speculation on the web particularly in America yesterday on the notion that was Ill under the weather didn't look good At the weighin he and everyone in his Camp says there is Le all right agreed Bernard well he looks good now and he's Been who he is he comes forward no I Think he's fine I think it was just a Rumor and he said looking more the way He did against Dominic Wade trying to Get in and land power shots he takes a Right hand from Brook as he's trying to

Land his Left Brook got some swelling maybe a Little bruis from the left from the Right from Triple G Triple G is setting Him up and if he stay on that rope body Shot Brook is in TR and Brook reaches Lin hammered him to the liver with a Body shot If in this fight he has to fight his Fight by Brook left hook brought the Crowd alive Golovkin nodding at him as If to say oh you Got kale Kell Brook is not and he has to Now find a way to survive this round Triple G is continued to pick pressure And he's Contin to make his punches Count back the lovkin off a little Bit and just one punch he's throwing a JB one punch at a time and going back Towards the Rope he must keep Triple G Triple G is number one in the sport by Copy out and Landing Jabs there's a good Uppercut for Brook Brook and now Golovkin comes back there's a mark Outside golovkin's Left Eye from the Puncher a bigger Chance Triple G will have a bigger and a Greater chance in exchange in round One here's the left because of Kell B on The Rope he got a quot with the left to KN rather and he should have been moving But he stayed there and got got hit with A right hand how to avoid that right Hand is not be on the ropes the biggest

Moment of round one when Brook reached Out and grabbed Golovkin to pull him to Him after the two left hands there's the Uppercut that landed for Brook and there Mark outside of golovkin's left eye so Both Fighters are Marked veteran referee Marlon right Staying distance to give freedom of Movement to goov Kin and Brook patient but consistent because if He sits there and wait and take he don't Want to be on the end of those Punches he has to be thrown by both men And if he's not first I don't believe he Can take the power in a long fight with Triple G well for better for have to Fight with Triple G maybe he wants it That way and they're trading in the Center of the ring and right now Brook Is getting the better it to get too Comfortable because Triple G is a high Percentage knockout punch but he Can't about K Brook can't think about The power but he must think about the What can happen far as knock down must Be conscious of that Golovkin going to His jab now round one now jabbing set up The right Hand and Golovkin Landing sweeping a Right hand across Brook Brook this through a nice short [Applause] Counter Lovin has not been knocked down In his perfection

Counter when Triple G throws one punch Or a wild punch he's waiting to counter He's a better counter puncher when Triple G is coming out of it seats Excited by the uppercut Brook getting in Some Heavy glovin gets in her right hand over The Top but BR comes back with a four he buy Himself time where he wears out Triple G To the point where Triple G is in here Brook seems to have realized early on That Golovkin wants to put pressure on Him wants to put him in a box in both of The first two Rounds setting up that left uppercut Because he threw the right lead first And he's seen his punch because before The round he can if you continue to Throw it in spots where it's Needed Brook let not get too brave but Smart enough to fight a smart man Fight Rather than a knock down totally in Agreement now you see rush because what Is urgency is urgency because he see Himself getting out box and getting he Never got hit with I'm pretty sure his Trainer told him they go out There he's digging to the body with a Three- punch combination Triple G JB Right hand was able to keep a lot of the Action in the center of the Ring where He likes it delkin has been able hard

Right hand by delkin just misses with The left hook to now get confidence if Both continue to win rounds here and There and go into a late rounds try to Go and establish his his his Dominance but not be Larry or worry About the JB because he's so confident That he can hit Brook and maybe hurt him If he had landed it solidly could have Hurt the Linck I think he is hurt he got hit with A short up cut just now with her right Hand and and Brook is now throwing more Than where he gets the bad end of it Brook is trying to build RSE the Momentum Immediately today may be thinking again That they were on to something but Golovkin keeps bearing in and putting Pressure on Kell Brook here in round Three start to swell Badly and Triple G is thre a left and a Straight right and Brook comes back Aggressively winning the admiration of The crowd and for both Fighters I want to see something in here When he against the right now seeing a Position of throwing the right hand Which he did a right hook that came Around the left hand of Brooke and the Punch is there because he's sitting There now here go now here we go withon Combinations after the [Applause]

Jab what I would call a lot of Wilder Desperation punches in the fights we've Seen up to this here and there is out Boxing him competing with him perhaps Won the second round Golovkin finds Himself at appears in the closest thing To a real fight so far in this with Triple G showing some frustration Because running boxing moving punching Slipping every now and then book and his Corners continue to tell him don't be on The ropes be in the center of the ring Or keep moving left to right as you see On the ropes Triple G has a shot when He's on the Ropes face right now Landing Some solid Punches lkin taking them so far yes and Brook face right now is showing the Effect of the Power as I suggested might be the case Lovkin placing body shots now whether It's coming from the left side or the Right Side he has second rounds lovkin Sticking a Jab B fighter faces are showing damage From the shots they've landed in the First three Rounds he's trying to hammer a brook to The lier one more time with the left Hand here in the four it looked like it Looked like Triple G is just actually You know pushing his punch doesn't in Speed what I mean speed the power is

There but the speed is not there it Seemed like they have no snap On we call them arm punches in box much Sharper much cleaner see Brook those are The kind of punches that Golovkin isn't Spot On trust me I'm watching every Mo I'm Watching every moment This is called the bait switch he pulled Him in to counter him he pulled him in To th here's some urgency from Engel Talking to Brook 39 37 genady Golovkin some I mean I haven't seen a Guy stand there and trade with genady Golovkin and God knows how long three to One and Golovkin delivers his fiercest Rally of the fight completes that Scoring summary now Brooke holding out His arms as if to say to the ropes Bernard and Brooke is pting his hands up Like he wasn't hurt but you know he Might be hurt later so I think he should Stay focused I think he was hurt a Little bit and let the opponent know That you're not hurt but that normally Means the Opposite he leaves himself to get Countered like he just did with a Straight right and and I believe he's Hurt with this so now Triple G is going To keep him there halfway through the Fifth Round lovkin is now Landing body shots Again in round number one and yes he is

He's pop shotting right now you and Dominic Dominic in the far corner is Holding up a towel Engel is trying to Get referee Marlon wri to stop the fight And now he finally throws the he going To have a technical knockout victory in Round number Five and that's an amazing decision on The part of Dominic Engel we saw his Urgency between rounds prior to that Round but who would have he was in that Same position but he he he got out of That position I don't see no difference This is earlier in round five Bernard Exactly here's it right now to me He's The Undefeated universally Recognized middleweight champion of the World genady Genady golovin AKA Tripple K

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